Part  1   – Introduction                                                 2

Part  2   – Corn of wheat                                              4

Part  3   – The Inability of Believers                              9

Part  4   – The Work of the Spirit of God                        13

Part  5   – Overcoming the Past                                     16

Part  6   – Religion and Life                                           19

Part  7   – Lord’s view on the world and mankind            22

Part  8   – Lord’s view on the Church and Believers         27

Part  9   – We are “turning the corner”                           31

Part 10  – The Core of Evil                                            38

Part 11  – Word of God’s Judgments in our lives             39

Part 12  – Important Notes                                           41




Brother Hanola

The servant of Jesus Christ – The King of kings









In our Christian life, theory is brilliant, practice is miserable! Our desires are brilliant, the reality is miserable! Is it possible that, some day we will live that brilliant theory? That our brilliant desires will come true? The Lord says:  YES... if you will follow Me.                                                                                      


A part of this Introduction is taken out of the Mission Tatry 2015. The Mission Tatry 2015 was in fact supposed to be a Fellowship before the Living Christ and be like unto “the invasion of Norman­dy" in France which, in the Second World War, was the beginning of the end of the Nazi empire of evil. Of course, the Lord had His Wisdom and Purposes when He gave me such a topic to the very beginning of our Fellowship. When I started to write it, I myself had no necessary understanding, which the Lord started to give to me only later showing me also to what details He had it thought through and how it suited our situation regarding our spiritual preparation for the Coming of the Lord.

THEREFORE, the Lord wishes that we would repeat at least the basic part of the Introduction from year 2015 and find out what we have achieved from this Introduction or what we have not, what we have co­­vered or what we have not, and what successes, or failures, we have achieved from August 2015 un­til August 2019, it means, during the past four years.

As we know, it took the Allied forces less than one year to get from Normandy to Berlin and defeat the German forces and destroy the Nazi empire or evil. Our “invasion” is to similarly destroy the “spiritual kingdom of Satan” in our soul together with his powers of darkness and evil. And if you think or even disbelieve that there are no similar occupational forces of darkness and evil in your soul, which must also be destroyed through the decisions of your free will and the Power of the Holy Spirit, then your future is in balance! Even today, after four years, are you able to admit, that all your future is in ba­lance? Hence, even this Fellowship will be like unto the beginning of the end of the empire of Satan and his rule in our soul. This will not depend on our abilities, but on our will – and its decisions. This will also be the beginning or continuation of our transformation from Christian jackasses to the Bride of Christ and of our preparation for the Coming of the Christ Jesus for those Believers for whom the “Bride of Christ” is not just a color dream. Whether these things will happen will not depend on the Lord or on Satan, but ON US – in what spiritual state is chiefly our heart and will, what desires do they have not for their own selves, but for the Lord, what hunger they have after freedom, peace, joy and the final victory, after the Light and Truth of Christ and His Coming. How desperately we are waiting for the Kingdom of Heaven, our new life in it as well as our ruling with Christ. How definitely we are decided in our soul to finally get rid of the bondage of the powers of darkness and evil, fear and death even the self-will in our soul and their unending influence on our life and destiny. This living Christ Jesus desires that His future Bride would see the Light and the Vision which the Bridegroom prepared for Her (from year 2015, spe­ci­­fically for us). That She would begin not only to ponder that Light, or read it, or listen to it, but that She would also receive it, believe it and bring it into Her everyday life. Also, that She would compre­hend in her heart that this is the Will of Her Bride­groom as well as His Plan for Her which He desires to accomplish in Her… that is, in us. That She would by Her free will start to walk toward this victory – toward the Kingdom – because the time is very short.

During the last four years we must have found out that the “nominal” or casual Christianity has brought us nowhere nor will it bring us anywhere and that we would have to look into the eyes of reality, which the Lord will start giving to us in these days if we desire to survive or to be safeguarded from what is coming upon the whole world. Because if we want to continue wallowing in our spiritual laziness, com­fort, self-deception, casual Christianity and live our earthly life according to our plans and imaginations, then the Lord will LEAVE US in it and “leave us alone”! And not only leave us, but He may even show us that the alternative for our laziness and casualness could very well be that our head will be cut off! (Rev. 20:4) The Lord has already shown us on our own experiences that though He is able to give us valu­able experiences, His light, life, even some deliverances from the powers of darkness and evil and get us on the narrow road to Life Eternal, even to the Kingdom of God, we are just as able not to appre­ciate it and lose it! Though the Lord knew that we will not get from “Normandy to Berlin” in one year, that is, that we will not defeat the powers of darkness and evil in our soul in one year, yet He was giving to us possibilities how to progress and at least to get from the “beaches of Normandy into inland areas”. We know that the successful invasion of the Allied forces in Normandy meant a final defeat of the armies of the Nazi empire of darkness and evil. That is, the destiny of the Nazi empire of evil depended on the succ­ess of the invasion. Similarly, our success in destroying the empire of Satan in our soul will depend on the success of “our invasion on the beaches of our soul”. It is therefore most important to look back and find out what success we have had thus far and whether it is sufficient in the time which we yet have at our disposal. It would be ideal if we could have a brochure describing this invasion and the progress of the Allied forces to Berlin. It would give us a physical picture of the fight of the Allied forces and the Lord might use it for a spiritual interpretation of that physical picture.

Firstly, we will look at the Word of God, which for us is the most important in this situation, which is, the Letter of Paul to Romans 8:29, which says: “For whom He did foreknow, He also predestinated to be conformed to the Image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.“ It thus should be clear to us at this point that every Believer who becomes perfected, that is, transformed to the Image of Christ, becomes His Bride. The other Believers are not becoming the Bride of Christ! That is to say, this Word of God here speaks about the Bride of Christ for Whom the Lord is supposed to come at this time before the antichrist is revealed, that Wicked one, which is quite clearly described in the 2nd Letter of Paul to Thessalonians 2:6-9. The Word of God does mention here the degree His Bride should be perfected to at the time of Her rapture to the Throne of God, that is, to what degree should such Be­liever be perfected to the Image of Christ. Here we talk roughly the end of the Tribulation Period and the beginning of the Kingdom of God on the Earth. But every such Believer, such Bride of Christ, will have another one thousand years until their final perfection which shall be required before the Last Judgment and before the New Jerusalem will descend from God from Heaven to the Earth. Why? Because THIS CITY IS THE BRIDE OF CHRIST even though it is not a literal city, but it represents the Bride and is described in the Book of Revelation 21:9-23.

Also, the Word of God (Rom. 8:29) does not mention the Believers that were not foreknown by the Father as the Bride of Christ and who will thus not be represented by the New Jerusalem nor will they be abso­lutely per­fected. They will need healing by the leaves of the Tree of Life, which will be growing in the middle of the street of that City (Rev. 22:2), and he that is not healthy cannot be perfect. They will be the nations of those that were saved and will be walking in the light of that City – the Bride (Rev. 21:24). Of course, these shall not be taken by the Lord at His next Coming as will be the Bride and the same rule of their perfection to the Image of Christ will not be applicable for them neither concerning the measure of their perfection nor the time for their required perfection. All these shall go through the Period of Tribu­lation of 7 years as well as through the “outer darkness with weeping and gnashing of teeth” into which they will be cast (Mt. 8:12).

There is one important reason why I am introducing the above paragraphs. In my belief, a great majo­ri­ty of Believers, including the visitors to various churches, would like to be the Bride of Christ and they not only wish it but they also believe it. However, from my deeper view into their spiritual situation, such wishes, even beliefs, are at least naïve childish color dreams. Why? Well, Our Heavenly Father Himself would certainly wish that every Believer would become the Bride of His Son, but the Father knows very well, that that will never happen. Why? There are very few Believers that would in truth and in reality be ready and willing to undertake this road of transformation of their beings from devilish into heavenly! Hence, here it is not just the Will of the Heavenly Father and also of Christ Jesus Himself, but chiefly the will of the Believer! From our very own experience we must know that the will of man IS NOT will­­ing to do the Will of God even in the very basic things! If God desires that man would do any of His pleasure, HE–GOD must work in the soul of man so that he might come into a willingness to do some­thing for God… sometimes even a small thing! (Phil. 2:13) Because, man’s will in its essence  is an enemy of God! If you consider this fact as exaggerated then consider a simple fact that man, in his un­imagin­able corruption and nothingness of his natural-diabolical character, does not even show interest to come to his Saviour, Who gave His life for him, in order to communicate with Him in any way or to at least express to Him his gratitude for His precious and unimaginable sacrifice! In other words, born-again and baptized Believer is able to ignore his Saviour even during his entire earthly life. No wonder that such a “believer” finally loses his own salvation! Even human logic cannot comprehend this. There­fore, if we want to talk about the Bride of Christ, we must be at least absolutely realistic but also know the fore­know­ledge of our Heavenly Father.

The Lord Himself knows that everyone of us has desires and imaginations and convictions, even hopes, that we are the Bride of Christ. Of course, there is nothing bad with it. The question is, whether these de­sires, imaginations or convictions, even hopes, are realistic or they are only naïve color dreams that will disappear at the Coming of the Lord? From a realistic point of view, we may say that from the orga­nized religion no Bride will come out, simply because She has no conditions to be born there (Rev. 12:5). If we consider the Body of Christ as we have in Montreal or in High Tatras (Slovakia) or in similar places around the world, which we may not even know, there such conditions may exist. Hence, in a certain sense, we may be able, with the help of the Spirit of God Who is in us, to weigh whether in our spiritual conditions we have realistic possibilities to become the Bride of Christ and whether the Word of God in Romans 8:29 actually applies to us or not. We may also turn directly to Our Heavenly Father and enquire of Him whether He actually foreknew us and thus foreordained us to be transformed to the Image of Christ. I do sincerely doubt that Our Heavenly Father would like to keep this information as “top secret”. When His Word gives us opportunities to know various servants of God according to their fruit and it is thus not secret, then we might see the Bride among the believers.

It should also be quite clear from the above paragraph that the existence of the Bride of Christ depends on certain spiritual conditions, which are helpful, useful and contribute to the transformation of a human character to the Image of Christ and that this fact of the Will of God and His foreknowledge indeed exists. There exist in these days servants of Christ who are open and able to guide such Believers to­ward fulfill­ing the Will of God, especially those that He foreknew. Such servants themselves must have been fore­known by God the Father and are already walking on the road of this transform­ation; they already have the necessary knowledge from this road as well as experiences. They also have certain confirm­a­tion in their spirit and soul that the Lord is indeed coming for them and this is not only their assumption or their hope. What is very important in this Word of God (Rom. 8:29) is the fact, which is not specified in this Word and it is that God foreknew human will and willingness to go on this road. Because, it does not matter how many pastors, preachers or other servants of Christ we have, which are able to explain this transformation and also willing to guide Believers in this direction, since the final result and success here depends on the Believer, his will and his willingness and not on God or His servants! In order for us to penetrate into even greater spiritual depth of this fact and thus be enabled to look also at ourselves in what light do we stand, we must consider another very important Word of God, which was spoken by Christ in the Gospel according to John and which follows.



Just before the Feast of Pesach, which for Jesus was the last one, some Greeks came to the Feast and asked to see Jesus. They asked His disciple Philip who then came to Andrew and they both asked Jesus. Jesus did not show any interest in seeing strangers, so He told them: “The hour is come, that the Son of Man should be glorified” (Jn. 12:23). Of course, no one from His disciples or from the Greeks understood His answer, and that “Son of Man shall be glorified” was the same puzzle as for Greeks so also for His dis­ciples. Then the Lord continued with one of the most important Words related to the Salvation of man when He said: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.” (Jn. 12:24)

Another important Word of God, which we must quote at this place in conjunction with the above quot­ed Word, says: “Herein is My Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be My disciples.” (Jn. 15:8) Hence, for us it is not sufficient just to “whisper to Our Heavenly Father that we love Him”, though we may not know Him at all and though we may not do any of His Commandments or His Will (Jn. 14:15). Nor is it sufficient for us just to praise Him in our prayers or songs, but in the first place by that, that He will find in our earthly vessel some precious treasure. It is pretty difficult to imagine that some empty clay vessel could bring to Our Heavenly Father or to Our Lord Jesus Christ some glory or pleas­ure. We should not have any problem here to understand this simple fact even intellectually. Far more important fact and question is how, at all, can Believer bring some fruit? And what kind of fruit we are talking about here?


Of course, we talk here about the fruit of the Holy Spirit which is described in the Word of God and that as follows: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.” (Gal. 5:22,23) After all, even this simple fact could be understood at least in a logical sense. However, we will have to step into the spiritual reality of this fact and find out not only its logical essence, but also its spiritual essence, where this fruit grows, when it grows, how it grows and how may we recognize it from the similar “fruit” produced by our soul and not the Spirit! This fruit may also be called “virtues”, so that, we have soulish virtues and also spiritual virtues and between them there is a huge and unimaginable difference. Why? Because soulish virtues do not constitute any “treasure” in our clay vessel, hence, for Our Heavenly Father they are worthless. They are limited by time, are unstable, unreliable and thus they by far do not have the same or even a similar value as virtues spiritual, which are eternal, unchangeable and absolutely reliable, dependable. One ty­pical example, which may enlighten for us this fact beyond any doubt, is love. Our soulish-humanistic love and the love of God (as the fruit of the Spirit) cannot be compared to one another in absolutely no sense, no measure, no quality, no timelessness, no reliability, nor in any other similar way. God’s Love secured for us our Salvation, was the foundation of everything that God ever provided or had done with­in the frame of our Salvation, which was born in His heart (Jn. 3:16).

On the other hand, our human, soul­ish love may not be even interested in our Salvation, even in God, in His Love nor in the unimaginable sacrifice of His Son Whom He gave to be crucified for us. In other words, that stunning Love of God that brought to us our Salvation from eternal death and eternal dam­nation has for our love no meaning, no significance whatsoever,  no attraction, no value!!! Why? Well, our self-love, that is, our love for our self-satisfaction is FAR ABOVE our love for Christ and for His satisfaction! This fact may go so far, that our love for Christ may not exist at all and becomes for such believers just a theological expression. Yet, both virtues, God’s and ours, are called “love”! And this same comparison is applicable for all the virtues of the Spirit and of human soul and their unbelievable and unimaginable differences. Then the simplest and clearest example is that when some believers never went to Christ, then their love for Him was ZERO. Because, the fact is clear that we will never look for or go to persons whom we have never loved; on the other hand, we will seek every opportunity to be in the presence of the person whom we love. Is this true or not?

This fruit of love should begin to grow from the Spirit of God Whom we received at our water baptism (Acts 2:38). And since the Spirit of God dwells in our human spirit, then the fruit grows FROM our spirit and INTO our human soul. It should begin to influence our soul, guide its life and deeds, that is, it must begin to manifest itself in our soul. We can identify the existence of our fruit nowhere else except in our soul. Even this paragraph contains a very important fact, which we should become aware of and be guid­ed by it in our Christian life on our way to our perfection. Only spiritual believer is able to discern the spiritual love from soulish love and such discernment is important according to the Lord. Why? Because the soulish love may often appear to us in a “better light”, that is, as a real and more acceptable love to us chiefly when we see it and judge it in our humanistic soul. While spiritual love may often hold in hand a “wooden spoon” or “father’s belt” or a whip…because, whom the Lord loves, him He chastens (Heb. 12:5-8// Rev. 3:19). Hence, soulish love may always appear nicer or more acceptable, more tolerable,

but she tolerates devils, which are in that loved person while the spiritual love never tolerates devils! During His entire ministry on earth, the Lord Jesus never embraced any one and never told him or her: “I love you”, however, He died for him or her on His Cross. Yet, even on His Cross people did not dis­cern His great Love nor did they appreciate it in any way, quite the opposite, they laughed at Him be­cause Satan was giving them stupid thoughts. Yet, it was the greatest Love, which God the Father ever show­ed to man because through it Christ destroyed Satan and all his works and that potentionally in every man on earth!

We mentioned above that the fruit of the Spirit grows from our spirit to our soul. Let us now take a look when the fruit begins to grow. When the Lord gave us His Word in John 12:24, He spoke first of all about Himself since in the preceding verse He speaks clearly: The hour is come, that the Son of Man should be glorified” (Jn. 12:23). The Son of Man – Jesus Christ, Our Saviour was glorified after His death on the Cross; the glorification was shown at His resurrection. Jesus, in fact, was that SEED OF LIFE, which was sown into the mankind in order to die there and thereby bring much fruit – much life into the dead mankind and thus save it thereby. The Lord stated: “And I, if I be lifted from the earth, will draw all people unto Me. This He said, signifying, what death He should die” (Jn. 12:32,33). And just as Jesus was the first seed of life, in the same way He made us – believers – similar “seeds of life”, which, if they die, will similarly bring much fruit.

Let us now look at the practical side of this matter which concerns the corn of wheat, its “death” and the bringing of much fruit. From the position of our earthly life, every farmer knows this fact quite well, be­cause he is doing it every year so that his family would have food on the table! Every spring he sows corns of wheat to the ground so each corn might die there, and every fall he might have a bountiful har­vest. Isn’t it so? Therefore, Our Lord Jesus had used this simple physical fact in order to apply it to our Salvation. He Himself is the first clear example of this physical fact and of its application in the spirit­ual world. And today, we are the same example ourselves, or we should be. How does this exam­ple look in our physical world? Every corn of wheat has its hard shell and inside of that shell is its soft part, which contains its life. When you put that corn on a table or on a shelf of your bookcase, it will be there for years and nothing will change on it, nor will it ever bring any fruit, it will remain alone. But if you put it few inches into the ground and water it to have sufficient humidity, it will begin to sprout! Well, what is happening? When that shell gets into a humid ground, it will CRACK – DIE! And that LIFE, which was always inside of it, is RELEASED so it may start to sprout out of that hard shell, to grow out and bring new fruit – new seeds. Ground has a certain humidity, chemical elements and also miscel­lan­eous minerals, which cause that shell to crack and soon thereafter it will disintegrate.

