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Beloved Heavenly F a t h e r

This letter is being handed to Your

Firstborn Son Christ Jesus.

Yet both the Letter and its Fruit

is also inscribed to You and offered

for Your pleasure and satisfaction.

For out of Your Heart came forth He

Whom we were told to call EMMANUEL

Who became our Saviour and Lord

and coming King

Who is my greatly Beloved

to Whom I now write.

A m e n.








I.         FOREWORD……………………………………………………………….. 1

II.        BIRTH ……………………………………………………………………… 2

III.      GROWTH …………………………………………………………………. 4

IV.       TRANSFORMATION ……………………………………………………. 10

V.        THE CHURCH ……………………………………………………………. 20

VI.       LEADERSHIP …………………………………………………………….. 35

             Communities …………………………………………………………….. 46

             Publishing ………………………………………………………………... 47

             Electronic Ministry ……………………………………………………… 52

VII.     CONCLUSION ……………………………………………………………. 82



NOTE: Scripture references are from the Authorized King James Version of the Bible. No other version is used. In some quotations, the archaic english suffixes are substituted by the contemporary ones for clarity.



To the only true Majesty and true Excellency the Lord CHRIST JESUS, the Lord of Glory, the King of kings and Lord of lords, the only true God!

Blessed be Your Name which is Holy and Mighty, full of Grace and Compassion,Justice and Wisdom, full of Mercy and Righteousness. I am entering Your courts with praise on my lips singing a new song; a song that only those learn and sing who follow You in Spirit and in Truth. And I am bringing with me this letter and I am placing it in Your nail-scarred hand. And I am praying a prayer which is the following:

"Your Glorious Majesty, Your Excellency, my precious Saviour, my wonderful Lord and my greatly beloved King! Accept this letter, I pray, and consider it in Your own heart whether it be the true fruit that Your Spirit has sown and produced in this earthen vessel. If it be sweet and pleasant, take and eat and be satisfied. For Your pleasure I have been created and Your pleasure I desire. Patiently have You been waiting for the precious fruit of the earth ... and You greatly deserve it. With fear and trembling I am now handing this

fruit to You, O King of Glory and my greatly Beloved. With fear and trembling I am waiting ... and when I see a smile on Your face, my joy shall truly be unspeakable and full of glory, it shall have no boundaries."

You have known me from the beginning, You have known my heart from the beginning. There is no need to cover up nor hide, yea, there is no way to cover up nor hide, for my heart is unto You as an open book. But there is a need to express, to proclaim, to speak or to write.

Your written Word to us is shrouded in mystery and its Truth, its beauty, its simplicity, its true reality, its depth, width, breadth and height, are all hidden (Lk.24:45). No man can penetrate this shroud save those to whom You chose to reveal Your majestic Truth with its beauty, simplicity, reality, depth, width, breadth and height. It is written that "if any man is willing to do His will, he shall know..." (Jn.7:17), and in another place You speak: "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed: And ye shall know the truth..." (Jn.8:31,32).

I pray, Lord, that my word to You in this letter would also be shrouded and its truth, simplicity, beauty, reality, depth, width, breadth and height be hidden save to them to whom You would choose to reveal it. I further pray that this written word would be

like unto a good seed which is sown in good ground and brings forth a bountiful harvest. Let it be for Your pleasure, for Your satisfaction and for Your Glory and let it also be a testimony to Your Grace and Might and Excellency!

And even if all should be so as I pray and write, and even if all should truly please You and obtain Your approval, even then I am prostrating myself before You and confessing in truth that I am but an unprofitable servant who has done but his basic duty. And even the doing of this basic duty I would question, O King of Glory! But in Your Grace I shall trust for ever, and in Your Love I shall bask for ever.

Let Your Will be perfected in me and in all those that You have chosen for Yourself. Let Your Name be blessed and glorified and admired in the Beauty of Your Holiness for ever and ever. Amen!"



Let me now proclaim the truth that all true Christians should proclaim. The truth is that You have cared for me since my birthday, and from my crib Your loving hand has been upon me.

I was about one year old, so my mother told me, and I was sick unto death. I was lying in bed beside her, barely breathing, and at times not breathing at all, and in high fever. She was half-lying, half-sitting in the bed propped up on pillows and praying. Well after midnight, exhausted, she suddenly had to open her eyes wide. A white hand appeared in the darkened bedroom and it was approaching me.

"Somehow, I had no fear of the vision" my mother said, "but I was afraid that the hand would take you away from me, so I began to pray again." But when the hand almost touched me, it began to return slowly until it disappeared. My mother was still watching me for a while and then in exhaustion she fell asleep. Late next morning she woke up ... I was playing in the bed and there was nothing wrong with me!

I was not told this story until after I was married. Was it Your hand, Lord? I do not know. One thing I do know and believe, that if it was not Your hand, then it was the hand of one of Your holy angels assigned to me. It was my angel, my guardian and my servant, for I was a future heir of Salvation (Mt.18:10).

Now, this was not the last time I was sick nor was it the last time I was healed. Nor yet was it the last time You spared my life. In Your boundless Grace, You allowed me the freedom to do many foolish things, to waste a lot of precious time, to seek everything but Truth, to try to satisfy everybody but You. And only You know, Lord, from how many dangers You truly kept me, from how many pits, sufferings and possibly even graves.

Today, my memory is full of testimonies for I can see Your caring hand in countless circumstances and affairs of my past. And yet, despite that, I feel I can see but a small fraction of what You really did. Is this not more or less true with every true Christian? I feel it is so whether we have seen and realized these things or not.

And then one day, You stood on the water of a clear ocean not far from its shore, in a bright light, so my wife told me. And in her vision she also saw me on the shore and You were beckoning to me with Your hand to come to You. And I went ... walking on the water. Again, I

was not told this story until some years after the vision was fulfilled.

Yes, it was fulfilled for You did call me from my old country under the High Tatras, from the small country of Slovaks to a new and strange land beyond the ocean - to Canada. And shortly after I arrived, You met me, indeed, in a most wonderful and unforgettable way and graciously bestowed Your excellent Salvation upon me! What a day that was, what a beauty of Your presence, what a glorious moment. And what a power! I was not on the "way to Damascus" nor did I fall from a horse ... but I did fall from my chair as if stricken by the bolt of Your light. And my course was changed, instantly, and for ever. My feet have not strayed from the new course nor have my eyes looked back - let this be a testimony to Your Power and keeping Grace,

to Your Love and Excellency!

But here I want to mention something else, something that should take a place of importance in the mind and heart of every true son and daughter of God.

As You know, Lord, I was born into a "Roman Catholic" family. I was taught catechism, morals, discipline, church going, praying from prayerbooks, praying to statues. I attended masses, gave offerings, went to confession and tried to be good. I was a "good Christian-Catholic" and I thought so myself. It was later on when communists took over the country, that I began to see the hollowness of this religion, its ritualistic character, its hypocrisy, its impotency to stand against the new terror and to overcome, or even to help. Nothing attracted me there as I grew older and so I left and for some years I was like unto an atheist, at least outwardly. And, yes, I was on my way to hell.

At that time, of course, I did not even realize it ... and to meet the Lord of Glory never crossed my dark mind. I was not searching for You, I was certainly not seeking my salvation. Well, nobody is!!! You were seeking me because You chose me. And You found me and revealed Yourself to me in that day. That was the day that You visited me and I was born anew in my spirit, for You have given me of Your Spirit to dwell in me. And not only to dwell in me, but to seal and consecrate me for Yourself, to guide me into all Truth, to teach me all things, to change me from glory to glory, to mold me into Your image and, finally, to raise me up, glorify me and bring me to You so that I may be with You for ever!

This is His task and He has been faithfully, patiently and diligently performing it. Let this be a

testimony to Your Holy Spirit. Yea, this very letter is a thundering testimony to His work. Without Your call and His diligent laboring, this letter would not exist and could not exist - it would have been a sheer impossibility!

So now I was in a distant land beyond the ocean, born by the Spirit into the Family of God. A new spiritual toddler in a new land. And what was I to do? Fortunately, toddlers do not decide what to do, the parents decide and care. And have You ever cared, my Beloved - today I know. You cared for me in my crib, You cared for me when I grew up. You cared for me when I knew nothing about You, when I was heaping sin upon sin and in ignorance blasphemed Your Holy Name. You loved me and cared for me while I was Your enemy! How much more have You loved me and cared for me since the hour of my new birth, when You could finally show Your Love, Grace and care for me? When You could at last make the first imprint of that marvellous Love and care into my very heart. You did it with joy ... but I could not perceive many things at that time.

Now, toddlers are not expected to understand many things. They are not expected to realize how they are cared for, neither how they will grow nor what they will have to do in the future. And, no, they are not expected to work, only to play. They take all things for granted,

they absorb all the love they can get and they walk by a pure child-like faith. They are fit for Your Kingdom. No wonder You said that "of such is the kingdom of heaven" (Mt.18:3).

And so, I understood very little, took many things for granted, had no idea what I would do in the future, how I would grow up. And I did not work, only played. Thank You, Lord, for so wisely arranging my spiritual childhood, for keeping me away from "work" and from anything that is harmful to a toddler and to its pure faith. I remember, Lord, I had this pure faith - it was beautiful, unpolluted as yet, fit for the Kingdom of heaven. And with this child-like faith You brought me to a new place, to a congregation of Pentecostals.

But this is another stage in my spiritual life and thus I shall turn the page.




Lord Jesus, You have a great sense of humor which I knew nothing about at that time. You must have had a joyful smile on Your face when You brought me to my first Pentecostal service.

For me it was a stunning experience. In comparison, a Catholic mass, still deeply recorded in my memory, seemed to have been a city funeral compared with a country wedding. In truth, Lord, I would not have been surprised had they, with all that noise and music, brought to me a refreshment with a glass of beer. As You know, I survived that first Pentecostal service in good health and, in fact, it did not take me long to get used to that cheerful and noisy bunch.

I even remember the very first hymn that was sung in that first service. It was: "At the Cross, at the Cross, where I first saw the light...", I will never forget it. I even had to fight back my tears for they were singing about something of which I had a very, very fresh experience in my heart; and so it seemed as if they sang it to me. Now, I did not know that hymn nor any others in the Hymnal Book that they used. Indeed, I had to start learning everything from scratch. And I did learn, and I kept coming ... until it became a natural part of my life. I became a Pentecostal - and I was proud of it, too.

You gave me a pastor from whom I learnt everything I could and whom I loved more than my own father in flesh. And You gave me some other brothers and sisters whom I also loved, and who loved me. So I felt and so I believed.

I read Your Word daily and marched along this new course with enthusiasm, joy, hunger and thirst, and also with expectations for new things which I could only sense but could not describe in words. I heard many sermons from various preachers, and I admired the knowledge of some of them. The most precious lessons, though, I learnt through personal contacts and experiences with people of various characters, various walks of life and of various forms and depths of their Christianity.

When the time of my spiritual childhood was over, even the time of my "primary education", the time of playing was also over. You gave me my first "job". I became an usher, and I felt honoured by it and served with joy and enthusiasm ... and at times, in sweat. Yes, I remember crusades that sometimes lasted two, three, four weeks or more with various kinds of evangelists, revivalists, singers and preachers from former professional boxers to former prisoners and shoemakers. And I was there five or six evenings a week, not sitting in a pew but running with chairs, ushering people, collecting offerings, counting them, sorting them, packing them, catching people that were falling around the altar presumably under the power of Your Spirit, then kneeling with them and praying for them.

And when the crowd left, the chairs usually refused to put themselves in order but had to be put back by our hands. Midnight was not far when I got into my bed. And in the morning, back to my "secular" full time job in my office. And in the afternoon, back to my "secular" never-ending job in my house and garden ... if there was a time for that. And in the evening, back to church. And on Sunday, oh yes, the day of rest, I was in the church twice - working.

Why am I writing this, Lord? I know I was not the only one to go through such a routine. I also know in my spirit that the above ought to be written for there is a purpose in expressing these facts – and facts they are. Another fact is, Lord, that to this day I do not know how I could have done it all and survived.

True, I was about fifteen years younger, nevertheless, Your Grace must have been keeping methroughout that period. I also believe that I simply had to have such experiences and they all had a definite purpose in my life. I simply had to go through and deal with various circumstances which only You could fully see and understand and wisely arrange for my good.

At that time, I did not see that fact, as a matter of fact, I did not see anything yet, and I did not understand anything yet. Today I can say in spirit and in truth and with understanding: "And I know that ALL things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose." (Rom.8:28).

But the beginning of seeing and understanding was not far off. Somewhere in the middle of these labors, I also became one of the deacons of that congregation. Naturally speaking, I was democratically voted in; supernaturally speaking, You had arranged for me a further vital education that was to last three years. It was only much later, I saw and realized how truly vital this office was for me and my future service.

At this point I feel like exclaiming: Blessed be Your Holy Name, Beloved Lord! I acknowledge Your Wisdom and Grace in arranging my life. I also truly appreciate all You have been doing with me and in me. And I do delight in Your ways - I greatly delight in Your ways!

Let me now come to the point which I consider a great milestone in my Christian life. Shortly before I became a deacon, You began to open my eyes and my understanding ... very slowly, very, very slowly. First, my eyes, and then some understanding. What I began to see and understand was certainly unexpected, at times shocking and almost always unpleasant.

Now, I must strongly confess, Lord, that I had not begun to see because I made an extra effort to see nor because I began to search or desire to see THAT kind of reality! No! From the beginning until now, it had been a sovereign act of Your Will, Your Mercy and Your calling upon my life! They have been Your sovereign revelations in Your timing for me and I had nothing to do with them except to behold them, acknowledge them, record them, cherish them and, eventually, declare them in the right place and at the right time. And this latter part was difficult to learn and even more difficult to practise.

Let now the Truth come forth as It also came to me from You, line upon line, precept upon precept, moment upon moment, experience upon experience, here a little and there a little. And with each line, each precept, each moment, each experience, comes a stunning view of Reality as You see It!

O Lord, O Glorious King, have mercy upon us for we are a people of unclean lips, blind eyes, deaf ears, dark minds and unclean hearts ... and unless we truly see You, we are unable to acknowledge this fact, we are unable to see our own selves, to abhor our own selves and repent in ashes! O Lord, O Glorious King, have mercy upon us for You know that this is so!


The very first truth You began to unveil to me was contained in one word: RENEWAL. Only one word - but what truths and realities hidden within.

Allow me now, Lord, to take, as it were, by the hand all those beloved brothers and sisters who truly love You, who truly love Your truth and Your ways and allow me to take some steps with them that, peradventure, they also may see what I saw when You took me, as it were, by the hand and were showing me things, facts, realities and their roots. This is what my soul and spirit perceived during those times.

"Come, My son, come with Me ... see this congregation and observe for the time has come for you to see and understand!

Do you hear that woman two rows behind you singing loud and clear over all the other voices: "O how I love Jesus..."? What is your spirit saying? Is she singing to Me? Is she singing truth? She hates to meet you, she hates to speak with you, she hates to shake your hand, she hates to even look at you lest your eyes should meet. Have you not noticed that on many occasions? She wants to be heard and admired by the congregation because of her velvet voice ... and because it feels good. She loves herself and not Me. Do you see and understand?

The man just in front of you never sings ... and never prays unless being asked to. Have you noticed? He believes he cannot pray; he believes there are others for that. But he is not avoiding you, when he meets you, he smiles and shakes your hand and even looks briefly into your eyes. But should you or anyone else occupy "his seat" in the auditorium before he comes, his soul would go into a turmoil and he would be ready to turn and go back home. What shackles can a man be shackled with. See and understand.

When you came this morning to the church foyer, the wife of the assistant pastor was coming toward you. When you were ready to greet her, she turned aside and passed you by as if you did not exist. When she later stood behind the pulpit singing: "More, more about Jesus...", she was smiling at the whole congregation. Do you see and understand?

Notice the young people, the teens, usually seated in the section to the right of you. Their hearts and minds are occupied and possessed by other things than your religion. They frequently do not even perceive what is happening around them, freely whispering and sharing their own interests and desires.

Behold, the daughters of the two pastors admiring their new dresses and purses, gently touching them with their fingers with long, red-polished fingernails. When you came to them serving communion, they refused ... and very naturally continued in their important talk. Shall I require the account of their ignorance and behaviour from their hands? No! I shall require it from the hands of their parents, their teachers and pastors, and from the hands of the elders and deacons.

The children and the youth have no discipline, no manners and no living examples. They are not given these things because they are not taught these things, they are not disciplined. Have you noticed? The broad freedoms have spoiled them, made many of them arrogant and vainly wandering in a wilderness without water. And no wonder, for many parents and teachers and pastors and elders and deacons themselves have no discipline, no manners and no living example to give nor any living water to give! They are undesirable examples to their children - but from their hands shall the account be required. Do you see and understand?

Come now, My son, and see the young evangelist who came from the South for a long crusade. He is sure of himself and believes that he knows what he is doing. Every evening he comes in a different suit and his sermons are well prepared. People like him and a large crowd gathers at many services. And after the sermons, you and the other ushers are prepared to catch the people falling around the altar after he prays for them. It is a time of excitement and unusual experiences. You like it, too. When one day after the service you introduced your family to him and invited him for a lunch at your home, he politely declined stating that he "did not socialize". You were puzzled, for never before had people used such an excuse. Do you remember?

(Lord, here I must give You thanks for not revealing to me the real truth why he "did not socialize". I learnt much later that he was gay! Had I learnt it at the time of my invitation, I would have been damaged, the congregation would have been damaged, Your Glory might have suffered and his "ministry" would have undoubtedly been shattered to dust that very hour. Again, thank You, Lord.)

There are many more things I have to show you and teach you, My son. I showed you many people in the congregation as well as outside of it. I did bring you into a few of the families and I did bring a few of them to your home at various times so that you could fellowship, and see and learn. They were ordinary members of the congregation, also one elder with his family and three deacons with their families. Once you also hosted your pastor and his wife.

And now, I give you another glimpse, this time at the leadership, for when the leadership errs, many of My people are led astray to destruction and they do not even know it. Their problems are never solved, they become puzzled and disenchanted, and their door to the Kingdom of heaven is being shut. It is being shut because the straight gate is never shown to them and the narrow way they never find. How can they find it when their "apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, pastors, elders and deacons" walk on the broad way???

You have not noticed, My son, your own wife had to tell you. Come now and see how the pastor's wife has changed the sanctuary of your church into a fashion show hall. The most expensive looking dresses, costly shoes, hats, purses ... all of the latest fashion and cut ... and a new set almost every week. Tell me now, what kind of seed has she been sowing and what will be the fruit thereof? Unless she repents, she will find out when she stands before Me at the Day of Judgement. And then, she sits behind the piano and plays: "All to Jesus I surrender, humbly at His feet I bow; worldly pleasures all forsaken, take me, Jesus, take me now." To whom is she playing? Does she know what she is doing? See and understand!

Let Me now take you to the Board room where an important meeting is to take place. Not only the pastors and all Board members, but all elders are assembled, as well. The Board room is full, the topic is "Money". By now you know that your church is no exception in this area. The pastors have been seeking a "quick fix" to get this headache over with once and for all. They tried a number of ways, even bringing in a brilliant professional fund-raiser from the States. No success. Their reasoning is noble: Let us pay off the mortgage so that we may use the interest money for better ends and for greater glory of God.

The meeting begins with the pastor declaring: "Brethren, we need new and fresh ideas how to raise money..." You are quiet - and so is everybody else. After a time, a timid intermittent discussion begins which later heats up and after about two hours dies out again with no brilliant ideas on record. Everybody spoke but you; I kept you quiet. Do you remember? Finally, your quietness is noticed by your pastor who sits beside you and you are prompted to say something. You look around the table and after another moment of quietness, you proclaim: "Brethren, I believe that our problem is not money ... but our faith! I think we do not believe what the Bible says. It says: "But seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God..." (Mt.6:33), but, I think, we are FIRST seeking money and not the Kingdom!" A heavy quietness descended on the meeting. You see, My truth makes people speechless. And that was the truth and the end of the meeting. No solutions, no conclusions and no continuation of this topic, no success. Do you see and understand?

An evangelist from Lebanon who just preached in your church comes to your home with his entire family for fellowship and refreshment. His wife who stands with him behind pulpits and translates his preaching into English, enters your living room and spots a book lying on the coffee table. She touches the book with her fingers, looks at you in amazement and asks: "Do you read this?" You are puzzled and you answer: "Well ... yes ... I read this. Why?" She looks at the book and again at you and with half admiration and half unbelief answers: "This is very heavy ... very deep ... very deep." The book was "The Spiritual Man" by Watchman Nee. I caused you to teach from this book your home Bible study group. Do you remember? Do you see and understand?

One day you wrote a long letter to your pastor where you also mentioned the other pastor of your church. The former you called by his first name, whereas with the latter, you always used the word "pastor". This time I caused you to leave out the word "pastor" and use his first name only. When you both met and he read that portion of your letter aloud to you, his pride was deeply touched and he could not cover it. You saw and understood.

And so, I showed you many other people and many other things, here a little and there a little. Now, I must show you one more thing, one that is the most important for you and one that is the most unexpected by you. Come close to Me, My son, and see - your own self – and understand that you are no better than anyone that I showed you!!! The same things which are in them and cause them to err and to stumble, which keep their minds darkened and their souls deceived, behold, the same things are in you ... only in a different measure and in a different strength (Rom.2:1). But be not dismayed and have no fear, for I will cleanse you from all unrighteousness, from all filthiness of spirit and flesh and you shall be a clean vessel, sanctified and without spot or wrinkle, fit for My use, even for My pleasure."


My greatly beloved Lord, this is a small excerpt of what my spirit and soul perceived as You led me, as it were, by the hand week after week, month after month and year after year. I did see with my eyes and did hear with my ears and did feel in my emotions and did understand in my mind these and many other things. Now, other people could see and hear and feel and understand likewise. But I saw much more, I heard much more, I felt much more and I understood much more. I saw and understood spiritual realities and their causes, their very roots! I truly began to see the DECEPTION with which we were ALL deceived. I truly began to see the misery in our religious existence with a truly unexpected depth of hypocrisy, pride, jealousy, folly, ambitions, arrogance, fears and other filth in our hearts, minds and souls!!!

O Excellent Lord - and I was no exception! You know. You showed me. Blessed be Your Holy Name for ever!

O yes, we also prophesied and prayed, we prayed also in tongues, we interpreted, we sang in tongues, we gave testimonies, we worshipped You and we praised You with our lips. And here, I was no exception either. I prayed and gave testimonies, I also prayed in tongues, interpreted tongues and sang in tongues, I prophesied and even preached about love. But all that time, we all consciously or unconsciously kept hiding the filth of our spirit and flesh behind our religious faηade. There was no exception of persons! You know, Lord. No wonder, You gave me the word: Renewal. It was becoming easy to see and to understand that this was not just an important word but that this was, indeed, an ABSOLUTE INEVITABILITY if Your Word in the New Testament is to be fulfilled in us! It is clearly written that we shall be without spot or wrinkle or any such blemish, is it not, Lord? (Eph.5:27).

I had not only recorded and cherished that word but right away I set out to do something about it. At that very moment You must have smiled or wept since You knew what a fiasco was awaiting me. And a fiasco it was, for I had not succeeded in anything.

Behold, I reached another great milestone in my walk and my Christian life and growth! Rather painfully was I made to see and realize that despite all Your light and revelations to me, I could do NOTHING!

Yes, Lord, nothing, nothing for You! Oh, I could do many things in the church, even outside of the church. I studied Your Scriptures diligently for a number of years and I knew in my heart I could teach them, I could preach them, I could pray, testify, do counselling, visitations, serve on the Board. I could even use the gifts of Your Spirit given to me including tongues and prophesying. I could help in social work – there were always unending needs around us. Yes, I could do many things in this physical world for "God's glory" and become a trusted, loved, honoured, even admired Christian, fit for leadership, an example for young ones to follow. And there were a few around who were presumed to be in that category.

