This tract is not meant for the unbelievers but rather it is directed at Christians who claim to be born again, filled with the Holy Spirit of God and who confess Him as their Lord and saviour while attached to a gospel church or pentecostal denomination.

Many Christians believe they are living in a time of one of the greatest revivals. Evangelism report seems to support this claim, but they are completely wrong and at the end of the day, they will discover that they have been deceived by satan and his false prophets. Satan has taken control of running of our visible churches today and with the help of his demons, he now has and control the greatest part of Christian denominations, bible colleges and christian ministries today. They all know about the second birth and loving one another, but only very few really live these things. The overwhelming majority today are only mouth professing while they are many, many miles away from heart possessing. As a result, they have no power in their lives. They cannot live out the truth of the leader (Christ). The multitude of church members today say they are eagerly anticipating the return of Christ through a secret rapture which will take them out of every trial and tribulation which they know is obviously coming upon the world. However, when close investigation is made of the personal lives of these church members, we find little difference between most of their lifestyles and those people in the world. Jealousy, envy, anger, slander, greed, malice, stealing, irritability, stubbornness, approval of man, unmerciful disposition, boastfulness, unforgiveness, grumbling, covetousness, hatred, rebellion, retaliation, impatience, sarcasm, bitterness, gossip, strife, outburst of anger, self glory, being men pleasers, unsubmissiveness, looking down on others, competitiveness, arrogance, wanting attention, always right attitude, unloving, self interest, haughtiness, presumptuous, ego are all as prevalent in the churches today as they are in the world.

Almost all pastors and church leaders will admit privately that down inside they know something is wrong. Some Christians will even believe that it is their church that is plagued with these problems and hence wander from church to church while looking up to these churches and not unto God for something they know they are missing. Most of the messages preached on the pulpits today are on such things as prosperity, peace, safety, love, etc. and accompanied with all pump and pageantry. People's heart are prepared and taught to pursue wealth, comfort, fashion, worldly materials and all soulish desires. Christians have abandoned the quiet and godliness aspect of Christianity, they have regarded being poor in the spirit, humility, turning the other cheek when slapped on one, mourning, meekness, and being merciful as an outdated and unbiblical way of Christian living. Wives are no longer taught to be in full obedience and submission to their husbands. Fashion is as prevalent in the churches today as in the world. You find women that claim to be born again in 'mini' and 'super mini' skirts, painted lips and longs finger nails.

Let us ask ourselves, if Jesus were to be in the world today physically, would He have taught and lived in these ways? Remember, oh brothers and sisters that in the book of Matthew 7:13&14, Jesus described the Christian way as 'narrow' with a 'strait gate' and only a few find it. It is definitely not the convenient way that multitude of believers today are in. And let us not forget that Jesus also says in the same Matthew 7:21-23 that not every one that saith unto Him Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. Some even will perform miracles, conduct revivals where many souls are won and yet will be rejected of the Lord. Do not be deceived by thinking these verses refer to Celestial or Cherubim & Seraphim and all White-garment churches. It is referring to born again spirit baptised Christians who have abandoned the way for the world.

Churches today are administered as clubs and each members have idolised these structures. Christian now gather around only a part of the word of God rather than the whole counsel of God. In addition they have developed attitudes like that of the pharisees that say "We have all the light". Their religious structure has become an idol and a baby which they nurse in their hearts; hence they cannot be led out of their darkness because they will not receive any new light. No spiritual eyes to see, or ears to hear and they cannot understand God's Word. In fact the TRUTH becomes very offensive to them. Many cannot be led out of spiritual darkness which they find themselves today, because their hearts have become too hardened by resisting the Word.

Congregations today are indoctrinated with slogans and isolated scriptures rather than being taught in the whole counsel of the Word of God which would lead them to obedience and holiness. Echoing through the towers you hear "Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven"; "Once saved, always saved"; "I am Born Against Devil";(I am BAD) which was Michael Jackson's originated slogan, a man not free from demonic activities. The religious structures today have become an expression of a form of godliness through their traditions, doctrines and rituals. These leadership lead believers to make commitments to their structure rather than to Jesus Christ. It does not really matter how the church members live or whether there is strife in them because of unforgiveness in their hearts, towards other church member. What only matters is to show up for the church exercises and programmes and then you will be regarded as moving on in the Lord. A spirit of God can have no control in their lives. Members become lords of their own lives and live in spiritual darkness.

Pastors nowadays run after titles which will accord them respect, recognition and favour. Pride, showmanship and greed are the idols in their hearts. No wonder the Bible in II Peter 2 calls them false prophets. Due to their love of wealth and recognition they have compromised the word of God and are exploiting the congregation to fulfil their dream. Hear what the scripture says about them: II Peter 2:2-3 "And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you; whose judgement now of a longtime lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not." Their hearts seek after titles such as 'Reverend, Dr, Bishop, Arc Bisliop', etc. And they possess a strong will to build a self image and reputation of their own more than the image of Christ. Yes, many pastors today standing in the pulpits, conducting "great revivals", having large congregations are not truly born again. The motive of their heart is selfishness instead of love because they have never truly repented and turned from their sinful flesh nature. Their proudly and greedly flesh has simply turned religious and now seek ways to share the glory with God Almighty.

I would like to emphasize the significance of what GOD is saying in this tract and if you are blessed with the spiritual ears to hear, then please, please do hear! Hear what God has to say about the conditions of our churches today because the Lord Himself has stated that their condition is identical to the church of Laodecia in Revelation 3:14-22. They think they are spiritually healthy and in need of nothing when actually they are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked! And please brothers and sisters do not be offended with these hard words but rather pray over it and ask God if it is truly of Him. For many individuals who think they are doing fine are in fact on the very threshold of eternal damnation. So many profess with their mouths to know the Lord when in reality, in their day to day activities and in their businesses, they are absolutely DENYING HIM. The devil has deceived them so much that they are not better than atheists. This lip service may fool others, but it certainly doesn't fool the Lord. As long as their hearts remain in the world, they will be in danger of everlasting punishment. From the Bible we clearly understand that wherever a man's heart is, there his treasure is also; and that anyone whose heart is in the world will not even have his own soul to treasure. I cry to you as a voice from God oh man who has an ear, please hear.



The Bible in Revelation 18:4 says "And I hear another voice from heaven, saying come out of her my people that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues". This means that God's people, the sheep, are trapped somewhere from where God is commanding them to come out. The same thing is what you should do without delay. You should separate yourself from the man-made system and organisation and seek after the true God. Pray that God will lead and show you what to do and where to go. But be encouraged to know that people are leaving manmade churches today for the true living God. Ifyou are in doubt as to what has been said here, you can take it to God and ask Him to confirm it to you or destroy it if it is of the devil. Where all doubts are cleared or where doubts do not exist in the first place, then follow the LAMB whithersoever HE goeth.