When we now cross from our physical to the spiritual world, we first must realize, that the ground–land, which appeared out of the waters according to the Word of God (Gen. 1:9,10), and also the Sun (Gen. 1:16) both represent Christ, since without Him, that is, without the ground–land and the Sun, no life on the land could exist. God could not have created even Adam, since for that He needed the “dust of the earth” (Gen. 2:7), no plants or trees could exist, since for them He also needed the ground, land, earth (Gen. 1:11, 12). And as our body after its death is buried to the ground, so also our soul and its shell is buried into Christ, so it may crack–die there and bring much fruit (Rom. 6:3,4). The shell of our soul may also be represented by our “old man”, who according to the Will of Our Heavenly Father was crucified with Christ, that he might “crack–die” there and be separated from us, that since that time we should not serve sin, but that the body of sin would be destroyed. Because he, that died (to his natural sinful man) is liberated from sin (Rom. 6:6,7) All this happened with every redeemed believer before the foundations of the world and that by the Will of Our Heavenly Father. When we exist and live our earthly Christ­­ian life, this above described process must be done by our will! If we want to see our own self as the “seed foreknown” and thus foreordained by the Father to be transformed to the Image of Christ – that First and Perfected Seed of Life – then it will suffice to read and understand the Letter of Apostle Paul to Romans, chapter 7. If we would desire to see our own self as a perfected seed of life without the shell bringing up much fruit for the glory of Our Father, then it will suffice to read and understand the Letter of Paul to Romans, chapter 8. And if we desire to look deeper into the tremendous depth of the riches of Wisdom and Knowledge of God!... how unsearchable are His Judgments and His Ways, which cannot be search­ed out (Rom. 11:33), then we would have to read the rest of the Letter of Paul to Romans, chapters 9-16.

Let us now look how and why that physical shell cracks in humid ground, and how and why that soulish shell cracks in Christ. Because this is the basis of our Salvation! And I sincerely doubt that there are many Christ­­­ians, which can see and understand the Words of Christ (Jn. 12:24) in this light and sense. The environ­ment of a humid ground has in itself its physical significance just as the spiritual environment of Christ has in itself its spiritual significance.

Let us first imagine that seed inside ground. It is quite possible that nobody had ever researched why it’s hard shell cracks when it is exposed to water, various chemicals and minerals. Allow me to declare my “unscientific opinion” that it is more than probable, in fact, it may be scientifically admissible, that the atoms of water and various other chemical substances in the ground have a destructive influence upon the atomic structure of that shell. It is the atomic structure of the shell, which keeps it together and deter­mines its hardness, resistance as well as its durability against its chemical decomposition or against any mechanical impacts (man sometimes needs a hammer to shatter, for example, the shell of a hazelnut). What is the most important fact here is that something similar is taking place with the “shell of our own soul”! It has a similar structure not made of atomic construction, but of a spiritual construction – forces, which similarly determine its spiritual hardness, resistance and durability. We may now conclude that as water and various chemicals in the ground are the “instruments” for a gradual decomposition of the atomic structure of the shell of that seed, in a similar manner there are existing in Christ “spiritual in­struments” for a gradual decomposition of the spiritual construction of the shell of a human soul! There are 2 stages of the shell destruction: a) cracking, and b) decomposition into nothingness.

IF WE ARE WIILING in our human free will to allow these spiritual instruments to do their “destruct­ive work” in our soul, after some time even its shell will crack and a New Life of God begins to “sprout” out of our spirit! What are those spiritual instruments? For example, water represents the Word of God by which Christ cleans and washes us from the filth of the spirits of darkness and evil, which form the “spi­rit­ual structure of the shell of our soul”, that is, the structure of the old man of our soul, which struc­ture Christ dissolves, weakens and finally destroys by His Word until it cracks (Eph. 5:26// 2Cor. 7:1, etc.). Hence, just as there is no Salvation without the Word of God, so without water in the ground there is no new life that would bring a bountiful harvest, fruit. A typical example is Sahara where the signs of life are notice­able only in small oases wherever is found a little water. The rest is under the rule of death.

Very effective spiritual instruments to destroy the old man are the ways on which the Spirit of God, Who is in us, is guiding us and is responsible for our transformation to the Image of the Son of God, which also means, for cracking and destruction of the shell of our soul. Therefore, the Spirit of God is leading us either into problems and conflicts, or He allows the devil to lead us into various temptations. All this causes that we have to overcome these obstacles, make efforts, endure suffering and pains, that is, overcome our own selves and thereby also those problems, conflicts, temptations, etc. Therefore, the overcoming is also the basis of our salvation, because, if we do not overcome then the shell of our soul will not crack and die. Our name will be blotted out of the Book of Life by Christ Himself (Rev. 3:5) and this means the loss of salvation! Here we may also see that very clearly that between our Life Eternal and the eternal damnation stands the shell of our soul – and nothing else! The destruction of the shell of our soul is the most effective means which the Spirit of God uses.

Other effective spiritual instrument for the decomposition of the old man – shell of our soul – is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. These “virtues” grow from the Spirit into our soul provided that the shell had already cracked and allows the passage of these virtues from our spirit into our soul. These virtues of the Spirit of God then decompose the “virtues of the old man”. Love decomposes hatred, neglect, lethargy, dis­in­ter­est, etc… joy decomposes sorrow, grudge, rancor, etc… peace decomposes stress, tension, discom­fort, dissatisfaction, oppression, self-defense, strife, violence, etc… patience decomposes impatience, restlessness, sarcasm, anxiety, panic, etc… gentleness decomposes severity, intolerance, hardness, etc…  goodness decomposes evil, jealousy, vanity, etc… faith decomposes unbelief, speculation, assuming, naivety, accusations, stupidity, etc… meekness decomposes pride, stubbornness, arrogance, humiliating of others, self-righteousness, self-assurance, supremacy, etc… temperance decomposes anger, promot­ing oneself, impa­tien­ce, jumping into speech, obstinacy, etc. Hence, through this fruit of the Holy Spirit the cracked shell is continuously decomposed and is continuously falling into nothingness until it dis­ap­pears from its existence and the believer becomes perfect – he is finally transformed into the Image of Christ – and is fulfilling the Will of His Heavenly Father (Rom. 8:29). The spiritual shell of our soul is on the narrow road to our Life Eternal first submitted to cracking-shattering. Concurrently with this process there begins to grow in the spirit of the believer the fruit of the Holy Spirit and it completes the work on the shell in its decomposition into nothingness and thus cleansing the believer form all filthiness of the flesh and spirit and perfecting his holiness in the fear of God (2Cor. 7:1). We should realize two additional facts at this place, namely:

1) Our soul has its shell of the powers of darkness and evil since our birthday until or even far beyond our re­demp­tion. Yes, even at the end of our redemption, that is, after believing in Christ Jesus, confess­ing this faith by our mouth (Rom. 10:9,10) and after our repentance and water baptism (Acts 2:38), that is, even after our name is written in the Book of Life, our soul still has its shell of darkness and evil and in its general nature it is still the enemy of God. That soul is not yet saved. That is to say, redemption is NOT salvation, rather it is a “gate to our salvation, to our fruit fertility, to our personal perfection”, which is the pleasure of Our Heavenly Fa­ther. It will begin to crack and be shattered only after we begin to overcome our own selves by our own will which is accomplished on the narrow road.

2) After our redemption, we are supposed to start walking toward our perfection (Heb. 6:1), that is, on the narrow road, which alone leads to the Life Eternal (Mt. 7:14). Our overcoming starts only here and the shell of our soul starts cracking and decomposing. Otherwise, we would never reach our perfection – salvation. Only on this road we are submitted to the spiritual and soulish conditions, which are able to start the work on the cracking and shattering of the hard shell just as the environment in the ground is able to start the cracking and shattering of the hard shell of the corn so that the life hidden in the seed could be released and begin to sprout and bring rich fruit. Only on this narrow road toward our perfect­ion God, Who is to be Our Heavenly Father, begins to work in our soul so that we should be willing to do His pleasure – to work together with His Spirit on the destruction of our shell by our free will! (Phil. 2:13). That is, that we should begin to work out our own salvation–perfection–fertility–sonship in fear and trembling before Our Heavenly Father (Phil. 2:12). Because God does not determine our destiny just as Satan does not determine it, WE, OURSELVES BY OUR FREE WILL, are determining our destiny!

But our free will does not determine the narrow road to our perfection, neither through what we will have to go nor what we will have to overcome – this is determined by the Will of Our Heavenly Father. Our will only decides whether we will do the Will of Our Father or not! If we do not want to do His Will, then we will not enter into the Kingdom of God (Mt. 7:21). Though we are considered to be the “children of the kingdom”, but based on our disobedience toward Our Heavenly Father, we will be cast to the outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Mt. 8:12). I doubt that believers would, by their own will, choose this way to their salvation-perfection. But since “many are called but few chosen” (Mt. 22:14) indicates, that many believers are lazy, casual, ignorant or plain stupid to realize what they are willing or unwilling to do.


This Part of the Light from the Lord is just as important as was Part 2. Just as only few believers can see and understand only a wee bit of their salvation, similarly it is just few believers that can see and under­stand only a wee bit why they are unable not to do that of what they know that they should not do. Nor do they see or understand why they feel unable to do that of what they know that they should do! Of course, seeing, understanding, feeling to be able or unable, are all soulish matters, they come from our soul, from mind, from heart, even from a feeble will, while our actual ability or disability is spiritual, it comes from our spirit. Hence, we should not be surprised that the core of the problem of ability or dis­abi­lity of believers is in their spirit.

Here, it is not sufficient only to get out of our soulish, natural creation and get into the creation spiritual, but said in a simplified manner, we must stand on one foot in our soul and on the other foot in our spirit, because the abilities or disabilities to do something, anything, in our spiritual realm are also dependent on the abilities or disabilities in our soul. These are also dependent on our will – willingness to continue in our soul as it is from our birthday, or our willingness to allow the Spirit of God (Who lives in us since our water baptism), to start changing our soul and its life processes to the Image of Christ by guiding us into all truth (Rom. 8:29// Jn. 16:13). However, we do not give to the Spirit of God the opportunity to guide us to all truth… and we are not even conscious of it. Why? Because we do not even know Him, do not hear Him, do not perceive Him. We do not even want to know Him, we have no interest in Him, we do not turn to Him in any circumstances where He could help us. He as it were does not exist for us! Why?

I will tell you a rather unpleasant truth: We cannot do the Will of God until our soul has that hard shell, and the Spirit of God in us similarly CANNOT DO the Will of God in us for that SAME REASON! Why? Because until OUR WILL is the part of that hard shell of our soul, IT DECIDES whether there will change anything in our soul or NOTHING! The Spirit of God does not decide on this! In order that our soul should actually be willing to do some pleasure of God, even be interested in the Spirit in our spirit, God has to work in us, how hard and how long, nobody knows (Phil. 2:13). Otherwise, no new things in our soul will be “tolerated” by our natural will, everything will continue along the old way as we are used to it since our birthday and for us it is comfortable and acceptable. PERIOD. If the Lord Jesus wants to save us – save our life – we might have nothing against it, we will even let ourselves to be “soaked in water”, if necessary, or attend a church every Sunday, sing nice hymns even give some offering on plate… but nothing more! But THIS IS NOT SALVATION – this is a dead religion where we made the first step – into our redemption, but we have never stepped on the road to the real salvation nor are we interested in such a step. Are you somehow aware in your consciousness that here the Lord is giving to us truth, which may not be for us very pleasant, but may be applicable to many, especially new believers?

Since a great majority of believers are even today “spiritual corpses” then why should we wonder that they are unable to do absolutely nothing what God expects from them? Though we agree with the Word of God and understand it, even believe it, but we are either absolutely unable to do it or we are absolute­ly unwilling to do it… and we may not be conscious of these two factors. Why? Because our conscience may also be filled with evil (Heb. 10:22). After a time, we get used to it that we are not doing the Word of God, not living it in our life; it suffices us that we know it and are even able to discuss it. After a short time, it will not even come to our mind to try to do it; we are “fine” as we are. The man that is satisfied with himself does not need anything more though his satisfaction may be based on deception, but he does not seek even the truth about himself! This is applicable not only for all pagans but also for the majority of Christians! Few Christians realize that their person on the earth is totally different from his person, which stands before God! Before God he is able to see truth about himself, which he is unable to see on earth. Why? Because such a believer never seeks the truth, nor does he seek Christ, Who is Truth and He could show him the Truth as “Light about himself”. And if Christ shows him the truth about him­self then that believer will look at it as a “reindeer into car headlights”, totally thunderstruck! He either doesn’t understand that Light at all or it is for him totally beyond any belief. Hence, he cannot receive that Light in any way and be guided by it.

Man that does not know himself and thus the truth about himself, is deceived. Deceived man does not know that he is deceived nor can he believe it or even admit such a thing since it absolutely does not co­incide with his inner belief and conviction in his very heart. But, of course, he does not know that his heart according to the Word of God is… “deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?” (Jer. 17:9) Hence, his own heart is able to deceive him and give him a false picture about him­self! Is not such a believer in the danger of losing his salvation and thus also his life eternal? On what foundation he stands when his own heart and conscience are unreliable, treacherous, deceivable?

The conclusion to the above paragraphs is therefore unequivocal: man is absolutely unable to know him­self by his own self! And even if the Lord Jesus shows him who he is in himself, he is unable to believe it! Every natural man born to this earth, which believed in the Lord, confessed this faith by his tongue (Rom. 10:9,10), repented, was baptized in water and received his gift of the Spirit of God (Acts 2:38), is redeemed and he is also called “born-again Christian”… and his name is written into the Book of Life. But even this redeemed born-again Christian written to the Book of Life CAN DO NOTHING from his self, whether he believes it or not! Without Christ, nobody can do anything in the spiritual world! (Jn. 15: 5b) Despite this fact, Christians ignore this Word of God as if it did not exist and they want to do every­­thing from their head and will as they were doing it before their redemption. However, their stupid head has not changed into a wise one after their redemption, nor their will, which was always against the Will of God, has changed to start doing the Will of God. But then, how can such “new Christians” want to reach any success? They are able, even willing, to ignore their failures, they are not able to see them and interpret them as serious warnings from God that they are going the wrong way! And should such a Christ­ian continue on his foolish way 10-20-30-40 years or more, he will remain a perfect candidate for the lake of fire and brimstone as are also all pagans and as he himself was before his redemption. That is to say, he will lose his salvation and he is not even aware of it! Is there anyone who preaches or explains these facts in any church? ABSOLUTELY NO ONE!

Now we may ask a very important question, which will bring us to the conclusion even to the closure of this Part 3. Let us take that underlined sentence from the above paragraph and let us ask this question: Why Christians ignore this Word of God as if it did not exist, and they want to do everything from their head and will? Well, because they have been doing this all their previous life until their redemption and thus, for them, it is natural, it is the habit of their life! They, in fact, do not even realize that the faith by which they believed in Christ and thereby secured their redemption was just a “small measure of faith, which God gave them so that they would not think too MUCH of themselves” but that they would begin to renew their old foolish minds and thereby start understanding and confirming that perfect Will of God (Rom. 12:2,3). Neither this is preached to them in the entire Church of Jesus Christ nor is anybody explain­ing it to them because the preachers, teachers and pastors themselves think too MUCH about themselves and therefore they are spiritually dead. And not just that, but many of them are ALREADY TODAY DAM­NED to eternal damnation exactly as Pharisees, the religious leaders of Israel, were damned! (Mt. 23:33) They consider their intellectual theological knowledge as a sufficient measure of spirituality not realizing that the spiritual value of that knowledge is an absolute ZERO!

Then what is happening with such a “new Christian”? He is redeemed, has the gift of the Spirit of God in his human spirit and he is told that “from now onhe should care for nothing, he does not need to “move his finger” because he is under the grace and his life eternal is secured! WELL NOW! This is possibly the deepest deception of Satan and the most idiotic doctrine, which the professors of theo­logy in va­rious seminars received into “their programs” and have been teaching the future pastors and preachers this hellish lie! These “new” pastors and preachers then with confidence and joy have been extending this hellish lie to the sheep in their churches not realizing that they are leading them straight to hell! I myself was so informed and taught in the pews of a Pentecostal church in Montreal in 1970. Fortunate­ly, the Lord took me out of there in the right timing. Otherwise I would have never written such a message and a revelation from Him and many of you would have never read about it, rather, you would have re­mained in the same danger in which the Church in Laodicea is (Rev. 3:14-19). Neither is this Word of God ever preached or explained in the worldwide Church by anybody! Furthermore, nobody is preaching or explaining in any church that the redeemed Christian IS NOT YET SAVED!!! He may, in fact, lose his redemption and thus also his salvation! How? Very easily! He refuses to DIE to his own self, that is, to OVERCOME his own self! He who will not overcome will be cast to the lake of fire and brimstone, which is the second death! There are at least TWO CLEAR PROOFS in the Word of God, which are by ALL church leaders, preachers, teachers and pastors completely IGNORED!

One is in the Book of Revelation 3:5, where it is clearly written that He that overcometh… I (Christ) will not blot out his name out of the Book of Life…” For any man with 1mg of intelligence this also means that “He that DOES NOT OVERCOME… I (Christ) WILL BLOT OUT his name out of the Book of Life”, which is a clear loss of salvation! The second one is in the Book of Revelation 21:7 where it is again very clearly written: He that OVERCOMETH shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be Mine son.” What are we to overcome? NOBODY ASKS, nobody is interested in it and, of course, nobody explains it and nobody preaches it in any church. Again – fantastic! So, who is overcoming and what? We ALL are called to overcome our own self – die to own self – be separated from own self – because our own self is the enemy of God and the source of all evil in us! Our re­demption CANNOT DO IT! And who is dying to his own self? Who is overcoming it and sepa­rated from it? Only he, who after his redemption started to walk to his perfection (Heb. 6:1-6), which is the “narrow road, which alone leads to Life Eternal and only few find it” (Mt. 7:14)!

 Because, redemption ends at “milestone #0” and if you do not step on this narrow road, you will remain on this ZERO your whole earthly life. And after your physical death, your destiny is in the lake of fire and brimstone – for ever and ever! Neither these vitally important facts from the Word of God are taught or preached ANYWHERE in any church by anybody! In other words, the life eternal of the sheep in the pews of churches is hanging on a hair string and nobody cares! This is the tragedy of Christianity, hence, I am not surprised that many church leaders are already now condemned to eternal damnation since they have been failing in their basic responsibility!