Yet, I could do nothing for YOU, my Saviour, the Lord of Glory, the King of kings! I could do nothing in the spiritual world, I could grow no fruit for You. And nobody around me could!!! Why? Well, that was another secret that You began to lead me into a little later. Slowly ... very, very slowly ... and painfully.

I do praise You for that, beloved Lord, for without Your Grace and revelations I could have never seen anything, I could never have understood anything. And even after having seen and having understood, I could yet do nothing. I greatly praise You, beloved Lord, for without Your further Grace and Mercy and Patience and Wisdom and Love, I could never do anything of eternal value, I could not even find the narrow road, let alone walk on it. And that straight gate with that narrow road is also secret, for it is HIDDEN! That is why we, Christians, must find it! And very few do ... You said it Yourself (Mt.7:14). And I was just about to begin to experience this great truth in my own heart and on my own skin.

Have many eyebrows been raised when reading about this narrow road? Then let me, Lord, come back to it for a moment and write the following truth. Whosoever does not seek the narrow way will never find it (Mt.7:7), and whosoever does not find it shall remain on the broad way with many others walking alongside. But is not this "broad way" reserved for pagans? Not at all! Pagans do not have a "...Father which is in heaven..." (Mt.7:11), only Christians have. Furthermore, You Yourself have called us Christians EVIL, in the same verse. You knew why - and today I also know why. Because, though having our heavenly Father, WE ARE EVIL! And that EVIL shall be exposed and judged in this letter.

And that EVIL must be destroyed. Therefore, the narrow way leads to life eternal because if we walk on it, the evil within us is being destroyed and thus at the end of this narrow road - the life awaits us. The broad way leads to destruction because if we walk on it the evil within us is covered up and preserved and thus at the end of that broad road - its destruction is still awaiting us! We cannot truly obtain and enjoy eternal life before the evil within us is completely destroyed! I admire Your Wisdom and Your Beauty, O Lord.

Your Word is Truth, and if we continue in Your Truth, and let It work in our hearts, then that Truth shall set us free (Jn.8:31,32).

Let me now turn the page, O King of kings, and testify about Your Truth, about the narrow road and about YOU being that Truth and Life!



It is said, Lord, that our outward physical growth is completed by the age of about twenty-three or twenty-five. From there on, we do not grow. We may become fatter or slimmer, wrinkled or bald, we may shrink but we do not grow. From there on, we just continue being inwardly transformed from inexperienced "greenhorns" knowing nothing or precious little about real life, into experienced adults. This takes place irrespective of what experiences we go through and whether we learn from them or not. I say this, Lord, because I found that in Christianity, in the spiritual realm, similar phenomena happen to all of us.

After our conversion, after being born a child into the Family of God, we begin to grow outwardly from a Christian baby to a teenager to a young man or woman. And then, our outwardly observable growth stops. Period.

Lord, I ask You in this place to extend Your further Grace toward them that seek and appreciate Your Truth. Let Your Spirit enable them to see and understand even this mystery which, in fact, is no mystery at all except to those who are deceived and who LOVE TO STAY that way. I ask it in Your Holy and Mighty Name. Amen.

So our outward growth stops - if we ever reach even this stage. But what does this outward growth represent? It can be likened to our outward physical growth. It is that outward change from a pagan-like to a Christian-like creature.

Immediately, our human mind says: "But this outward change cannot take place without a prior inward change. True! Our created physical life is in the blood (Lev.17:11), and it has power to keep us physically growing up to a point. And it has power to then keep us living provided that that power, that life, that blood is not spilled due to an accident, sickness or our own pure foolishness. This is what that power in our blood can do and does do with only our basic cooperation of providing nutrition, oxygen, walking and sleeping. BUT this power in

our blood, this life in us can do NOTHING MORE!

Why, have we not noticed that, Lord? No, we have not ... because we do not notice things which are automatic, things which are taken for granted. We do not notice that our lungs breathe ... unless they start pausing; we never notice that our heart beats ... unless it starts to skip a beat. In fact, our lungs breathe and our heart beats whether we notice or not, whether we are good or bad, whether we are wise or fools, whether we like things or hate things, whether we love God or hate God or know nothing about Him. Lungs breathe and hearts beat - because thepower of life in the blood causes them to do that! Is it not so, Lord?

Well, but You have created the physical world to reflect the spiritual world so that we could have guidance. Why then should we be surprised, when in the spiritual realm similar facts and principles apply? And they do. Let all true Christians realize and acknowledge that they were saved NOT because of their own efforts or their own will. In fact, none of us was seeking our own Salvation!!! At times, we were even running away from it! But once we were brought to the Cross and by our faith acknowledged Christ Jesus to be our Saviour, in that moment we received, as it were, a seed of a new man within us, a spiritual man.

We received a new power of a new life, a sinless, holy life which also was in the blood, in the Blood of the Lamb, which Blood was shed for us on the Cross of Calvary. And this NEW power began to work in us immediately and without our extra efforts. It only needed our basic cooperation in supplying spiritual nutrition, walking in the light (1Jn.1:7), taking a rest in the Lord (Mt.11:28) and breathing prayers and worship. Our spiritual lungs began to breathe and our spiritual heart began to beat and, unless they stopped for a while, unless they skipped a beat here and there, we have not even noticed their breathing and beating.

Yet, anybody and everybody including ourselves could notice the outward growth of our new Christian being. We stopped murdering, stealing, we stopped committing adultery, fornication, we stopped cursing and blaspheming, we even quit our foul language, we stopped visiting taverns, dubious movies and shows; we were delivered from the power of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gluttony, soap operas, gambling; we stopped our idolatry, transcendental meditations, yoga practises, hypnotism, astrology ... and what else, Lord? In truth, we were delivered from the CORRUPT FLESH of our old man (Gal.5:19-21). We were cleansed from all filthiness of our coarse flesh! (2Cor.7:1).

And not only that, but we started to go to churches, we learnt to pray and sing hymns, we began to read the Bible and other Christian literature, we began to listen to many sermons and so grew richer in the knowledge of right things. We began to serve in various church departments and programs and in outreach ministries. We even started to give of our substance. Some of us went to seminaries for further studies ... and what else, Lord? Is this not an outward growth, an outward change that could be seen and noticed by anyone having eyes? Is not our physical growth also outwardly noticeable by anyone who has eyes? This is that power in the blood which forces this growth and completes that growth unless it is interrupted or even stopped by our conscious or unconsious, willful actions.

What are these actions? Well, if we stop eating and drinking, if we eat unhealthy, poisonous foods or drink poisonous liquids, if we breathe polluted air or stop breathing at all, if we are wounded but the bleeding is not stopped, if a disease is neglected, not cured properly or on time ... all these and other conscious or unconscious, willful actions would affect, restrict or inhibit our growth altogether. This includes the growth of all our physical parts including the internal organs.

If we stop eating or drinking spiritual food, if we eat unhealthy poisonous words and deeds or drink poisonous imaginations, scenery, pictures, if we breathe the pollutions of this world, if we are wounded by our past or present sins and the bleeding of the Spirit is not stopped, if a spiritual disease is neglected, not cured properly or on time ... all these and other conscious or unconscious, willful actions would affect, restrict or inhibit our spiritual growth altogether!

There are many Christians who do not reach even this stage of their growth, they never seem to mature even outwardly. The power of the Blood of Christ cannot finish its part in their Salvation, namely, to break the power of sin and thus deliver them from that power of sin and its effects. Thus, it cannot complete the fundamental change of the course of their life; it cannot complete their fundamental outwardly observable growth and then keep them cleansed from all sin (1Jn.1:7), and keep them armed with the basic word of testimony! (Rev.12:11).

And now, Lord, I would like to print the following lines in red, in bright red color.

The power of life in our blood causes our physical growth from a babe up to a young person, then keeps us living. This process is automatic with only our basic cooperation required - eating, drinking, breathing, walking, sleeping. This power of life in our blood does nothing less - but also NOTHING MORE!

Similarly, the power of Life in the Blood of Christ causes our spiritual growth from a babe up to a young spiritual person, then keeps us living. This process is automatic with only our basic cooperation required - eating, drinking, breathing, walking, sleeping (resting). Now, this power of Life in the Blood of Christ does nothing less - but also NOTHING MORE!!!

Is there something more? O beloved Lord, I wish I could use a bright red ink and write this:

The power of life in our physical blood CANNOT make us wise or foolish, it cannot make us good or bad, it cannot turn us into a tennis player, pianist, athlete, university professor, theologian or anybody else! WE MUST consciously exercise our will and DECIDE to become wise, good, a tennis player, pianist, athlete, university professor, theologian or anybody else! AND THEN, we must be willing TO PAY the price! Then, and only then, we may have a hope to achieve what we decided to become. Our blood keeps supplying the life, for if we are dead we cannot even decide, let alone achieve anything.

Similarly, the power of Life in the Blood of Christ CANNOT make us spiritually wise or foolish, it cannot even make us "good" or "bad" - it CANNOT put off the old man which is rotten and cannot be made good, nor can it put on the new man which is holy and cannot be made bad! It CANNOT turn us into servants of Christ nor to friends of Christ nor yet to the Bride of Christ; it CANNOT make us love Christ nor love one another, it cannot produce our robe of righteousness, it cannot grow within us any spiritual fruit, it CANNOT even cause us to follow Christ after being saved!! (Mt.16:24). WE MUST consciously exercise our will and DECIDE to follow Christ AFTER being saved and AFTER being sufficiently grown up! THEN, we must be willing TO PAY the price of that following! Then, and only then, we may have a hope and faith that Christ Jesus, which You are, will accept our decisions and enable us to follow Him! (Our decision alone is not enough!)

And, yes, Lord, we definitely must be sufficiently grown up, for no toddler and no teenager ever decided to pick up a cross of their own. In fact, very few Christian adults have ever made such a conscious decision.

Now, in the very same way, WE MUST DECIDE ... AND PAY ... to become wise, to become true servants of Christ ... true friends of Christ ... true Bride of Christ - in that order; to learn to truly love Christ and one another, to cooperate in producing our own robe of righteousness (Rev.19:8), build up ourselves on the most holy faith that Christ Jesus, which You are, has built within us (Jude 20; Heb.12:2), to grow spiritual fruit of eternal value so that we would not come to You empty-handed. The power of Life in the Blood of Christ keeps supplying the spiritual life, for if we are spiritually dead, we cannot even decide, let alone achieve anything in the spiritual world.

Thank You, Lord, for Your simple but marvellous truth and wisdom, for enabling us to see and understand this truth and wisdom; still, later on, to become that truth and that wisdom and, finally, to perform deeds of that truth and live that truth in that wisdom and power of Your Spirit.

It goes without saying, that this further spiritual maturing of an outwardly grown up Christian should follow his outward growth as naturally as our intellectual maturing follows our physical outward growth. This further maturing is an inner "Transformation" of an already grown-up Christian! It is not outwardly observable. To truly observe this transformation, one has to have a spiritual eye to see, spiritual ear to hear, spiritual nose to smell, spiritual touch to feel and a spiritual mind (renewed in spirit - Eph.4:23) to really understand. Nobody else can see, hear, smell, touch or understand!

Blessed be Your Name, Lord of Glory, for that is precisely why You spoke in the beginning and at the end of the New Testament: "... he who has an ear to hear, let him hear." (Mt.13:9 etc.; Rev.2:7 etc.). In the Old Testament, You never said such a thing because Your Spirit did not dwell in people and the new spiritual man did not grow in anybody. But in the New Testament, even though all people still had two ears, You began to make such unusual statements. And we conveniently interpreted such statements of Yours as addressed to pagans! But You also closed the New Testament by repeating seven times to Your very own Christian churches saying: "... he that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches"! (Rev. chaps. 2 and 3). We should have noticed long ago that Your seven letters given to John to record have never been addressed to pagans or to the general public or to Israel - but to Your churches. "And unto the angel of the CHURCH in ... write ..."! And so I say: "He among us who has an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto us and the Church at this hour!"

I greatly admire Your Wisdom and I greatly delight in Your ways, O Lord of Glory!

So now, we are at the point where we can say that out of the multitudes of Christians, out of Your worldwide Church, since Pentecost until now, three groups are always distinguishable. They are the following:

(1) A large majority that has never even outwardly matured into young spiritual Christians. The power of sin was not all broken in them, they still serve the power of sin. They still commit adultery, fornication, idolatry, they still lie and steal, follow gross heresies, have little or no idea about Your Word and are not really distinguishable from pagans. Their spiritual man is yet in an embryonic stage and seems to be continually on a death bed being rolled between the emergency room and the resuscitation room. They have not even started the commandment contained in 2Cor.7:1. What a tragedy, O Lord!

(2) A minority that has grown up into young spiritual Christians. The power of sin was broken in them, they have a limited or quite an extensive mental knowledge of Your Word, of biblical History and Geography. They pray, sing, teach, preach, counsel and many use the gifts of Your Spirit, chiefly tongues. Some of them interpret and some prophesy, some have the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, some perform healings, various miracles and others cast out demons. YET, none of them have gone on into that transformation process. None have been transformed into whatever degree of Your image! Because none had made these conscious decisions nor were willing to pay the price of that transformation.

Their new spiritual man has grown and is not wheeled from the emergency room to the resuscitation room. Yet, he is still in the same "hospital", in a comfortable ward, on a comfortable bed or in a wheelchair. He is yet quite blind, deaf, without smell or touch, with unrenewed mind, he is yet paralysed partially or totally. Some may see a little, some hear a little, touch a little, move a little, understand a little. And some are total quadriplegics. Even this is a tragedy, Lord! Is it not?

Let me insert the following in this place. Are these teachers, preachers, counsellors, evangelists, revivalists, miracle workers and prophets, even those that pray and sing in tongues, are they not all wonderful Christians? Honoured, admired, followed? Yes, outwardly they all are and their works do follow them, and many people follow them. But let Your Spirit "insert a needle" into their heart, mind and soul - and a PUS comes out - the pus of pride, jealousy, rebellion, fears, doubts, arrogance, malevolency, in some cases even the pus of viciousness!!!

These and many other spirits, as venomous snakes, rats and scorpions are hidden, as it were, under stones and boulders of their soul, heart and mind ... and these Christians may not even know it until a stone is overturned. THIS IS THAT EVIL IN CHRISTIANS!!!

So I repeat, Lord, this is still a tragedy. This is still not a conclusion. These Christians have been cleansed from the filthiness of their coarse flesh, delivered from their corrupt flesh, BUT they have not continued to be cleansed from the filthiness of THEIR SPIRIT and delivered from their GOOD, RELIGIOUS FLESH! (2Cor.7:1). They do not fear You, therefore, they are not perfecting their holiness nor are they beginning to acquire the true wisdom nor the true knowledge of You (Ps.111:10; Pr.1:7).

Hence, the conclusion to all the evil in us and to all the works of evil through us comes only in the third group described below. It is also true, Lord, that some of these dear brothers and sisters do see a little, do hear a little, they do discern a little here and a little there for You were able to grant their spiritual organs some sensibility. Many, many of them are also very sincere, well-meaning, diligently serving You as best as they can - who dares to be their judge? Yet, the aformentioned powers, the spirits, chiefly fears, doubts, pride, jealousy and self-righteousness prevent them from breaking through that straight gate and stepping onto the narrow road and becoming the Overcomer - and obtaining what they themselves, perhaps secretly, yearn for in the depths of their hearts.

(3) A few that have not only outwardly grown up but stepped on that narrow road (Mt.7:14) and have been or are being transformed into Your image (Rom.8:29). Transformed from smaller glory to greater glory (2Cor.3:18). Transformed slowly and painfully - but transformed. They alone are Your true Overcomers! The stones and boulders, which are fortresses of Satan in us, are being overturned and destroyed ... and the venomous snakes, rats and scorpions killed and burned one by one! No wonder, Lord, that these Christians are recipients of unexpected shocks, sledgehammer strokes, stresses and strains ... and then they burn all over their being as if thrown into a furnace. And we, indeed, are thrown from one furnace to another, that all the snakes and rats and scorpions and spiders and bats, even mosquitos that can suck the other brother's blood, may all be burned within us and we may be refined as pure gold. Only thus shall we come forth without spot or wrinkle or any such blemish (Eph.5:27). Only thus we shall be able to work out our OWN salvation, that is to say, the RENEWAL of our very OWN SELVES, our OWN SOULS.

Only thus You, Lord, will be able to work in us both to will and to do Your good pleasure. That is to say, we will start to be willing and we will start to be doing that which will finally and truly please God! (Phil.2:12-13). Only thus shall we be able to tailor our OWN robe of righteousness (Rev.19:8), which is our OWN wedding gown, without which nobody shall enter into Your Kingdom (Mt.22:11-14). Only thus shall we be filling our OWN vessels, that is to say, our OWN souls with oil, which is Your Spirit (Mt.25:1-12), and replacing the old man with a matured new man.

Behold, the complete Salvation has three stages. Because we sinned in our tripartite being, spirit, soul and body, therefore, each part must be saved, renewed, re-created separately. That is also why You had to suffer and die in spirit, soul and body! You, Lord, first died in spirit (Mt.27:46, where death means "separation from God"), then in soul (Mt.27:50) and then in body. That is why we are first renewed, re-created in our spirit, then in our soul and then in our body. That is the complete Grand Salvation! Blessed be Your Beautiful Name, O Lord of Grace and Glory!

Salvation equals Renewal, Re-creation. At our conversion, only our spirit is reborn, renewed, re-created - NOTHING ELSE! Our soul and body remained as before, untouched as to their renewal. Ecstasy in our soul, physical healing in our body that may have accompanied our spiritual rebirth - do not constitute the renewal of soul and body! But after our spiritual rebirth, also our soul is to be renewed, re-created and, finally, our body will be renewed, re-created, which is commonly called "resurrection".

The first stage - spirit, and the third stage - body, are free re-creations, they are gifts from our God the Father without any price tag. The second stage - soul, is very costly, the oil in the vessel must be bought! (Mt.25:9). The price is - our old life!

Now, the new spiritual man in these Christians - the Overcomers of the third group - has not only grown up as he began to cause the soul to be healed from blindness and deafness and over-all paralysis and as the mind began to be slowly renewed, that soul was, as it were, "discharged from that hospital" into a glorious freedom. He began to see what only the Spirit can show and what our physical eyes cannot possibly see. He began to hear the Spirit, touch the Spirit, understand the Spirit, even smell the fragrances of the Spirit ... and much later he even began to OBEY the Spirit. Well, is that so, Lord? You know it is so. But who can truly understand and believe all this and appreciate all this except the one whom You brought thus far?

I sincerely praise You, Lord Christ Jesus, and I lack words to express my true thankfulness; for in Your Grace, Love and Patience You have brought me thus far! That is why I can write about it, and that is why I testify about it even by this letter.

Let me now testify how this transformation has been performed in me. So, I have been singing in tongues, praying in tongues, counselling, ushering, counting money, catching people around the altar, teaching junior Bible class, prophesying and serving on the Board of Deacons. And yet, in my spiritual new man I was quite blind, deaf and quite paralysed, even though You began to show me the spiritual realities some time ago. And, yes, those defeats in trying to put the word "Renewal" into practise only bred frustrations. In fact, these frustrations grew in quantity and in depth. The more You showed me of the depth of our spiritual misery, the more I saw my own impotency to do anything about it. On top of that, I found nobody with whom to share my burdens and the frustrations. Nobody! Yes, there were some, even some deacons, who saw certain things that were not "kosher", but none of them saw the spiritual realities, reasons and roots! My burdens, my frustrations, ran much deeper and nobody could help nor show the way out. Finally, You showed me my own wretchedness! I was no better. And today, I do greatly praise You for that, my greatly Beloved! That was the time when You, as it were, showed me the straight gate - and enabled me to enter in and step onto the narrow road!

Today I believe, yea, I know, Lord, that as no one is interested even in one's own salvation until seeing one's own outward misery and sinfulness, equally so, no born-again Christian is ever interested in some straight gate or some narrow road - until seeing one's OWN INNER, SPIRITUAL MISERY AND SINFULNESS!

Shortly thereafter, You caused me to take the first step on that narrow road - it was a sledgehammer blow to my pride! I believed very sincerely I was ready and fit to teach the adult Bible class. I studied the Bible diligently for years and freely received from You. Then, why not give freely to others for the Glory of God? You straightened me out quite well in saying: "My son, you know nothing as yet! Mental knowledge of My Word does not make anyone a teacher, let alone a pastor! No, not in My eyes. But you must first LEARN TO SUFFER ... yes, to suffer ... go, therefore, and listen, and suffer and wait. I know when your time will come."

So I went and suffered. And after some months, a reorganisation of the Sunday school classes and teachers was done and I was told by the Superintendent himself what an opportunity was there and how the Lord can neatly and marvellously arrange things. So I was looking forward to those neatly and marvellously arranged things with great hopes, enthusiasm and plans. When the time came, I was asked to collect offerings from each class, count them and do a head-count in each class for our statistics! So much for my teaching, dear Lord. BUT I OBEYED - and I performed that job faithfully as unto You (You gave it to me, right?). And I felt both good and terrible. I thank You for that, too. Little did I know at that time, that I would no longer teach anybody anything in that church since You would take me out in about three years.

Many steps I had to take on the narrow road which would be too lengthy to describe here, but each step meant suffering and losing another brother or sister, since it was suffering and loneliness I had to learn and experience! And with each step my color dreams about real Christianity were fast losing their colors and they were destroyed one by one. And there with them was hammered away also my spiritual naξvete, idealism, admiration for men, even the "thrones" which I built for some men in my mind and heart. All these were receiving sledgehammer blows and were being shattered to dust. They were being replaced by hard reality, which my poor soul and spirit could hardly bear were it not for Your Grace and strength.

It was not pleasant for a five to six year old Christian to discover that he is becoming ALONE in the midst of a tongues-speaking, tongues-praying and prophesying congregation. It was not only unpleasant, it was beyond belief and beyond reason. Yet, it was a fact. A hard fact. Again, little did I know at that time that You would bring me into a similar situation more than ten years later in a different church.

There were two other steps on the narrow road which were particularly painful for me. Therefore, they became particular blessings to me, but I had to wait some years for their fruit.

When I brought Your word "Renewal" on the Board's agenda, I had a sincere faith that this was a pretty important point and that it would be treated as such. Today, I not only believe, I KNOW, that this was by far the most important point we could ever have had on our agenda! It was YOUR POINT.

In the following nine months, we discussed everything from money problems, coat hangers in the foyer, election of symbolic governors, snow removal ... to the blocked toilets in the basement of the church; the "Renewal" was postponed from meeting to meeting and then never mentioned again! Lord, I saw the hearts of men! After nine months, I took Your point from the agenda. It was never really discussed. Yes, Lord, I saw the hearts of men, I saw the ugliness of pride and jealousy, I saw the face of self-righteousness, I saw the depth of vanity, I saw the power of fear and the power of lusts - lust for a position, for a recognition, for being admired, honoured, respected, followed. I saw the lust for the right reputation, for self-satisfaction ... and for glory. And I saw my own helplessness to do anything, even to open my mouth.

Have I judged some of those men on the Board? Most probably I have - so I repent, I repent in truth, O Lord! I was simply too ignorant of righteous judgements at that time. I was too weak in spirit to bear such bitter truths and facts without responding with unrighteous judgements. Again, little did I know at that time that there would be more painful steps in the near future. There were.

The most painful step on the narrow road I had to take in that church was to step right out of there - and never come back! To leave behind me quite a number of people whom I dearly loved and who, in effect, became my only family, for I had no family in the whole world except back in my small homeland in the heart of Europe.

In those days of 1977, about one year after I had to step down from the Board of Deacons, we were still believing that Your Word in 1Cor.14:34 did not apply to us, which Word says: "Let your women keep silence in the churches..." We had a brilliant doctrine which said that it only applied to the poor Jewish women screaming at their husbands across synagogues in Paul's day. Our women would not scream across our churches, would they?

