You may have already read some of the books presented in our website or you may be planning to read some later on. If you have already read some books and some parts of some books have “touched your heart”, The Lord desires to hear from you, who have been so touched and may thus see your need before your Creator and Savior to seek His help or to change your life or the course of your life. You may tell Him your own prayer from your own heart, if you so choose. If you experience any problems with opening of your heart, you may just read to Him aloud the “Prayer of an Open Heart” as recorded below. It may help you to open your heart. In either case, He will hear every such soul, consider its prayer as a confession, repentance and consent of its free will. The Lord will answer such prayer and grant that soul all the necessa­ry Grace and Power to make that prayer a reality in the life of each such individual believer. This is the promise of the Lord for every believer, who will solemnly declare this Prayer to His ears from an open heart. To each such heart and soul the Lord promises that HE shall be with him, and keep him safe from all the coming evil from now on until the END and until the NEW BEGINNING.


Every honest believer should always turn to Our Lord and to Our Father in a “Prayer of an Open Heart” in order to present his being to Him as openly, honestly, sincerely and definitely as he is able in his fragile, imperfect being. And every such believer should also believe that God is a true reward­er of them that diligently seek Him (Heb. 11:6).



To the Saviour, Lord and coming King of all kings CHRIST JESUS and to MY FATHER, which are in Heaven and in Whom I believe, but Whom I do not know in my soul as I desire or as I should.

I am coming to You, My Saviour and Lord just as I am right now... in my thoughts, feelings, understanding, fears, doubts and hopes. I feel I am unable in myself to do anything, to see and understand You, even to see and understand myself, to see the true purpose of my life, my future, my destiny. What I believe right now about myself, about my life, about my future and my destiny, or even about You, may not be so at all; the truth may be different, hidden. I am not even sure whether I can truly open my heart to You and confess to You what I consider and believe to be the truth. So, I am coming to You hoping that You understand, that You know me much better than I know myself. If I believe that You have created me, as I do believe in my heart and mind, then You must know and understand everything about me.

The more I think about You and about myself, the less I am sure about myself, in fact, I am not sure about anything anymore and sometimes I feel I do not know what to believe anymore. At times I am confused and trusting nothing and nobody. At other times I am able to believe and trust anybody, who speaks to me reasonable things, but many times I am unable to see whether he spoke truth or not. I have had hope; hope that some one would show me the truth, the way, the light, the solutions to my problems and give me the desired assurance… but so far, I found no one. So, I am coming to YOU! You are my hope and… as I try to pray and open my heart, I somehow see and believe that there may be no other hope for me, but You.

Yes, I believed in You… but I don’t even know whether I have Your Spirit living in me or not, whether I am truly born-again or not. I do not feel it, I have no assurance. So, I just desire to deny my thoughts, deny my feelings, my hesitations, anything that may hold me from opening my heart to You and come to You… so, I am coming to You on my knees. I repent to You, My Saviour, if I was never on my knees before You until now – just You Alone and me, and asking You for Your forgiveness. I repent to You, My Saviour, if I have never shed a tear before You until now – just before You Alone and me. And even if I have ever shed a tear, I just feel I should be before You more often… much more often, crying in my helplessness… until You would enable me to start seeing You, touching You, feeling You… and to know how You see me, what You see in me, what You truly desire from me, what great future You have truly prepared for me… and somehow show it to me. Thus far I have had imaginations and beliefs about You and about myself, but no real truthful picture. I never knew Your beliefs about me. I never cared what You have prepared for me and how long You have been actually waiting for me.

I confess that I have never had such an experience of Your Presence in my entire life, I never spoke to You so openly, never dared to open my heart to You, never understood anything… and my beliefs and convictions must have been even laughable for You at times, and I never gave you any chance to say so. I am not sure whether I see, hear and understand in spirit and whether I am even in the right shape to receive such things from You should You offer them to me. But if I am truly blind and ignorant… please, have mercy on me and grant me what I need according to Your Perception and Wisdom and Grace for me. Lord, open my eyes and enable me to see and understand what I have never seen and understood before. May I truly receive from You all that You have for me?... what may be very necessary for me at this very time?... what may affect and even determine my life both now and in my future?... what will determine my destiny? May I even hope to live with You and experience the true Heaven? Really? I have no idea about Heaven… for me it is like a fairytale, and I am free to imagine anything. Religion has not given me any true or realistic picture and any assurances except words and teachings, quoting the Scriptures. I need true assurances from You. Will YOU be so kind and build in me Your true and living assurance? Thank You, Lord.

Whenever I prayed the prayer that You taught us in Your Word (Mt.6:9), I just mumbled it by heart, mechanically, having no real sense of what I was saying. Can You, please, show me that God of this Universe, the Almighty Creator is really “My Father”? That I am really His child? That I was born of Him into His Family?, and that I can experience it? I know that this is in Your Word, but can this be real? May I ever get a real living sense of this truth into my conscience? He is Your Father… but Mine also? I do not find in myself the strength and the way how I can approach Him… My Father, and talk to Him, even expect Him to answer me back… when I am nothing compared to Him. I was told that these things do not depend on my feelings, understanding or my imaginations. Well, I cannot help myself, Dear Lord, but my feelings are flooding me like a sea wave when I am just about to open my heart and talk to You… or even to My Father.

I was always trying to do “my best”… to live my religion, discuss and even teach my religion to others and that to the best of my ability and understanding. But it has not resolved any of my problems; it has not changed the quality of my life or the life of anybody that I know. It has changed the form of my life, it changed my friends and acquaintances, but it has not brought me any new or better vision for my life and has not provided me with any valuable results. So, I conclude, Lord, that “my best” will never achieve anything, that without You I can do nothing. I do not even possess the assurance that I am able to lay down my life before You and trust You in everything. Can You help me do this? Will You help me to do what You desire from me and what I am unable to do?

Because when You will start doing it in me, I will know that it will be Your hand and this alone will start building in me faith and assurance; this alone will start changing my life and also the life of my family; this alone will resolve my problems which so far have been unsolvable; this alone will cause that I will not only be existing in this world not knowing where I am going and why, but living a true life as You intended for me; then my hope will also be living and real. Do I believe this? Yes, I do!

Thank You, Lord… and thank You, Father very much. May I become acceptable to You and may I begin to please You because You will enable me to be so and to do what I have never done before… this will not be “my best”, but “Your best”. Enable me to come to You more often, to seek You… to experience Your Grace and Love and Goodness and Patience and Power in my own earthly life. Then will I truly know You and trust You and praise You and follow You until we meet. And then You will also present me to Your Father… and My Father in Heaven.

Let it be so, dear Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.







N O T E:


Dear reader, do not hesitate to repeat this prayer even more than once should you so feel or desire. Repetition will help you register in your conscience what you are saying to the Almighty God and your Saviour and thus to open your heart more and more until you will reach Him. HE IS LISTENING TO YOU AND WILL ANSWER YOU the way you would be able to perceive immediately or later on.


Read also His Word in Jam. 4:8 and Mt. 18:19 and know assuredly that I fully agree with you as touching the above prayer, so we shall be two before Our Father, which is in Heaven, and He will assuredly do it unto us! This is His Word and Promise and He never fails to do His Word. And I do intercede before the Lord Jesus Christ for each such heart and soul that trusts in His Grace and promise to grant that soul all that it will need both now and in its entire future. Amen.