When these “newly redeemed believers” are not guided by their leaders on the narrow road that God the Father designed for us all, they all find it simple and natural to continue on their “old” road using their old head, old heart and old will as they were used to walk in their previous life when they lived as pagans. However, all these natural organs of their soul, even after their redemption, remain “pagan”, unre­newed, sinful, filthy, naïve, foolish and totally unable to do any requirement of God, Who desires to be­come their Father, but they are in no spiritual shape to become His sons or daughters. Do we under­stand English? Really?

Hence, whenever anything happens to them where they should follow the Will of God, they are abso­lute­ly unable to do it! Firstly, they cannot perceive in their spirit the Spirit of God, the gift from God they received at their water baptism. His Spirit is for them a totally unknown Personality that should exist somewhere in their spirit, but they do not even know where, what does He want to tell them or how He wants to guide them to all truth – which is one of His tasks why He was sent to us (Jn. 16:13, 14). Secondly, these new Christians do not have the faith, which could lead them on that next road to sal­va­tion, that is, they have no light for that next road. Hence, they substitute that lack of faith-light by their brain, their heart and the decisions of their natural will – organs that are absolutely unfit and total­ly un­able to do the requirements of God. We may also say that “they begin to speculate”! In fact, they do have to start speculating since they have no other recourse, nor is there any one, who could enable them to make right decisions. However, substituting faith with speculations often leads to disas­ters. So, let us look at 3 points related to the organs of our soul: mind, heart and will.

HE WHO SPECULATES CANNOT BE OBEDIENT TO THE WORD OF GOD! You should frame this statement into your home. A speculator does not have power, authority or strength to do even what he knows that he should do! Nor has he power, authority or strength not to do even what he already knows that he should not do! Why he does not have such power, authority or strength? Because never in his Christ­ian life has he gone through specific and needful failures and PRESSURES of conflicts, problems, suffering or afflictions, unpleasant situations and the like. The Christian who never fell down on the narrow road and has no such experiences does not know what are such pressures, what is the strength, authority, po­wer, etc., because wherever there is pressure, there is also power, and not only that, but the greater the press­ure, the greater the power. The most obvious examples were the railway steam engines or steamships that had boilers where fire would produce steam, which was kept in a closed vessel and was let out through small openings into steam cylinders, which by that steam power were actuating and moving these great steam machines.

Sometimes I even likened “unfruitful Christians” to a railway steam engine that stands on the rails and does not move since there is no fire and no steam inside of it, hence there is no pressure and no power. If you would like to move it just a few feet, you would have to call some friends and push it by hands. And then, after some feet, it would again stop and this process could continue for ever. The same is with many Christians who have in them no fire, no initiative and thus no power, authority or strength. Where there is no pressure, there is no power. The Christians who only desire peaceful and comfortable life without problems, conflicts or any kind of suffering, should all note the above facts into their note­books. But at the end of their earthly life road they will pay dearly for it when they step into the spiritual world. You see, laziness, casualness, disinterest, irresponsibility, taking things lightly, unbe­lief and similar “virtues of the flesh” will not exist nor will be tolerated when they step into the spiritual world and would like to live or exist in the Presence of God.

WHO IS DEEPLY EMOTIONAL AND HIS EMOTIONS DOMINATE EVEN HIS COMMON SENSE, CANNOT BE OBEDIENT TO THE WORD OF GOD. Such a Christian similarly does not have power, strength or authority to do what the Lord is showing him that he should do. Nor does he have power or strength or authority not to do what the Lord is showing him that he should not do. Deep emotional con­tacts with persons from whatever circle (family, acquaintances, good friends, coworkers, etc.) may often cause the Christian to be willing to do unwise acts or not to do the Will of the Father, which was revealed to him in each needful case. In other words, deep emotional connections cause the Christian to be impo­tent or unable to do even what is demanded by logic or common sense.

WHO DOES NOT HAVE HIS WILL CLEANED FROM THE FILTHINESS OF THE FLESH AND SPIRITS OF DARKNESS AND EVIL, CANNOT BE OBEDIENT TO THE WORD OF GOD! We know that the will in the soul of pagans is an enemy of God and will determine the final disastrous desti­ny of such a man. What may be quite surprising for many Christians is the fact that neither their will is friendly inclined to God and His Will, as I already mentioned before (Phil. 2:13). Natural and sometimes very strong unwillingness of the will of a Christian causes his total inability to do the Will of God! This resistance of his will may show itself to such a degree that the Christian refuses to overcome his own self and thus will lose his salvation! Before we mention other facts regarding our will, we must return to the abovementioned Word of God (Phil. 2:13) and consider the important fact that God does not work in pagans at all so that they may consider their salvation. He only works in redeemed Christ­ians, chiefly in those having a good heart and that are not conscious that the feebleness and wickedness of their will may in their future cause the loss of their salvation.  


Every believer who was baptized in water by submersion received the gift of the Spirit of God (Acts 2:38). His baptism also means and represents the willingness of the believer to “die with Christ”. The Lord Jesus had sent the Spirit of God to that believer as a gift that after his redemption He may guide him to his salvation, to his transformation to the Image of Christ. The Spirit is achieving this by guiding the believer into all truth, which he will need not only to know and understand, but also to live in his earthly Christian life. Also, He will show him future things, which might happen in his future life. He will also reveal to him, Who Jesus Christ is in truth in His Personality and Power and Glory since that Spirit of God will transform that believer to the Image of Christ, which is in fact His chief task. Finally, He will be glorifying Christ and will take from what is Christ’s and will show it to that believer (Jn. 16:13,14). Whether that redeemed believer will perceive that Spirit of God in his soul and allow Him to guide him into all truth and submit himself to His work, that will be questionable and dependable on the heart and will of that believer. The believer who neither has a heart after the Lord nor a will to follow the ways the Spirit of God will be showing to him, will be in the danger of losing his redemption and thus of his salvation as well, since there are no other ways for any believer to reach his salvation. When God “designed” the salvation of man in every necessary detail, then He also “designed” the way to that salvation and man cannot choose this way according to his will or desire.

Given that every newly redeemed believers starts from “zero”, the Spirit of God also starts from zero. In fact, the Spirit of God always starts with every believer from zero! He demands that in our conscien­ce it would be clear that though we are redeemed, we are yet at zero until we will be willing to start the narrow road and let ourselves be guided by the Spirit. He will never build on anything what we have either before or after our redemption achieved by our own endeavor, effort, in our own intellect without Him. At the same time, He is also the Bearer of the Life Eternal, which Life is also lived by God the Fa­ther, God the Son. And every believer, which achieved his salvation or successfully stepped on the road to his perfection, will live this Life. Hence, if we are after our redemption at zero and have no contacts with the Spirit of God in our soul, nothing is happening in us! This way, even after years of our lazi­ness, casualness and ignorance of the Spirit of God, we remain at zero and have not in us even one “breath” of that Life Eternal, which is the Life of Christ and which is the Will of Our Heavenly Father! (Rom. 8:29).

And if we thusly remain at zero until our physical death, we will lose our redemption and salvation! Does any believer realize this fact? Or does he not care about his salvation? You may not believe it, but there are literally multitudes of such believers. They live on earth, they are wandering on it like lu­natics and have no clue where they will end up after their physical death. They are interested in no­thing! On the other hand, we must note that just as the Light of the Grace of God bringing Salvation was shown to all people, so no one could make excuses that he knew nothing (Tit. 2:11), in the same way God had shown to every redeemed believer that redemption is not salvation and how we can achieve our salvation. So again, no one could make any excuses that he knew nothing. Here the question is, how people reacted to these two Lights, whether they received them or not and what did they do with them.

What is the worst is again the same situation with the church leaders, pastors and preachers who similar­ly have no clue about spiritual things and thus it is not clear even to them that no believer on this earth can live his Christian life without the Spirit of God in his soul! The Spirit was sent to our spirit but throughout the years He could not get into our soul… if at all! Except our faith in the Saviour in our heart (put there by the Lord for our redemption), our soul remained “pagan”! There is no Life of Christ at all because such a believer had not even stepped on the road to his salvation! We can live as children of God only to that extent to which the Spirit of God owns our lives, to what extent is He present therein and guides our soul! Is this a “rocket science” that not even the Church understands this, explains it to no one, and preaches it to no one? Are we then surprised that the Church is in such a miserable state that its own Saviour must spew it out of His own mouth? (Rev. 3:16,17) Besides this we should also understand a simple fact that what does not come from God, it CANNOT return to Him!

And for us to perfectly understand and even imagine and believe what is happening with the “redeemed believer at zero”, we must firstly consider the Word of God that says: “That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” (Jn. 3:6) In other words, the “redeemed believer at zero” is a “born-again and baptized believer at zero” where he was NOT born-again in his soul, only in his spirit, so he is still a “pagan”! But our spirit does not need to be saved, only our soul, because we are our soul and  not our spirit. Our soul is self-conscious, our spirit is God-conscious and our body is world-conscious. When such a “born-again believer at zero” physically dies, it is only his spirit that can return to God (Ecc. 12:7), his soul has absolutely nothing from God and thus will remain without God in his entire future exi­stence since there is nothing in it born of God! However, when such a believer embarks on a journey to his perfection (Heb. 6:1), that is, on the narrow road to his salvation and Life Eternal (Mt. 7:14), the Spirit of God begins to work in his SOUL, clean it, revive it, guide and teach it by its Light, which means, transform it to the Image of Christ. Such a soul, after the physical death of that believer after his per­fection, can come to God and live with Him for ever and ever because it is now also born of the Spirit of God as his spirit is! Why such a soul born of God can now return to God? Because God is wise and He will not receive into Heaven or to His Presence any being, which is not clean, holy or in which He has no assurance that after some time he will not start to be inclined to evil and will start to sin as Luci­fer did out of whom Satan came forth later on. How can we know this? Well, we read the Word of God, don’t we, which says very clearly: “We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not;” (1Jn. 5:18a). Therefore, even the soul that is born of God cannot sin!

Let us now take a closer look at the ways of the Spirit of God and what is that most important task given to Him when He was sent to us to live in us and guide us into all truth, as we had already mentioned at the beginning of this Part 3 (Jn 16:13).

His most important task is to change the being of every believer foreknown by God to the Image of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, which is also the most important Will of God Our Father (Rom. 8:29). It is just one verse from the letter of Apostle Paul to Romans, but it contains unimaginable riches of spiritual facts, work and cooperation of man with God. It also contains amazing Wisdom, Power, Authority, Love and Grace, Patience, Goodness and other virtues of the Spirit of God, which are all necessary that He may achieve that unimaginable Purpose to change the sinful man that deserves hell and eternal damna­tion in the lake of fire and brimstone, to a personality, which will be united with the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords, the Saviour of mankind Jesus Christ! Is this possible at all for man on the earth to even imagine it? Absolutely NOT. But I do beg God the Father and His Holy Spirit to grant to us His Grace to at least peek into some parts of this unimaginable undertaking and its processes.

The very first fact which I must mention is the saddest and for multitudes of believers the most tra­gic one. Christians from their water baptism were ignoring the Holy Spirit as if He did not exist in their spi­rit and did not care for them! They paid no attention to Him, had no interest in Him, never communica­ted with Him, did not give Him the freedom to guide them to every truth and work in their soul the work that nobody else in this whole Universe is able to do! The importance and work of the Spirit were mani­fested most vividly only in the Early church, which lived by His Life and already then it behaved as the future Bride of Christ. The Word of God (Acts chpt. 2-4) states the words as “they all were of one heart and soul and they had all things common”! Today it looks like a fairytale because today such a thing is impossible! Why? Because it was made possible by the Holy Spirit, Who had a free access to the souls of those believers; today, no man can even dream about creating such a fellowship! As time passed by, the church as a whole was getting worse though some individuals could be found therein, which formed so called “remnant”, which has been preserved until now and it keeps forming the basis of the Bride. Since we are at the end of times and the end of the world is approaching rapidly, the Holy Spirit is seek­ing believers that are willing to be subdued to the Will of God the Father and allow the Holy Spirit a free access into their beings so He could do there His task received from the Christ Himself to prepare for Him His Bride. Since God foreknew those believers whom He also foreordained to be changed to the Image of Christ, which means that He had already foreordained them to be the Bride of Christ, then He also knows here and now at this place, who will become the Bride and who will not, who will give his life into His hand and who will not. I also believe that He demands the Bride to be prepared in the living Bo­dy of Christ where there will be no death present, which would hinder His work.

Considering the shortness of time, the Spirit of God is giving also to us the “last opportunity” to decide to definitely give Him our life and thereby make it possible for Him to remove from us every death that might be in us and begin to bring us into the Life of Christ. In case He finds an unwilling soul in any be­liever to begin a serious cooperation with the Spirit in removing his death and starting to replace it with the Life of Christ, He will have to take such a believer and remove him from the living Body of Christ since the Bride of Christ will not grow or be prepared at a “cemetery”, in an environment where death is pre­sent in the soul or spirit of whichever member of the Body of Christ, which is carnal and thus spirit­ually dead. The Lord knows that there are multitudes of such believers but the vast majority of them are in this state unconsciously and therefore the Lord is not attributing responsibility to them for this state. Here we are speaking more likely about believers to whom the Lord showed their carnality and death, but they did not react positively to this tragic news, did not “move their finger” for many years to get out of that situation and begin to live the Life of Christ. They remained in their casualness and laziness and their will was leading them to continue in their favorite earthly activities, which had become, as it were, their “gods”. The Lord will not keep such in His Body. In fact, the Lord is here putting upon us a great responsibility how shall we react to His Spirit, Who patiently spent in our spirit whole years without be­ing noticed or without our obedience and following of His guidance to every truth. Are we able to real­ize the overall impact of the previous sentence? We, “grains of dust” on this earth demand that others would notice us, appreciate us, would not humiliate us, not to detract from our value, even to show us due respect, etc. However, we the same “grains of dust” are not noticing, appreciating nor showing any due respect to the Almighty Spirit of God, Who created the whole Universe and today He is “sitting” in our spirit waiting when we will “move” to notice His presence in us, even His vitally im­portant work in us without which we cannot be saved! He, however, is not offended as we are – be­cause there is no pride in Him as it is in us!

To those believers, which either have not started to walk on the narrow road, or have made only few steps, or until now they had no living contact with the Spirit of God, the Spirit speaks: “We will be­gin today since what I start, that I will also finish (Phil. 1:6). I know those that are the victims of fear, inabili­ty, distrust, nervousness, lack of faith or wisdom, I know all about it. I will present to you Christ as He Is in Truth so you would know into what Image you are to be transformed. I will assess you, who will need what, I will give you the Light and Revelations, which you will need. What will be decisive will be your attitude, your faith and willingness and commitment towards all that, because all that is your side of our cooperation. But even in these things I will enable you to do all that will be necessary so we would reach our desired goal together! Fear not, worry not, rejoice that you are chosen to obtain life, which you have no imagination about and which God the Father is giving to you as a precious gift!”

Well, what shall we say to the above paragraphs? Will you continue in your fear, uncertainty, unwilling­ness, unbelief, laziness, casualness, even in your lack of freedom to open your mouth, move your tongue and to express your heart to the Lord, Who died for you and fought out for you a new and eternal Life? Also to the Spirit of God, Who was given to you as a gift that He might accomplish in you exactly the very same, what the Lord accomplished for you on His Cross and in His Resurrection? The Lord Jesus as well as the Spirit of God desire your answer TODAY. You have “wasted” enough years since your water baptism to continue wiggling on your chairs remaining unable or unwilling to make final decision. If you should not make your final decision, then you would not be worthy that anyone would form you into the Bride of Christ or keep preparing you for the Coming of Christ for His Bride. Is this a righteous conclusion? What does your conscience tell you? And even if we make our final decision today and give our earthly, sinful and unfruitful life to the hands of the Spirit of God, may I ask you: “until what time shall we allow the Spirit of God to build Christ in us”? To work in us the necessary changes, guide us through His discipline, reproof, sometimes even through the “fire”, which will not burn us, but cleanse us where other “detergent” may not exist or may not be effective? In other words, it will again depend on us to what degree or measure shall we allow the Spirit to do this kind of work. Because when His work on earth shall be finished, we shall be compared to Christ – the Man of the Throne – and it shall be determined, whether the measure of our Image versus His Image will be sufficient, or not! It will be the Spirit of God, Who will be doing this comparison and not us. Do we understand what is this all about? Here, we talk about a very serious, and at the same time, a solemn matter as well as a gala affair. Hence, we will have to trust the Spirit of God in every way and in all circumstances. The Cross of Our Lord Je­sus Christ does not leave any place for human judgment in God’s affaires, for human opinions concern­ing things or for the natural man to assume control and dominate. Nothing of this sort will be tolerated by God. Man is unable to design his salvation, nor the spiritual work which might be needed in his soul, because he does not know what work, when and how it is to be done in his soul. We are not called to dis­cuss the work of the Spirit of God, but rather to obey Him. Learning obedience is not easy, neither for children that many times need a “wooden spoon”, nor for adults, which on the other hand need a whip to break their pride.


However reluctant we may be to look into our past, but the Lord will usually bring us there always when we are to learn something, start knowing our own self, what creatures we were before those years, what has remained in us from all that, that is, what we must be delivered from, what we must be over­coming even today and be not surprised at the things. The Lord cannot close the door to our past while it keeps "helping us” in our presence and while all the spiritual filthiness of our flesh and spirit is not re­moved. The Lord has, as it were, a facilitated task, when He shows us the appropriate passages in our past where we can see our own selves sufficiently clearly in order that we may cooperate with the Spirit of God in the renewal of our soul and its transformation to the Image of Christ.

God had given us in His Word such awesome promises that we certainly cannot even imagine them (2Cor. 6:16-18) To read about His promises is always pleasant and encouraging just as about our truthful coope­ration with God and His Grace and our ministry to His Body (2Cor. 6:1-10). However, what immed­i­ately follows these “heavenly passages” is the Word, which, though it is just one verse (2Cor. 7:1), yet it contains such a depth and height and volume of spiritual work, which cannot be imagined either. It is just as important and has the same value as the previous promises of God. And not only that, but this Word and this verse contains in itself the whole length of our Christian life on earth. That we are coope­rators with God is confirmed in verse 1 (2Cor. 6:1), and at the end of this process it is God of peace (not of work), Who is able and prepared to preserve our whole being – spirit, soul and body – blameless until the Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ (1Thess. 5:23).