So, we had a woman to preach to us one Sunday. After her speaking, she uttered a brief message in tongues. A man in the first row interpreted and seemingly added another prophetic word containing such statements as "stop your rituals" and "repent". It stunned the leadership of the church to the degree that at a special meeting the man was asked by both pastors to retract the message and admit that it was his own zeal rather than a word from the Lord. It was also clearly proclaimed by the pastors that "We have nothing to repent of"! So much for our humility, Lord. And, as if that were not enough, the next few sermons were devoted to attacking that message and to warn the congregation against the dangers of such false prophets!!!

O Lord, how far have we all gone away from You? I thougt I saw the hearts of men, I thought I saw the depth of pride and self-righteousness and other miseries in our hearts - but it seemed that I saw only the shallow banks and that the real depth was even beyond my reach and comprehension.

What a depth of self-righteousness, what a blindness, what a vicious attack on something which was not even tested! You, Lord, were not asked even once by anyone in the church if, perchance, it was Your word. Later on, You did reveal to me that it, indeed, WAS Your word, in addition to the interpretation. And to this day, that word has not changed either for that congregation or for many other congregations!

The last "sermon" by the pastor was a red-hot arrow that struck my heart ... and that Wednesday evening You caused me to take that last most painful step. I stood up and said to my wife: "This has been my last service in this church as a member of this congregation." She quietly nodded with the same painful understanding. We left into the dark night.


Well, what else should I say, dear Lord? I cannot say I had no more contacts with that church, I had quite a few opportunities with several deacons, and the pastor as well, but they only confirmed the bitter truth of reality which stood tall and solid as a monument carved from granite. No amount of discussions, no amount of lunches and coffees and teas could change anything on that monument of truth that stood tall and solid.

I experienced many things, I saw and understood many spiritual realities which You showed me ... yet, I did not know that that was, in effect, only the beginning of my transformation! I did not know that, in the meantime, You, as it were, "squeezed me through the straight gate" and took with me many steps along that new way, that unconventional way, that totally untraditional way - the NARROW way.

I did not know that one can practise a living Scriptural Christianity outside of organized religion. I certainly did not know at that time that You can take a man from the religious "merry-go-round", put him on solid ground, give him plenty of time to recover, to regain his balance, to stop his head twisting, to make him truly still - and then show him very simply that - YOU ARE GOD!! (Ps.46:10) Indeed!

I did not know many things, Lord. And yes, I must admit that I even missed the most important spiritual and physical fact that You began to do for me and in me more than three years before my departure from that church. You did give me adults to teach! And I had not noticed! The only feeble excuse I dare to present is that they all were from outside the church. And I began to teach them outside the church, in my own house, whereas my desire was for the adults within the church.

Nevertheless, shortly after I obeyed and went and collected Sunday school offerings and counted the presence, You gave me adults to teach. Outsiders, people from the world including a would-be Jesuit priest. And I truly had not noticed. Three years before my departure from the church, You began to build a "vehicle" which would later ensure the continuation of my transformation outside of organized religion. And not mine only, but the transformation of anyone whom You would later add and who would be willing. As I look back I must say, Lord, that this transformation has not only been something marvellous but also beyond human understanding.

You caused me not only to teach, You caused me to teach even "The Spiritual Man" by Watchman Nee! You know, Lord, how many Christian leaders, Protestant, evangelical leaders, consider his books "very heavy reading". Poor Watchman, no wonder his books are not found in any seminaries; they are not found in many Christian homes, and if they are, they mostly decorate bookshelves as the Bibles do in Catholic homes.

Yet, we went through the three volumes of his "Spiritual Man" in about one year. By Your Grace, we have been meeting for over twelve years, weekly and without interruption. We never had to "keep things going" nor had we ever tried to "keep things together". This is also a testimony to Your work and Your faithfulness. Thank You, Lord!


Now, this transformation continues and it brings to us new spiritual vistas, new horizons. One of them is Your true Body - Your true Church, and the way it shall be accomplished. It shall be accomplished in Your way, which is NOT our way and is FAR beyond our imagination and comprehension! That is why we do not try to grow in quantity, to enlarge ourselves, to reach far and wide, to meet many needs, to save our nation, to save the world. We do not try anything! We were not called to try anything. You know, Lord. The simple truth is that, in the end, it will not matter so much what we did or tried - but what we are!

That is also why I desire to write about Your Church - not what it has done nor what it will do - but what it is! And what it shall be! And yes, Your Overcomers are definitely not a super-spiritual elite with the patent for all wisdom and knowledge and mysteries and know-how, nor are they Your pets that shall be self-satisfied with having overcome - and "to hell with everybody else"! Not at all!!

They alone shall stand FOR THE WHOLE CHURCH against the devil and all the enemies of God and shall tell them: "To hell with you!" Even today, Your TRUE Overcomers LOVE YOUR WHOLE CHURCH and all their true brothers and sisters with no respect of persons and with no respect of their performance! They do not stand against Your Church - but against the HELL THAT IS IN YOUR CHURCH! They do not stand against their brothers and sisters - but against the HELL THAT IS IN THEM and that was also in themselves before they overcame. They do not separate themselves from their brothers and sisters - but they are out to separate the HELL FROM HEAVEN within their brothers and sisters as was done also within themselves. It is the brothers and sisters that separate themselves from Your true Overcomers because they are unwilling to heed their word and to pay the price.

Help me now, O Lord, to clearly express my heart and to outline the picture of Your Church as it has been formed within my heart thus far. Thank You.



From the beginning, we were a Bible study group, a home cell, a prayer group, a praise and worship group or whatever other group. But You are not building any groups! You are not even building any congregations or communities. You are building only one thing - Your Body, Your Living Body.

Your Body is Your True Church without spot or wrinkle or any such blemish. Christian communities, congregations, home groups and any other gatherings are, as it were, "vehicles", the means through which You are achieving Your purposes, even Your final goal - YOUR BODY.

Most of Your people walking on the broad way can at best have a mental concept of Your Body. They can have noble concepts based on the Scriptures but still only mental, intellectual concepts. They can have an appreciation for Your Body ... but they cannot possibly see the spiritual Reality of Your Body and certainly not the Beauty of It.

Your people must be put on the narrow road and thus be transformed into living members of Your Body. Then, and only then, can they begin to witness how Your Living Body is formed. Only then can they begin to observe Its Reality and, later on, Its Beauty. There is simply no other way.

And so, our own group, being dead in the beginning, has been and is being transformed into a living body through the transformation of each willing member from the dead one into a living one! It is not a group any more - it is a body. It is being built into something we had no previous perception of, we had no true idea about. And this transformation process does not stop. It may take on a different dimension, a different quality, different depth and width ... but it never stops. I dare to say, Lord, I am beginning to catch the first glimpses of the marvellous Reality and Beauty of Your True Body. It is beyond description! It is FAR, FAR beyond our imaginations as well as our most sincere and most theological concepts.

What shall we say then about congregations, communities, various fellowships and home groups? Are they not various parts of Your Body?

I believe the truth is simple and I would express it as follows. Any person who believes in You in his/her heart and so confesses, becomes a member of Your Body, Your Church. He/she is saved from the eternal damnation and receives the seed of a new spiritual man "which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness" (Eph.4:24). Furthermore, this seed lives by Your Spirit which takes up His dwelling in every such new member of Your Body. He/she becomes the temple of Your Spirit (1Cor.6:19) and He seals him/her for the day of redemption (Eph.4:30).

Three most important facts are to be elaborated on at this point. The first one is as follows:

(A) Every member of Your Body without exception starts from being dead, blind, deaf, corrupt throughout, sinful, foolish ... a bundle of vanity taken from the road that leads to eternal damnation and eternal death. This is the starting line for EVERY ONE WITHOUT EXCEPTION!

Let me now enlarge this point by repeating the aforementioned truth that at the conversion = salvation of any such above described pitiful creature, as we all were in Your sight, only the spirit is renewed - reborn (Jn.3:6), and nothing else. Only the first stage of Your Salvation takes place in us. But what does this mean? This simply means that immediately after our being saved, we still remained dead, blind, deaf, corrupt throughout, sinful and foolish ... a bundle of vanity taken from the road that leads to eternal damnation ... BUT with the stamp and the seed of Eternal Life within!!! THAT is the ONLY difference between a pagan and a newly born Christian! And unless that Christian begins to grow in that new man and later on mature through that transformation process, he will never be different from a newly born one. That also means, he will never be much distinguishable from a pagan. Furthermore, such a Christian has the shortest possible way back, the easiest conditions to backslide onto the road that leads to eternal damnation.

How many of Your people are in this danger? Only You know, Lord. And how many grow and mature, how many are in the aforementioned second and third group? Only You know, Lord.

But this is it, only our growth and maturing of that new spiritual man in us determines in what group we are, on which road we walk, how living or how paralysed we are (at least in Your eyes), with whom we associate and with whom we do not associate. Is it not so, Lord?

Now I must blow a trumpet and issue a strong warning. Everything You are doing, Lord, can be, and indeed, is faked by the powers of darkness! Even the gifts of Your Spirit can be, and indeed, are faked! This is the power of their deception. What does it mean? It means that there may be numerous groups, fellowships, home cells, communities, gatherings ... who consider themselves the most spiritual, in fact, "holier than thou". They are the "pinnacles of Christianity", or they are on the "cutting edge" of spiritual happenings, and many of them are glad they left those "poor and blind and unthankful and unappreciative sheep" in their former congregations, fellowships, home cells, communities.

But these are mostly the proud and rebellious individuals whose OWN ambitions were never realized in their respective former congregations, fellowships or communities. Whose OWN plans and dreams never came true, whose OWN problems were never solved, in fact, they grew larger, whose OWN hot zeal was never quenched. No wonder, Lord, that such are always the prime candidates to be caught in the net of any dubious sect or group or fellowship, by any dubious doctrine, no matter how unscriptural, no matter how idiotic!

This is by no means limited only to "pew-sitters", there is no respect of persons when it comes to unfulfilled ambitions or dreams! How many pastors change flocks for their OWN reasons and not because Your Spirit leads them? Only You know, Lord.

There are also people in every congregation who may not have great ambitions, who may not be seeking recognition or position or glory, but are plainly frustrated by many things. They do not see any corrective actions taken against certain evils, they do not see any solutions to their various problems, the "atmosphere" may be changing into an unbearable one, the leadership may be so busy that one has to be on a death bed to get a pastoral visit, and so on.

These people may also elect to change from one to another congregation, fellowship, community, or simply stay home or join a group. They also are in great danger of falling into the wrong hands, embracing wrong doctrines, wrong practises. They are in danger of hardening their hearts against the truth which so far they may not have heard nor seen nor understood. A root of bitterness may spring up in their hearts that could choke any spiritual progress they may have made, and many shall be defiled (Heb.12:15). In such cases, it would be better for such individuals to stay, if at all possible.

And then, there are individuals who are taken out and placed elsewhere by Your own hand. Why is that? They simply grow and grow and grow until they outgrow the environment. The congregation, community, fellowship cannot supply them with the new spiritual nutritional and oxygen demands. Should they stay too long, they would suffocate and their growth would be stifled. I did not know it before, but today I know it, since I am one of them.

First, I was taken out of the Catholic system into a Pentecostal system to be delivered from "bad" flesh. Then, I was taken out of the Pentecostal system into a home system to be delivered from "good" flesh, religious flesh and from the filthiness of spirit.

Now, this alone would not be any proof that I belong to this third group of individuals. The real proof is that my coarse pride, jealousy, fears, doubts, color dreams and ambitions were destroyed by You while serving in the Pentecostal congregation! Being destroyed, they could not have become unsatisfied and thus the reason for my departure. Furthermore, I have not left with bitterness against anybody. I did not stop loving the people that I loved for years before my departure. Today, I love my former pastors and deacons and elders and the others MORE than before! O yes, should I be accepted by them in my new man and could serve them in the newness of Your Spirit and the fulness of Your calling upon me, I would be TRULY delighted to go back. Unfortunately, my experiences are to the contrary, as You know, Lord.

To conclude this point, I must describe yet one more aspect of the individual spiritual growth or stagnation and its ramifications.

There never was a congregation, community, home group or any other fellowship where there were no problems, no dissatisfactions, no frustrations, no dilemmas, no evil. I sincerely doubt that there is one today, and I sincerely doubt there will be one in the future before Your Kingdom comes. If, therefore, these are the only things that bother us, we should be able to face them and stay put being strengthened by You! We are doing it daily in our marriages, workplaces, outings, schools, everywhere, are we not? Furthermore, these things are found in carnal congregations as well as in spiritual ones and we will never weed them out completely nor get rid of them. At least, not the way we always tried. What are we after, then?

We are supposed to be after Your Kingdom! We are commanded that our first priority is to SEEK the Kingdom of heaven (Mt.6:33). This is in due respect for the greatest commandment which is about Love. Now, that Kingdom of heaven is within us (Lk.17:21), that is to say, within our new man, who IS the future king and priest in that Kingdom (Rev.1:6). But if this new man does not grow and then mature, he will remain a babe, a child. And though he be the lord of all or a king, he shall remain a servant under tutors and governors for he is yet in bondage of the old man (Gal.4:1-3). If he, therefore, does not learn how to set up that Kingdom within us and how to rule in it NOW, how can he enter the outward Kingdom and rule in it with You for a thousand years?? (Rev.20:4). Can anyone tell me?

How are we to rule others, even nations with a rod of iron (Rev.2:26,27), if we cannot rule even our own selves?? How are we to judge righteously the world and the angels (1Cor.6:2,3), if we cannot judge or if we refuse to judge righteously even our own selves??

Therefore, I say, Lord of Glory, that he who does not have the Kingdom of heaven set up in himself BEFORE he dies or before You come, shall NOT enter in!! For he has nothing to bring in. The only exceptions will be the little ones (Mt.18:3), and from the adults, those who would die or be found at Your coming in the process of seeking it and setting it up. That is to say, those who would be found on the narrow road no matter how far they have progressed. Everyone else who willfully or in ignorance (1Cor.14:38) stagnates or refuses to grow, to mature, to step on the narrow road, to be changed into Your image, to seek FIRST the Kingdom of heaven in his own heart - shall NOT enter in!!

Is it not written that WE ALL, born-again Christians, should watch and pray? (Mk.13:37). What are we to watch? What are we to pray? We are to watch Your moves, what You are saying, what You are counselling, what You are commanding ... what You are doing at this hour, what You are not doing and not speaking and not commanding ... we are to watch how we walk with respect to the above and whether we walk at all. "For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the ENEMIES of the CROSS of Christ" (Phil.3:18). We are to so walk as to be counted worthy! Worthy of the Kingdom (1Thess.2:12; 2Thess.1:5,11). And then, watching You, we are to pray for ourselves and others that You may enable us to so walk as required by You!! So that we would not only sing about the old rugged cross, but carry it! All of us, for there shall be no respect of persons whether they be prophets, excorcists, miracle workers, or "pew-warmers" (Mt.7:21-27; Lk.12:37). These are the ramifications of the individual growth or stagnation.

I know, Lord, it sounds so strict, so bitter, so un-Christian-like. But the truth, like a coin, has for us two sides: bitter and sweet. If we accept the bitter side, we shall obtain the sweet side, too. If we refuse the bitter side, we are refusing the sweet side, too. Is it not written rather plainly, Lord, that the chastening is not joyous but grievous (bitter), BUT AFTERWARD (on the other side) it does yield the peaceable (sweet) fruit of righteousness unto them that are exercised thereby? (Heb.12:11).

I, therefore, appeal to all brothers and sisters who were already granted from You some eyesight, some hearing, some discernment and understanding of the things of the Spirit, not to stifle these precious abilities, not to bury these precious talents in the depth of their hearts, but rather to trade them, share them with the like brothers and sisters and thus make them new talents ... keep growing, keep seeking! (Mt.25:16).

Let them not be deceived into believing that there is no way, that they can do nothing or that nothing will be changed. These deceptions do not come from Your Spirit because He says: "For everyone who asks receives, and he that seeks finds, and to him that knocks it shall be opened" (Lk.11:9). Let none of these brothers and sisters remain as a tombstone with precious gifts and abilities from Your Spirit buried underneath! Let none of them hush the voice of their spirit, their conscience. Let them, rather, disregard their emotions and their thoughts and listen to their spirit. Let them overcome their fears, doubts, apprehensions, anxieties, confusions, frustrations, and everything else that, like a mountain, stands in their way to the Kingdom!

I sincerely pray and ask You, Lord of Mercy and Grace, that You would grant us wisdom and boldness to speak, to declare, to testify, to proclaim ... and enable us to pay the price for that. I ask it in faith and in Your Mighty and Holy Name! Amen.

The second fact to be elaborated on is the following:

(B) There is ONE Body and one Spirit, one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, one God and Father of all! (Eph.4:4-6).

There is only ONE CHURCH! Yea,there is only ONE FOLD! For even the one Church and the one Israel are made ONE! (Eph.2:11-15). Is this not true, Lord? Let me now emphatically and loudly proclaim the following: You, Lord, are not any Baptist nor Presbyterian nor Catholic nor Seventh-Day Adventist nor Anglican nor Pentecostal nor Apostolic nor Lutheran nor Orthodox nor anybody else! You are the SON OF GOD! Period. EQUALLY, Your Church is neither Baptist nor Presbyterian nor Catholic nor Seventh-Day Adventist nor Anglican nor Pentecostal nor Apostolic nor Lutheran nor Orthodox nor any other on the face of this earth! Your Church - Your Body - the fulness of the Son of God, is but ONE and Its name is - CHURCH! Period. Nothing more and nothing less! You had not given Your Body any other name. We have cut up Your Body into hundreds of religious "clubs". Why? Because of our pride and arrogance!

Was there not one mankind with one purpose, one culture and one language? Had they not started to build the tower of Babel in their pride and arrogance? When the "tower" of our pride and arrogance began to rise up, You allowed the same confusion and division to set in in Your Church. Is it not a pride when we believe, publicly or secretly, that our particular "club", our small or large church or sect or denomination, is the best, the most correct, the most true, the most holy? That there is nobody better or more correct or more true? Are we not blatantly stomping all over Your Word in Jn.13:34; Rom.12:5,10,15,16; Rom.14:13; Rom.15:7,14 and 16:16; 1Cor.11:33 and 12:25; Gal.6:2 and 5:13; Eph.4:32 and 5:21; Col.3:13; 1Thess.4:18 and 5:11; Heb.3:13 and 10:24; Jas.4:11 and 5:9,16; 1Pet.4:9,10 and 5:5; 1Jn.1:7, and many, many others??? Behold, these and many, many others are YOUR TRUE COMMANDMENTS for the members of YOUR BODY - Your complete Body!

We not only stomp all over them when dealing with "different clubs", we bluntly disregard them even within our own "club". And then, we sing and say and believe - how we love Jesus!! But how can we truly love You AND BREAK Your commandments left and right? (Jn.14:21,23). Thus I say, Lord, many, many sincere Christians are self-deceived even in this area. Some of our "clubs" keep one day as a "rest day" – but neglect all the commandments referred to above! That does not bother them. Not only do such Christians not love You, they do not even know You! "And hereby we do know that we know Him IF WE KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS"! (1Jn.2:3,4 and 3:24, etc.). ALL of them - not just one or two! Do we now see, Lord, how much evil comes from only the division of Your Body, Your Church?

Your Word to us only recognizes the Church in different geographical locations, in Smyrna, Pergamos, Corinth, Rome, Jerusalem, etc. Your Word does not recognize the Church by any other names or features.

Well, but do we not all know that the Church is, indeed, only one and that our divisions are based mostly on the differences in some doctrines, beliefs and practises? Or on putting more emphasis on one doctrine and less on others? Hence, the various names we use today only express those differences or that emphasis, right? But if the main tenets of faith are the same, then the problem of different names is rather trivial, is it not? That is what many Christians and their leaders may believe. But what is the reality, Lord?

In reality, I have not yet met one Christian who would have judged any other church or denomination or house church or sect righteously! Why? Because I have not yet met one Christian who would have judged his own church or denomination or house church or sect righteously! Why? Because the fruit of any pride or arrogance is darkness. To make a righteous judgement in darkness is a sheer impossibility! I did not judge these things righteously myself until I began to see. And I had not begun to see until my own pride and arrogance had been destroyed! I do not say, Lord, that there are no Christians anywhere who can see and judge Your Church righteously, I only say, I have not met one yet. This only suggests the scarcity of such individuals.

And if this matter of different names is truly trivial, would any leader consider dropping the name of his "club" and continue only as "Church"? Let them try it, Lord, and they shall see what is the reality of EVIL within their churches and denominations and sects, even the reality of their righteousness and unrighteousness.

Now, if the above is a true reality, then Your people, and especially their leadership, judge unrighteously. And he who judges unrighteously shall not enter into the Kingdom of heaven! (1Cor.6:9). Well, if this is still a trivial thing, then I say, let those blind leaders continue leading the blind, for they both shall surely fall into the ditch (Mt.15:14).

Even the ordinary, good and sincere people of Israel were blinded and ultimately had to pay a horrible price because of the pride, arrogance, hypocrisy, self-righteousness and blindness of their leaders - Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, false prophets. The New Testament Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, false prophets and theologians are no better! It is the ordinary, good and sincere believer who is again being blinded even today and ultimately will have to pay a horrible price - because of the pride, arrogance, hypocrisy, self-righteousness and blindness of his leaders!

What is the chief sign of the proud, arrogant, hypocritical, self-righteous and blind? It is this: THEY ALWAYS REFUSE TO REPENT!!!

They always have reasons, good reasons, even excellent reasons of their own making. And these reasons are usually reinforced with the reasons supplied by their spouses, close friends, colleagues. Thus, they NEVER repent!

Every confusion, every division, every separation starts from EVIL, therefore, it cannot but carry within itself the seed of evil. And the seed of evil has never produced a good fruit! So it is with the nations and their relationships - and so it is with churches and denominations and sects and house groups and their relationships.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us for who can really assess the misery we are in? How many Christians and how many Christian leaders can truly see and realize the depth of the misery that we had brought and are still bringing upon Your Holy Body? How long shall we be so easily deceived by our Enemy? And then, to top it off, the same Enemy comes and persuades some of these hopelessly divided bits and pieces to "try and unite through an ecumenical movement" where they are conned to further compromise on their already ridiculous doctrines and beliefs. Thus, he gets a fake church which outwardly is not very much different from Your true Church. But in the meantime, how many simple Christians are deceived and facing a horrible price to pay?

Well, what is that horrible price? Rejection at the gate to the Kingdom of heaven! To Your Millenial Kingdom on earth. And not only the rejection to enter in, but a relegation into outer darkness where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth! Is this not horrible? Is this not truth, Lord?

I pray that Your Spirit would open the eyes and ears and hearts and understanding of the ordinary, simple, sincere members of Your Body, Your one Church - and show them these truths and tear them out of their deception ... and cause them to overcome and rule with You in the Kingdom which is at hand. I ask it in Your Mighty and Holy Name, O King of Glory! Amen.


The above leads me now to the third fact to be elaborated on, which is as follows:

(C) It is written: "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." (Mt.7:21). We were NEVER taught the truth in this verse and the following verses. And if anybody asked, the answer was that this warning belonged to non-Christians or, perhaps, to the "poor Catholics" and the like. Our dark mind is truly able to produce any ridiculous doctrine as long as it suits our feelings, as long as it comforts our poor soul. And so, Lord, the simple truth about us is that we were NEVER seeking Your Truth - but always OUR self-satisfaction!!!

We are ever ready to seek, teach, preach, write, broadcast, even prophesy that which condemns others - but we never seek, teach, preach, write, broadcast or prophesy that which condemns us! If we would sincerely come to You and ask, You would show us the truth. You would show us that "no man can call You Lord except by the Holy Spirit" (1Cor.12:3). No pagan, whether in a Catholic congregation or in a Protestant congregation, ever had the Holy Spirit. Therefore, whoever says to You: Lord, Lord, cannot do so but by Your Spirit and, therefore, must be a born-again believer. Therefore, it cannot even be anyone from the children of Israel, unless that person believed in Christ Jesus = Yeshua = Salvation, which You are.