Let us now turn to our past and allow the Lord and His Holy Spirit, Who lives in our spirit, to guide us into the spiritual depths of our past wherever He considers it appropriate and useful. Of course, each of us has his past different as well as the road to his redemption and salvation. The content of our past may probably be divided into three “bags”: (1) firstly, all that we inherited from our parents also from close relati­ves up  to the fourth generation (God brings His Judgments up to the fourth generation before us), (2) all that we were subjected to during our childhood, how we were brought up by parents but also by the schools, and (3) all that afterwards we “cooked” for ourselves when we were not subjected to the direct influence of parents and schools any more. Of course, here we speak about our “old man”, his hardness and strength as well as the thickness of the hard “shell” of our soul about which we talked in Part 2. What is very important to mention in this paragraph is the fact that even though the Lord may begin to show us by His Light our own selves and the powers of darkness in us, which are in those three “bags”, that does not mean that we are being automatically delivered from those powers as the Lord keeps showing them to us. When we see them and believe that they are in us, we are at the beginning of the process where we are supposed to begin our cooperation with the Spirit of God on our salvation (2Cor.6:1) where we subdue ourselves under the hand of God and give Him consent for the work of clean­sing our soul according to His Light. Our soul is then cleansed by Him since we are not able to do such a work ourselves.

1) The first fact is that no one is without his “shell”, that is, no one is perfect, holy or deserving God’s Love since there is nothing valuable in his clay vessel or noteworthy for God. Our natural man as he was born and into whom nothing has come from God during his earthly life has no value for God and thus even his death means no loss for God after which He should grieve. The natural man is the dust of the earth and into the dust he shall return, only his spirit returns to God, Who gave it to him (Ecc. 12:7). The whole duty of man is to fear God and keep His Commandments (Ecc. 12:13)… but the dirty man is not able to do even this.

2) The second fact is that from the human standpoint, we are all in our soul a mix of good and bad feat­ures, valuable and valueless virtues and features and habits. What is again very important here is to men­tion that even all our good features, virtues and habits have no value for God since they all were born of  and belong to our humanity, which is our flesh – and it is basically sinful though it has its good and bad part, but these are always merged into one flesh and we cannot separate them. This should be known to us also from Apostle Paul, who speaks clearly that whenever he desires to do good, evil is present (Rom. 7:21). In other words, evil penetrated and was mixed with good… and this also applies to the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, which similarly cannot be divided into a good tree and evil tree. There exists a pure good and pure evil. The pure good is only in God and His angels; the pure evil is in Satan and his angels. Every man is a mix of good and evil. The salvation is the separation of the good from the evil, and only the Spirit of God is able to do this operation, no man is able to do this from himself. All evil in us must die, that is, be separated from us. When you pour a drop of tincture of, say, iodine into pure water, it will get colored and no man will ever get that color out of the water.

3) The third fact is that every man becomes a victim of Satan’s deceptions and he is not aware of it. You see, a deceived man never knows that he is deceived until God directly, or through His servants would show him His Light in which the man is able to see himself how he is or what he is like; what kind of “fool” Satan had made out of him and in what deceit he is living. Therefore, deceit is stunningly strong and effective weapon of Satan by which he is deceiving the whole world (Rev. 12:9) and also a large part of the Church. So many true believers became captives in his traps, and that, at his will (2Tim. 2:26). And through his false christs and prophets, Satan will be showing great miracles, so that if it were possible, the very elect would be deceived (Mt. 24:24).

4) The fourth fact is that the devil was able to turn man into such an “idiot” that he literally lost his inter­est in his own salvation! And not only in his own salvation, but also in the salvation of his own family! The instinct of self-preservation in such a man is non-existent or questionable since it does not function as it should. These facts are proven chiefly by pagans and carnal Christians, which could have listened to the Gospel of Salvation and other Words of the Bible even 30-40 or more years, but no change ever happened to them. Though they did not have to refuse the truths of God as such, nor oppose their own salvation as a doctrine, but their human will is paralyzed and unable to take even one step forward. The main reason here is “procrastination, wasting of time, indecisiveness, laziness, casualness, taking things lightly, total inability to discern little things from life-threatening things, unawareness of the dangers that may be close, substitution of facts by assumptions, which are usually very stupid and may cause great damages, even tragedies”, etc. Do you know such Christians? Such are in need of literally limitless patience, love and grace of God in order to escape the lake of fire and brimstone, which is the eternal damnation and second death. They are able to walk to their damnation with a smile on their faces just as all pagans are walking. It does not matter to many of them even if some will tell them that they are car­nal, that they are at a “zero”, that is, they have not made on their road to salvation even one step. They do not see in it any tragedy that they, in fact, they “shrug off” the Blood of Christ and His unimaginable sacrifice for us! They do not value His sacrifice nor the Love and Grace of God when He sent His Son to die on the Cross! Hence, they are not just pagans that are idiots, but a lot of Christians are the very same idiots and belong to the lake of fire and brimstone! This last sentence seems to be outright unbelievable. Let us take a little closer look at it so that we might see not only such Christians, but also God and what is His attitude toward such dead and unwilling “Christians”.

As we know, God has foreknowledge and this is a very important fact because this may explain to us even the things, which we otherwise could not even imagine. God foreknew those whom He also fore­ordained to be changed or transformed to the Image of His Son (Rom. 8:29). These are the Bride of Christ and these are also those elected and foreordained for their perfection. In the same way, God also fore­knew those, which will not be willing to undergo such a great change to the perfection of the Son of God but will be willing to overcome their own selves to such a degree that will grant them the basic salvation and will save them from the lake of fire and brimstone, which is the second death, that is, eternal damna­tion (here belong also those righteous, which will be “barely” saved – 1Pet. 4:18). Consequently, God will be deciding based on His Righteousness and Grace. These will be the nations “walking” in the light of the New Jerusalem – the Bride, and who will be using the leafs from the Tree of Life for their healing since they will not be perfect (Rev. 21:24-27 + 22:1-2). Finally, God also foreknew those believers, which never loved the truth, hence, they had not allowed it to come into their hearts, but they opposed it. And for THIS reason, God will send them a strong delusion that they might believe a lie… and thereby be damned, those that did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness! I want to repeat here that it was not Satan, but GOD, Who sent them a strong delusion, that they might believe a lie!!! (2Thess. 2:8-12). This is a totally unbelievable fact of God’s Righteousness and Grace and for man totally incomprehensible. These are the three groups of believers, which God separated according to His fore­knowledge and Righteousness and Grace and established the Judgment of their eternity.

In each group of believers the powers from their past are demonstrated, which they either overcame to their perfection, or they overcame them to their salvation, or they did not overcome them and were thus judged doomed to eternal condemnation. It is again necessary to mention that this overcoming was done by the willingness of their own will and not by the willingness of the Will of God! The willingness of the Will of God was shown right from the beginning to all men, and it included the potential salvation of the whole mankind, however, the final decision always had to be done by the will of each such indivi­du­al man. Therefore, our will is here the root of the problem of overcoming or ignoring of all the forces from our past. If we yet have problems with our past or it is not clear to us why they keep continuing and we cannot get rid of them, then we have to ask our Lord to enable us to inquire our will why it had failed in our war with the forces of evil and darkness when it was the matter of making its decision what was to be done, how and when.

Because, it was OUR WILL which failed to deal with out past and thus it continued in its failures also with our presence! In the majority of cases it was the case of the redeemed believers, which had no one to guide them to the road of salvation and as well give them the necessary explanations about their spi­rit­­ual state, it means, how the Lord sees them and not how they see themselves. When then such believ­ers remained at “zero” and did not move to the road of salvation, the Lord understood it and thus He was not making them guilty for their spiritual state. However, if during the time the Lord gave them the light about their spiritual state no matter in what way, directly or through some of His servants and they did not receive it and consider it but continued as before on their broad way, which leads to destruction (Mt. 7:13), then they will subjected to the Judgment of God as those, which consciously ignored the Will of God, His Word and His salvation of man, that is, they behaved and, perhaps, even today they still beha­ve similarly as pagans which is a very serious thing. No redeemed  believer should take this lightly since all such will be Judged and condemned!

Why had our will failed and it keeps failing to deal with our past and presence? Where is here the “dog buried?” You see, our will makes decisions after “consultations”  with our head and our heart and then, after collecting sufficient information, on the basis of it the will makes its due decisions. In other words, our will is our “Supreme Court”, it governs and guides our being from its beginning to its end, including our own destiny! Even in my previous writings I have clearly declared that OUR DESTINY IS NOT de­termined by God or by Satan, but by our own will! Because one of the principles of God’s Creation is the fact that God gave us a free will, which He also respects and will never be deciding against it. How­ever, with its freedom He also gave it the responsibility for our life and destiny. So, when our life “is for the birds and worth nothing”, then the clear reason for it is that our will “is for the birds and worth no­thing”! Hence, when we swear on anything in our life or are making others responsible for our problems and shortcomings, then we should stand in front of a mirror, point our finger at ourselves and swear at ourselves and at our will! And this we should do chiefly in the cases where we had not listened to the advis­es of God or of our teach­ers or the people wiser than we are, which were giving to us instructions or warnings, which we were “secretly” hating in our hearts! (Pr. 5:12-14) And there is yet a great mountain of Proverbs, which Christians should read, ponder, take to their heart and bring into their life. For exam­ple, no Christian who reads Proverb 4:7 will ever apply it to himself since no Christian will ever consi­der himself a “stupid ass”. And if the Lord Himself in His Grace would never show him that HE IS a stupid fool, then he would remain one for the rest of his life. Why? Because “fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (Pr. 1:7b) Furthermore: “How long, you naïve ones will you love naivety?... and the scorn­ers delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?” (Pr. 1:22) And will such Christians also read and apply to themselves Proverb 1:24-32, as well as Proverb 3:35 and hundreds of other Proverbs, which are showing to them their own selves? I sincerely doubt because those are also painful moments, which we would rather bypass.   

The Lord gives to every believer His Light about himself according to how He sees him and the state of his soul and spirit, whether he is willing to receive that Light, believe it and start guiding his future steps by that Light, or not. I keep speaking about a redeemed believer who by now should have a sufficient faith and spiritual ability to receive from his “New” Saviour at least the basic things especially if there are already few years from his water baptism. When we talk about pagans about whom the Lord already foreknew that for all their earthly life they will ignore His Light about Salvation, He will not care about them any longer. Here belong also those redeemed believers, which fell away from the Light as well as from the Word of God and from other God’s things, which the Lord gave to them because even their “repeated repentance for redemption” will not be possible to renew (Heb. 6:4-6). Even this fact of the Word of God may be for many believers incomprehensible, even unimaginable. I must, however, men­tion that no believer with a normal human intelligence is able to comprehend any brother (or sister) in Christ, who keeps ignoring important admonitions of Christ as touching his salvation and his destiny in eternity.    


I do not know how to tell you this, but the religion is dead and up till now it was not able to give life to anybody! After 50 years of my ministry to Christ and His Church, my estimate is that possibly more than 95% of Christians are dead in spirit because they hold onto a dead religion and about the true Life of Christ they have no clue. After believing in Christ and after their water baptism they think that they enter­ed into a new world, into a new life that they are new people and thus they shall live another earthly life acceptable to Christ and to Our Heavenly Father. However, nothing of that is true! They have not en­­tered into a new world, into a new life, they are no new people and do not live another earthly life, which would be acceptable to Christ or even to Our Heavenly Father. They have not given their life to Christ and that in anything, but they gave it to their “new religion”, to reading the Bible and other reli­gious literature, attending buildings with a cross on the roof, which they call “churches” and where they are also learning news about their new religion. They learn it from their new leaders, whom they call priests, pastors, preachers, teachers, elders, catechists, who also have their leaders as bishops, prelates, cardinals, popes, etc. After some time, they find out that on the other corner of the street there stands another similar church, but with a different name than their own church, because their church is called “Pentecostal” and that other one is called “Baptist”. And on the third street, there is yet another church “Lutheran”, and then a little further, there is yet another church decorated with various statues both on the outside and inside, and that one is called “Catholic”. However, they are not advised to visit the other churches because there are allegedly “renegades, backsliders, heretics”, who believe other things. So these new “Christians” are by their leaders kept in the sphere of their influence so they would not some­how escape and thus, according to their leaders, might even “lose their salvation”. And this is how their new life begins to flow year after year, it becomes “stuffy” and their hopes for a better life are also melting away.

About the new life, they have no clue since they have no clue also about their salvation just as their lead­ers have no clue about their salvation even though they pretend that they know everything, understand everything and they will teach them everything necessary. But since their sermons change nobody, solve no problems, on the contrary, the problems grow, these Christians are trying to solve their problem their ways… and that is in many cases a receipt for catastrophe. Because what here comes into their earthly life, is one unusual Word of God and that in full force and full effect (Pr. 16:2). It says: “All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes…” because they satisfy their mind, reasoning, emotions, opinions, desi­res, hopes, purposes, believes, convictions, etc. But the Lord asks them: And how do you know that your mind, reasoning, emotions, opinions, desires, hopes, purposes, believes and convictions are clean? Who has given them to you? And the road on which you walk is also right? Who has shown it to you? You do not come to Me since you are afraid to come to Me (Jn. 5:40) nor have you ever asked Me for such things, hence, I have given you nothing. Then, where do you have all these things from? You see, I know what spirits you have inside of you, which are producing or giving these things to you, and they are not clean, nor are they righteous or acceptable to Me, but they can successfully deceive people, who have no clue that they are deceived but live in a world of fantasy and color dreams. And not only that, but deceived Christians are able to call good evil and evil good, they put darkness for light and light for darkness, just like that they put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter, they become wise in their own eyes and prudent in their own sight. To all such, the Lord says: “woe to you!” (Is. 5:20,21) After all, they are unable to even re­­cognize and discern Satan from Christ, how Satan speaks and acts and how Christ speaks and acts.

Such disappointed Christians have abandoned their churches or groups and began to look for other chur­ches and groups or instructors, who would satisfy their ears and hopes. Maybe they even began to build their own “churches” in their homes; they just forgot to put a cross on the roof! You see, the cross lost its significance for them since it did not fit into their new plans nor into their new “gospel” of prosperity, peace, satisfaction, the heaven-on-earth without problems, conflicts, even without preachers who were spoiling their life. Do you know such? These may be even much worse than those that remained in the old pews of the old churches. You see, they have never found out nor anybody ever told or explained to them that in their natural beings they can never resolve any of their problems in their earthly lives! And since no changes happened in the imaginations of their earthly life – their old life continues – later, they got used to it and everything suits them – even their old religion. That up to now they don’t know Christ, nor their Heavenly Father, nor are they able to perceive the Holy Spirit Who was given to them as a gift at their water baptism, which we may assume (Acts 2:38), nor do they receive and thus do not perceive any­­thing spiritual (1Cor. 2:14) – this they absolutely do not mind! About their salvation and destiny they have no assurances except that they were immersed into water and someone has said something to them about it. Finally, they have neither any recourse or alternative in their miserable earthly life except to believe those that want to tell them something religiously interesting. Their life eternal does not depend on the faith from Christ nor on the Words of God defining their salvation, but on their own believes, it hangs on their assumptions and personal convictions, which in the eyes of the Creator and Saviour may be completely invalid and stunningly naïve since they are not based on the Word of God.

Every such Christian–lamb becomes a potential victim to go astray behind the first tree in any forest, thanks to its famous and catastrophic orientation disability, and be eaten by the first wolf which it meets. Why such situation occur, and that quite often, chiefly in the time of the end of history? Because people follow more and more their self-satisfaction and that at any cost, instead of following the Word of God and seeking His Truth. His Truth does not “sit well” to our natural creation, it is not pleasant, nor com­fortable, nor does it promise an instant prosperity in this world and thus in our earthly life. Our dissatis­faction with everything what we meet in our religion is however a perfect opportunity for devils to bring us into “their sheepfold” where they will offer us everything what our soul will desire and how it will be satisfied. The devil is not bothered if we listen to someone who speaks something from the Bible add­ing to it his own persuasions and opinions, especially if they are logical. Nor is he bothered when we sing religious hymns and give offerings, because he can explain everything according to his doctrines and opinions, which are for us and for our reasonings acceptable. That he is in the meantime leading us very quietly into eternal damnation, we have no clue nor could we dream about such a thing. It is like when an ox is lead to a slaughterhouse, they only need a fenced footpath and a gentle prodding by a rod. Do you believe that that ox has any perceptions or feelings that it is going to a slaughterhouse and that this is its last walk on a fresh air? Of course, it does not. But sheep or lambs are not wiser than oxen! No sheep will live long without a shepherd or at least without a sheepdog, any experienced chief shepherd (head of a sheep­fold) will tell you that. Finally, such believers are not different from pagans, which also have no senses that they are walking to a slaughterhouse though in the meantime they may have a truly “wonderful and fabulous” life on the fresh air.

I know such believers, I have even ministered to them either in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Canada, USA or at other places around the world. There were mostly individuals or house groups, which contacted me and I have not refused to minister to them. My ministry, however, did not last long since I did not satisfy their desires as they imagined. Some of them even returned to their old churches where they began to en­­joy their peace since no one is “bothering” them, no one admonishes them or “eating their nerv­es”. Some others are quickly offended when you speak to them truth since such are “sensitive to the truth” as well as to the teaching of discipline of the Holy Spirit. For them a suitable “church” would be an old pub whe­re they could sip beer, carry on beer speech, go wherever or whenever they would want and do what ­­they would want. And if you have courage to tell them sometimes that they are fools, then in their eyes you have committed an unpardonable sin. After all, the Lord Jesus Christ had called His Own disci­ples “fools” telling them: "“O fools, and slow in heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken” (Lk. 24: 25). Likewise, Apostle Paul told Galatians: “O FOOLISH Galatians, who hath bewitched you that ye should not obey the truth…” (Gal. 3:1a).

Is it possible to help such believers? If the Lord does not arrange that they would be “hit by a fully load­ed bus” and end up in hospital under scalpel and then remain there 2-3 months in pains, then to such there might not be any other help! You see, there they would find out rather quickly that their earthly life is not guaranteed and in their “new conditions” it has no value. They would also get “other thoughts” about their religion, maybe also light about themselves that without God they have no hope and that their previous desires and convictions about their peace and prosperity also have no value. As we know, the best teacher for wisdom and discipline for our children was “Mrs. Wooden-spoon” and for many other believers like those described above applies the same! Human character is towards the end of history so deformed and damned that no nice words will help it. It is sufficient to read the Book of Proverbs and you will get a heap of proofs. I will quote only one Proverb: “A servant will not be cor­rected by words: for though he understands he will not answer.” (Pr. 29:19



There are two worlds, one is spiritual and the other one is physical. The spiritual created the physical and not vice versa, and the spiritual governs the physical and not vice versa! This simple but important fact we, in our earthly life, may not realize and that’s why many times we are unable to explain to our­selves what is happening in the world and also in our lives. Both worlds were created by God in the be­ginning (Gen. 1:1) and there was no evil in them until inequity was found in Lucifer and he became Satan who will be brought down to hell. We know only few sentences about Lucifer and his destiny, which are found in the Bible (Is. 14:12-17). We should know much more about Satan since he “functions” even today and is a being from the spiritual world. God is allowing him more and more power over his kingdoms on the physical world until he will destroy those also as he similarly destroyed  the first physical Creation (see  Addendum in Tatry 2015). He deceived the whole world, whole Israel and whole Church except the valuable exemptions of those that gave their lives to the hands and Power of Jesus Christ and thus they received from Him anointing, which is the only defense as well as weapon against the attacks and deceptions of Satan. I do not want to repeat here the things and facts, which I have already stated in the above Parts of this work as well as in the brochures Tatry 2015 or 2017 a which could be found also in different paragraphs of these writings.

In this Part, I asked the Lord about His view on the world and not mine. Hence, right from the beginning I have to turn to the Word of God, which will serve as the reason and basis of this Part where the Lord says: “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the LORD. For as the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Is. 55:8,9) This Word of God, despite its importance, comes to our mind only rare­ly if at all, though it defines very clearly our limits in comprehending our earthly life and in walking our life paths. Very few believers are aware that though the Lord had given to us a sufficient intelligence for our earthly life, but it is absolutely useless for our life spiritual. This very basic fact of our earthly exist­ence is completely beyond the abilities of any pagan or carnal believer to understand or realize since all those belong to these two categories are spiritually dead people. Only the spiritually living are able to realize and understand this fact and also be guided by it or make it a useful tool for their earthly spiritual life, faith and  hopes. Examples:

According to God, our heart is “deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?” (Jer. 17:9) According to the thoughts of man it is then natural that the heart cannot be redeemed when it is desperately wicked. Isn’t it? And man has no way of his own how to change such a heart or even enable it some­how to be redeemed. True? But God looks differently on everything and for every problem He has His Own ways, which for man are unknown, inconceivable, even impossible. If this fact would not exist, then there would not be even one man on this earth, who would have been redeemed and then able to be saved! So then, what is happening in man what he cannot sense or understand or even consider as po­s­sible? It is written: “For the Grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men.” (Tit. 2: 11) This Grace is the gift of God to man and the proof of this gift was shown to every man on this pla­net through the Light of God, which we also know as “faith”. Because faith is a spiritual light that is light­ing the right way for man in his earthly darkness. Simultaneously, it is the evidence of things, which are un­seen to human eyes and inconceivable to our brain (Heb. 11:1). In other words, that Grace of God, which bring salvation was shown to every man through faith! But faith is a spiritual substance and the salvation is touching our soul, which is not spiritual. Therefore, God “built a bridge” between our spirit and our soul by which He could “transport” the faith from our spirit to our soul and thus enable the man to see what before he could never see or consider as his rescue – salvation from eternal damnation and death. That one and only “bridge” God built between the “consciences in our spirit” and the “heart in our soul”. That light, that faith then got from our spirit into our soul where heart is the only organ of our soul, which was enabled by God at our creation to receive His Light–faith and even understand it (see our booklet “Truth about Salvation”). LIGHT is produced by LIFE, DARKNESS is produced by DEATH.

When our heart suddenly received such an “unexpected gift”, it started to ponder this unknown and most surprising thing, it’s purpose, even it’s meaning for the man’s own future and destiny, it started to de­­ci­de “what to do with it”. I have to state here a fact, which may be totally unknown and maybe nobody was ever pondering about it. The fact is that though God enabled the heart to receive even understand faith, but He did not enable it to “automatically” believe the faith. Without this ability, we today would not be even redeemed and about our salvation we could only dream. God had to “work” in our heart in order that it would be willing to believe what God is showing to it and giving to it as a gift of Life eternal. After all, the same is happening with our will. Our will, as another organ of our soul, was also en enemy to God and had no willingness to do His Will, nor any of His pleasures (Phil. 2:13). Another important fact in this field is that God can never act against our human will and heart, because He gave us the precious gift of freedom, which is the Principle of His Creation of living beings earthly and also heavenly; hence, it applies to people as well as to angels. That’s why God cannot force any pagan to believe and become a believer and thus be saved. The proofs of this are of course the multitudes of pagans around the world, which walk to eternal damnation and are not aware of it. But God can “explain, compare, give under­standing as well as the value of His gift” to our heart that it would not only receive it but also believe it. The same He can do in our will to be willing to do the faith, which the heart believed! This is, after all, the basis of our redemption (Rom. 10:9,10) where the heart believes and the will moves the tongue to con­fess the faith in our heart, which is the deed of that faith so the faith would not remain dead (Jam. 2:20). By this activity God is not contravening His Principle of free decision making of the heart and will of man. Here we must also mention that God does not work like that in our mind since it is neither able to believe as our heart, nor make decisions as our will, which are then “legally valid for the whole soul”. While mind is able to make decisions, they are only in itself and for itself, but such decisions must be validated by our will so that they may apply to our soul and the whole being. Because the authority to decide in our being has only our will and not our mind!

From the abovementioned example it should be clear that according to the human logic and understand­ing, the redemption and salvation of man with such a heart and will are practically impossible, since both these organs of the soul are in their natural creation enemies of God and are not willing either to be­lieve or do the Will of God and His Pleasure. God’s work in our soul BEFORE our redemption and also salvation is, therefore, absolutely necessary so that any pagan would be able to get on the road to his re­demption as well as salvation. Another important fact touching this point is the following. God does not work in every heart and every will only in those in which He foreknew that they will receive His work and effort to receive His Grace, which brings salvation, which is the gift of Life eternal. Unfortunately, pagans are damned from the very beginning and they can never be saved since in their heart and will the necessary willingness and cooperation with God was not found. They, in fact, do not even have an inter­est in the gift of life offered by God and thus in their Life eternal. This fact is almost inscrutable, incom­prehensible, yet it can be observed even today not only among pagans, but also even among Christians. The hearts and wills of many Christians –  pagans that were baptized and redeemed and their names are written in the Book of Life – HAVE NO INTEREST to even step on the road to salvation (Heb. 6:1) and continue to their perfection. They are not seeking truth (especially truth about themselves), the narrow road, the Kingdom of God, not even the Will of God (Mt. 7:14 + 6:33// Rom. 8:29) even if the Lord Himself shows them His Light about themselves that they are not seeking these things and have no inter­est in them! They HAVE NO INTEREST to know their own Creator and Saviour, they have no interest even about their own salvation, nor about the salvation of their family! Even this is an absolutely inscrutable and incom­prehensible fact. They sit at home and do nothing, they only listen to radio or TV, or they sit in churches and do nothing, they only listen to various preachers, which tells them nothing important, which they would need on their way to salvation. Why is their situation literally tragic?

They are neither aware, nor able to believe that their soul is ruled by the powers of darkness and evil and they keep them away from any activity of seeking a living contact with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior, Whom they absolutely do not know, do not love, do not value. Hence, they walk on the broad way that leads to perdition – damnation (Mt. 7:13) and they are holding the hands of devils. They are most proud, arrogant, self-righteous, selfish, naïve as little children and thus unbelievably stupid, spiritually dead and nobody will move them! The Light that was shown to every man on the earth (Tit. 2:11), which show­ed the Grace of God, which brings salvation, that same Light simultaneously showed the reason why man needs that salvation. The Lord firstly has to show clearly to every man that he – in himself – is in the eyes of the Lord a total and irreparable, irrecoverable fool and he has to receive it in order to final­ly decide to start seeking help. Such Light, however, has a disadvantage that it will offend the majority of mankind since mankind is filled with pride and that pride is sensitive to such a Light. Why have I used above such a “non-christian” word as “fool”? Because Apostle Paul used the same word for Gala­tians (Gal. 3:1), even the Lord Himself use it for His two disciples (Lk. 24:25). This word is indeed suffi­ciently close fit to reflect clearly and capture the character of a pagan, who is spiritually totally deform­ed, defiled, irreparable either mentally or spiritually… and so is also a carnal Christian, who is a victim of the deceptions of the devil, but he feels comfortable in them and will thus not seek truth. These para­graphs show clearly at least the two basic reasons why is mankind divided into such large multitudes of pagans and also two basic camps of irreconcilable believers – carnal and spiritual. Therefore, here I must mention that this brochure is written only for the spiritual believers since the rest of mankind cannot un­derstand it in any way and thus receive it or even believe it.

There is yet at least one more fact, which the Lord shows me and which also belongs to those inscrutable and incom­prehensible facts, because this fact is related to the spiritual believers and they should unde­r­stand also the logically incomprehensible things. However, even the spiritual believers yet have in them­selves a measure of pride, self-righteousness, self-assurance even laziness especially toward the spiritual duties and responsibilities, etc. Even in the segment of spiritual believers there exist men who are fathers having families, but they are unaware that in the eyes of the Lord they all are “heads of their families” and as such, they have spiritual duties toward their wives and children and that outside of their worldly duties. If they love their worldly work too much then they will shy away from their spiritual work to the detri­ment of the whole family. In addition, even such spiritual believers have conscience, which does not have to be clean and their souls have “doors” open toward the powers of darkness and evil to a sufficient degree that they may quite often become the sources of chaos and misunderstandings, which are “born” in hell and thus cannot bring any good fruit. When such situations are not treated early in time, this evil starts “rotting away”, decomposes and causes an inability of the heads of families to continue on the nar­row road or to help others, who might be in a similar spiritual situation, where no spiritual unity can po­s­sibly exist. However, without spiritual unity believers cannot continue on the road to spiritual growth and maturing no matter how spiritual they really are; here, of course, I am not even mentioning carnal believers.

Finally, not only carnal, but also spiritual believers are quite often victims of their head, that is, of their mind and its deep convictions, which cannot be uprooted by any words or preaching or making threats, but only by the Light and Power of the Holy Spirit. If the Lord Jesus had not shown the Light of Him­self to Saul of Tarsus, who was a typical example of a deep self-deception, devil’s deceptions and very deep false self-beliefs, today we would not find in the New Testament his life-giving books. Even today, how many “Sauls” are in the Church among Christians, only the Lord knows. Here I will give you not only an unusual, but outright shocking example from the Word of God on which the whole Church is based and also all believers, so that you can clearly see what a chaos may the carnality of a believer cause in the Church. The most important doctrine, which the whole Church preaches and on which nearly every believer “hanged his life eternal” says: “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned” (Mk. 16:16). Is this true? It IS TRUE in principle, BUT in details IT IS NOT TRUE! It is a CONDITIONAL TRUTH, PARTIAL TRUTH, UNDEPENDABLE TRUTH! Is this a sufficient SHOCK for the born-again baptized Christians? How can the Word of God be a condi­tional, partial or even undependable truth? Very easily! For example, when Satan tempted Christ after His 40 day’ fasting, in his first temptation he encouraged Him to turn stones into bread. Then the Lord ans­wer­ed: “It is written…” (Mt. 4:3,4). When Satan found out that the Lord defends Himself with the Scripture, in his second temptation he took Him to the Temple tower and said: “If you are the Son of God, jump down, because it is written: For He shall give His angels charge over Thee, to keep Thee in all Thy ways. They shall bear Thee up on their hands lest Thou dash Thy foot against a stone.” (Ps. 91:11,12) Well, is this Word of God also truth? It IS, but this also is just CONDITIONAL TRUTH, PAR­TIAL TRUTH, UNDEPENDABLE TRUTH! Why? Because it depends in what spirit and with what purpose you are going to jump down! That’s why Jesus IGNORED this Word of God and said to Satan: It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord Thy God” (Mt. 4:5-7) Then Satan tempted Him with his kingdoms that he will give them to Him if Jesus will bow down and worship him. Jesus replied to him: “Get thee hence, Satan, for it is written…” (Mt. 4:9,10)

Then why is Mark 16:16 an undependable truth? There are at least two facts in the Bible, which con­firm this point as follows:

(1) The first fact is…because IT IS WRITTEN AGAIN…: “; but he that endureth to the end shall be saved”. (Mt. 10:22b) This is the condition which does not exist in Mark 16:16 but, it makes that truth dependable on time as well as on the deeds of the believer! True? Is there anyone from among you that knows what does it mean “endure”? And when truly comes “the end”? If you do not know these import­ant facts then you should not hang your life eternal on this Word of God, sit in your sofa and not move your finger! And you should give this advice also to your pastors and preachers. You see, after my water baptism I was told by my Pentecostal pastor that I am saved from now on and I may sit in my sofa and do not have to move my finger! I was fortunate that after some time the Lord took me out of that “church”. Otherwise I would have ended badly and you would never in your life read these lines!

(2) The second fact is… because IT IS WRITTEN AGAIN…: “He that overcometh (endureth to the end), the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I WILL NOT BLOT OUT his name out of the Book of Life…” (Rev. 3:5a). This also means that he that does not overcome and will not endure to the end WILL LOSE HIS SALVATION, because his name shall not be found in the Book of Life (Rev. 20: 14,15)! In other words, Mark 16:16 should have been written: “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved – IF HE OVERCOMETH AND ENDURETH TO THE END.”! Why the Spirit of God did not give to Mark this complete version of His Word? The Lord has even for this His reasons. It is also (or again) written: “seek, and ye shall find… for he that seeketh findeth…” (Mt. 7:7,8) The Lord does not want to bring up sons and daughters that are lazy like dogs, but are willing to seek the truth in His Word. That is also the reason for us to seek the narrow road, though there are only few that seek it and find it (Mt. 7:14). We are also supposed to “seek the Kingdom and his righteousness” (Mt. 6:33) but I do doubt that there are more than just few Christians who are seeking the Kingdom. Similarly, we are also to seek the Will of Our Heavenly Father, which is rather clearly expressed in one short verse of the Scripture as follows: “For who He did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed  to the Image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.” (Rom. 8:29) While this is the basic defini­tion of His Will, yet, which Christian truly knows whether he was foreknown by the Father? And even if he was, how that transformation takes place, when this likeness with Christ is truly achieved? When will the Father be satisfied with that foreknown son? And what about those Christians, which were not fore­known, where they will end and how will they continue? It seems that nobody has any answers!

The conclusion is that the truth in Mark 16:16 is dependent on time and the deeds of every individual, who could have been already a baptized believer or who is still a pagan but has chances to believe and be baptized because God has foreknowledge. He knows exactly who will continue how in his earthly life and to who He will give another chance for salvation according to how He values the desires or purposes of his heart. Such a pagan may be rescued even in the day of his death! The example is the malefactor that was crucified next to the Cross of Christ, who told him: “Lord, remember me when Thou comest into Thy Kingdom.” (Lk. 23:42) When the Lord heard that he calls Him “Lord”, He knew immediately that it was the Spirit of God Who enabled the man to call Him “Lord” (1Cor. 12:3). Hence, the Lord pro­mised to him that “today you will be with Me in Paradise” though he had neither the time for baptism, nor any overcoming, though even he would not avoid his overcoming that he would have to do after his physical death. After all, this episode did not surprise the Lord in the least since that malefactor at His right hand represented the Church as well as all saved ones. That idiot at the left hand of His Cross, who railed on Christ saying: “If Thou be Christ, save Thyself and us.” (Lk. 23:39) represented Satan as well as all pagans and those sentenced to eternal damnation.

If we desire to conclude this paragraph acceptably we must proclaim that no man knows all the truth about himself; and if the Lord would not show it to him, he remains deceived by the devil all the way to his physical death. What effect it will have on his destiny only the Lord knows. The worst and most dan­gerous fact is that man DOES NOT WANT to know the truth about himself, he is not seeking it and if it is shown to him, he does not open his mouth and does not say a word! Or he opens a barrage of fire in defending himself. Even the Lord is not interested in such a man especially when the Lord foreknows that that man will not want to change even in his future. The Lord has His Word for such a Christian man, which tells us: “A servant will not be corrected by words; for though he understand he will not answer.” (Pr. 29:19) This means that he understands very well what is the matter or the question, but he cannot answer truthfully since he would condemn himself, he would show the “filthy inside of his soul”, which he is in fact trying to cover since there is nothing good in it. Such a man usually does not need sermons, advices, teachings, Christian fellowships or any­thing similar. He needs that a “camion loaded with concrete blocks” would hit him and he would end up in a hospital under a scalpel where he would spend 2-3 months in pain and in hope that he will survive. This would most certainly crack the shell of his soul and give him the freedom to open himself and then speak truth and receive truth, which up till that moment he was refusing. The principle is always valid that man himself determines his destiny by his own will; it is neither the Will of God, nor the will of Satan (see also our book “Life out of Death”). Of course, when the Lord gave us the free will, then to­gether with it He gave us also the responsibility for our life and future and for all our destiny. Do we understand this?

The world is stepping into the last phase of the Dispensation of the Grace of God and soon it will be de­stroyed and burned as Sodom and Gomorrah were. The Lord tells us that it will be as in the days of Noah and also in the days of Lot (Lk. 17:26-30). Of course, the Bride of Christ will not be on the earth any more, but through these conditions of destruction of the earth will also go the carnal Christians, which will not be taken by Christ at His Coming for His Bride.

These carnal Christians will not have to bear and suffer just the physical destruction on the earth, but also the terror of Satan, who will receive from God the power to kill all, which will demonstrate any signs of opposition to him and any signs that they belong to Christ or that they have anything to do with religious societies or fellowships or churches. It shall be the time of hor­rors, which man will not be able to imagine and if these days should not be shortened, no flesh would survive. However, because of the elected ones those days shall be shortened (Mt. 24:21,22). The world and mankind are already today beginning to demon­strate the signs of the loss of common sense, intelligence, sense for esteem, mutual respect and similar. The same conditions are found with the international situation where everything is heading toward a war and unrest around the whole world.