You would show us that no pagan could ever cast out devils, because even devils know who we are (Acts 19:15), and because their house would be divided and would fall (Mt.12:26). You would show us that if we would dare to further read Your Gospel according to Matthew, we would discover that not only Your prophets and excorcists and miracle workers, but the very "children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth"! (Mt.8:12). Well?

Here, even our dark mind cannot but acknowledge that no pagan ever was a child of the Kingdom. Nevertheless, our dark mind would quickly add that these children of the kingdom are the children of Israel and not the Church! And that those "many that shall come from the east and west" in verse 11, are the former Gentiles turned into Christians. Well, I do not know, beloved Lord, whether to laugh or weep, for on one hand our Christian walk seems to be a tragedy and on the other hand it seems to be a comedy. So we, Christians are not really the children of the Kingdom from the beginning because we are not Abraham's seed, right? And if we are not Abraham's seed, then we can skip Matthew 8:12 and relax, right? Now, I really wonder if Your Word in Galatians 3:29 should surprise us pleasantly or unpleasantly???

Beloved Lord, when I see Christians walk on crutches and I cannot heal them, I do not want to snatch their crutches away lest they should fall and walk not at all. But when I see Christians feasting on poison, I want to scream, to yell and to snatch the cup from their hands lest they should poison themselves and become paralysed, wretched and miserable, doped with the heroin of deception.

But how can I be sure, O Lord, that my voice would reach the right ears when there are so many voices, so many false voices thundering and resonating left and right? And Your simple ones do not know what to hear first, what to read first, what to do first. Nevertheless, Lord, this is what I will do - I will not scream ... I will whisper in a still small voice and will commit this whisper to Your Spirit to carry it where it belongs. It shall not be by human might, nor by human power, BUT by Your Spirit! Amen.

Not every saved person, not every born-again Christian shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven to rule with Christ Jesus a thousand years (Rev.20:4) but he who is doing the Will of the Father. What is the Will of the Father concerning us?

Behold, the Will of the Father is twofold:

(1) To send His Son, His only begotten Son, to perform and obtain that which no man could possibly perform and obtain! To defeat the powers of darkness, to break the power of Sin and Death, and through His own obedience, righteousness and sacrifice, to open the way from eternal damnation and Death to eternal Life for every human being.

This is precisely what His only begotten Son Jesus Christ has done, thus becoming the Saviour of mankind. This is the first part of the Magnificent Salvation that was birthed in the Heart and Mind of God the Father BEFORE mankind was created (Eph.1:4; 1Pet.1:19,20). Therefore, no man had any say in this first part; one could only accept it or reject it.

Even though this first part of the Salvation had been offered and legally valid for every human being, yet God the Father had sovereignly chosen a People under the Old Covenant and a People under the New Covenant, Israel and Church, to make them in due time ONE corporate MAN (Eph.2:11-15). To make them One Family with Christ Jesus as the Head, and God the Father as Christ's Head (Eph.1:22; 1Cor.11:3).

(2) To obtain this One Family, the second part of His Will – the second part of His Magnificent Salvation, comes into view and it is this:

To transform all those saved ones in the first part into the image of Christ Jesus His Son! (Rom.8:29; Gal.4:19).

What is the image of His Son? "Though He were a Son, yet learned He obedience by the things which He suffered"! (Heb.5:8). If we are not learning obedience by the things which we must suffer, then we are NOT being transformed into His image! If we are not chastised, we are bastards and not sons (Heb.12:8).

"The Son can do nothing of Himself..." (Jn.5:19). If we are yet doing all things of ourselves, according to our opinion, our wisdom, our feelings, we are NOT being transformed into His image!

"...I am meek and lowly in yoke is easy and my burden is light" (Mt.11:29,30). If we do not know what meekness is, if our hearts are yet filled with pride and arrogance, hypocrisy, self-righteousness, self-esteem and other haughty things, we are NOT being transformed into His image! If we do not grant grace and freedom of will to others, or if we place on them heavy duties, we are NOT being transformed into His image!

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" (Jn.14:6). If we yet cannot tell anybody to follow us in our own footsteps to reach the Kingdom, if we are not BECOMING the truth which we speak, teach, preach or publish, if we are yet bone-dry and dead without any living water (Jn.7:38), we are NOT being transformed into His image!

If we are NOT being transformed into His image, we are NOT doing the Will of the Father!!! Never mind our church attendance, never mind our Sunday school or Sabbath school attendance, never mind our preaching, teaching, counselling; never mind our social work, our visitation programs, our seminars, our never-ending Christian conferences; never mind any of our religious or social activities! If we are NOT being transformed into His image with the above signs and fruits following - we are NOT doing the Will of our Father which is in Heaven! And if this is so, we shall spend the Millenium OUTSIDE of the Kingdom of Heaven!!! Is that simple enough?

This Will of the Father also demands that, whereas, in the first part of His Magnificent Salvation, it was Christ Jesus alone who was to provide our entry into Life eternal through HIS OWN obedience, righteousness and sacrifice; in this second part of His Magnificent Salvation, the entry into the New Jerusalem, must be secured through OUR OWN obedience, righteousness and sacrifice!!! (1Pet.1:2; Rev.19:8; Rom.12:1,2). Whereas in the first part, we could do nothing, in this second part we can do all things through Christ who is truly strengthening us (Phil.4:13).

This is the twofold Will of our Father which is in Heaven!

Furthermore, this Will of the Father stipulates that, whereas none of those who rejected His Magnificent Salvation will bypass the Great White Throne Judgement and the Second Death in the lake of fire and brimstone (Rev.19:15), none of us who accepted His Magnificent Salvation shall bypass the Judgement Seat of Christ (Rom.14:10; 2Cor.5:10).

Lastly, this Will of the Father warns that NOTHING of the darkness, the filth, the sin and of the evil of this world will ever enter into His New Creation - New Heaven, New Earth, and New Jerusalem! NOTHING! Not one "smithereen". That is why the Great White Throne Judgement (Rev.20:11) is the LAST station for any darkness, filth, sin, pride, jealousy, self-righteousness, selfishness, arrogance, fear, doubt, or any evil of any kind! That is also why ANYONE who had not been delivered from ALL of the above evil through the obedience to Christ, shall be destroyed together with it! There shall be no respect of persons!


Blessed be the Name of the Lord God Jehovah our beloved Father, I greatly praise You, thank You and delight in You, in Your Ways and in Your Judgements, O Holy and Beloved Father! As Your Excellent Will was done and perfected in Your firstborn Son Jesus, who is Christ the Lord, so let Your Excellent Will be also done in US, Your sons and daughters through Christ our Saviour, our Lord and our coming King to whom I now write!!! AMEN.

Before this third fact (marked C) is brought to a conclusion, two important and widely misunderstood aspects of the above Will of our Father need immediate attention, namely, (a) The Judgement Seat of Christ, and (b) The final destruction of all evil and everyone not

delivered from it.


(a) All future judgement has been committed by the Father to the Son (Jn.5:22). Therefore, it seems desirable, if not vital, to present its truth while there is time.

Again and again, I must praise You, my Lord and my King, and greatly admire Your Grace and Your Ways, Your Wisdom and Your Mercy. And I must loudly declare that Your Judgement Seat is yet another blessing on our way and there is nothing negative in it! All of it is positive and vital for us. In fact, should Your Judgement Seat for us not exist, or should it take place at Your Great White Throne Judgement, many of us would be in deadly peril! Why?

Many Christians who care to read the Old Testament know that the chosen people of Israel sprang from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and his twelve sons. Many Christians who care to read the New Testament know that the chosen people of the Church sprang from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and His twelve Apostles. But very few Christians realize that the Church is but the "New Testament Israel" and that the Old Testament Israel is but a forepicture of the Church. What was happening to Israel physically, outwardly, has been happening to the Church spiritually, inwardly. But the main features of both Israel and the Church are so very similar.

Yes, the Church is NO LESS rebellious, NO LESS stiffnecked, NO LESS unfaithful, NO LESS idolatrous ... and NO LESS foolish than the Israel of Old!

They did not want to hear Your voice and obey Your voice - so they had plenty of teachers and other religious leaders teaching and preaching "suitable things". We are no different! We do not want to hear Your voice nor obey Your voice just the same - so we have plenty of false prophets prophesying smooth things ... and we have plenty of teachers and other religious leaders teaching and preaching "suitable things".

They were chastised and punished oft-times, put under the yoke of their enemies within the Promised Land ... and when they began to cry unto You, they were repeatedly delivered. So it has been with the Church in the spiritual sense.


But then comes a milestone event in the life of Israel: The Messiah comes! But alas, "He came unto His own and His own received Him not! But as many as received Him to them gave He power to become the sons of God"! (Jn.1:11,12). We know today that only a tiny minority from Israel received You. The great majority had not received You because they had not even recognized You - and their fate for the next two thousand years was sealed! How?

They were blinded (Rom.11:7; 2Cor.3:14) and THROWN OUT of their Promised Land and scattered into the world, into the darkness of the heathen nations where they were hated and persecuted, where they were weeping and in constant fear and terror gnashing their teeth. Their magnificent Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed and burned with fire from the foundations up! There was not one stone left upon another (Mt.24:2).

So shall it happen to the Church in the spiritual world! You, our Messiah, are coming back. This time as the King of kings, first to take us and then to come back with us to establish Your and our Kingdom. And, again, what was happening in the Old Testament in the physical world shall be happening in the New Testament in the spiritual world! Only a small minority in the Church will be able to recognize You, welcome You and receive You - and be received by You! The majority will not be able to even welcome You nor recognize You, let alone be received by You. You will come to Your own (Church) and Your own (Church) shall not receive You! But as many as have received You (Overcomers), to them You will give power to rule with You a thousand years, which is the crown of Life and rulership and righteousness (Rev.2:10 and 20:4; 2Tim.4:8). And the rest of the Church shall be THROWN OUT of their Promised Kingdom and scattered among their enemies where they will weep and in fear and terror gnash their teeth. And our "magnificent temple" which is the man-made, glittering, admired and cherished structure of organized religion, of denominationalism, sectarianism, ritualism and other "isms" shall be destroyed and burned with fire from the foundations up! There shall be no denomination, no sect, no ritual, no man-made stone left upon another!

Let me conclude this point by saying that there are three judgement seats of Christ.

The first Seat was the Cross of Calvary which divided the world into the saved ones and the condemned ones. It also divided Israel into Overcomers, which became the SEED of the Church, and the overcome ones which were scattered into the darkness of the heathen world.

The second Seat shall be the Judgement Seat of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth which comes about two millenia after the first Judgement Seat - the Cross. This Judgement Seat divides the Church into Overcomers which are the SEED of the Bride and Wife of Christ, and the overcome ones which shall be scattered into the outer darkness. Furthermore, this Seat shall divide the nations into the sheep nations, which will inherit the Kingdom and Life eternal, and the goat nations which will go into everlasting fire and punishment (Mt.25:32-46).

The third Seat shall be the Great White Throne to conclude the present polluted creation and start a new one. It shall come about one millenium after the second Judgement Seat. It shall finally separate all the condemned ones from the saved ones.

Righteous Lord, we all know the first Judgement Seat – the Cross. We should also know the important facts and comparisons leading to Your second Judgement Seat and the results thereof. Now, let me conclude the same about Your third Judgememt Seat - the Great White Throne - Your Final Judgement.

(b) YET, YET ... just as Israel has not perished during those two thousand years in outer darkness weeping and gnashing their teeth, so also that part of the Church shall NOT perish during those one thousand years in outer darkness weeping and gnashing their teeth!

Just as Israel had been, again, given an entry back to their Promised Land where they even formed the new physical nation of Israel, so shall also that part of the Church be given an entry back to their Promised Kingdom of God and they shall complete the Body of Christ and form His Wife which is the New Jerusalem on the New Earth! (Rev.21:9,10). Praise God!

Is it not written, Lord, that "all Israel shall be saved"? (Rom.11:26). So it is similarly written that You lost none of them that the Father had given You "... but the son of perdition that the Scripture might be fulfilled"! (Jn.17:12). Praise God for ever!


Now, who are the sons and daughters of perdition? All those that fit the description and that walk in the footsteps of Judas Iscariot! Right?

Oh, my greatly Beloved, may Your Spirit carry me through this part for only He sees and feels the true anguish, sadness and suffering of Your very heart concerning this truth.

Who was Judas Iscariot? Was he not an Israelite? He was. Was he not a member of the nation chosen by God Himself? He was. Was he an enemy to Jesus from the beginning? In the Father's eyes yes, He foreknew. In our human eyes - no! He offered himself to Jesus and even admired Him. He put his hopes and trust in Jesus that He would, indeed, become the King of Israel and free the people from under the Roman yoke. When a man commands devils and they flee, when he commands a storm and it ceases immediately, when he commands leprosy and it disappears ... wow ... can he not just stretch forth his hand and speak and the Roman army would flee and disappear? Was this a sinful hope? No! Then why did Judas betray Jesus and then, being cursed, hang himself? (For every one who hangs on a tree is cursed - Gal.3:13).

Judas LOVED the OUTWARD ABILITIES of Jesus, His power, His magnetic personality, His talk, His cleverness, His ability to help us - but he NEVER LOVED HIM nor His Truth nor Ways!!! On the contrary, Judas loved himself and CLUNG to his lusts and obsessions with the kingdom of Israel. He did not want to GIVE UP any of his hopes and dreams which sprang from his selfishness and lusts, thereby preserving these lusts and all the other sinfulness within himself. His will and determination not to give up any of his own hopes, imaginations, lusts and dreams, became an ARMOUR around the root of his sinfulness which even Jesus could not penetrate!

Because he never loved Jesus, Judas could never love His Truth and thus His Ways - but kept on loving darkness and his OWN ways (Jn.3:19).

Judas did not understand Calvary, he despised the Cross which seemed also to him such a great foolishness (1Cor.1:18). No wonder that his frustrations finally opened the door for Satan to come in! (Jn.13:27; Lk.22:3). And that was his end - his eternal damnation.

Could Judas Iscariot have been saved? Yes! Had he repented and turned from his own ways! The fact is, though, that he came to a point where he was finally UNABLE TO REPENT!!! Yet, he was quite able to betray God Himself!

So it is with every like Christian - no respect of persons whatsoever - who keeps refusing to repent and turn away from his OWN ways, whose name shall be finally blotted out of the Book of Life by Your own hand! (Rev.3:5; Ex.32:33).

At Your third Judgement Seat, The Great White Throne, these people shall stand in the same group with Judas Iscariot to be officially proclaimed condemned since their names will not be found written in the Book of Life (Rev.20:15).

So who are these people in that group? Every one from Israel and every one from the Church who was given the Light and access to Life - but kept loving darkness unto the end - is like unto Judas Iscariot.


Lord, I want to go into Your last correspondence with Your Church (Rev. chapters 2 and 3) and quote from it this word: "He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment and I shall not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before His angels" (Rev.3:5). Now, this word is found in Your letter to the church in Sardis. The most typical feature of this church is that it came out from dark Thyatira by obtaining Light from You.

Thyatira is the church that began to grow in Rome and then branched off to Constantinople and Moscow, and represents the "Dark Age" of Church history. Then, You sent Your Light through Martin Luther and others after him and whoever received that Light was separated from Thyatira and began to form Sardis - Protestantism in its childhood and young age. And later on, in addition to Your Light, You sent Life from heaven - showers of the latter rain that it may produce the fruit of the earth for which You have been so patiently waiting (Jas.5:7; Lk.13:6-9). And whoever had received Your rain, was separated from Sardis, from Thyatira and everybody else and began to form Philadelphia, the core of Your Bride.

This church alone has already received the crown of life (Rev.3:11), that is, the entry into the Kingdom of heaven and the right to rule with You there. (The "crown" also means "rulership".)

And then, You did nothing more. Why? There is nothing more to come from heaven before the harvest but the latter rain. Philadelphia is the LAST station. And yet, even from Philadelphia, a new branch began to grow out - Laodicea. Who are they, Lord? Well, whoever received the latter rain, and instead of producing the fruits of the Spirit, became puffed up, then proud, self-righteous, hypocritical, then arrogant, then refusing to repent ... was separated from Philadelphia and fell into Laodicea.

Laodicea - is the hypocritical, self-righteous, diplomatic, proud, arrogant and impenitent outgrowth of Philadelphia! That is also why You addressed Your letter to the angel - messenger - of the church OF THE Laodiceans, and not IN Laodicea (Rev.3:14).

Furthermore, these Christians, again, became blind and naked! (Rev.3:17). That is to say, they lost the light and the robe of righteousness of Philadelphia ... and with it they lost also the crown of Philadelphia. No wonder, Lord, that You are standing at the door of Laodicea from OUTSIDE and knocking! (Rev.3:20). And truthfully so, for You cannot be inside the heart and sup and fellowship with the proud and arrogant and, at the same time, resist them! For it is written that "God resists the proud" (1Pet.5:5).

What shall I say now, Lord? Can I conclude in a simple but truthful way? Please, help me do so, Lord. Thank You.

Both Sardis and Laodicea are commanded to repent! This means that we, sons and daughters of the Most High God, are quite ABLE to misuse, abuse or neglect both Your Light (Sardis) and Your rain - gifts and blessings of Your Spirit to us (Laodicea). This further means that both Your Light and Your rain, gifts and blessings, possess an inherent "danger" to bring forth from us our TRUE state, our TRUE nature, our TRUE conditions - even to precipitate this process.

Let all "Protestant" brothers and sisters notice that out of all Protestants of Sardis, only a few have retained the Light granted to them and kept their garment, righteousness, undefiled! They alone shall walk with You - in Your and their Kingdom - for they ARE WORTHY!! (Rev.3:4). The rest shall be in outer darkness for one thousand years. They shall be resurrected at the last resurrection and shall appear at the Great White Throne Judgement.

All of them that shall overcome (repent and do all they should have done before the Millenial Kingdom) shall also obtain the white robe of righteousness and thus the entry into New Jerusalem. All of those who will KEEP REFUSING TO REPENT, who will KEEP RESISTING Your Light, shall have built an armour around the roots of their sinfulness - pride, jealousy, self-righteousness, arrogance, hypocrisy - the roots which the Light would have EXPOSED and thus prepared for destruction.

These are the ones walking in the footsteps of Judas Iscariot - sons and daughters of perdition! Their names shall be blotted out of the Book of Life. Since they willfully retained and loved their darkness and the roots of evil and sinfulnesss within themselves, and since at the Last Judgement ALL Sin and Evil must be judged, condemned and destroyed - they MUST be judged, condemned and destroyed with it!!!

I repeat that it is strictly decreed in Your Word that into Your New Creation, into New Jerusalem, New Earth and New Heaven, "...there shall in no wise enter anything that defiles, neither anything that works abomination or makes a lie, but only they that are written in the Lamb's Book of Life"! (Rev.21:27).

How about Laodicea? Can anyone from this church be blotted out of the Book of Life? Let me say ... let me CRY ... let me ROAR like a lion into the ears of all my deaf brothers and sisters: EVERY CHRISTIAN FROM EVERY CHURCH MUST OVERCOME and thus obtain the robe of righteousness at one time or another!!!

Either one does it before Your second Judgement arrives, that is, before the Millenial Kingdom arrives, OR before the Last Judgement arrives! Every one else shall be blotted out! Is it not so, Lord?

Well, it is certainly not so in the minds of countless Christians, even sincere and devoted ones, for they say that after we die our state is "fixed", we can do nothing more nor can we "undo" anything. Some even believe that after our death - we sleep. But if this is so, why had You preached the Gospel to the dead??? (1Pet.3:18,19 and 4:6). Can these brethren truly tell me why? Would the Son of God speak to someone who is sleeping? Would He bring any "Good News" to someone who could not possibly benefit from it? Let all those who truly love Your Truth and Your Ways pause and meditate on these things; and let them read on.

Your Spirit is not speaking to Sardis only - when it comes to the "overcoming" paragraph in each of the seven letters, it is preceded or concluded by these words: "...what the Spirit saith unto the churches". ChurchES, not one church - ALL seven churches! Otherwise, Your Word in Matthew 22:11-14 would be meaningless. Equally meaningless would be Your warnings in Hebrews 6:4-6, in John 15:2 and 15:6, in Luke 17:32, in Mark 10:15! Also meaningless would be Your Word in 1Peter 4:12, in all Your parables about the Kingdom of heaven and in many other passages of the Scripture.


Greatly beloved Lord Christ Jesus, I come to You at this very moment on my knees and thank You for all things. For all things have been created by You, arranged by You and all things obey You. The Church, which is Your Body, even Your fulness, has been created by You and for You and it shall also obey You in all things even though it has NOT obeyed You so far. All that You have purposed in Your heart and mind shall come to pass. Every Word that had come, is coming or will yet come from Your mouth, whether written or spoken, shall come to pass.

You had said: "Many are called but few are chosen" (Mt.22:14). Many are called to the Kingdom of heaven, in fact, all Christians are called to the Kingdom of heaven - but few are chosen to enter in and rule (Mt.22:1-10). You have confirmed this again when You described Your Bride. Only the bride carries the name of the bridegroom as described in Revelation 3:12.

And this Bride of Yours has "a little strength", which means "few in number" (Rev.3:8). And, indeed, we have very little strength. Nevertheless, You shall even deliver us from the hour of temptation, from the Tribulation, that is coming upon all the world (Rev.3:10). Because You shall have destroyed our pride, jealousy, fears, unbelief, self-righteousness, arrogance, hypocrisy and all haughtiness and evil within us - through Your chastisement and Grace. But the Day of the Lord, the Great Tribulation, shall be upon EVERY ONE, pagan, Israelite or Christian, that remains proud and lofty ... and upon every one, pagan, Israelite or Christian that is lifted up; and he shall be brought low! (Is.2:12).

And Zion shall be redeemed with judgement and her converts with righteousness (Is.1:27). Yes, even Zion, the Holy Mount of God, the Seat of God, the New Jerusalem, shall be fully redeemed with the triple Judgement - all three Judgement Seats.

Thank You, Lord, for Your Love and Grace on the one hand and for Your Righteousness and Judgements on the other! Thank You for leading us, even encouraging us, to JUDGE OURSELVES NOW and thus avoid the future Judgements.

Thank You for Your second Judgement Seat where the absolute necessity to judge all evil, all unrighteousness, all unholiness outside and inside us, shall be shown with a horrible clarity; even the price to be paid for this Judgement. Yet, what an additional Grace to give another one thousand years to Your disobedient children to understand, believe and fulfill the demands of Your second Judgement Seat!

I repeat here that for the same cause, You preached Your Gospel to them that were dead before Calvary that also "...they might be judged as men in flesh are judged and live according to God (and His Will) in the spirit"!! (1Pet.4:6).

Will Your Grace ever cease, Lord? It shall never cease, but Your Justice shall be fully dispensed and completed at the Last Judgement.

I am still on my knees, Lord, and pray that we may not only be born into Your Family and grow in Your Grace, but that we may be delivered from ALL Evil, outside AND inside us and thus be transformed into Your Holy Image! That we may thus receive You and be received by You at Your coming ... and rule with You in Our Kingdom of heaven. First, for one thousand years, and then, for ever and ever. Amen.




Great men are not always wise; neither do the aged understand judgement! Therefore, Lord, I pray that they may hear my speeches and hearken to all my words. For my words shall be of the uprightness of my heart; and my lips shall utter knowledge clearly.

The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty has given me life.

Behold, Lord, I am according to Your wish in Your stead. I also am formed out of clay. Yet, like unto Elihu, I am now in Your stead and I shall speak the words on Your behalf. Thus let Your Spirit constrain me. Amen.

"Hear my words, O ye wise men, and give ear unto me, ye that have knowledge. For the ear tries words as the mouth tastes meat. LET US CHOOSE TO US JUDGEMENT; let us know among ourselves what is good"!