In the Lord’s eyes the worldwide church of today is in a terrible shape and this applies also to the great majority of believers with no respect what denomination they belong to. The church should, of course, be “heavenly” and not “earthly” as she, in fact, is. She is called to the heavenly places and should live and exist from what the Lord Jesus gives to her from His riches. Today’s church has no clue about her calling and her existence depends on the world from which she derives her finances and death. The most responsi­ble are her leaders, who made out of her church buildings “National theaters”, which offer their perfor­m­­ances eve­ry Sunday and they are repeated every year. Nobody changes in their character or in spirit, everybody is convinced in himself that he knows everything, nobody has anything to tell him, every­thing goes as it should and everything is in the best order. Everybody believes that after death every­­body goes straight to Heaven and thus they do not have to prepare for anything else in their earthly lives, while nobody has any clue what is waiting for him(her) on the “other side”, that is, after their physical death. In these cir­cumstances not even the Lord God can help them since they have no living contact with Him, neither has He with them. Today’s church is represented by the church of Laodicea as the last church among the seven churches of the Book of Revelation. The Lord is describing her very clearly that she is wretched and mise­­rable and poor and blind and naked… and the Lord, her Saviour, will spue her out of His mouth! The Lord gives her His advice in verse 18 what she should “buy” from Him that she might get up from her “grave” and begin to live (Rev. 3:16-18). The church does not care about His advices and continues in her Sunday performances as if everything was in the best order!

When the Lord gave me the opportunity to preach in various churches even house groups in Slovakia, I had an exceptional opportunity to experience not only their congregations but chiefly their leadership, pastors, teachers, preachers, etc. They not only refused to receive anything from me (chiefly inwardly), but they were behaving toward me as “patients from psychiatric hospital”, which clearly lost their com­mon sense including their logic and on the other hand, they gained a great pride and arrogance. In one example that I may present, after one sermon which I presented in “Bratska Cirkev” in Pezinok, one  “big wig” from Bratislava (brother Hrdina) was sitting in the middle of the congregation, he held high above his head one of my books from which he read some parts and had to them stupid comments from his head saying: “And I think… and here I again think…”, etc. When it was enough of that, I said to him to read from the Bible Psalm 94:11. He read it loudly: “The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanity.” The Lord clearly says here that what man thinks in his “globe” that has no value for God. Only then “brother” Hrdina fell silent.

I also wrote letters to some churches to “brothers in Christ”, but none responded. Their congregations were not much better except the Baptist church on Strieborna Street in Banska Bystrica. After the ser­vice some of them went out to the vestibule where I had an unexpected but a welcome opportunity to talk with two middle aged men and with one young lady, who right away started to talk to me. She was not only very happy that she heard me preach about things which she never heard in her life, but she also confided to me that “now she understands” why her parents did not want to let her go to the church in that Sunday (Wow!) The two men complained that they would like most to leave since nothing import­ant is being preached in their church, nothing is happening there, but they have nowhere to go or whom to contact. My sermon was recorded by one elder and I also wrote a letter to their church, but no one re­plied. They must have been very busy so they had no time for me. In many churches I was not received as a “brother in Christ”, but there prevailed literally a “very bad spirit”. The Life of Christ or the fruit of the Spirit was nowhere to be found and I never experienced it from anyone, and after a time I was not surprised anymore. I felt as if I came to a strange planet. After some time I stopped visiting churches and also to preach, especially after the Lord showed me that it had no meaning. In fact, I had a perception that should the Lord Jesus Christ Himself come to their churches dressed in a jacket and tie (looking like one of them), they would banish Him as well, since He would not show unto them a due respect, He would be perceived as One Who thinks a lot about Himself and their beliefs and knowledge He would belittle and them humiliate. THIS IS today’s church. Unspeakable pride, arrogance, audacity and impu­dence rules in their leaders and in the souls of believers, chiefly those that are absolutely “spiritually dead”!

Believers in the Church, chiefly the leaders, are absolutely not aware in what spiritual position they exist and what is waiting for them in a short future. As the Church is getting closer to the end of this Dispen­sa­tion of Grace, she will find herself in a total inability to do many things, which she was doing on earth during the previous ages and she will be demanded more and more to substantiate and justify her exist­ence in spiritual realm and not in earthly or worldly realm. For the Church, this is an extremely import­ant mater at the end of the times. If the Church will not succeed to break the forces of darkness and evil of the principalities in high places about which Apostle Paul wrote so clearly (Eph. 6:12-18), then today’s Church will be “ready” for the spewing out from the mouth of Jesus Christ (Rev. 3:16-17). Sovereign char­ac­teristics of the end of this Dispensation of Grace will depend on the dethronement of Satan and of his hierarchy and on the enthronement of the Church with Christ and His Hierarchy. They will have to come to an unimaginable intensification of resistance toward such a change, no? This should after all be even logical. The question is, what are the leaders of the Church engaged in these days and to what are they leading their congregations when the Church is more and more earthly and worldly and sinful and un­acceptable to God? To their self-destruction? It looks that way, but in their pride and haughtiness, the Church leaders will never admit that they would truly be so foolish and unwilling to look at themselves and their future. But, there is no help to anyone who refuses advices.

Now I would like to mention several very important facts regarding individual believers. When I was yet ministering in house churches or other groups, I found out that they, in fact, abandoned their churches or groups of organized religion and stepped on the road to wilderness to seek “better conditions”, which of course, in the majority of cases they found not. Some women from Poprad wrote to me that they “burn” while reading my books. I had hope that something good could come out of it, but no, they did not find with me what they were looking for, so they “burned out”. Then, some of them tried to find something with gypsies since there was “life, music and good preaching”. After some time they discovered that even there they did not find what they were looking for. Well, the truth is that they will never find what the Lord desires that they would find. You see, they all have been seeking THEIR own satisfaction and NOT THE LORD’S! Some of such believers actually ended with the servant of Satan (Ray Young from Toronto) where they did find their satisfaction. He does not speak about the cross, or about salvation, affliction, or other painful parts of our true salvation, he speaks about prosperity, health, satisfaction, comfortable life or how “their Heavenly Father loves them” (though they ignore His Commandments (Jn. 14:21), etc. THERE­­FORE, they are not willing to admit even that they cannot discern Christ from Satan, which is quite widespread in the Church. But when they will find out, it will be too late, because they will receive what they deserve accor­­ding to the Judgment of the Lord.

What I described about the Church and individual believers above is, as it were, turning around a very important fact, that is, that the actual, decisive and above all sovereign value of every real and true be­liever must be found in his spiritual being, in his spiritual status and thus in his effectiveness in the realm that is unseen! As we know, even the true faith from Christ is the evidence of things unseen! (Heb. 11:1) Therefore, if in this realm you have nothing – no “secret treasure”, you will experience a great loss and damage and your enemy the devil will be able to do with you and with your life affairs a hopeless chaos, he will play with you “his game”, you will have no weapon to stop him or defeat him. Therefore, your above described actual, decisive and above all sovereign value before God, that mysterious treasure you have in the realm of things which are unseen by our eyes, have for you an absolutely sovereign and supreme importance! The Christian, who is only interested in his earthly life and usually does not have in his spirit any “treasure”, does not have in himself any spiritual capacity to receive, understand and believe the spiritual facts, which God desires to show us even put inside of our life to grow with them.

These spiritual facts from God are usually far beyond the abilities of such a Christian to even receive them, ponder them and achieve from them some understanding. To this spiritual realm belongs also the question and fact of our spiritual “unity with God”, what “unity with Divine Character” actually is. With­­­out the spiritual understanding of this question it is actually impossible to understand also the quest­ion of the “incarnation of God into man” as well as the “man into God”. I believe that to the spirit­ual beli­e­vers it is clear that such problems are not discussed at the Sunday masses in any church nor in any house group since the carnal Christians are too primitive even to give themselves to such thoughts or quest­ions never mind resolving them or understanding them. On the other hand, “unity” of man with God is very simply and clearly expressed in the Word of God, which says: “For we are members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones.” (Eph. 5:30). Well, this Word might after all be also preached in catholic churches, but I have never met any catholic believer, who could explain this Word spiritually, because this Word expresses physical earthly things. When we are spiritually dead, we cannot under­stand or explain any Word of God spiritually. Had we understood and realized God’s Purpose to unite Himself with man, we would have also understood the incarnation of Christ – the Son of God into man: “And the Word was made flesh (man), and dwelt among us…” (Jn. 1:14a), where the Word, of course, is God-the-Son and this Word expresses the salvation of man in the briefest way. That is, Jesus Christ be­ca­me man – the Word became flesh (man) and dwelt among us – so that man (flesh) could become the Word and dwell in Heaven! Hence, if anyone becomes the Word – is transformed to the Image of Christ Who is also the Word – then he will be united with Him in Spirit! Thereby he auto­matically becomes a son of God because Christ is also the Son of God!

Even before the foundation of the world, God foreknew and could see also in details and began to put in execution His Plan  for the establishment of a Spiritual Administration of His Creation, which was to consist of a Heavenly Being into Who God could put all His Trust as well as all Power over His Creat­ion. That Being would have a Head, which was to be His Son after His incarnation into a man (Jn. 1:1,14) and after His transition of evil, death and resurrection into a new Life Eternal. And His Body was to be the sum of human beings, which would similarly have to go through evil, death and resurrection into a new Life Eternal and which would choose this same road and this same destiny by their own will! His Son had to go through that evil and death and resurrection in order to save man, who firstly had to be “purposely submerged into evil and death” and than resurrected. Why? Because in his original state in which the first Adam was created, man was totally unaccepteable, spiritually totally naïve and incapable of anything! God had no plans to spend eternity with “such a son”! When God created darkness and evil (Is. 45:7), then He created the most beautiful and wisest angelic being – Lucifer (Is. 14:12-15) and He also gave to him a free will, to see what he will do and what he will choose. As we know, Lucifer became Satan and here we do not have to go into details. What we may not know is the fact that the first Adam would have probably ended up in the same way had he not experienced darkness, evil and thereby also other “virtues” of evil, had he not gained the necessary spiritual wisdom and had he not been saved by Christ. These few lines also explain why God created Adam an also the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You see, God had already prepared the salvation of Adam and the whole mankind long before He creat­ed the tree of the knowledge of good and evil! That tree and the Salvation of man were indivi­sible parts of God’s Grandiose Plan where He would sit MAN on His Throne and let him rule His whole Creation! This will also be the end of this Dispensation of Grace on earth, end of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and the beginning of the Spiritual Administration of His Creation for ever and ever.

In any case, it is highly necessary to state here an important fact, which is, that for God the definite and decisive value of whichever saved man is always determined in how much he is worth in spiritual realm, what is his spiritual capacity, authority, spiritual knowledge, character, what fruit of the Spirit he has, etc. This his value is also determined by his effectiveness in the realm of unseen things, just as the true faith is the evidence of things not see (Heb. 11:1). Because the first Adam was a big “zero” in the spiritual realm, he had to go through darkness and evil where he gained the necessary spiritual ex­periences as well as wisdom. Details of the spiritual life of a believer may often have definite and instant effect to­ward the greatest and most important problems in the heavenly places. Hence, God’s demands upon our beings before our “ascent” to those heavenly places demand such a spiritual status, which will ensure our victory in the heavenly places. Our very high calling leads to the right spiritual conduct, be­ha­­vior as well as authority and this is what our calling demands. And it is here that we will find conflict which we already spoke about, that this stage is a “road of conflict”. Because that very high calling is: Our present and future unification with the Highly Noble and Glorified Lord in His Position of all Power and all Author­­ity over the kingdoms of Satan… because Satan will be finally dethroned and there will come the end of his kingdoms on the earth and in the Universe. This even logically calls for a conflict because Satan will not “lie down and play dead” but with all his power he will try to keep us from such unifica­tion. You see, this is Satan’s last opportunity and hope. When he could not stop Jesus Christ to be seated on the Throne of God and get all Power in Heaven and on Earth, then he wants to prevent a least us to be seated on the Throne together with Jesus Christ and be united with Him… this is the END of Satan and all his powers of darkness and evil! This is the completion of the Grandiose Plan of God Almighty, our Heavenly Father, about which until very recently nobody knew and nobody was dreaming. Well, and what man would have dreamt about something like that? Man – that grain of sand from earth, which Sa­tan disfigured by infecting him with his evil, darkness and death – received from God Almighty the Po­sition of rulership over the Universe after which even Lucifer lusted even before he became Satan, and after which Satan has been lusting until now.

God called the Body “Church-Ecclesia-Elected”. If then man is browsing through the Bible and gets ideas that the first were Pagans, then Israel and finally the Church, these ideas are false. Why? Because the Church has not started before 2.000 years and did not follow Israel; in the Old Testament Israel, the Church has only a part of her history described. The Church has its beginning before the foundation of the world and has no end. Why? Because the same applies to her Head with which she is united. Hence, when the Lord says that “…on this rock I will build My church” (Mt. 16:18) it does not mean the begin­ning of the Church as such! Here, the Church has her earthly physical beginning, but not factual-spiritu­al beginning. Just as the Church cannot exist without Christ (Body without Head), so also Christ cannot exist without the Church (Head without Body) since both have a spiritual substance, that is, regarding the place, they are Heavenly and not earthly, and regarding the time, they are from eternity to eternity. When you see the Head – the Lord Jesus Christ as God-Man and His Body as the Church-the-chosen ones (Mt. 22:14), you will recognize that He and God are One, then you will also find out how was God acting ever since the creation of man to bring into reality a Unity between Himself and the man, whom God created for that purpose. After all, man was from the very beginning created to the Image of God and was intended and destined, to rule on the earth with all its living creatures. It is clearly written: “And God said, Let Us make man (singular), in Our Image, after Our Likeness; and let them (plural) have dominion…” (Gen. 1:26a). That plural is clear from the following verse: “So God created… him (sin­gular); male and female created He them (plural).” (Gen. 1:27) How is this possible for God to mix singular with plural? Well, for God this was simple and logical because when he created Adam, his wife was already IN Adam!

Here it seems necessary to take a look at Israel and the Church, how it actually was with these two enti­ties and how their history is related. The first phase of the way for Israel was their deliverance from the sla­ve­ry and power of Pharaoh in Egypt, who represented Satan. They were delivered by crossing the Red sea, which represented their “first death”. For the Church, this represents the redemption from the slavery and power of Satan by our faith in Christ and by confessing that faith with our tongue. Then followed our water baptism, which also represented our “first death”, death with Christ on His Cross. The second phase of the way for Israel was their wandering through the wilderness where they were fed with the bread from Heaven and subdued to the discipline of God because, though they went out of Egypt, but Egypt did not go out of them! For the majority of them, this phase also ended by a “second death”, physical death. For the Church, this represents  our Christian life after our redemption when we wander on the spiritual wilderness of this world where we are similarly fed with the bread from Heaven and exposed to the discipline of the Spirit of God. Though we have also gone out of the powers of dark­ness and evil of this world, but these powers of darkness and evil have not gone out of us. This phase  also with us ends in the “second death”, our physical death. The third phase of the way of Israel was in crossing river Jordan into their Promised Land, which crossing was their “third death” where they died to their disobedience and constant complaining and learned obedience toward God. Here the Promise of the Land by God was changed into the Possession of the Land by Joshua, who replaced Moses since Moses died and Joshua was called by God. He began to conquer the Promised Land in the energy, power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit, Who right at the beginning of that process appeared to him as a “man with a sword drawn” – with the Word of God (Jos. 5:13-15). For the Church, this third phase was also, at it were, “crossing our Jordan”, which represents our “third death”, which is the death of our spirit­ual “old man”. It also means our entry into the Kingdom of God where we will also conquer and rule the nations therein with Christ for 1.000 years with the Power and Wisdom of the Spirit of God, Who has been in us since our water baptism (Rev. 20:4).

To conclude this Part, I must add two very important facts as follows:

a) As Isaac, the son of Abraham, represented Christ and Rebecca represented the Church, so also Adam represented Christ and Eva represented the Church. And as Eva was in the body of Adam and after her creation and perfection she became the Bride of Adam, so also the Church is in the Body of Christ and after her “creation and perfection” she also becomes the Bride of Christ.

b) Christ as the Head, after His resurrection, became God-Man, and here even the word “God” may be re­tained because He was God-the-Word (Jn. 1:1) before He was born as man, that is to say that His Divi­ni­ty was never lost! However, regarding the man, though he is (or will be) a member of the Body of Christ, the God-Man, yet, man before his birth was never God, just as after his birth and thereafter he is never BECOMING GOD. He is only transformed into the IMAGE of God-Man according to the Will of God and His fore­knowledge! (Rom. 8:29) By this, however, man is simultaneously fulfilling also the Word of God at his own creation, where God created man in His IMAGE (Gen. 1:26a).


What does this unusual title truly mean? Who is turning the corner? “What corner”? And also, for “what reason”? It will be useful if we would explain these three things at least in principle, so we would know what we are going to talk about and what importance this Part will have for us. This may be the most im­portant Part of this whole brochure and of this entire Fellowship before the Lord Christ Jesus, which may have the deepest influence on our destinies, on our eternal future even on our way to our future. Therefore, let us now devote to this Word of the Lord our highest attention with our heart wide open, with our will ready to make decisions without undue procrastinations, speculations or reasoning.

Usually, man “turns the corner” when he walks a long time on a straight way and then he has various rea­sons to change the direction. We can also use here an example of riding in a car. Usually no road is going in a straight way too far, for various reasons it has to turn and we get into a curve. I am mention­ing this also for the reason that the Grain of Wisdom #12 says: The crisis always comes with the curve of change ... (that is, at every curve in our lives).” Is that true? Well, at almost every curve we are usual­ly exposed to a greater danger then on a straight road; that is, this grain may become useful in this Part es­pecially regarding the coming “crisis”. It is important to mention that in this case “the corner is turned by the Lord” and we are supposed to follow Him! And for what reason are we turning the corner, that is, why are we changing our course? We do it so that after a long earthly walk we would finally reach our heavenly “home”. And now we will say something about important details.

Up till now, we have been following the Lord, as it were, along a straight path, which leads on the earth, that is, we were walking an “earthly route”, as it is also written: “…in the past (until now) you were walk­ing according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the air (who was often stand­ing in your way in your outside as well as in your inside), where we had our conversation in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of our flesh and of our mind” (Eph. 2:2a,3a). Almost always we were walking by our will and not by the Will of God. Why? Because our natural human will is NOT willing to fulfill the Will of God, or His Pleasures. Therefore, God has to work in our will so it would be willing to do His Will and Pleasures (Phil. 2:13). And now the Lord is turning to the road, which as it were leaves the earth­ly route and will continue upward and toward “heavenly places”, where, in fact, is our “home”. When Our Heav­en­ly Father has quickened us together with Christ, there He also raised us up and made us sit together with Christ before we were born and there He also blessed us with ALL spiritual bless­ings (Eph. 2:5,6 + 1:3). That’s why I am also calling it “our home”. The Lord desires that we would start understand­ing the knowledge of this mystery of Christ, which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men as it is now revealed unto His holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit. And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world has been hid in God, Who created all things by Jesus Christ. To the intent that now to the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the Church the manifold wisdom of God, according to the eternal purpose, which He pur­­­posed in Christ Jesus Our Lord (Eph. 3:4b,5,9-11). When I mention the “Church”, by this I mean the living Body of Christ, Overcomers, the Bride of Christ and not the worldwide religious orga­nizations, which could be Christian and thus form a kind of “house of God”, but they are not the living members of His Body. From the whole letter of Apostle Paul to Ephesus it is clear also to me, that this is how even Apo­stle Paul meant it and thus also the Spirit of God, Who inspired His Word. You see, a letter of such a high spiritual content is never written to carnal, “nominal” and thus spiritually limited believers.

Apostle Paul also prays and desires that we would be strengthened by the power of Christ’s Spirit in our inner man (Eph. 3:16b, 17-21) so that we would be able to so walk, that is, to follow Christ “behind the cor­ner”, to be worthy of that high calling by which we are called! We are to walk with all humility, meek­ness, for­bearance and bearing one another in love, endeavoring to preserve the Unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Because there is only one Body and One Spirit, as you are also called in one hope of your calling. This also means that all those that the Father raised up and made sit in heavenly places are those that were called to be of One Spirit and one mind (Eph. 2:6). Because the Word of God continues saying that there is only “One Lord, one faith, one baptism. One God and the Father of us all, Who is above all, and through all, and in you all.” (Eph. 4:1b, 2-6) So that henceforth you would not walk as Gentiles walk in the vanity of their mind, having the understanding darkened being alienated from the Life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart (Eph. 4:17,18). And fur­ther­more, we must “walk in love" (Eph. 5:2) and also “circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeem­ing the time, because the days are evil (Eph. 5:15, 16). It would be good to read the whole chapter 5, which gives us many other important details that I am not stating here. After all, it would be desirable to read the whole letter of Apostle Paul to Ephesians since it is a writing touching the highest spiritual realms where still exists spiritual wickedness and where we are commanded to prepare ourselves for a spiritual fight and conquer, overcome also in this fight and clean these realms from evil, which is also described in chapter 6.

What seems to be important to repeat at this place is the Grain of Wisdom #12, which begins with the word “Crisis”, which supposedly comes with every curve of change, that is, at every curve of our life. Perhaps, we have our own experiences from this fact, however, it is necessary to add, that this grain of wisdom does not apply only to the curves in our physical life, but also to the curves in our spiritual life. That’s why I am bringing this grain of wisdom to this Part 9. One interesting fact, which I want to state at this place, is that when the Lord God was giving instructions to Moses how to build the tabernacle in the wild­erness, He gave him a clear direction that the corner posts supporting the walls shall be doubled! (Ex. 26:23,24) It certainly has its physical and constructional meaning, but I also believe that it expresses a spiritual meaning as well. You see, man during his Christian life passes through various stages of spirit and spiritual development, which differ from one another and thus have a different demands and require­ments. When the Lord is informing us that He is about to “turn the corner”, that change of direction will undoubtedly demand from us as it were a “double” strength of our inner spiritual man should we follow the Lord on that new way. In fact, this is the first time that the Lord is giving us a Word that He is about to “turn the corner”, which you will never find anywhere in the Scripture because this “expression”, this Word, has a specific meaning and significance and that only for specifically elected believers, who are elected to be the Bride of Christ – transformed, perfected to His Image.

You see, at this point we are to abandon our earthly route and start the route, which will slowly and gradually change to a route spiritual where also the spiritual pressures, so called, will steadily increase and will thus make greater demands on our resistance, our determination, our willingness and also the strength of our will and faith. Our high calling by the Lord, in fact, comprises in itself the calling to walk on this “new route”, which does not go flat, but it “rises up” toward the heaven­ly places and is bringing us “home”. Therefore I also have a strong belief that when the Lord comes for us, He will not be taking us from the earth, but from this road, which we are to start with Him after turn­ing the corner. Perhaps that during this ascending walking, the Lord will give us further necessary reve­lations of what will be happening and how are we to be prepared for His appearing in His Personality. Since, up to this point, we will be walking in His Spirit and following His Spirit and not His Person as such. Several times I myself was meditating and trying to imagine how will the Lord come for us, but I found nothing spirit­ually realistic. Nevertheless, the Lord had given me something remarkable. For ex­am­ple, when we look at Enoch, the Lord had indeed taken him from the earth since he, as a man, was walking upon the earth, however, spiritually, he was indeed walking with God, and that for about 300 years, after he begat Me­thu­selah! He was thus walking on a “spiritual road” since God was not walking with him all those years upon the earth! (Gen. 5:22+24) After all, the same applies for Elijah, who was do­ing the Will of His Lord and Heavenly Father his whole earthly life and thus, he was, in fact, “walking with God” until the time, when the Lord sent for him the fiery carriage with fiery horses and took him to Heaven (2Ki. 2:11).

If we were lazy and casual Christians taking everything very lightly, doing even the Will of God sloppi­ly, carelessly without realizing how God looks at it and how is He judging it we will have problems with the new conditions of the new route, even with the new requirements. That’s why the Lord is warn­ing us already now that we would give ourselves to Him with all our heart, all our will and all our mind, that is, with all our soul, that He may strengthen us and bring us successfully where Our Heavenly Father raised us and seated us together with Christ. If we had not given our life to the Lord until now, we will not be able to “turn the corner” in order to follow Him. If we have not realized this thus far, we have in these days the last opportunities because that route “behind the corner” towards “our home” may last even 4 to 5 years. This, of course, is parallel with our faith about the date of the revelation of the anti­christ in this world, which the Lord showed us through the heavenly events, with the Lord’s coming for His Bride in July 2024 or anytime before this date. One thing seems to be absolutely certain, and it is, that we must similarly “walk with God” so that the Lord would come for us and take us to Heaven.

The Lord is giving to me to mention at this point one more important thing. At the beginning of the pa­ra­­graph above, I stated a fact that “behind the corner” we will have to abandon the earthly route and begin the route, which will be slowly and gradually changing into a route spiritual. What does it mean? In the first place it means that the Lord will begin to require from us the conditions of our spiritu­al state, which will be decisive whether “God will permit” us to step on this road “behind the corner” or not. I am likening this to the Word of God where, after our redemption, we are called to begin to walk on the road to our “perfection” also with attached conditions which are quoted in the first 2 verses of that Word (Heb. 6:1-3). Here in verse 3, the Word informs us that we will take that journey “IF GOD PERMITS!” Why would God not permit such a desirable walk? Well, this Word also means that after our water bap­tism we are supposed to begin to learn to walk in the Spirit thus not fulfilling the desires of our flesh (Gal. 5:16), since before our baptism, being pagans, we were continuously walking in our flesh, in other words “by way of the earth”. Already in the Book of Ezekiel, where nothing was yet said about the water baptism, God is turning to Israel saying: “A new heart also will I give you, and a new Spirit will I put within you; and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh. And I will put My Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in My Statutes, and ye shall keep My Judgments and do them.” (Ez. 36:26, 27) Read the whole chapter 36 and you will get a wider picture, and this is just a small part of the Old Testament where the Law dominated and not the Grace of God.

Let us now turn to the New Testament. The majority of the believers in today’s church do not believe that they are spiritually “dead”, that since their birthday and for a long time after their water baptism there exists in them a “law” (power), which fights against the law of their mind and which brings them into a captivity, bondage of the law (power) of sin and evil, which dwells in their members. They do not see and thus do not believe that they are wretched, useless, poor, miserable even damned… and hence they never cry: “Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” Apostle Paul himself wrote such a testimony about himself, but the miserable Christians sit in their pews, they look saintly, they have no problems and nobody tells them anything. Who is responsible for that? New Testament Pharisees, lead­ers, profes­s­ors at theological schools, preachers, pastors, teachers who also think that they are saintly and have no problems while they are the same miserable creatures as described by Apostle Paul! Every such Christian lives from his water baptism in chapter 7 of the Book of Romans and does not even know that he is yet damned, therefore, he will never even believe such a thing! He never crossed into chapter 8 of Romans and thus never stepped on the road to his salvation; all his Christian life he has been deceived to an incredible extent and his salvation literally “hangs on a string”! When the Lord finally brings us to chapter 8 (which is a New Beginning) we then find out, that there is NO damnation here for those that are in Christ Jesus, WHO DO NOT WALK BY FLESH, BUT WALK BY THE SPIRIT! (Rom. 8:1). If therefore, you do not walk by the Spirit, then you have never been in Christ nor are you in Him today! And if you do not know what it is to walk by the Spirit, then I do not have for you any further words be­cause then you undoubtedly explain and understand also 2.Cor. 5:17 according to your brain and not in accord­ance to the above stated light of Rom. 8:1. In other words, your salvation “hangs on your brain and its mental convictions” and not on the Word of God!

Almost everyone in the church thinks that after his water baptism, he already IS in Christ and thus he is a “new creature”, which is a stunning deception from Satan! Why? Because every newly baptized Christian con­tinues walking – and thus living – by flesh and NOT by the Spirit! Why? Because that is all that he still has in himself – flesh – from which hardly one atom has disappeared! You see, I have to start walking by the Spirit of God so that the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus may start liberating me from the law of sin, evil and death!!! (Rom. 8:2). You see, after my water baptism and maybe even several years thereafter, I may have no idea, no conscience that a Spirit of God lives somewhere in me and is able to guide me into all truth and teach me how to walk in Him. Read the whole chapter 8 and realize what Paul is writing therein and you will find out in what state you are being seen and judged by Christ as well as by your Heavenly Father! Then you will also begin to find out in what a catastrophic situation the church exists, which has a name that it lives, and it is dead! (Rev. 3:1b) And the Lord judged it dead already 2,000 years ago! In addition, “Sardis” represents protestant denominations that were far better than the “catholic religious club”. What will you say to these facts? Are these the Words of God or not? Do they apply to your Christian life or not? Satan has been deceiving the whole world (Rev. 12:9), then why he could not deceive multitudes of Christians that live in the world and are walking by the world? Satan knows very well, that man in his natural creation loves and thus lusts after comfort, peace, happiness, self-satisfaction without stress, problems, conflicts, suffering, pain, etc… and Satan is able to arrange such a life for Christians. And they “devour it with the hook-line & sinker”.

If we still have problems with walking “on the earth” and walking “in the Spirit”, then the Lord has for us another example from the New Testament where HE is the main Character of that scene­ry. In that scenery, Jesus was walking on the water until He came to the ship of His disciples. When Peter saw Him he called on Him: “…Lord, if it be Thou, bid me come unto Thee on the water. And He said, COME. And when Peter came down from the ship, he WALKED ON THE WATER to go to Jesus.” (Mt. 14:28, 29) May I add to this one important fact? Namely, when Jesus and Peter walked on the water, they could have equally walked “on the air”! Can we swallow also this logic? Because, as it is logically absolutely impossible for any man to walk on water, it is just as logically impossible for any man to walk on the air! True? In other words, when the Lord Jesus appears “walking” on the air, I could tell Him: “Lord, if it be Thou, bid me to come unto Thee on the air.” And He could just as well tell me: COME! And I will come to Him walking on the air! Is this picture spiritually acceptable? After all, I believe that I will not even have to ask Him to call me; He will call me of Himself because HE IS COMING FOR ME, I am not coming for Him. And so, I will come to Him walking on the air! Isn’t it simple?

I will continue this Part 9 with yet another important fact which the Lord showed me already some years ago after He called me to serve Him and His Church. The above described walking on water took place before the disciples came to the destination of their sailing in the ship which destination was given to them by the Lord after he left the peoples that were fed by Him. Then He compelled His disciples to enter the ship and row to the “other side” of the sea while He went up to the mountain to pray. Then the episode with Peter walking on the water followed, also how he began to drown and the Lord pulled him out and then both came to the ship and the wind ceased (Mt. 14:22-32). The wind which was con­ti­nu­al­ly blowing against the ship and made their rowing difficult represents the powers of evil, which are always against us and make our walking in the Spirit difficult.

Apostle John also describes this same event, but in a somewhat different way then Matthew because John omitted the episode with Peter. But John is describing a very important thing, namely, as soon as the Lord came to the ship and His disciples welcomed Him very gladly, in that same moment the ship appeared at the shore where they were going! (Jn. 6:16,21) This also points to the fact that as soon as the Lord Per­sonally steps into our midst, not only the powers of darkness cease, but without any further rowing-walking we will find ourselves immediately at the place where we were going – at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! It is also popularly said that the Lord is so close, that “He is behind the corner”, or also “behind the door”. What does this mean? Even when we turn the corner and will be walking with the Lord, but we will be walking “with His SPIRIT” or “in His SPIRIT”. But when we will be walking “behind the corner” the required time, there He will be wait­ing for us PERSONALLY in His Glorified BODY in the same way as He appeared after His Resurrect­ion. And in that same moment, we also shall be changed, our natural bodies will be changed into spirit­ual bodies (1Cor. 15:51-53). The only thing miss­ing will be the “last trump” in verse 52 since this ascension to Heaven will take place in a different timing (about 7 years before the lust trump) and it will apply only to the Bride of Christ, even though the main prin­ciples of the ascension might be similar, like obtaining the new spiritual bodies.

Let us now look at the letter of Apostle Paul to Ephesus since it expresses our Heavenly calling and that by Our Heavenly Father, which calling also determines the character of our walking as well as the last stage of our walking, which we may also call the “stage of Heavenly conflict”. This stage, in fact, covers our road “behind the corner” which we write about in this Part and where Our Lord is about to “turn the corner” to lead us to the end of our road and of our high Heavenly calling. This last stage is described in the Book of Ephesians 6:10-17 where (in verses 13-17) Apostle Paul compares the armor of a Roman soldier to our spiritual armor. In verse 12 he clearly describes the fact that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, that is, against physical people, but we wrestle against principalities, against spiritual powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. In verse 13 he advices us to take unto us the whole armor of God that we may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand (not to fall down). And then, in verses 14-17, he describes the details of the armor: having our loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness, having our feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, taking the shield of faith with which to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked, and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. I believe that the Lord will also show us the details why He let Apostle Paul to name all the main parts of the armor so there would not remain a place where we might remain vulnerable.

Let us take at least one example from the armor: helmet of salvation. We know that should our head be not saved, we would be in a great danger since our head is as it were a “workshop of the devil” where he can deceive us quite easily, give us stupid and wicked thoughts, imaginations, distorted understanding, misunderstandings causing chaos and thereby the devil is able to break the unity of believers and thus reach his goal. Helmet on our head also means that we are renewed in the spirit of our mind, that is, in our previous walking we have attained at least to a sufficient measure what was our task in Ephesians 4: 22-24. In this stage of our walking toward our Heavenly calling we will be, in fact, exposed to the deep­­est work of the Spirit so that we would not be clean only on the surface, but also deep inside of our soul and spirit. This is necessary that we would learn to practice our authority over the powers of darkness and evil which would not be possible should we be filthy inside of us.

This also means that we will not put our armor on filthy persons, but on clean ones otherwise the armor would not help us. Finally, all what in our previous walking we had neglected, did not practice, did not acquire even in such areas of our Christian life that are clearly described in chapter 5 of Ephesians, the Lord would have to first lead us in those areas into perfecting our beings so that the powers of darkness and evil would not find in us any “backgrounds” for their deeds of evil. However, the Lord will not be able to bring us for the road “behind the corner” in such an unacceptable spiritual state. What is very regrettable is the fact that today thousands of believers keep attending various conferences and listen to what they are being given there so they could then choose from it all what suits them. On the other hand, many such Christians, which may be 20-30-40 years after water baptism may still not know whether they had ever given their lives to Christ! This is truly appalling and the situation is getting worse with the time. Here the church is unable to take a stand against the powers of darkness and evil, overcome them and thus follow their Heaven­­­­­­ly calling. And this is applicable not only in a general sense, but also in small house churches and groups, even in many families.

Considering families, I would like to give here a small but very important example: husband is not the lord of his wife; husband is the head of his wife! The difference is greater than we think since even logic should suffice here. The lord wants to govern the wife, force his will upon her, become her direc­tor, even dictator. The head cares for the wife at least as it cares for himself (if not more), he loves the wife at least as he loves himself (if not more – Eph. 5:25) and guides the wife along the ways in which even the Christ Himself guides His Church, since He is the Head of the Church and not a Dictator. He is the Lord only to those believers, which need to be broken in their flesh, pride, self-complacency, self-righteousness, sinfulness, foolishness, stubbornness and the like. This means that in the carnal Corinth Christ had to be the Lord, but in the spiritual Ephesus He is the Head. Do we understand this?

In one previous paragraph of this Part, I named our road “behind the corner” as a “stage of Heavenly con­­­­flict”. Also, I declared therein some parts from Ephesians chapter 6, where Apostle Paul describes that conflict but only in verse 12. In other words, we do not have any clear picture from this conflict either regarding its details or the form of the conflict. We only have here in hand some excerpts of the Word of God, as for example: “To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God.” (Eph. 3:10) But not even here is it clear to us what wisdom and how shall we communicate to those powers of darkness and evil. What we might notice is the fact, that not until now have they known this wisdom of God since His Word says “now”, that is, just before the Coming of Christ for His Bride. But the Lord even here comes and tells us how we will win and how this inten­­tion will be reached in us and with us, how we will come to this glorious ending because it will not be an ending outside of us, it will be accomplished in us.