I wish, Lord, I could just quote Your Word and thus be safe from errors. But my heart is opened and so, I say, let Your Wisdom and Grace come forth which You deposited therein and let Your Truth conquer the darkness and lies.

Have You not said, Lord: "Judge not that ye be not judged. For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again"? (Mt.7:1,2). Are we not warned elsewhere in Your Word how we should avoid judging one another or speaking evil about one another? (Jas.4:11; Rom.14:10, 13, etc.).

Yet, it is also written: "But he that is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is judged of no man" (1Cor.2:15). Am I establishing myself as a judge of all brethren? God forbid! Are You establishing me as a judge of all brethren? Not at all! Am I called by You to point my finger at Your people whether they be sheep or shepherds? Not at all! It is far from Your intent, Lord.

Let me repeat, though, that it is NOT written: "... he that is spiritual judges all brethren", but "...he that is spiritual judges all THINGS"! Therefore, I shall not judge brethren - but I shall judge ALL THINGS as Your Spirit shall bring them to my remembrance.

And to my brethren I say: "I speak as to wise men: judge ye what I say" (1Cor.10:15) for you yourselves are also commanded by the same Word of God to "judge in yourselves" (1Cor.11:13), also to "judge yourselves" (1Cor.11:31), to even "judge prophets" (1Cor. 14:29). And if prophets and we ourselves are to be judged, then the things in every believer with no respect of persons must be judged. For it is written again: "These things also belong to the wise. It is not good to have respect of persons in judgement." (Pr.24:23).

But the true key to all judgement is hidden in Your words: "Do not judge after outer appearance, but judge a righteous judgement" (Jn.7:24), which is to say, judge after the inner spiritual reality which is ALWAYS different from how things and people appear outwardly!

Thus, he who is not spiritual cannot see, hear, touch nor understand the inner spiritual realities and, thus, it is a sheer impossibility for him to judge righteously. To all such, You are saying: "Judge not". On the other hand, he who has been transformed into a spiritual one, that is to say, he sees in spirit, hears in spirit, touches the spirit, understands the spirit, obeys the spirit, even tastes and smells the spirit, he cannot BUT judge all things!

So Your Word is true again, saying: "But he that is spiritual judges (keeps judging, must judge) all things yet he himself (the spiritual man within) is judged of no man (is beyond man's judgement)".

Finally, the true key to all righteous judgement within the Church is also hidden. And I say, Lord, that should I know all truths, and see all spiritual realities, even understand all Your prophecies and mysteries ... and be void of true love, true meekness, true patience, true peace, true faith and the other graces of Your Spirit, then I should shut my mouth and bolt it tight! I repeat, "the true graces of Your Spirit"... NOT the human graces. Not our human love, human

patience, human humbleness, human goodness or human righteousness, for they are filthy rags in Your eyes (Is.64:6).

Furthermore, I say, Lord, that should I speak truth but not in love, I would be breaking Your Word in Ephesians 4:15 and achieving nothing - because one chief ingredient would be missing. And this is that misery in our Christianity, for there are many who want to bake bread and there is plenty of flour, even plenty of yeast - but no water ... no living water. Without water, there shall be no bread - without true love, there shall be no growing up into You in all things. Without the true love, there shall be no Church!


Your Word is Truth - but Your Word is also "...sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart" (Heb.4:12). In the hands of the proud, diplomatic, hypocritical,unbelieving, fearful, self-righteous and arrogant Christians, Your Word, even Your Word becomes a deadly and dangerous weapon! The very letters of Your Scripture can kill!! (2Cor.3:6).

In the hands of the spiritual, those graced by the graces of Your Spirit, Your Word becomes a scalpel of a skillful surgeon. And so, a simple question is to be asked: "What kind of spirit is really in us???" It is not without importance to ask: what do we speak?, what do we write?, what do we preach?, what do we teach?, what do we do?, or how do we live? But the most important question and the simplest question to be asked is: "What kind of SPIRIT is really in us"???

We better ask ourselves this all important question lest we burn one another with fire from heaven! (Lk.9:54,55).

Righteous and loving Lord, I repeat to my brethren: "I speak as to wise men; judge ye what I say. I shall not judge brethren but things in them. And this judgement is based and shall be based solely on the Lord's Grace and revelations to me."

"Should I judge-condemn any brother, sister, and point my finger, I should be condemned myself! Equally, should I at this very hour hold my peace and not speak on the Lord's behalf, I should be condemned, as well! Therefore, hear my words and consider them diligently in your hearts and minds for the sake of Christ, the Head, and the Church, His Body."


During my past several years, I learnt many things and many lessons. Two things I also learnt were pertaining to leadership, and they were the following.

(1) It is not easy to lead others! It is easy to be led or to do nothing, to stay nobody or to have no responsibility. But to be a true teacher, true pastor, true prophet, true evangelist, true apostle ... is very difficult, indeed. So difficult, that unless we are truly called by You and equipped by You, it is an absolute impossibility! But even when we are called by You, it is still difficult.

Every TRUE leader is a special target of the powers of darkness to destroy him by any available means. Or at least to neutralize him, discredit him, attack his soul and body, isolate him, heap stumbling blocks on his way, mock him, spread rumours about him, wear him out ... anything.

Should Christians be willing to receive from You this light and spiritual reality, they would be enabled to stop their mutual criticisms, their back-biting, lashing of tongues, spewing idle words, most unrighteous judgements and condemnations. Instead, they would be enabled to fall to their knees and intercede for all TRUE leaders, for they would also be able to discern and recognize the true ones from the false ones. (I do not say, Lord, they would intercede for the false ones.)

So, this is the first thing concerning leadership I learnt in due time. But I truly do not blame any Christian for being ignorant in this area, because I was ignorant myself.

(2) It is not easy to become a leader who is successful and fruitful in Your eyes! One may be a true leader called by You, sanctified by You, yet, unsuccessful and unfruitful for the rest of his life! This was a very painful fact and truth, a painful reality which I was learning on my own skin for a long time; and I have not stopped learning it.

I just know, Lord, that every wise servant of Yours, whether obscure or known by millions, at times wonders, at least in his own heart, whether the harvest, if any, corresponds to the sowing that was done. It may go so far that the man may turn at the end of his career and wonder whether he had accomplished anything valuable for You, whether what he preached or taught was really Your truth, whether what he had done was really of Your Spirit. Whether the fruits of his labors have truly been sweet to Your taste or whether You would spew them out of Your mouth.

This is the second thing concerning leadership I learnt and I keep learning. But I truly do not blame any true leader who may be unsuccessful and unfruitful, because I was unsuccessful and unfruitful myself.

Merciful Lord, I praise You for Your Mercy and Patience with us all. I do praise You for Your Grace and Patience toward all those that You called and still call to build up Your Body and stand for It. I equally praise You for Your preserving Grace and Patience toward all those that You called and still call to be built into Your Body and stand in It.

But now, Lord, I speak to them that were called by You to build Your Body, to build Your House, or to spread the Gospel.

It is written: "Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it"! (Ps.127:1). How do we know when You build and when our labors are in vain? By the fruits! The fruits ALONE shall prove all things and shall prove all people, including us - Christians! You never said to us "Ye shall know them by their busyness, by their preaching, by their zeal, by their knowledge, by their doctrines, by their wisdom, by their eloquent arguments, by their noble desires, by the growth of their religious enterprises, by their grand plans for the future, by their smiles and always positive attitudes..." I can go on and on. But You never said that! You said very clearly: "Ye shall know them by their fruits." (Mt.7:16). And Your statement is not directed at the false prophets only (Mt.7:15), but at ANY leader or laborer who calls You Lord, Lord! (Mt.7:21,22). The false prophets in verse 15 are not pagans, they are the prophets of either Israel or of the church which speak THEIR OWN minds and a vision of THEIR OWN hearts while Your lips are quiet! (Jer.23:16-36). "The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests (pastors) bear rule by their (own) means, and My people LOVE TO HAVE IT SO, and what will ye do in the end thereof?" (Jer.5:31).

So, Your Word touches also the priests and pastors who rule according to THEIR OWN rules, their own minds, their own powers ... and You equate them with the false prophets! And You also warn them saying: "Woe be unto you pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture! saith the Lord. Therefore, thus saith the Lord God of Israel (and of the Church) against the pastors that feed My people: Ye have scattered My flock (into a host of denominations and sects and churches), and driven them away (from churches) and have not visited them; behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Lord." (Jer.23:1,2).

Oh ... of course, we, great Christians saved by Grace do not have to read these passages ... they belong to "poor" Israel, right? And so, even from the Old Testament, we can pick up only those goodies that suit our palate. All the horrible things belong to that stiffnecked, idolatrous, rebellious and good-for-nothing house of Jacob! Is this not a brilliant doctrine, Lord?

Alas, we are not only inclined to believe this rubbish, we are ready to declare it with a very innocent face. Even though we, Christians, belong to Christ and, therefore, are Abraham's seed (Gal.3:29), yet, we somehow bypassed Isaac and Jacob and all his seed ... and have nothing to do with them! As if You were only the God of Abraham ... and then of David ... and of Jesus, but not the God of Isaac nor Jacob!

We even behave as if we ourselves were the olive tree and as if they, "poor" Israel, might in time be grafted into us - and thus be saved! But we turn Your Word upside down and feel fine. THEY ARE the olive tree - and we were grafted INTO THEM, and WITH THEM do we partake of the root (Christ) and fatness of the olive tree!! (Rom.11:17).

I do wonder, Lord, had they not fallen because of unbelief, would Salvation have come unto the Gentiles? (Rom.11:11). The Church today would have been "pure Israel", indeed! But "because of unbelief they were broken off, and you stand by faith; BE NOT HIGHMINDED, but fear. For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest He also spare not you (which were wild olives). Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God, on them which fell, severity, but towards you (Christians) goodness, IF YOU (Christians) CONTINUE in His goodness, otherwise YOU (Christians) ALSO SHALL BE CUT OFF." (Rom.11:20-22).

Shall we now dare to say that we have inherited nothing from the craftiness of Jacob?, from the treachery of Judah? (Jer.3:10), from the backsliding Israel?, from the misery of their false prophets?, from the pride and hypocrisy of their Pharisees, Sadducees and Scribes? Shall we now dare to say that Jeremiah could not possibly have a message for us, Christians, even today? Are not all the things that happened unto them written FOR OUR ADMONITION, upon whom the ends of the world are come??? (1Cor.10:11).


Wherefore, Lord, I say to Your true people and especially to their true leaders: "Wherefore let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall!" (1Cor.10:12). And again: "I speak as to wise men; judge ye what I say and what I shall say." Furthermore, this I say on Your behalf:

"Declare this in the house of Jacob (the worldwide Church) and publish it in Judah (the evangelicals, hot charismatics, cold fundamentalists), saying: Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding: which have eyes and see not: which have ears and hear not. FEAR YE NOT ME? saith the Lord; will ye not tremble at my presence, which have placed the sand for the bound of the sea by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass it; and though the waves thereof toss themselves, yet can they not prevail; though they roar, yet can they not pass over it?

But this people hath a revolting and a rebellious heart; they are revolting and gone. Neither say they in their heart: LET US NOW FEAR THE LORD OUR GOD ... But among my people are found wicked men; they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch man (by crafty doctrines) ... The prophets prophesy falsely and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so.

But this thing commanded I them, saying: OBEY MY VOICE, and I will be your God, and ye (Christians) shall be my people ... But they hearkened not, nor inclined their ears, but walked in the counsels and in the imagination of their EVIL HEART, and went backward, and not forward...

Therefore thou shalt speak all these words unto them (the Church), but they WILL NOT hearken unto thee; thou shalt also call unto them, but they WILL NOT answer thee. But thou shalt say unto them: This is a nation (a church) that obeyeth not the voice of the Lord their God, nor receiveth correction; truth is perished and is cut off from their mouth." (Jer.5:20-24,26,31 and 7:23,24,27,28).

What shall I say now, O greatly beloved Lord? Before I mention or address some individual leaders and ministries, I do want both to loudly proclaim to the ignorant and sleeping and to whisper in the ears of the wise the following.

What is the difference between "light" and "life"? Behold, the difference is truly great and it is this:

When we receive from You truth, it becomes our light. Henceforth, we can share it, teach it, preach it, fight for it, die for it. But it still is only a light to us - we know the truth, we may understand that truth by wisdom if we have that wisdom, we may cherish that truth or we may forfeit that truth if we are foolish. But, we freely received from You - therefore WE KNOW that truth - therefore we have that light!

But now, You desire to incorporate that truth (any particular truth) into us – through chastisement, suffering, breaking, pain, intellectual pain, emotional pain, physical pain. IF we cooperate, one day we begin to live that truth - in addition to knowing it. At that very day - WE ARE that truth - therefore we have that life! Henceforth, we share life, teach life, preach life ... and no man takes it from us. The same applies to KNOWING the way (to the Kingdom) - and BEING that way (to the Kingdom).

The more truths we receive from You, the more light we have. The more of that light is worked into us (Phil.2:12,13) and becomes our NEW nature and we EFFORTLESSLY practise it, the more life we have. This new life is then proved by its fruits!

I thank You, O Life, Way and Truth, that You have not only shown me the way to the Kingdom of heaven - but You have made me the way! Though I have not attained, though I am far from perfection, yet, I AM the way - and whosoever follows me shall arrive at the Kingdom of heaven! This word is NOT OF MY FLESH but of my spirit and faith - and I thank You immensely for this reality, O Lord of Grace and Glory!

I also pray in Your Name that there would be many who could in spirit and in truth proclaim the same statement in faith. Amen.

Beloved Lord, You gave me a pastor whom I loved more than my own father in flesh and whom I still love even though he "discarded me" and ceased to be my pastor several years ago. My love for him had not been dependent upon his performance.

I learnt from him many things. He was a knowledgeable man, an eloquent preacher, a leader in several areas of ministry in addition to his congregation, devoted to his work and beliefs. He was teaching us Pentecostal doctrines, pounding incessantly at gross heresies, warning incessantly against the dangers of humanistic secularism, the rotteness of the world, and of the second coming of the Lord.

I admired him in many things - a true leader, courageous and uncompromising on any basic tenets of faith, well known by many people. Then You began to show me his true heart - and his "throne" in my eyes began to crumble. PRIDE!

Lord Christ Jesus, PRIDE IS RAVAGING YOUR CHURCH!!! It is especially ravaging and destroying the leadership! Pride is paralysing Your Body and especially the leadership! Pride is like unto spiritual AIDS!

The seas of Christianity are strewn with countless shipwrecks on the cliffs of pride. Why is it so, Lord? Because knowledge, position, and power contain this inherent venom of pride and corruption! This is my belief. It is no wonder, Lord, that the moment a young man completes and leaves his seminary, he is already "innoculated" with this venom!

Do we not all know how our dentist freezes our gums before drilling or pulling a tooth? Well, this is the same thing - but in spirit and soul. This venom keeps "freezing" our heart which begins to harden, to grow numb and to be immersed into darkness. When the heart is sufficiently hardened and dark, another weapon is used by our Enemy - deception, lies. This deception, produces more pride - and a vicious circle is born!

Now, if we allow the devil to feed this circle, to turn this wicked merry-go-round for a few years, hypocrites are grown! Self-righteous and arrogant Christians are grown! New efficient Pharisees, Sadducees and Scribes are grown! A New Testament "Sanhedrin" is grown and established in churches and denominations and sects and communities and house groups - everywhere, wherever these "innoculated" leaders begin to ride this vicious merry-go-round.

Most "Sanhedrins" are composed of religious leaders who are usually well educated in Your Word - they know the Bible! Many have doctor's degrees in theology, they have a zeal, a mind and a devotion to work, to build, and to enlarge their work. Many of them are efficient and the fruits of their labors do follow them.

Those of them that are charismatic, that develop an "attractive ministry", do attract a very large following. And they are all staunch defenders of their projects and works and of their own denominations and their purity. They are very zealous guardians of their traditions and of their FORM of religion. They will allow nobody to question their religion nor to touch or upset its FORM! And You, Lord, are the first One whom they unconsciously guard against! Why? Because You are so "dangerously" effective in upsetting our comfortable religious nests, in breaking our religious dreams, myths, forms, doctrines, traditions and shells, and in exposing what we so desperately try to hide – our own spiritual misery!

Lord, should You now come back in flesh as a man, You would be crucified again! By Your own Church!!! The Christian "Sanhedrins" would again accuse You of being a blasphemer and a dangerous element in today's Christianity, and would incite their people to cry again: "Away with him, away with him"! They would put You to an open shame again. Some of these "leaders" are doing it already - they are putting You to an open shame by the things they publicly speak, write and do in Your Name! And who knows the things they speak and do privately?

What shall I say now? I repeat the very first quote: "Great men (leaders) are not always wise; neither do the aged (honourable) understand judgement"!

In what are these great men and leaders unwise? Many seem to commence right, they seem to continue right for a while ... and then, they seem to begin straying from the road and sinking down into a deep mire ... until they stop. And that is that!

Young leaders do not understand judgement because their understanding should come with age. But neither do the aged understand judgement. Why, Lord?

Because they FEAR to let the judgement prove them and their work, to purify them and their work - as gold is purified through fire! FEARS! Fear of losing their image, their reputation, their cherished ministry, their congregations, their friends and connections, their positions, their salaries, their dreams and goals, the fruits of their labors. PRIDE and FEARS.


Let me now come back to my first pastor who was also my last one. The pride, jealousy and fears in his heart have effectively bogged him down and prevented him from bringing forth much fruit unto You! What a waste of talent, efforts and labors, toiling all night and catching ... well, spiritually, very, very little. Is this not sad, Lord? Is this not a typical example of many pastors who may be brilliant, zealous, sincere, devoted and willing, yet, most of their biblical knowledge is but mental?

Hence, most of their religion is but an intellectual exercise mixed in with some prayers, sprinkled here and there with tongues and prophecies or other gifts of Your Spirit, and framed in music. But when it comes to Your Word, it is an intellectual exercise, a FORM of religion ... a pulpit-and-pew religion where one man speaks and speaks and speaks ... and the rest listen and listen and listen or pretend to listen for ever and ever, amen. The man behind the pulpit always tries to present an attractive one-of-a-kind message, and the congregation always hopes for it. But what do You say, Lord?

This is what You are saying: "How is it then, brethren? When ye come together, EVERY ONE OF YOU HAS a psalm (worship), has a doctrine (teaching), has a tongue (gift), has a revelation (light), has an interpretation (wisdom). Let all things be done unto edifying." (1Cor.14:26).

This Word of Yours is exactly what has NEVER been done and NEVER shall be done in organized religion! And how about Your Word in Hebrews 5:12? For even when it comes to Sunday school or Sabbath school or any other religious school, the same pulpit-and-pew system applies. The pastor preaches, the pastor teaches, the pastor speaks ... and the rest listen. Yet, he never knows whether his preaching, teaching and speaking was understood or not, received or not, whether it produced any fruit or not.

But the pastor is expected to preach, teach and speak (among other things), he is also "paid for it", he is expected to do all that regularly, whether You give him a word or whether You do not. Right? And the pastors are doing exactly that, many even to the best of their ability ... whether You reveal anything to them or not.

At this point I am reminded of a sad moment when I met my former pastor for the very last time. I brought to him Your Word about "Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God" (Eph.5:21). He rejected Your Word since he could not possibly submit himself to me as I was nobody ... and still am nobody in the religious world. This did not surprise me as much as his words just before we parted. He frankly admitted that he was not sure whether "what we have been preaching all those years was really truth"! But he expressed hope that scholars would come up with the right answers very soon!

I do wish with all my heart, Lord, he had obeyed Your Word to him and me and stepped down from his throne to my ground level. Today he would have known the simple and marvellous truth ... and would not have to wait for any scholars, lest he also should miss the Rapture (1Jn.2:27).

Do I judge him? Not at all. "He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken (to him), the same shall judge him in the last day." (Jn.12:48). I love him and would readily embrace him should he return.

Yet one more word I must say, a word of exhortation, to show him a truthful example of the misery and dangers of the pride and fears that are in him.

When my younger daughter was nine years old, she expressed a wish to be baptized being saved for some months. The pastor refused to baptize her on the grounds that I was not coming to the church any more and he had "no guarantee that she would receive proper Christian education." As if these were Scriptural conditions for baptizing newly saved believers! But the true reason was his pride and fears; he was even fearful and offended by being asked to do such a thing in his church for anyone carrying my name. And in his arrogance, he even agreed that I myself should baptize her in our bath tub!

The bitter truth is that he offended a young girl who believed in You, Lord Jesus! And this I say to him on Your behalf: "But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea"! (Mt.18:6).

I do fear, beloved brother, that in your ministry your pride, fears, jealousy, arrogance and self-righteousness had manifold excellent chances to offend many other people, adults and little ones. Search your heart, search your spirit and REPENT, else you remain in the danger of being drowned! The Word of God is not written in vain!

I had come to you and repented ... and you forgave me ... but you never did likewise - as if it were impossible for you to sin. In truth I say unto you, unless you repent likewise, you shall NOT see the Kingdom of heaven! This is not my word ... this is the word of the King of kings. Amen ... so be it!


And then, there were two other brothers You brought my way for a while. One was an ordained pastor without a congregation, and the other was desiring to become a mighty servant of Yours. They fellowshipped with us in our house church for about two years, and I loved them. Then they departed South.

After another two or three years, they came back as if they were apostles with a message and the goal to restore Your house in Montreal. It was a noble goal, a grand undertaking, and they were sincere and backed-up by other brethren from the South. And You, Lord, knew it. And in Your Grace You would have granted them this privilege and, indeed, turned them into new Nehemiahs.

You commenced by showing them that before they can restore Your house in any city or village, they themselves must be restored first! In their pride and arrogance, they refused Your word flatly and were deeply offended by it. Their biblical knowledge and contacts with Christian

leaders from the South have puffed them up. Their zeal and lust for work and leadership have been the fire that burned down the bridges to their true humility, to You personally, and thus to their own spiritual fruitfulness. They studied the Bible daily and diligently - but their motto, which was "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" (Hos.4:6) misled them. Hosea never spoke about the knowledge of the Bible itself - but about the knowledge of the Lord Himself!

Even today, there are Christians who can neither read nor write, yet, they know You more than many scholars put together. The same prophet continues, saying: "then shall we know IF we follow on (our intellectual biblical knowledge) to KNOW THE LORD" (Hos.6:3).

May these two dear brothers realize that there are many scholars who know the Bible "from cover to cover" and they are ALREADY condemned to the everlasting lake of fire! Beloved Lord, will these two brothers ever see and admit their pride and arrogance? Will they ever repent? I acknowledge, Lord, that it is not easy by any means to see and admit and repent, no, it is difficult. Therefore, I do pray that they would be ENABLED to do so, for I know that unless they overcome themselves and repent, they shall in no wise enter into Your Kingdom!

I say this in sadness but boldly on Your behalf, for You know that this is so. I even bind the venom within them from spreading and damaging Your Body - in the Name of Christ! Amen.

These two dear brothers typify those young and highminded zealots who are so sincere and so burning to become new Aarons, Moses', Joshuas, Gideons, Samsons, Daniels, Nehemiahs ... that they cannot possibly stop, ponder and realize that Your ways are NOT our ways. All such brethren are usually stubborn as mules and are absolutely unwilling to abandon their ways, even to abandon themselves into Your hand. Yet, my sincere desire is that one day even these two brothers would return ... not to lay down rules and goals for their brethren - but to lay down their lives for their brethren (1Jn.3:16); and to lay down themselves into our arms and repent. And we shall cry with them in joy. And if this day is not to be during our earthly pilgrimage, then it shall be at the next Judgement Seat of Christ, for there we shall surely meet again.

But I do feel sad, Lord, very sad. For I am no better than they are, I have not done more work than they have done and I do doubt whether I am more sincere in my zeal than they are in theirs. But PRIDE divides us ... and I intercede for ourselves that it be destroyed ... and the stubborness ... and all within us that offends Your Spirit and stands in Your Way. Amen.