The Lord is further reminding us that even the earthly strategies of victories are based on the unity of the nation, which is going to war and on the breaking up of the unity of the nation against which the attack is planned. This other nation must “fall apart” inside of itself; seeds of suspicion, mistrust in his people must be sown, so the people must be internally split by asking questions about their leaders and their politics as well as about the peoples them­­selves, also about individuals; all the effort must be expended for the propaganda to achieve an internal disintegra­tion and decomposition of the nation as the best stra­tegy for the victory by the nation which is united.

Isn’t this same thing the strategy of the powers of darkness and evil to defeat the Church with all its mem­­bers and thereby to frustrate the intentions of God? Isn’t it true that a smoke screen  of suspicions, doubts, fears, prejudices, biases and partialities, mistrusts, artificially stirred up chaos and similar things reached the intention of our enemy to bring the believers into weakness, indecisions, internal disintegra­tion, distractions and paralysis more than nothing else? And what is true about the Church as a whole is also true about small Christian groups. Satan has crippled us by interfering into our communities and fellowships, even small house fellowships. He managed to get among us and by his deceptions and evil deeds caused that we began to look at one another with suspicions, mistrusts, anger, doubting putting into our mind questions about someone whom the Lord sent to help us, etc.

THEREFORE, the Spirit of God reminds us that we would “walk worthy of our high vocations where­with we are called, with all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love, endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spi­rit in the bond of peace.” (Eph. 4:1-3) Because there is only “one Body, and One Spirit…One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all…” (Eph. 4: 4-6) THIS is the strategy of the Lord against our enemy the devil! THIS is our position needful for our con­flict in the heavenly places. Today, a great need of believers rests in the fact that we all would have a sufficient sense and understanding of our call­ing by Christ. Today, we are by far not sufficiently serious in our Christian lives considering our sense for the intention of God, neither toward Christ, nor toward other believers that they would be also able to know, understand and participate in this same intention of God. Even Apostle Paul continues, that “our effort must not end here, but those who already arrived to this knowledge will minister it so others may also arrive to the same knowledge.” Because, in order to understand the meaning and true significance of the Heavenly conflict, it is absolutely essential for us to understand the substance, reality and character of our Heavenly calling.

Here I must say that from the very beginning of the Creation, God in Himself preserved this mystery until now, which mystery was not known in the preceding ages to the sons of man as it is now being re­vealed to His holy apostles and prophets through His Spirit (Eph. 3:5). What is being revealed by God is His “Masterwork” – unification of God with man (Eph. 5:30) and the revelation of the sons of God! (Rom. 8:19) This is the Heavenly calling. And this Heavenly calling opens up to the conflict, which basically relates to the spiritual knowledge because the spiritual knowledge is essential for the spiritual maturity, which is, in other words, sonship. The spiritual knowledge, which is the knowledge revealed by the Holy Spirit is always attacked by all the powers of darkness and evil. Hence, believers will not come to the spiritual maturity, to the sonship, to the victory over the powers of darkness and evil, automatically and just because Our God had established it that way. We, who are called and elected, will arrive there only if we have in our spirit and soul spiritual revelation, never without it. Here I must underline the words: “called and elected”, because the Church as a whole has very little of the spiritual revelation and that’s why there will also be very few “called and elected”. We rather speak here about the “Remnant” from the Church, the Overcomers, the “Manchild”, which will be raptured to the Throne of God (Rev. 12:5). There, will the Perfected Overcomers be united with the Son of God-Man.


Most probably, this is the most important part and most important factor in the salvation of man and in his transformation to the Image of Christ Jesus, in other words, in his destiny and the eternal future, which he should live in the Presence of God and Creator. This core of evil was also the only thing in the entire earthly life of Jesus Christ where He refused the Will of His Heavenly Father and also three times He refused to receive from Him the “cup”, which His Father was handing to Him (Mt. 26:39// Mk. 14: 36// Lk. 22:42). The reason of Jesus? That cup contained the CORE OF EVIL – character of Satan – which was to cause the perfectly clean, sinless and holy Jesus to become SIN (2Cor. 5:21). No man can possibly imagine this! The most important Word in the Bible is written in Luke 22:42 which was spoken by Jesus and it is this: “; NEVETHELESS >>> not My will, but Thine be done.” Jesus the man had to overcome His own will and make a decision against it and only this Word and the decision of Jesus brought the salvation to man! Had Jesus not drank that cup, today there would be not one saved man in this world! Are we able to see this fact? Are we able to understand this fact? Are we able to make such decisions in our lives also ourselves? Our whole salvation depends on such decisions where we deny our own selvesour own will – and take up our cross and follow Christ! (Mt. 16:24) Even we must sometimes say the same word: “Nevertheless >>> not my will, not my understanding, not my self-righteousness, not my desires, not my thoughts, not my convictions, not even my judgment of myself, of my goodness and of my ways… but Thine Will be done!”

When we say to the Lord: “nevertheless, not my will”, this also means that we are open to realize and also admit in ourselves that we are neither all-knowing, nor infallible, nor are our ways perfect, nor can we have a blind-trust toward everybody with whom we meet in our earthly life and devour everything what is said to us just because it may influence our understanding and reasoning and feelings pleasantly. While we also may be lazy as dogs having no interest to verify the words said to us whether they are in line with the Word of God or whether that person is only theologically “blabbing”. We may also never verify who that person may be, what is his background, where did he come from, what is his past, his family, his fruit, his reputation, etc. The Lord had never sent us servants who will “pull honey-covered strings” under our noses so we would feel well and we would like the servants. Do I try to please the people? If I would like to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ! (Gal. 1:10) And I am not al­ways telling them deep spiritual things but often lean against common human logic. For example: Satan “singlehandedly” deceived almost the entire world (Rev. 12:9) and that including all the carnal believers, which are connected with the world, never walked with the Spirit of God, never sensed Him in them­selves, therefore, they were never guided into any truth (Jn. 16:13). The most important and most difficult part of my ministry is to instruct in meekness those Christians, who oppose themselves so that God might peradventure give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth, and that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will! (2Tim. 2:25,26). Hence, the devil does not have to even strive; it suffices for him to focus on some “Christian fool” and decide in his will to imprison him in his deception. Such a Christian is then unable to realize that he may be fool­ed and deceiv­ed, because such a thought is not permitted to get into his mind or heart. And this exactly was “arranged” by the core of evil which has an open door to our soul so it can build there bunkers and set up guards, which decide what may get into our soul and what may not. Do we understand this? Has such a thought also come into our mind?

Every man who is born to this earth is born with this core of evil, that is, with that sin in the very core of his being – in his spirit. This is the main work of Satan, which he did in every man and from which no man can get himself out, be liberate himself from it by any means! Perhaps, I have already mention­ed this somewhere before, but this can be perfectly compared to a glass of a clear water into which you put few drops of, for example, iodine tincture, which will color that water. Now, that color cannot be taken out of that water by any means. The water has to be poured out and changed for a clear one. In the same way, that core of evil must “die” and that spirit of sin must be replaced by a clean spirit! Here, to “die to it” means to be separated from it because death is not the end of existence, it is only a separation. Hence, when Our Heavenly Father put that core of evil into Christ (in that cup) and He then died, He thereby de­stroyed all the works of the devil (1Jn. 3:8) and that included the core of evil in Himself and in all of us! However, this was done by the Will of Our Heavenly Father and not by our will since at that time we have not even existed! When our will decides to do the same in us and “die” in the similar manner, that is, be separated from that satanic core of evil in our spirit and on our cross, THAT IS OUR SALVA­TION AND NOTHING ELSE! Because we must also deny that core of evil in ourselves and take up our cross and follow Christ, as I wrote before (Mt. 16:24). When the church leaders claim that we are under the grace – although they are right, BUT even the people under the grace may be condemned to eternal damnation IF they refuse to separate themselves from the core of evil in their spirit since with that core of evil God will never receive them into His Presence in Heaven and will never give them the Life Eter­nal! He will cast them out as He cast out Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and that for the same reason! (Gen. 3:22-24) Why? Because that core of evil would produce in us sins for ever and ever until it is taken out of us and stops influencing us in any way. We should really start seeing that this core of evil is the most dangerous and most deceptive work of the devil in man and that’s why Our Heavenly Father “put it” into Christ that it may die there and thereby ensure the possibility of a total salvation for men.


God is the God of Judgment. All His ways are Judgments (Deut. 32:4// Dan. 4:37). The Judgment brings to God Glory because it exposes everything what is hidden, shows the truthful character of things as well as people and causes us to know our own selves, our true character. Therefore, the Judgment is a Great Revelation revealing not only Who is God but also what kind of persons area we. Only an idiot trusts in himself. What Gospel cannot stop, the Judgment will. The world, which began its existence in Genesis, will be cleansed in Revelation. However, the Church must be subjected to God’s Judgment today!

Our great mistake is that every time we hear or contemplate about judgment, we think about chastening. But Jesus said: “For judgment I am come into this world…” Judgment will always come to cleanse the world from evil. We may continue living 5-10-20 years without ever knowing ourselves. One day God shows us His Grace and enlightens us by the light of His Judgment. We may live our natural life peace­fully only when we live in darkness. As soon as the Light of God comes, we cannot continue to live our life that way.

We cannot hide anything before God, yet, we always try to hide our own self. Then we will cry to the mountains to cover us. Mistakes are not corrected by argumentation but by judgment. The last sins and dark­ness and evil will be destroyed at the Last Judgment of the White Throne. God is Holy, man may re­cognize God through His Judgment. And people will get to know the terror and horror of the Lord. It is written: "Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men;” (2Cor. 5:11a) Salvation will not overturn or revoke judgment, in fact, salvation satisfies judgment. Salvation is reached through judg­ment. Hence, the very Cross is judgment and its timing in our life is perfect. For everybody the day must come when our self-confidence and pride must be brought to its end. Only then the resurrection from ashes will arrive.

Under the Light of God, you will lose the strength of your natural creation. Such man does not exist who would survive the Light of God since His enlightening is also burning. When God is enlightening you, you are burned with fire in which you will not burn, but you will be cleansed. Therefore, whenever God speaks, you are “finished”… and if you are not, then such words were just doctrines and not judgment. Because no one who was enlightened by God’s Judgment is able to stand and continue living as he lived before. The Light of His Judgment is able to break in you what you were unable to break in many years. God judges everything what opposes Him, contradicts Him or is disobedient. Do we also judge simi­larly? No. You see, it does not matter whether we are “good or bad”. It matters how we judge our “good”, which in fact is evil. We may even declare that we are weak and not good, but even this self-judgment we may be do­ing in our pride!

At a judgment, we have nothing to say, we remain speechless, we will not even compare ourselves with others. Then, how should we judge ourselves since even our repentance and confessions of our sins may very well come from our own selves, from our flesh and not from God? However, when our sin is truly judged by the Light of God, that sin will never again raise its head, but it is destroyed. The Light that cause the believer to judge his own sins is the Light of Judgment. Nobody can go through the Light of God and remain alive! It may happen quite often that a believer cannot overcome something; he may make resolutions, commitments, even shed many tears, but nothing helps. Then one day, the light of a judgment shines on him and he is enabled to see the horror of that thing and then, as he is repenting, that sin is taken out of him and destroyed. God speaks, but if man hears only a teaching, he has no power to do anything. Such a believer may even admire the holiness, truth and righteousness, but he cannot some­how approach them in any way! If you therefore allow to be judged TODAY, you will not be judg­ed LATER. In fact, the Judgment of the Lord is actually a demonstration of His Grace toward us. It is His Grace disguised into the form of cross.

The fire of God burns, if it does not burn the sin, then it will burn the person… and that for ever. The Light of the Lord, which we refused or ignored, will bring us to chastening, disciplining. This chastening is not like God’s “second act”, but it simply comes at the time when His Light is refused, ignored, unno­ticed. Chastening or discipline is a kind of His Judgment. Whenever we like to exist in darkness and in death of our spirit and refuse the authority of resurrection, a deeper death comes to us. God never judges without mercy or unrighteously, yet His Judgment depends on the believer and not on God since it de­pen­ds on how it is received or hated by the believer. Nobody can live in His House (His Body) without being judg­­ed. Usually, we learn our lessons from what happened to other believers and thus we continue in our own spiritual development, But those that are proud are unable to learn from others nor do they want to know their own selves. What is most difficult is to minister to and deal with stubborn and diffi­cult believers, which go through partial or short-term process where the Lord turn His Light upon them and they, as it were, “break” once or twice a year, But these partial processes stand in the way of that basic and essential process of breaking their character and somehow cannot get to it and thus fail in this sphere of their salvation.

God does not judge just His House (His Body), but He also judges THROUGH His House (through the Body of Christ). That’s why His Judgment is not only in His hands, but it is also in the hands of the mem­bers of His House (the Body of Christ). This is also in harmony with the Word of God, which indi­cates that we ought to judge those that are inside of the Body (among ourselves) since those that are out­side judges God (1Cor. 5:12,13). God respects and appreciates the congregations of believers where His Light dwells and is found also in the lives of those believers. The first step in whatever Judgment of God is admonition, the last step is excommunication! When therefore the Judgment of God is held in Church or in congregation of believers, then in addition to repentances one of the following consequences will follow: (a) all communications are discontinued and the other believers will view the person judged as a pagan; (b) even a physical chastening may happen. The Light of a judgment in Church or in a fellowship in the Body of Christ is serious, if its outcome is not case (a), then it will end in case (b). Either there will cease all communications, or there will be death. Both are serious that’s why the Judgment of God may also be the greatest test for many children of God. Example?...

When Moses judged the children of Israel for their great sin, which they committed around the golden calf, all the sons of Levites gathered around him. Then Moses commanded them to go through the whole camp and kill all their friends even family members, which committed this horrible sin. For the Levites, it was a question of preferring humanistic inclinations and emotions or the Glory of God! As a conse­quence of their devotion and faithfulness to God, He chose them to serve Him for ever and ever. Accor­ding to the thinking of man, it is not good for a brother to kill a brother; but according to the thoughts of God, it may be considered a very good and desirable thing, depending on the circumstances.

And this example is in its principle also applicable in the sense that the basic condition for serving God is to ignore human emotions, inclinations and that because of a higher interest to bring Glory to God. So, for God these are either the human emotions to which we give the highest priorities or it is His Glory. Hence, regarding  His Judgments and Light, which are given to us for the purpose of our salvation, if that previous Light was not received or it was ignored, God will not give us any further Light, but what will follow will be His Judgment. Under the Light of God’s judgment and of the Cross you will (1) know yourself and (2) will be chastised. Thereby you will find out that in your Christian life, you need to ask the Lord not only for His forgiveness and cleansing from your sins, but also for the deliverance from your “ego”, your own self, which has in itself the core of evil, which cannot be forgiven, but must be destroyed on the cross. The result is the final salvation, perfection and glory in Heaven.

In the conclusion I must mention that in the work of God on the salvation of people, He is seeking such believers, which will cooperate with Him! If you will not react and answer His appeals, He will choose and bring up others and will leave you in the wilderness. You see, He also needs people in His work of building up believers. If even here you will step aside and withdraw from responsibility and cooperation with Him, He will again invite and bring up others as a substitute for you and will leave you in the wild­erness. Hence, whenever you will fail, He will bring up and train others who are willing. And the Lord may ask for your cooperation even in situations dangerous for your life. Here a typical example is Esther who was shying away to come in to the presence of the King Ahasuerus at the time when the lives of Jews were at stake in the whole Province and she was supposed to play the chief role with the King. When she kept avoiding to come to the presence of the King without his invitation, which could have resulted in her death, Mordecai delivered a message to her: “For if thou holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed; and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Est. 4:11-14). Esther then decided to do the Will of God even if she should perish (Est. 4:15,16) and the glorious end to this affair is described in the following verses of the Book of Esther.


We cannot know the Lord’s thoughts or wishes until we are out of the area and power of the government and cont­rols of our own natural life, of our “ego”, of the carnality of our own self-life, of the life of our personal goals or inter­ests.

One of the tasks of the Spirit of God, Who was given to us during our water baptism (Acts 2:38), is that out of the innermost being of those, who believe in Christ as the Scripture says, there would flow rivers of living water (Jn. 7:38).

The Spirit of God is also seeking such believers, who would positively react toward their calling from the earthly realm and take possession of their heavenly places in Christ Jesus intended for them and where they were already raised up and seated by Our Heavenly Father (Eph. 2:6).

The Letter to Romans, chapters 6 and 7, sees us as natural carnal men. Chapter 8 does not see us this way any longer, but sees us in the Spirit. This chapter presupposes that, in the first place, we are out of Egypt, in the second place we are out of the wilderness, and in the third place we are also out of our flesh.

It is very simple for us to know what is established in the Word of God and then to go and do as we think and explain it in ourselves, and thus do the exact opposite to how God meant it! This has been taking place quite often. Some Words were taken out of the Bible and things were done according to how man understood tha Words. And at the end it was discovered that it was the exact opposite of how God meant it. In the history of Christianity, there were countless campaigns and crusades and systems of teaching, institutions and organizations and all of them were constructed on the basis of the Word of God, YET, very few of them harmonized, quite on the contrary, they were in serious conflicts, discords, contradictions, inconsisten­cies and divergences! Every “church” takes out of the Bible what fits into their “market of antiquities” and then there is a war among them! Is the Spirit of God “double minded”? Or does He have hundreds of different opinions on one and the same thing? We are never coming to the knowledge and cognition of God by studying the Scripture – we are coming to the knowledge and cog­ni­tion of the Scripture in the first place by knowing God… and not the other way around!

We must have the knowledge of the Holy Spirit about God before we obtain the Mind of God concern­ing His Word. Hence, we do not just see what is written in the Scripture, but How God understands and means what is written there. And once we obtain His understanding that will then become the basis and the focal point of our unity.

We cannot live the Christian life, the life of the Body of Christ and our private life concurrently. We can­­not live concurrently the heavenly life and the earthly life. And concerning the question of our victo­r­y over the powers of darkness and evil, it will depend very much on the fact how we will live and be­have in the public and private life. Since it is also written: “…there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid that shall not be known.” (Mt. 10:26b) Something may be taking place in our life that is not correct, something may be in a disorder… and a day will come when this secret event will be mani­fest­ed and it will become very clear in the hour of our deepest need when we will arrive to the position of the heavenly realm and we will find out that there is nothing what has no deep effect in these realms because everything counts and has weight there.




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