And then, there had been another pastor of another denomination whom You brought among us and he became another dear brother. I loved him from the beginning and, thank You Lord, my love for him has also been independent of his performance. I love to say this because if Your love for me depended on my performance, I would have been hated and damned and abandoned from the very beginning! But You loved us while we were yet sinners, Your enemies blaspheming Your Name, spitting into Your face! This is Your love - and this is the love with which I am now also able to love this dear brother. It is marvellous, it is far beyond our logic and

beyond our understanding ... and certainly beyond our own abilities.

Now, this brother is no exception when it comes to pride, jealousy, fears and doubts. (I already wrote that we ALL started from being a bundle of vanity, corrupt throughout, and there was no respect of persons!) But I found no arrogance in him, no malice, no viciousness, no apparent lust for a position or glory; rather, I have found jealousy and deep fears, also an ignorance, human goodness, innocent blindness and naξvete (similar to what I had), a tender heart and moldability - before his heart began to harden. In his zeal and determination, he has been fulfilling his pastoral calling in his own kindness, own love and own gentleness.

He cannot "hurt a fly"; when he feels he is cornered, he uses Christian diplomacy rather than a venomous arrow of arrogance. Yet, there are vessels around him who are quivers containing such arrows. There are powers around him which see to it that he does not break loose ... and abandon their traditions, plans, desires and their will.

Nevertheless, my faith is simple, Lord, and it is this. If You called him with a much higher calling than where he is presently, he shall break through and fulfill Your purpose and Your calling even should he pass through a wilderness for some years. And if he is not called, no man will push him forward even an inch. Lord, I believe the former! I believe it in spirit despite the outward signs and facts. One outward fact is that he rejected Your word to him and to his


There is one elder in his congregation who is so proud that all the church knows it. Yet, he sits on the platform, prays theatrical prayers and prophesies with a very serious face as if You had, indeed, given him a word. He believes he is deeply spiritual ... and the pastor and the church believe that You do speak through him - pride or no pride. Have they not yet realized that You NEVER reveal anything to anyone whom You resist? (Jas.4:6). Have they not yet realized that a little leaven leavens the whole lump? (Gal.5:9).

I say, Lord, that if there is anyone in that church who is truly sensitive to Your Spirit, he must always be offended by the "ministry" of this elder. Unless his brothers in the church bring him to see the truth about himself, to repent and turn from his terrible pride and arrogance, that poor man is in danger of perishing! But the account shall be required from those that had seen and known for years, and did nothing!

There is another elder in that church who is well respected and who is devoted to You, to the ministry, and to using the gifts of Your Spirit. How many times You speak through him and how many times You do not is not mine to judge. But I do say, Lord, that You would make him truly fruitful should he be delivered chiefly from his emotionalism, which is of the flesh.

True, we all are different characters; some speak softly, some loudly; some speak looking at their toes, some speak staring into one's eyes; some speak boldly and some shyly; some speak eloquently and some just cannot find the right words; and some speak not at all. Some make a lot of noise, some are quiet; some are jumping around, and some remain seated, restrained by their etiquette.

I am not judging different characters of different believers. In this chapter, I judge the THINGS in the leadership (and anyone else, including myself) that stand against YOU, that oppose YOUR mind and lacerate YOUR heart; the things that bog down YOUR servants, that limit their ministry, that render them unfruitful! I judge the things that paralyse YOUR Body and make YOUR Church a laughing-stock for the world and the devil.

I must admit, I had judged this beloved brother and elder unrighteously before. I had repented to him in front of the whole congregation, for so You had commanded me. But now, I am saying to this brother in Your stead: "You seem to commence right, and you seem to continue right for a while ... and then you begin straying from the road and sinking into a deep mire ... until you stop. If a man starts in a calm tenor voice, and half way through his message, or prayer, or prophecy, he ends up shrieking in soprano, that no one understands what is being said, has he not ruined all that he started? Is the church edified, stunned, or deafened? Will you not seek the Lord of Grace for your deliverance? For it is not the church that is fed and satisfied - but your emotional lust!

I pray to the Lord of Grace that you would be seeking Him concerning this deliverance and I pray, yea, I intercede, that you would become truly fruitful unto Him and the whole congregation! Amen.

There is one more word to the leadership and to the whole congregation, yet, not from me but from the Lord Himself, and it is this:

"But I tell you of a truth, many widows were in Israel in the

days of Elias, when the heaven was shut up three years and six months, when great famine was throughout all the land. But unto none of them was Elias sent, save unto Sarepta, a city of Sidon, unto a woman that was a widow.

And many lepers were in Israel in the time of Eliseus the prophet; and none of them was cleansed saving Naaman the Syrian.

And many congregations are in the Church in your great city in these last days, but to none of them was My servant sent save unto you – a widow in the midst of a famine, and a leper though honourable and mighty in valour. He was sent that he might dwell with you and that the handful of meal in your barrel may not be wasted, and the little oil in your cruse may not fail before I come. Also, that you may be cleansed from your leprosy.

But you have not hearkened unto My voice nor have you obeyed My counsel nor yet followed the example which I had given you those three times.

Therefore, I say unto you, whosoever shall not repent speedily, his barrel shall be wasted, and his cruse shall dry out; and he shall remain a leper unto My coming, for thus have I spoken."

And to my beloved brother, the pastor of the church, I say this: "I found in you no in-born lust for a position or glory. Therefore, you had to be THRUST into a high position and into a limelight, even through a prophecy you had to be thrust in ... that you might be puffed up and separated! But it was NOT of the Lord of Heaven and Earth! Woe unto them that throw stumblingblocks under the feet of the simple servants of the Lord God Jehovah!"


There were more leaders and things You had shown me in that congregation, Lord, but I shall write no further. Because of their refusal, I could not dwell among them and You took me out. How I wished to have ministered to them Your Truth and Life ... and cause them to find the narrow road to the Kingdom of heaven (You know, Lord), but they would not.

Yet, I hope, Lord, that there are or shall be true Overcomers, as I also hope for many other congregations and places. Overcomers who will one day, and rather soon, stop playing their religious self-satisfaction games and begin to HEAR and OBEY Your voice. Who will also realize that You never speak in vain, and that it is true wisdom to fear You and to heed Your warnings!!!

But if anyone desires to remain disobedient and ignorant - let him be disobedient and ignorant! (1Cor.14:38).




     Beloved Lord, I now dare to move into an area of leadership where volumes could be written and where the opportunities for unrighteous judgements are blossoming like weeds in a well-watered spring valley. I pray and trust Your Spirit - the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord - CONSTRAIN ME to declare truth ... and keep me from all weeds! Let all that follows be written unto edifying and holiness of Your Church which is Your Body and Your fulness. Amen.


     So far, I touched and described a few examples from organized church denominations. Now I want to move and touch communities, publishing, and finally, the "electronic" evangelism and ministry.


     From the beginning of Christianity, the churches in houses had been a common fact (Acts 2:46 and 5:42; Philemon 2). I believe that they never ceased and that during the times of severe persecutions and the dark ages of Christianity, they were the sole candlestick of light, the sole vessel of salt, the sole cruse of oil, the sole remnant that You had on earth.

     You always had Your remnant like unto a "scarlet thread" that is being unwound through the maze of darkness, corruption and death in this world. Even today, they are Your sole remnant in the countries and places where Your Church is under heavy persecution. In the so-called "free world", though, the story is quite different.


     Many house groups and many communities, small or large, were formed by believers who were frustrated with their "mother ships" and took off in their "dinghies". Because of their ambitions and the abundance of freedom, many of such Christians followed the voices of their unsatisfied desires, even the noble plans and imaginations of their minds and hearts. Some of those desires, plans and imaginations suggested that true Christianity COULD and SHOULD be practised in a form different from organized religion. It could - and it did!


     Many believers found new things, new freedoms, new feelings, new doctrines, new atmosphere, new relationships ... even new enthusiasm to "show the world how the true Body of Christ looks, works and lives".

     So, instead of a sixty-five year old bald canon from an abbey in a pitch dark attire, one would have a thirty year old guy in the same jeans and the same T-shirt as one's pastor or an elder in the

"governmental line". They would be on a first-name basis from the very beginning. They could sit cross-legged under an orchard and have communion with real whole-wheat tasty bread and a glass of real red wine. Instead of quietly warming some hard-wood pew for hours, they could sit on grass and speak with one another, and share and discuss any biblical or any domestic matters. They could pray, sing, worship anywhere, any hour and almost under any circumstances and conditions.


     Those in the leadership, devoted to the study of Your Word, have done so spontaneously and they produced a flood of teachings and doctrines in print or on tapes. Communities mushroomed, holy convocations were called and the new teachings were disseminated all over North America and beyond. The teachings were new in content, in style and in palate.

     In content - they were adventurous, penetrating into areas previously neglected, shunned or feared; in style - they were more open, more frank, irresistible; and as to the palate - they were usually sprinkled with a biblical humor and a pinch of sarcasm toward those that might not see their value and truth.


      I do believe, Lord, that a new freshness and a new form of a more open Christianity had been discovered and new values produced. I believe that much hypocrisy and ritualism had been discarded along with much tradition. I also believe another fact, though, and this is what I would, again, write in red ink: Despite all the above newness, all the above changes - the MAN HAD NOT CHANGED!

     The pride, fears, jealousies, doubts, lusts and many other things lodged deeply within the heart of a clean-cut young man in a denominational church REMAINED in his heart even in the midst of his new community!


     True, he now had brothers and sisters with whom he could talk more openly, share more openly, sing new songs, pray new prayers and worship with tears rolling down his cheeks ... the soul being truly exuberant and ecstatic. Yet, the heart did not yield its dark venomous contents!

     Just as the old traditional organized churches, so also the new communities, have NOT SOLVED   the problem of the Old Man and the New Man!

     The soul could experience a tremendous change - but the spiritual man remained unchanged! Even many of these new fresh leaders have not found out that the way to You Personally, to the living God, is NOT through new doctrines alone, through a lot of new teachings alone, through

mind and new emotions ... not even through a NEW FORM of Christianity alone; nor is it through the newly found freedoms of the soul! The way to You has been the same from the beginning - it is through the spirit AND cross, through cross AND spirit! There is simply NO OTHER WAY!


     Just as there have been very few in the organized church that found and now walk on the narrow road, so also there have been few in the communities that found it and walk on it. Nevertheless, I believe, Lord, that due to the much greater closeness and togetherness of people, the communities are an excellent tool to preserve what Christians already have and hold it fast and not deteriorate as rapidly as the organized church does. Such is my earnest prayer, Lord.

     But most of all, I do pray and intercede for the leadership of the communities formed by You that Your Mighty Spirit would RESTRAIN them from straying and erring in spirit - for the consequences are always transmitted to all the followers and are damaging Your Body whatever

is It's form. I pray in faith and I praise You for Your work on earth. Amen.






     Beloved Lord Jesus, whenever I step into a Christian bookstore or a publishing agency, my head twists. Not only could I "read myself to death" with so much available literature, but before so dying, I would probably become the most confused and stupefied man on earth.

     It seems that anybody can write anything provided that it is sincere, and that it contains God's Name or some references to the Bible. On the other hand, it does not seem to matter at all, in what SPIRIT the material is written or whether it fits into Your Eternal Plan in any way. It seems sufficient to be in possession of the Bible or other biblical literature, of a newly acquired knowledge or experiences, of finances or right connections to right people, and of a strong enough desire to let the world know ... and we can publish anything!


     And if our Christian book of $19.99 does not move, we can always put it on sale at $12.99 or right down to our own cost of $3.52! (Is it not written that "thou shalt not muzzle the ox that spreadeth the book"?)

     It still seems strange to a vast host of Christian writers and readers that Your Word was INSPIRED and, therefore, written IN YOUR SPIRIT ... which does make a world of difference. The words that You are speaking unto us THEY ARE SPIRIT and THEY ARE LIFE! (Jn.6:63). A vast majority of the available Christian literature are also "words that are spirit". But, alas, they are human spirit of the old man – they are DEATH?!

     How else would You, Lord, qualify the rows and rows of books on "Pastor's help", not Concordances, not History books, but those written by psychologists, scholars and other writers describing "how to" methods. If Your pastors, who are supposed to be Your servants, cannot be helped directly by You, Spirit-to-spirit, then they should respectfully submit to You their resignations.


     I have never heard about a true servant of God needing psychologists or scholars to help him out. The reverse is true! The psychologists and scholars and various other scientists need help from Your true pastors!

     As far as I know, Lord, none of Your Apostles had any theological education nor had any one of them received anything from the Scribes, scholars, theologians, Pharisees or Sadducees! All that Your Apostles received was from You, from Your Spirit - and thus they wrote the whole New Testament , which became the Foundation of Christianity! And if a handful of humanly ignorant fishermen, a tax collector, a physician and a zealous persecutor wrote something that we today regard as the "Holy Writ", why must we wait today on some clever men???


     If I write this letter to You only because I had read something and heard something some­where from somebody - then let this book be burned! Indeed, for it would be but valueless trash! But if I write that which I received from You, from Your Spirit, in the light of Your revelations and in the life of Your dealings with me, as I do write, then it shall penetrate the hearts of men, even to the dividing asunder of their soul and spirit, their bones and marrow - and they shall KNOW in the depths of their spirit and heart that these things are from You and that they are so!



     How about the rows and rows of books on "How to live a victorious Christian life"? These books are mostly written by people who have achieved some more or less spectacular success in the physical world or in the world of their soul, but seem to know precious little about the spiritual world.

     Many of them seem to have no idea about what is TRUE victory and a TRUE failure in Your eyes. Most of the time, what seems a total failure in our eyes, is a great victory in Your eyes! And vice versa. And we can begin with the Cross of Calvary, followed by the rejection of You by Your own people, even the apparent failure of Christianity and an apparent victory of the powers of darkness.


     What the vast majority of these books present concerning "how to live a victorious life", or "how to be successful", is an Amway religion! For even these businessmen use Your Word to their advantage. They recognize Solomon as the wisest man that ever lived, they quote some of his Proverbs; but they never quote Proverb 23:4, or some others, for it would shake the very foundations of their proclamations, goals and business itself. Yet, it comes from the same Solomon!

     So it is with the rows of these books, no matter how well intentioned, how sincere the authors, how victorious their story might appear. There is the Word of God, the Word of righteousness, the Word of judgement, the Word of wisdom somewhere in the Scripture - that shatters their "victories" to dust. Their "victorious" living shall be turned to weeping and gnashing of teeth. But simple readers do not know ... and how many fall into these traps, only You know, Lord.


      And then, there are rows upon rows of books with all kinds of new doctrines, new explanations, new interpretations ... a true "smorgasbord" for any taste bud. Will Christians go through the Tribulation? Will they not? Shall we all be raptured together? Who are the Overcomers? What shall we do when our money fails? How to prepare ourselves for the Tribulation! Where will the marriage supper of the Lamb take place? Who are the guests? Do we have the power of God? How to use the power of God? Who is the Bride of Christ? Who are the sons of God? Who are the children of the Kingdom? Who will enter into the Kingdom of heaven? Who will be left behind? For how long? Will the Lord come secretly or openly? What to do not to miss the Rapture! ...I could thus go on and on.

     Unfortunately, most of these books are written by Your "experts" whom You told everything ... just as You told Noah, Abraham and Moses! All we have to do is read all these five-thousand books, booklets and pamphlets, clearly understand them and accept their truth - and we shall have all the answers. And since we have all the answers, all our problems should disappear.

     But there are multitudes of Christians who read ... and read ... and read ... one famous author after another, one brilliant book after another  ... and their personal problems have not disappeared, but grew worse. Their spiritual man had not changed - he was only buried under another layer of flesh!


     They even try to prepare themselves and their families and friends for "the worst" to come according to the experts – who apparently never read Matthew 6:25-34. All the new doctrines, all the new ways  to victory, all the recipes for happiness, prosperity and peace, all the wishful thinking about faith and power of God in us ... all these products of the "wise and prudent" are powerless, valueless, fruitless trash that shall burn as hay and stubble at the first look of Your eyes! (Rev.1:14).


     What do You say, Lord? I believe I know what You are saying at this point. You are saying two things, and this is the first word You are saying: "Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall NOT enter into the Kingdom of heaven" (Mt.18:3). I do not dare to add to Your Word, Lord, I only dare to say to my brothers and sisters (authors, writers, readers), that the word "converted" does not mean from paganism to Christianity - but from our lofty, haughty ways of pride, legalism, mental analysis and manifold speculations of the wise and prudent adults, to the ways of humbleness, purity and simplicity, which are the ways of children!

     The second word that You are saying goes with the first hand-in-hand, and it is this: "I thank Thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because Thou hast HID THESE THINGS from the wise and prudent, and hast REVEALED THEM UNTO BABES. Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in Thy sight." (Mt.11:25). Just before this word, Lord, You were upbraiding Your own people which witnessed some of Your mighty works, yet repented not! (Mt.11:20-24).

     Verily I say unto my beloved brothers and sisters in Your Mighty Name that there shall not be even one believer who shall enter into Your Kingdom because he or she knew right doctrines!!! Nor yet because he or she is saved and born-again in spirit!!! There shall not be even one believer who shall be raptured or become Your Bride or obtain any of Your promises in the Book of Revelation, unless he or she is PREPARED by Your Spirit, TESTED by Your Spirit, PROVEN by Your Spirit and, thus, JUDGED BY YOUR SPIRIT to be ready and worthy!!!

     Not one shall enter in and rule with You in any other way. And no one is prepared by Your Spirit to rule in Your Kingdom who has NOT OBEYED Your voice, saying: "If any man wants to follow Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me." (Mt.16:24).


     Yes, the TRUE way to the only TRUE victory is not to take up stacks of wise pamphlets, booklets, books and dozens of wise doctrines – but to take up OUR CROSS!


     The TRUE way to the only TRUE victory is not to seek first our prosperity, our happiness, our health, our peace, the solutions to all our problems - but firstly to DENY OURSELVES!


     AFTER we are willing to deny ourselves and take up our cross, You shall begin to prepare us for all that was preordained for us by our Father, which is in heaven and whose Name be blessed and loved for ever! And only then we shall have a chance to see and taste the true victory, the true faith, the true happiness, the true peace, the true prosperity, the true health (3Jn.2). Yea, we shall see and taste of the Truth Itself ... because we shall also begin to walk in that Truth (3Jn.3,4).

     We shall begin to find all these above fruits of the true victory, even our eternal life, because "whosoever will lose his (old) life for My sake shall find it" (Mt.16:25).



     I pray, Lord, that those rows and rows of books be burned at the stake for they are contrary to Your Word, contrary to Your Spirit, and they deceive Your simple ones. Yet I do not want to be unrighteous and throw all Christian literature into one bag. God forbid. Just as You always had a remnant in Israel, just as You always had a remnant in the Church, so You have a "remnant" in literature - so that the remnant of Your Church can be fed with wholesome food.


     I praise Your Name, Your Wisdom and Your Ways! Even though multitudes in Christianity had been throughout centuries feeding on a few grains of truth mixed in with much trash, You always provided necessary supplies of a wholesome food; spoken, or written, or both.


     I do want to bring before You one of Your true servants of this century, among others, that You blessed so much, that served You so faithfully and that has been so much neglected and despised. His name is Watchman Nee - and I thank You for him, for I have received great blessings through his ministry. That he was Your true and blessed servant proclaiming Your truth, it is evident, if only in the fact that he had been rejected by the majority of the Church and its leadership.

     He reproved, rebuked and exhorted with all longsuffering and doctrine ... he probed too deeply into our misery, his words were too heavy and too unpleasant for our flesh. No wonder he was taken from the bookshelves in many places and is not taught at seminaries, theological faculties, religious schools and establishments. Only some of today's hierarchy, and only some of today's "laity" have a passing knowledge of some of his works and teachings.

     Only Your remnant feeds on him, appreciates him and loves him. But I thank You for him, for I should not be far from the truth by calling him the "Martin Luther of the twentieth century". Why? Just as You used Martin Luther to bring light into dark and dead Catholicism, so You used

Watchman Nee to bring light and life into dark and dead Protestantism. Lord, You judge whether this is so or not.


     And yes, I do thank You also for other servants through whom You blessed me, whether a little or immensely, and who faithfully ministered Your Truth, Light and Life. I shall not name them here, even though a number of them were rather obscure and forgotten men and brothers. But You know them all, beloved Lord, and I thank You for them.

     I thank You also for all those whom I never knew; yet, they fed Your Church with Truth, Light and Life. Blessed be Your Wonderful Name, Lord Christ Jesus.



     At this point I have to mention another fact concerning the publishing ministry. The fact is, that there are some publishing ministries which do provide "good food for the soul" and thus bring believers, including the leadership, to higher levels of intellectual maturity concerning spiritual things.


     I testify, Lord, that I also received "good food for my soul" from several sources. It had helped me at my younger age. I now want to mention two publishing ministries as representative examples, one from the South and one from the North of the United States.


     The one from the South is a magazine published also in other countries. You brought it to my hand about a decade ago and I "plunged into its pages head-long" and I felt I was drinking a new wine, something different, something that my soul was thirsting after. And I did drink and it did have a ministry in my life, and I thank You for it and for the men around it.

     I appreciated that food and I could hardly find in it anything contrary to my own feelings and understanding of the truth at that time. And by far, I was not the only one who appreciated it and who was helped and blessed by it.

     So far so good, Lord. But later on, You had tested even this magazine and its Editor and had shown me the result. What was the result? After the Editor "challenged me before God to financially support the magazine", I wrote back a piece of my heart and faith. I never got any reply. Had I kept mailing my cheques, I would have surely remained a praiseworthy brother - even a core-member, whatever that was. But since I questioned their well-meant but unscriptural challenge, I ceased to be worthy even of a few lines and a stamp! So much for the spirit, Lord.


     And then later on, You showed me the contents especially in several of the last issues that I received. You, as it were, took away the veil and let me see the spiritual realities. The realities are these. I have to judge righteously and declare that there were many excellent articles in the numerous issues that I received, with sound doctrines and sound reasoning - but no life! Your Spirit was mentioned on every page - but He Himself was nowhere to be found nor His touch. It was all sound mind and sound legalism, good suggestions, good directions, good humor, good stories, good interviews ... good for the enquiring mind of a young or an older Christian, for a "pew-warmer" as well as a pastor or a missionary. But the living touch of Your Spirit was missing.

     The "Barrier" between the intellect and the spirit seems to have never been broken through! It is sad, Lord, very sad, for it severely limits this otherwise sound, even excellent publishing ministry.

     BUT if the men around it have the spirit similar to that of the Editor, then there is little hope for true progress or breakthrough into the world of Your Spirit.

     I pray, Lord, this would not be the case, rather, that the beloved brethren, some of whom are much older and much more experienced in practical religion than I, would not hesitate to step out of their "boat" and walk toward You on water! Let them truly break through, O Lord of Glory. Thank You. Amen.



     And then up North, there is another publishing ministry which prints its own teachings and studies in the Bible and distributes them freely to anyone interested. I do not question the human sincerity behind this ministry nor their courage to go beyond, even far beyond the traditional limits of Christian thinking and believing.

     Nevertheless, Lord, I do question the true origin of their doctrines and interpretations that they dare to publish. The very dangerous feature of this ministry and similar ministries is in the fact that a large portion of any doctrine or study they propagate starts as very sound and scriptural, but at some point it begins to stray. And the straying may be ever so subtle that only Your Spirit will detect it immediately. What a nice and pleasant way to become deceived!


     But the derailment from the biblical track can also be sudden and, if so, it should shatter the initial faith and confidence of any reader and bring him to attention. Any man who "knows" the Bible so well and can skillfully juggle a concoction of verses from various corners of the Bible, then writes that "God created love", does not write in Your Spirit but in his own spirit and zeal. And the disaster is in the offing - because "there is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death" (Pr.14:12). And if such a stray track is followed for long enough, quite strange and complicated doctrines and teachings result.

     A typical example of such straying is the absurd doctrine about Adam being both male and female before Eve was created. This absurd doctrine then leads to the absurd teachings of The Brideship and Sonship, and many others. These teachings are truly the fruits of the "Bible studies" by imaginative human brains soaked in lusts – but they are NOT the revelations granted to us by Your Spirit!


     How many simple and naξve Christians have become the victims of these color dreams? How many Christians would really hate to receive and believe attractive, pleasant and glorious "facts" about themselves?? And how many Christians would really love to know and receive the bitter truth about themselves?? Only You know, Lord.


     To the authors of such dangerous heresies, mixed in with some scriptures, I say that they cause divisions and offences within Your Body. They bring DEATH into Your Body and not Life. And this is the word I received from You concerning them: "Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learnt and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by GOOD WORDS and FAIR SPEECHES DECEIVE the hearts of the SIMPLE" (Rom.16:17,18).


     And toward my beloved simple ones, I say in Your Name that "I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the SIMPLICITY that IS IN CHRIST"! (2Cor.11:3).



     These were two additional examples in the publishing ministry. And so I may conclude, Lord, that one can find anything and everything in this publishing area, from an abominable trash oozing from dark, proud minds and lusts of flesh, right up to wholesome food for the mind and soul. And then, even some true spiritual food beyond the intellectual barrier, food inspired by Your Spirit, revealed by Your Spirit, worked in by Your Spirit and carried by Your Spirit into the spirits of the readers.

     It does not feed our minds primarily, but our spirits, for it has the power to penetrate the soul and the intellectual barrier, which is the divide between the spirit and soul - Heb.4:12. After thus feeding ourselves, we KNOW deep down within our spiritual consciences we read the truth, we ate the truth, we digested the truth ... and that truth BECAME an indivisible part of us! No man takes it away!


     So I pray, Lord, that You would lead Your people to that bookshelf and to that material which they need at their particular time - but that You would keep them away, miles away, from all the trash heaped around the true pearls. In Christ's Glorious Name! Amen.





     Now, I have to admit, Lord, that I cannot imagine in what state today's Christianity would be without the publishing business. In fact, the Bible itself is allegedly the very first book ever printed. Today, perhaps, millions of pieces of religious literature are being printed

and disseminated daily.

     Yet, there is another tool which might have an even greater influence, greater impact than publishing - it is the radio and television ministry. Thanks to modern technology, this electronic religion now literally "covers the whole world".


     This is my letter to You, Lord of Glory, yet I asked You at times that Your Spirit would lead me. But You say to me: "If I am to lead you in all your words, this would be My letter to Myself. Therefore, continue as before and declare the thoughts and movements of your own heart and the Truth shall be established. It shall stand even through the days of shaking when everything else shall fall. And how great shall that fall be. But the Truth shall stand as a rock, and on It shall stand all those that loved It."


     Lord, I feel that the radio ministry is very much like the publishing ministry. Quite often they are the same men which broadcast and publish. Before the TV era the radio ministry was much more needed and appreciated and in many areas it was and still is "indispensable" – the only way to reach some people.

     As to its value, it was much simpler in message and thus much clearer, with greater anointing, greater impact and purer fruits. As time progressed, it became more "sophisticated", more intellectual, more profound as to its scope and goals. It, therefore, became more corrupted and less effective in the spiritual battlefield.

     Today the radio ministry resembles the situation in the publishing ministry, yet, not to the same extent. How many Christians can afford to publish and how many can afford to broadcast?


     I wish to say only one thing, Lord. The airwaves, just as the bookstores, are overcrowded with doctrines of all kinds and shades. These are supplemented by interviews with more or less prominent Christian leaders and with all kinds of psychologists and doctors of theology,

book writers, and others.

     Most of the simple but wholesome radio ministry of the first half of this century has been turned into an intellectual exercise. It has become a lecturing in biblical history, in biblical psychology and parapsychology, in reading and explaining interesting biblical stories, in discussing interesting aspects of Christianity. It has become a forum where we can successfully "attack one another in the Name of Jesus", where we can air our own stuff, whether it be beneficial to Your Body or whether it be detrimental.


     Even here are some exceptions for which I thank You, O Lord of Glory. And I thank You also for radio ministers who faithfully and boldly declare Your simple Truth in the right spirit and whom I did not have the privilege to hear.


     You showed me one radio minister and publisher from Eastern Canada. To judge righteously, I must say this: He is one of the few who is courageous enough to publish and to speak out against anyone by name and against anything which he considers evil or dangerous within the Church or outside of it.

     His voice and publications are not false, his intentions are noble and clear. Nevertheless, I do question the spirit in which many things are done and, thus, the degree of fruitfulness of this ministry in the spiritual realm.

     For example, he is out to war with anyone who is not using the King James Authorized Version of the Bible. He is quite capable to back it up by a thick historical documentation. Now, I believe and KNOW in my spirit that he is right and correct in his reasoning and intentions and in his "war"! Yet, what will he achieve when Your Spirit is not in it???

     I can proclaim openly that even the New King James Version is already soaked in satanic spirit and I cannot even read it! Nevertheless, unless Your Spirit reveals this to the reader, unless the reader has his NEW MAN developed and sensitive enough to see and smell that satanic spirit, what can I do? Shall I bombard him with arguments as a good "Christian lawyer"? It is sheer vanity and You know it, Lord.

     What shall I say then? This is what I say: An intercession with grace and patience and faith is needed just as much as the proclamation of any truth! Mental arguing is the pit into which even the best ministers seem to slide sooner or later. Mental arguing is the chief contributor to the division of Your Church into the "clubs".


      Nevertheless, he at least declares the truth and declares it boldly. Therefore, I pray in the depth of my heart, O Lord of all Truth and Grace and Patience, that not only he, but WE ALL would learn and be enabled to proclaim Your Truth both boldly AND in Your Spirit, thus ensuring its effectiveness and fruitfulness in the spiritual world. Its fruit in our physical world will follow in due time, if there is sufficient time left. Amen.


     You showed me another radio minister and publisher from the Southern United States who is a doctor of theology and calls his listeners "my beloved".

     When I wrote a long letter to him, and attached to it my first book and asked for certain help, he did not bother even to reply to his "beloved" listener. On the one hand, he can describe biblical persons and events in quite a colorful and interesting way. On the other hand, he can publish a very foolish, divisive and slanderous material on "tongue folks" - simply because he himself never tasted of Your Spirit!

     Again, it is all mind - and no living water. It is truly a spiritual Sahara, yea, it is a spiritual cancer which can spread so rapidly. And a spiritual cancer produces physical cancer, for it is a tool of Satan. Nevertheless, by his words he shall be justified and by his words he shall be condemned!

     I pray, therefore, that You would grant him Grace to REPENT and turn away from the cancer that he has been spreading about the gifts of Your Spirit, thus sinning against Your Body. And if he shall refuse to repent, let him NOT see Your Kingdom of heaven! Amen.


     Today's radio ministry has also become an endless promotion and repetition of what "we must do" and what "we must not do"; these things irrespective of whether we are able "to do" or "not to do". And so, after a lot of broadcasting and publishing, after reading stacks of books and listening to endless programs, both the broadcaster and the listener, the writer and the reader, ALL go on doing precisely what "we must not do" and avoiding what "we must do"! Why? Because we flood our brains with a new input - but within our hearts we remain the same! If the same at all(!), for with all that new knowledge, we are now pretty puffed-up. We may even be worse than before!


       And then, oh yes, there is a tape ministry - just in case we missed that broadcast or that book. There are tapes on anything, including the music. Hundreds of tapes, hundreds of pamphlets, hundreds of broadcasts ... if I add to that about one thousand sermons and about five hundred Sunday or Sabbath school teachings, which an average church-goer passes through in ten years, well, Lord, we might be well qualified to start lecturing Your angels in Heaven.

     Fortunately, we do not have to worry about that ... because our great knowledge, which we were so diligently gathering, worshipping, glorying in, indulging in, even paying for - shall vanish away! (1Cor.13:8). So shall our gifts which Your Spirit gave unto us! And then, a very embarrassing situation may happen to us should we discover that we have NOTHING of REAL ETERNAL VALUE, no true fruits of Your Spirit.

     A truly embarrassing situation, should we stand before You empty-handed, like that fig tree with a lot of leaves but no figs, which You cursed! (Mt.21:19).

     Beloved Lord, You will not ask us how much Christian literature we read, how many tapes and broadcasts we listened to, how many times we read the Bible from cover to cover, how many verses we could recite by heart, how many passages we have interpreted correctly, how many prophecies we have uttered or how many biblical mysteries solved. You will not ask us how many sermons we have preached, how many books written, how many seminars and conferences attended, how many tapes we have taped and how many broadcasts made, nor yet how many teachings and doctrines we have presented.

     Well, what will You ask us then? By Your Grace, I will answer this in the last chapter for them that will dare to kneel with me before You.


*  *  *


     Now, I want to turn to that famous, and many times rather infamous, television ministry. What a sad picture, Lord! There is not much to cheer about.

     Grant me Your Grace, O Lord, that I may pick up the few pearls and precious stones, the few grains of gold and silver before I judge the hay and stubble, even the dung thereof. Yes, I am bold, Lord, because I have Your Spirit and because I am not seeking my will but Your Will, because I do not judge what I see or hear, but I judge a righteous judgement. If I were not sure about this, nor confirmed by Your Spirit, I would not dare to write one iota.



     There is one servant of Yours which was called with two others, and he has been faithfully preaching Your Gospel by radio and television for almost four decades. He had been tempted many times, tempted by pride, and by men in very high worldly positions. It must be his own spirit and heart to tell him whether pride had taken hold of his soul and to what degree.

     He learnt precious lessons when You allowed him to mingle with high politics, and I thank You, Lord, that by Your Grace You pulled him through. You caused him to overcome and remain faithful to Your Gospel alone. Though he stays away from direct politics, he has still been using politics and diplomacy in his walk and service.


     Now, there is at least one thing in him that ought to be repented of and cleansed. No true servant of Christ calls a servant of Satan "His Excellency"! He did. He even published it. In his human zeal he had committed errors, sins and unrighteous judgements, as every one of us has! In Your Grace, You forgive us a host of errors, sins and unrighteous judgements, as they are being committed in our utter ignorance, human zeal and foolishness. Yet, there are things, sometimes rather few in number, which You will NOT forgive nor pass over unless we repent and learn never to repeat them again.


     Behold, this is one such sin, one such foolishness which Your Spirit shall NOT pass over in his case! A servant of his stature must never stoop so low as to privately or publicly call any of Satan's servants "His Excellency" - while he NEVER used that same title for You!

     Therefore, I say to him on Your behalf: "REPENT, repent publicly and retract your words which you publicly proclaimed. And use this exaltation toward Him Who is the only true Excellency that there is - namely, the Lord Christ Jesus whom you are preaching!

     And take heed, for should you fail to hear these words and refuse to repent publicly, I tell you in the Name of His Excellency the Christ of God, whom you preach, that even you shall NOT enter into His Kingdom of heaven, just as Moses was barred from entering the Promised Land!"

     Lord, lead this servant in the way he should repent and enable him to do that ... for Your Glory and his rulership in Your Kingdom. Amen.


     And then, there is another servant of Yours, whom You called many years ago. He was faithfully preaching Your Word, even using the gift of healing. He would have become a much greater and fruitful servant had he continued in Your Spirit. But then, not long after starting his ministry, something awful happened - a woman had to "save his ministry" because You, Lord of Heaven and Earth, were apparently "unable".


     Whenever a woman "turns white as a sheet", it simply indicates that the Jezebel inside her shall not tolerate what she hears! Even though she may hear it from God's servant and even though that servant of God may be her own husband. And this is what that Jezebel had inspired the woman to say to Your servant, her husband: "Man, I can't believe what I hear! The services are TOO good and the people are turning more to YOUR ministry every day! And you want to quit? You must be nuts! Vows or no vows, principles or no principles, this must NOT happen ... I AM going to handle this and save your ministry!"

     And that is precisely what she did. She went to the pulpit and among other pleading words she said: "...I know God has called him (my husband) and that he must continue to obey God. I am asking you to help him. Together WE CAN SAVE this ministry."


     Thus she sinned against You, Lord, against her husband and against the ministry ... and to this day she is not aware of it. And as she performed this shameful act, her husband, Your servant, instead of rebuking her in Your Name, was proud of her and "thoroughly ashamed of himself"! What a way to "save" and develop a spiritual ministry. What a grave error! And so, from that day on, the spiritual (eternal) value of that ministry has diminished for "the stamp of Jezebel" has been on it. She "saved it", did she not?


     I had no doubt about the sincerity, honesty and devoutness of Your servant's heart to his ministry, about the vast efforts of himself and his close partners, about the good that this ministry produced in the realm of physical body and soul, about the genuiness of his gift of healing.

     But You, Lord, have been "purged out of that ministry" and thus, in the realm of spirit, there has been achieved precious little, if anything.

     The spiritual decline of this religious enterprise has affected all its leaders including Your servant who is losing even that which You gave him in the beginning. They measure their success by their outward achievements, by the buildings put up, by vast health services and educational services provided to hundreds and hundreds of people, by their financial prosperity, by the multitudes that write them, support them and call on them for help.

     Years back, I was one of them, and I thank You, Lord, for granting me what I needed at that stage through that ministry. Yes, I supported them with a good measure, pressed down and shaken together, I prayed with them and for them, rejoiced with them, personally wrote letters to Your servant, though he never once answered.


     Today, I still thank You for that servant and his ministry for, undoubtedly, it fills many needs of many people in the physical and intellectual realms. However, the needs of the spirit are NOT met, the spiritual man is not changed and does not grow - because the stamp of Jezebel is upon it!

     Their gospel is: "Be prosperous and in good health" which is scriptural, indeed. But if this is the only thing You wanted to convey to Your Creation, then, dear Lord, the Bible could have contained only one page!

     To this day, these people and many, many others in other ministries do not understand that whenever the gifts of Your Spirit operate (healing, tongues, prophecy, miracles, knowledge, etc.), it does NOT mean that the Giver must also be present in Person!!! And so, even this ministry has become a religious enterprise and, as all the other religious enterprises, it has become like unto the Tabernacle in Shiloh or Gibeon!

     The Tabernacle in Shiloh, and later in Gibeon, was without the Ark of the Covenant, which was taken out and never returned (1Sam. chap. 4; Ps.78:56-60; Jer.7:12). The priests kept performing faithfully ... and were doing "according to ALL that is written in the law of the Lord, which He commanded Israel"! (1Chr.16:40). Everything seemed to have been going as usual and the activity in the Tabernacle had not diminished nor changed - yet, the most precious and basic part of the Tabernacle, its very "raison d'etre", was missing. The Ark of the Covenant was missing!

     Today the religious activities in this and all the other enterprises are widespread. The New Testament priests and Pharisees are accepting sacrifices in the outer court and burning incense in the Holy Place. They are trying to keep the light of the candlestick going and they are trying "to do ALL that the New Testament seems to require".

     Yet, they somehow have not noticed that You, Lord of Glory, are MISSING! For YOU ARE the Ark of the New Covenant. And You are NOT in the great auditoriums, cathedrals, universities, enterprises ... behold, You are in small private homes of Abinadab and Obed-edom ... and in a small very ordinary tent of David which he pitched in the midst of Jerusalem (1Sam.7:1,2; 2Sam.6:11,17).


     What is more, You NEVER returned to Shiloh nor to Gibeon! You remained in David's small simple tent until Solomon built his magnificent Temple. That is to say, even today You are still present in the small simple "tents" of men, which are after Your heart and willing to fulfill all Your Will (Acts 13:22). And the tents and men are in the midst of Your Church.

     But the religious tabernacles, enterprises, cathedrals, auditoriums built by human hands and zeal are Arkless - without Your Person! And You will NEVER return there until You have established Your Throne in Jerusalem. So be it, Your Majesty Christ Jesus.


     Now, I believe that You never left Your servant, because his heart was honest and simple toward You - but You left the ministry, that enterprise which is not Yours. One day Your servant shall see it. He shall also see how he had been slowly deceived, from the very beginning, from the hour that Jezebel "saved" the ministry. How he had been slowly filled with pride and how his human zeal led him to greater and greater foolishness. And the second "Jezebel" only speeded up the process.


     Also, his son has turned himself into a Hollywood actor, quite sure of himself, even pretending that You are whispering Your wishes into his ears. What a farce!! What a terrible spirit coming out of him! I would rather remain poor and sick in body than to be healed and prosper being so deceived, so puffed-up, so drunken with this so-called religious "success". That is truly an Amway religion and is doomed!


     To Your servant and his partners I say this: "Whatsoever a man sows, he shall also reap! I do pray for you that the Lord of Glory and Grace would spare you in reaping what is being grown ... even what is being yet sown by you and your son and others. Unless you REPENT before the Lord of Glory for all your pride, zeal, foolishness and blindness ... even you shall not see the Kingdom of heaven!"

   So be it, Lord and King!



     And then, there was another servant of Yours who was preaching the Gospel for many years and built a Cathedral which was big enough also for "tomorrow". Have You not called him into that ministry, Lord? If You truly had called him, how is it that he never knew You? And if he knew You in the beginning, he certainly had lost You along the way as his religious enterprise was growing and becoming a purely intellectual merry-go-round.


     I have never seen a true servant of God turned into such a miserable human being as this man! I have never seen a true servant of God seated on a bar stool with guitar in hand publicly pleading with the people whom he served for many years "not to leave him out freezing in the dark!" He was so desperate to save HIS ministry that he did not care what shame he was bringing upon You and Your Holy and Mighty Name!! Yes, shame because he was performing his "gypsy act" in Your Holy and Mighty Name. Most disgusting!

     Who was he serving all those years ... "a guy in the sky who in the darkest hour passed him by"???

     He and his family ought to REPENT to You, Lord, not in words only, but in tears and sackcloth, lest You should tell them all "I never knew you, depart from Me ..." and lest they also should be thrown to outer darkness where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth!

     I do pray, Lord, they would heed my words and repent. Otherwise, I myself would be ashamed to even meet them in the Kingdom of heaven. Amen.


     One small remark I want to insert in this place, beloved Lord, and say this. All the radio and television ministers and publishers believe and even claim that the ministry they do is "Your ministry", that it is "Your work". But should You, the Master and the Lord of the work, desire or command that any of these ministries be terminated or their course changed, they ALL begin to "fight with all their might to preserve it as is, or keep enlarging it!" They are even willing to sacrifice a part of their self-images, their reputations, their pride and glory ... just to keep "their baby going"! Why?

     They cannot imagine that You could do such a thing! That You could terminate any ministry doing "so much good". They cannot grasp even a simple truth that if we, foolish Christians, start in Your Spirit but continue in our flesh, continue grieving Your Spirit - You are simply abandoning "OUR ministry"!

     If we make holy vows and then break them, You abandon that "ministry". EVEN IF we are called by You and anointed with Your oil (as king Saul was), but then become disobedient to Your commands and leading (as king Saul was), YOU TAKE AWAY from us "the ministry" (as

You took the kingdom from Saul)!

     If we fear You in the beginning, but later on begin to fear people more than You and, therefore, keep pleasing the people instead of You (as king Saul did), that "ministry" becomes a FARCE and for You it has lost all it's value!


     When will the Christian leaders, especially in North America, begin to see and understand even this simple truth? No wonder that even some of Your "old timers" end up on a heap of victims. They had not forseen nor planned such an end when they were commencing their ministries ten, twenty, thirty or more years ago. No wise leader would ever plan such an end, yet, we all seem to be so able and so lusting to walk on Via Appia rather than on Via Dolorosa. After almost two thousand years, do we have yet to learn and realize that the true success only happens at Calvary and never in Rome??

     Help us, O Lord of Grace and Wisdom and Glory!


     And then, there is another servant of Yours who I first came to know through music - a very good music, I must say. Playing and singing away old songs and new songs, with some fire and life, he has been a true blessing to me.

     Yes, fire and life, because his music is not to be compared with much of the "commercial Christian spiritless entertainment". And it seems that as time goes by, there is more life and more fire in his music.

     And not only in his music but in his preaching, as well. I have to freely admit, Lord, that today he seems to be the only one whom I know who is boldly beaming Your truth across the television networks and into the faces of both small and great. Your truth also includes the "unpleasant truth", which our flesh does not like to hear.


     I thank You, Lord, for this man and his team and I pray in spirit and in truth that You would KEEP that servant on that track; preserve him, strengthen him, and make him truly fruitful through Your Spirit!

     Also, purge him from things that are weights on his hands and feet that he may run the course more freely and be even more fruitful. Thank You, Lord, for hearing and answering my prayers! Blessed be Your Name!


     There are two particular weights that are bogging him down and I pray, Mighty Lord, that they would be destroyed! These two particular weights are the following:


     (1) He should be the last man on earth to beg for money! It may help in building up his outward religious enterprise - but it does not help his TRUE spiritual ministry; rather, it DESTROYS it! And the one who has a special potential to destroy it is his own son. A true Beverly Hills Christian of the type "send us $1000 and we will send you this free beautiful calendar".

     Let Your servant go to his knees WITH his son and let them REPENT, and let his son repent in tears, for he knows nothing about You, as yet. And if your servant shall pray and intercede for his son, You will hear his prayer and answer it! These are Your words more than mine, O Lord of Glory!


     So I say again, Lord, that it is not his calling to "compete with his colleagues" and build another enterprise with "five thousand different ministries trying to save the United States ... and preferably the whole world"! It is NOT his calling to try to care for every need that is around him.

     His calling is to narrow down and proclaim Your FULL Truth boldly. To proclaim it where You open the door and nowhere else! Show him also, Lord, that when You open a door - no man can shut it (Rev.3:7). Furthermore, when You open a door - YOU are providing the means and ALL the necessities!!

     He should cry to YOU for supplies and NOT to the world of TV viewers! (Phil.4:6,19). By showing to his TV audience the various needs and necessities of his ministry as conceived or viewed in the brains of his accountants, he is defying the very Spirit of Your Word in 2Cor.9:7! When he faces his audience, let him rather say this: "Send your gifts according as your heart desires. Do NOT send them because there are some needs ... behold, there is a greater need than all these - it is the need to PLEASE OUR FATHER IN EVERYTHING WE DO! Therefore, send only that which would cheer your heart - and the Father which is in heaven will love you and will be pleased. So be it."


     Will he and other leaders realize that whatever they may achieve in our physical world would be vain if achieved solely by the help of man? It is written "...for vain is the help of man"! (Ps.60:11, repeated in Ps.108:12). Their minds, their intellects will always justify their means of gathering help - but Your Spirit is grieved and cannot enjoy the fruits of their labors.

     I repeat, Lord, let him narrow down and proclaim Your full truth boldly. That is it; nothing more, but nothing less. Oh yes, Lord, let him continue playing and singing.


     (2) He should be the last man on earth to be so deceived as to believe and preach that a glass of beer is an enemy to Your Salvation! It is a very typical sign of many Protestants, especially leaders who will not touch beer or wine for it would destroy their holiness, if any.

     They go so far as to preach that at the wedding in Cana of Galilee You have not turned water into wine, but into a grape juice. Hence, Your Spirit is inspiring Paul to write to Timothy that deacons should not drink too much "grape juice" lest it should destroy their office! (1Tim.3:8).


     I am not asking anyone to read 1Tim.5:23, BUT I am asking all to read Romans chpt.14, 1Cor.6:12 and 10:29-31, Gal.5:13 and Col.2:20,21. Also, I am asking that Your Spirit would grant the truth to all those that truly seek it ... and also to Your servant.

     In truth, I am NOT advertising beer drinking or wine drinking or social drinking or any other drinking - I am advertising, yea, proclaiming Your Truth!


     What is Your Truth? Whosoever is weak in faith, let him stay away from things(!), even though in God's eyes they are ALL lawful and pure! (1Cor.6:12; Rom.14:20). And whosoever is strong in faith and does not condemn himself, let him keep things for himself and let him not become a stumblingblock for a weaker brother! Hence, let us preach truth and not lies - or else, let us keep quiet when we are unsure.


     But our dark minds would respond immediately: "Why should we, Christians, drink something, or even touch something, that is Satan's tool, that splits families, kills people, spreads misery?" But let me ask this: Why did You, Lord from heaven, drink wine, that same Satan's tool? You were even accused of being a "winebibber" (Mt.11:19) – not a "juicebibber".

     Furthermore, I would like to ask all brothers and sisters: Why are you all handling money? Is it not Satan's tool that splits families, kills people, spreads misery? The dollar bill you just placed on the offering plate for the THRICE HOLY and PURE GOD could have been just a short while ago "earned" and handled by the most filthy prostitute! That does not bother you?

     The pen with which you write heresies, strange doctrines, hateful letters, lies, presumptions or diplomatic excuses ... this pen becomes Satan's tool in your very hand. That does not bother you?

     Yea, your very own mind producing these heresies, strange doctrines, adulteries, evil imaginations, ambitions, lusts, lies or diplomatic excuses ... this very mind of yours does not become, but IS Satan's tool within your own being! That does not bother you???

     Yet, you fear to touch a glass of beer? A glass of wine? If you fear these things - do not touch them, BUT if you cannot set your brothers and sisters free, do NOT put them into the same fetters that you carry!!! Preach truth and not lies, sow light and not darkness.


     Beloved Lord Christ Jesus, this is what I am saying to my brothers and sisters and to Your servant. Will Your people ever see and understand even these things? Will Your servant see and understand? But I pray again - let Your servant be delivered from these weights and let all Your people be kept away from anything that their faith condemns, lest they should sin, "for whatsoever is not of faith is sin" (Rom.14:23).



     And then, there is another servant of Yours, dear Lord, who also has been serving for long years. And he, too, has been building a religious enterprise which demands begging for money and using every clever worldly tactic available to build something for the Holy and Almighty God.

     It is not uncommon for this, or many other servants, to go down to heavy debts ... and then hope for a miracle to get them out of their pit. Is this walking by faith, or is it a "Christian adventurism"? I believe, Lord, it is the latter, for they even seem to lose common sense in building and preserving their enterprises. Their letters, describing their financial misery, also show their spiritual misery!


     True, this servant is one of the few voices condemning the evils in his nation and around the world, warning against these evils and fighting these evils even though using fleshly weapons. His voice is not false, he does not preach lies. It is also true that his aim is to stop, and even reverse, the tide of evil, claiming that the majority of the people are moral and law-abiding citizens.

     He may be quite right. Also, he may be quite unaware that "the mystery of iniquity doth already work" (2Thess.2:7) for over nineteen centuries and NO MAN shall stop nor reverse this process! Why? Because You, Lord, have allowed this process to take place, so that, the true fruit of evil (the grapes) would also ripen for the time of harvest!

      It is written that an angel shall proclaim with a loud voice unto You: "Thrust in thy sickle and reap, for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe" (Rev.14:15). This is the precious fruit of the earth for which You, the Husbandman, have been so patiently waiting (Jas.5:7).

     And then, another angel shall be told: "Thrust in thy sharp sickle and gather the clusters of the wine of the earth for her grapes are fully ripe" (Rev.14:18).


     What shall I say, then? Should Your servant stop preaching? Stop proclaiming the truth? Stop pointing at all evils and condemning them? Stop educating young Christians? Not at all! Yea, I pray that he would continue and be not discouraged, for that is what You Yourself were boldly doing during Your brief ministry on earth.


     But, Lord, I have never seen You going to Herod's palace to lobby for anything! Nor have I heard You sending any of Your disciples for the same purpose. Yet, this servant, and his partners in faith, would not hesitate to go and seek help and answers in "Herod's palaces" where the spiritual wickedness is no less than in the nightclubs of the same city.

     He even has the courage to claim that "God told him so", that it was Your leading! I believe he should REPENT to You for this.

     And should Your servant or one of his colleagues be offered the very throne of Herod, they might not hesitate one minute. Yea, they would see in it Your hand ... and a great opportunity for the forces of God to reverse the tide of evil. They have never read nor perceived the truth in John 6:15 because their minds would not allow them to see and understand Your Wisdom in this area. Only their spirit could allow them to see and understand. But, can they hear their spirit?


     Furthermore, there is another fact which applies not only to Your servant's educational system but to all religious educational systems, and it is this: The true champions of Christ are NOT those who deny the voice of Your Spirit, pick up their certificates, and follow their leaders no matter where those leaders are going and whose will they are doing. The true champions of Christ are those, and only those, who deny their own selves, pick up their crosses and follow You (Mt.16:24).

     Nevertheless, I do pray, Lord, that You would richly bless all the young people who, with pure hearts, decide to study Your Word and heed Your calling. Also, I pray that You would show them that the true minister, the true servant of Christ, is not trained at a seminary as such, but in his own house, in his own family, and at Your feet!

     Lastly, I desire, Lord, that You would show them and their teachers and leaders that not one word of Your Scripture was written by a scholar!!! Yes, even apostle Paul used nothing from the scholarly Saul of Tarsus, rather, he wrote solely out of the abundance of the revelations he received at Your feet (2Cor.12:7).


     There is yet another thing I must insert at this point. It touches not only this servant of Yours, but many other servants and leaders, as well as their followers.


     Lord, whenever I see a "TV evangelist" holding a poor black child in his lap in some distant refugee camp, and soliciting money, I get sick to my stomach. My spirit is "ruffled"" for several reasons.


     Firstly, such a servant of Yours should make up his mind and decide whether he is Your evangelist, or whether he is "mother" Theresa! He cannot be both at the same time. He should re-read his calling and his duties in the book of Ephesians 4:11-13 and realize that he was NOT called to be ... a President of a College, a Chairman of a Christian Movement, an evangelist, a pastor of a church, a writer, a teacher, a builder of schools on the Fiji Islands, a milkman for the poor in Ethiopia, a tourist guide in Israel, a candidate for a secular office ... even a good father caring for the spiritual, mental and physical well-being of his wife and children - ALL IN ONE PERSON!! The more these leaders want to accomplish in this physical world, the less they accomplish in the spiritual world.


     Secondly, he does not have to fly around the world with all his team to produce such a sad and heartbreaking picture to get at our bank accounts and to build his glory. He can do it in any slum of any city in his own nation - much more cheaply!


     And thirdly, he should search his heart real well and find out the TRUE reasons for doing all these things. Are they purely humanitarian reasons? Or is it the leading of Your Spirit? Are we, good Christians, supposed to help all the peoples all the time, no matter where they are or who they are, what they do or what they do not do? And if we are, then why do we need to be "wise as serpents"? (Mt.10:16).

     And if we help every one in the world, the world shall praise us, all men shall praise us ... how then will we be hated OF ALL MEN for Your Name's sake??? (Mt.10:22). Can anyone tell me?

     Also, could some of Your evangelists and other servants explain Matthew 10:14,15? Can they give one ... even ONE example when they were led by Your Spirit to shake off the dust of their feet? Or when they were restricted by Your Spirit to go and help? Even to go and preach? Yea, even to go and pray??? (Acts 16:6,7; Jer.7:16, etc.).


     Let me not speak in mysteries, but give two examples.

     Has any of them told the peoples of India, including their leadership, to stop worshipping their cows? To stop feeding and worshipping their rats, while thousands of their people are dying on their streets of hunger? To stop playing with and worshipping their venomous snakes? To stop calling and using their worst open sewer as the "holy river"? To destroy their satanic gods and idols, and repent and turn to the living God?

     Do they not keep practising their satanism with an ever increasing fervor? Yet, should You - the Lord God Jehovah - send any judgement upon them by Your own hand, we, good Christians are the first to collect our substance and rush over there to alleviate Your Judgement! Are we wise as serpents, or are we just plain stupid fools??

     And because we ARE stupid fools, and do not seem to be willing to sit down at Your feet and learn even these very basic lessons, You give us a taste of our foolishness and of their "grand religions". You allow all kinds of weird "gurus" to come to our supposedly Christian countries and turn hosts of our naξve people into lunatics!


     The second and most recent example is Ethiopia. You had given me this clear word: "Son of man, when the land sinneth against me by trespassing grievously, then will I stretch out MINE HAND upon it and will break the staff of the bread thereof, and WILL SEND FAMINE UPON IT, AND WILL CUT OFF MAN AND BEAST FROM IT" (Ez.14:13).

     What have the Christian "leaders" and multitudes of their followers done? Without asking You one word, they promptly joined hands with the world  and plunged headlong into the farce of "saving Ethiopia". I would not have been surprised, Lord, had they also joined in their song "We are the world".

     Untold millions of dollars ended up in the hands of devils in human skin; untold tons of food rotted away or were consciously mishandled; untold thousands of Ethiopians were shot and murdered by the guns purchased with the Christian offerings. And additional untold thousands of their people were forcibly transported to the South by the army trucks purchased with the Christian offerings!


     O Lord God Jehovah, how long will Your Church be a laughing-stock for the world and for Satan???


     I now come back to Your servant and ask him this: "Will you heed these words that I have spoken on the Lord's behalf, and will you consider them in your heart? Will you reconsider your goals, ambitions and ways before the Creator of all the Universe?

     I prayed for you that the Lord of Glory and Might would truly strengthen you, to keep you proclaiming the truth and condemning the evils ... to keep you educating young champions for Christ. But will you change your course as the Spirit has been indicating? Will you ever repent if He desires so? I pray that you would ... lest the spiritual (eternal) value of your ministry within your own enterprise or any other enterprise you might affect should vanish." Let it be so, O Lord of Glory and Might! Amen.



     Dear Lord Jesus, I now come to Your servant who was the eldest among Your servants, and who is not with us any longer. Let me be truthful and give credit where credit is due, and judgement where judgement is due.

     I have not known a Christian who had put so much effort into searching out practical biblical answers to the world's troubles and dilemmas. Who had visited so many nations and persons in high worldly positions, to deliver to them his plain truth and his answers to the troubles ... even his message of the coming King and the Kingdom.

     I believe, Lord, that just as many other servants, ministers and scholars, he too started with a sincere heart and enquiring mind ... and he was devoted to it for decades. Yea, he had given his long life to it! Yet, many Christians, even leaders, offered nothing but a mockery at the mention of his name or his ministry!

     Now, I tell them on Your behalf, Righteous Lord, that they ALL had mocked themselves and their own efforts and their own ministries – for none of them that mocked, or are still mocking, is better than he was ... or wiser than he was!!

     And unless those that judged him so unrighteously repent, they shall receive their "reward" at the last day!

     Since Your servant is not with us any more, I turn to those who are called to "fill his shoes". If there are any lessons to learn from their predecessor, they are, I believe, the following:


     He never broke through that "Barrier", that division between the soul and spirit (Heb.4:12). All his knowledge and wisdom, all his answers were intellectual. Had he broken through to the Spirit, he would not have been welcomed and entertained by his many distinguished "friends in high worldly positions". He would have been ignored, uninvited, unwelcome! Because he would have declared to them the full Truth (also about themselves) as revealed by Your Spirit, and they all would have become his "enemies in high worldly positions".


     Dear Lord, even telling the Truth to a Christian, could turn him into our enemy (Gal.4:16), yea, often quite easily; by Your Grace, Lord, I know.

     The new Publisher of their magazine, who just might be my fellow countryman, wrote about his predecessor: "He turned his energy and his formidable ability to concentrate on searching out the answers to some of life's most important questions". I agree with that statement! But, Lord, that is precisely why the answers and the truth searched for by him correspond to HIS energy and HIS ability - for this is, indeed, the energy and ability of his own intellect. But he had NOT received the answers and the Truth which are BEYOND HIS abilities, which correspond to Your Ability - which NO MAN CAN search out!!

     We must receive them in humility, in childish faith and in SPIRIT! (Mt.11:25-29).

     His answers and his truth made him "the friend of the world", Your answers and Your Truth would have made him "the enemy of the world". Hence, despite often preaching Your Word from James 4:1-3 to others, he himself became a spiritual victim of the very next verse.


     Will that be a lesson to his followers? Will they heed these words of mine? Will they ever break through that Barrier and also begin to bring forth true spiritual fruits? I earnestly pray, Lord, they would. Amen.


     Again, I would like to insert one or two statements at this point.

     Many, many Christians still judge others by appearance, by outer signs, and NOT by inner spiritual realities. Hence, one that may present more confused biblical teachings or more erroneous doctrines is mocked and judged MORE severely than another presenting clearer teachings, more correct or more plausible doctrines! (I do not say this, Lord, to overlook or condone errors and confusion).


     Yet, the former one may do it in a frank, open, unassuming, good spirit, while the latter may be of an arrogant, malevolent, servile, fearful or any other devilish, unpleasant spirit. I weigh the spirits, for so You have taught me, and that irrespective of how clear our teachings and doctrines may be, or how clean our ways may seem to be. Indeed, it is written: "All the ways (and teachings, doctrines) of a man are clean in his own eyes, BUT the Lord weigheth the spirits"! (Pr.16:2).



     And then, there is another servant of Yours who also built a cathedral, even a crystal clear cathedral, and it seems that he knows what he is doing. Being himself a jovial man, he has been preaching in a popular and attractive style.

     He may have a lot of satisfied listeners and also a lot of friends, especially in those circles interested in faith, psychology, parapsychology, victorious Christian walks, and similar goodies. Perhaps, he has even "teamed up" with another minister, well known for his faith teachings.

     According to one such teaching of the latter, if a Christian has the faith, he can have one million oil wells in Texas. Well, is it not true, Lord? It is true, although, because of economic reasons, I would not counsel any Christian to do that in 1986.


     I wish, Lord, I could write to You many things on the humorous side, for I know how great a sense of humor You truly have. But the true reasons for writing this letter are very serious, and the things to be judged and destroyed in us are equally serious. So much so that I even overcame

my fears and trembling to write a letter of these contents to the King of All Creation!


     Now, what are these serious things in these two ministers and, perhaps, in many others like them? They have become "blind leaders of the blind", and unless they wake up and REPENT to You, and to all those they have been leading to a ditch, they will all end up right there - in the ditch! But You, Lord, shall require the account for all their victims from their hands!


     Well, what have they done? They have substituted simple, pure faith with positive thinking! So, it is no more "The just shall live by faith" (Rom.1:17), but "The just shall live, even live victoriously, by positive attitudes"! Hence, it appears, Lord, that they were saved because Your Cross appealed to their positive brains, and they adopted a positive attitude toward Calvary. How marvellous ... for people can be saved just by right thinking about You ... and then live a victorious life by being positive toward their problems and wishes!

     They can build Your Body by being positive toward their "brothers and sisters in thinking". Alas, Lord, the greatest positive thinkers in the world's history had no chance to write any Epistles in the Bible.


     I now turn toward these ministers and in Your stead I am telling them this: You foolish servants ... who has bewitched you? You have started with the Spirit, and now will you be made perfect in flesh??? And thereby deceive multitudes of others?

     All your positive thinking, so far, was unable to show you that the true faith is a heavenly substance, built and finished by the Lord Himself! (Heb.12:2). This faith has NOTHING to do with our physical or psychological world, with the physical or psychological part of our being. This true faith does not have an earthly origin, nor was it produced by us, nor can it yet be affected by our thinking or feeling or will! It can only be affected positively by our OBEDIENCE, or negatively by our DISOBEDIENCE to the Lord, His Word, His Will!


     When the Lord tells us "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them" (Mk.11:24), He is not telling us to begin to strain our brains, to begin to think positively, to begin to labor in our minds, labor in our imaginations, labor in our feelings, labor in our attitudes ... and, finally, give birth to a "faith" and receive "those things" that we managed to be positive about!

     If we do not have the true faith in the beginning, we will obtain NOTHING - no matter how positively our minds can work, no matter how excellent the thoughts or imaginations they can produce!! Furthermore, only the Spirit of Christ can produce in our minds a truly positive thought, for it is at the same time a meek and humble thought, a wise thought, a holy thought, a thought which would always correspond with our true faith, should we have that faith.


     But your minds, dear brethren, have NOT been renewed in His Spirit, they have only become sophisticated and religious, hence, they are able to produce religious rubbish concerning positive thinking.

     In the Name of the Lord Christ Jesus, I counsel you to change your positive thinking into a very positive repentance, a wet repentance; and change your reading of psychological rubbish to re-reading chapter eleven of the book of Hebrews! Ask the Lord why the thoughts, or the attitudes, of the people mentioned in that chapter were not recorded? Ask Him also whether your positive thinking would be good enough for verses 35 to 39 of the eleventh chapter! Above all, ask the Lord for forgiveness ... and REPENT also to your followers, for I say again, their account shall be required from your hands!

     I am proclaiming this on behalf of the Lord Christ Jesus and bind it in His Name! Amen.



     Let me now turn, Lord, to another servant of Yours, who has also been teaching and preaching for many years. He has not attempted to build an enterprise like unto the other enterprises, nor was he attempting to beg for money.

     There are few such ministries that made it their policy not to appeal publicly for funds. This ministry is one of them - and this is also where the "good news begins to end".


     I feel very, very sad, Lord, when I write about this servant and the form of religion that he and his followers practise. He seems to have been born on Mt.Sinai - and never to have come down. He is living, and yet, without a drop of true life. He is saved by Your marvellous Grace, and yet, without a drop of true joy. Your Spirit is dwelling in him (somewhere, I hope), yet, if I had a full-sized oil-drilling rig, I could not find one drop of oil in "his vessel" (Mt.25:3,4).


     O Lord, a true picture of agony. If this is what Your Salvation produces in a man, then it is the most unappealing way out of Hell into the most unappealing future in Heaven!

     True, he uses biblical stories and references for his illustrations and teachings; he tries his best to convince his listeners about the particular truths in his analogies. Now, forgive me, O Lord, but I have to say what is in my heart: Though he is my brother, he would be an excellent professor of theology at any religious establishment, even an excellent director of any funeral parlor. And ... I think I love him.


     I now desire, Lord, to tell him in his own words: It is written! "Who (God) also hath made us able ministers of the New (not Old) Testament: NOT of the letter, but of the Spirit: for THE LETTER KILLETH, BUT THE SPIRIT GIVETH LIFE" (2Cor.3:6).


     He has been ministering plenty of letters - but a terrible spirit! Hence, his followers display plenty of death - but no life! Was not the book of Galatians written also to them, Lord? And to anyone else who tries to put his neck into the yoke of the law, who tries to be cursed??? (Gal.3:10).

     You, Lord, are saying to them simple but warning words: "... ye desire again to be in bond­age? Ye observe days (whether it is Sunday or Saturday), and months, and times, and years, I (the Lord) am afraid of you lest I have bestowed upon you labor (through Paul) in vain" (Gal.4:9-11).

     Dear Lord, my own spirit testifies against them, for their leaders and many of their followers have been deceived and bewitched to the degree that they judge other Christians very unrighteously, very severely, even arrogantly.

     This servant of Yours, and many of his followers, have elevated the Sabbath "above all things" contrary to the New Testament Spirit, His Truth and precepts - while they have been "happily" neglecting and breaking the most important and fundamental commandments of Your New Covenant!!!


     They have also been boasting of their dietary practises, refusing to eat that which You have created as food for us, including meat. They say that meat is "garbage", but soya beans are good food for a Christian. Is there a limit to the deception and to the foolishness of Your people, Lord?

     Is not Your Spirit speaking EXPRESSLY that "in the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry (Catholics), and command­­ing to abstain from meats which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and KNOW THE TRUTH. For EVERY CREATURE OF GOD IS GOOD and NOTHING to be refused, IF it be received with thanksgiving: For IT IS SANCTIFIED by the WORD OF GOD and prayer"! (1Tim.4:1-5).


     Their minds will immediately say: "Shall we then eat spiders, scorpions, bats, snakes?" Poor souls, in their deception they cannot even tell the creatures of God from the creatures of Satan. Will they ask You for the truth?

     Now, I want to say this: Is it wrong to eat herbs and soya beans? No. Is it wrong to abstain from meat? No. BUT it is wrong, yea, sinful to judge or despise those that do eat meat! (Rom.14:2). Is it wrong to go to church on the Sabbath? No. Is it wrong to go to church on Wednesday? No. Is it wrong to go to church on Sunday? No. BUT it is wrong, yea, sinful to judge and despise those that go to church on any other day than we do! (Rom.14:5,6).


     How shall Christians judge me should I tell them that I do not have to "go to church" at all? Why not? Because the "church" is in my house AND because the Ark of the New Covenant, which is Christ the Lord, which is You, IS in the midst of my house IN ADDITION to being in the midst of my heart.

     I do not have to go to a special building for any particular hour to "meet the Lord" or, at least, to "attend a service". Why? Because I AM a walking perpetual service to You always and everywhere! You sup with me ALWAYS, You cannot depart from me as I cannot depart from You - Sunday or no Sunday, Sabbath or no Sabbath! YOU ARE MY SABBATH - MY REST!!!


     In the New Testament You had not given us a DAY to rest - You had given us YOURSELF to rest! (Mt.11:28). But we must come to You, then we can understand and enjoy the true Sabbath. To "go to church" should only mean to meet and have fellowship with other Christians - and to bring in and share You with them, if we have You. Is this not simple enough?


     How long will these blind leaders and their followers cling to their utter darkness and utter unrighteousness? How long will they despise, even hate, in their hearts and minds those brothers and sisters that "keep" Sunday? How long will they condemn in their hearts and minds those brothers and sisters that eat meat, even pork meat, and that drink beverages which these "people of God" do not touch? How long will these blind leaders of the blind stay away from Your Truth in Romans chapter 4 and 14, 1Tim.4:1-5, Gal.chpt.2,3,4 and 5, and other scriptures?

     How long will they REFUSE TO SEE that "Christ hath redeemed us from the CURSE of the law..." (Gal.3:13) which includes the CURSE of "Sabbath keeping" or "Sunday

keeping" or "any-other-day keeping"?

     Sabbath keeping is the law - is it not??? So that, being redeemed, we are FREE to worship You any day, any time, any place with anyone who believes likewise!


     When will these blind leaders open their hearts to Your Word, and see and realize that NONE of them keeps the law? (Jn.7:19). That NONE of them shall ever be justified by Sabbath keeping or Sunday keeping? (Rom.3:20). That a man is justified by faith alone, WITHOUT THE DEEDS OF THE LAW? (Rom.3:28). That their "beloved law" is not destroyed through faith, but rather established - FOR THEM THAT HAVE NO FAITH! (Rom.3:31).

     How long a time will You, O Lord, apportion to them, to wake up, search their hearts, and REPENT in tears?


     Behold, I am not condemning them, You are not condemning them - Your Word and their conscience shall condemn them in the last day! Yet, I want to tell them on Your behalf the following:

     You eat herbs because even the faith you had in the beginning has been weakened or destroyed. You go to church on Saturdays, because you HONESTLY believe that this is the SIGN of the true people of God. Along the way, though, you easily despise and condemn all other Christians, because you are blind and do not see that THEY TOO ARE a part of the same Body with you - and you cannot separate yourselves from "Sunday worshippers and meat eaters and wine drinkers" and many others.

     Indeed, in God's eyes, you are NO BETTER than they are!! You might be worse!! When you gather in your church auditoriums, the Lord Christ Jesus does not look at the calendar ... He looks at your hearts, minds and souls and, behold, He sees the same dung as in multitudes of others!!

     Pride ... terrible pride, terrible self-righteousness, terrible stubornness, arrogance, temper, hypocrisy, darkness ... humanism, flesh, flesh and more flesh.


     Tell me now, you leaders of this fast growing denomination, you whitewashed tombs full of dead mens' bones, you generation of Protestant vipers - shall your Sabbath save you from the Judgement of God??? Shall your diet save you and your followers from the Judgement or, at least, shall it become an extenuating circumstance???


     What shall be your EXCUSES at the Judgement Seat of Christ??? What will you and your followers tell Him??? You will tell Him: Lord, Lord, we kept the Sabbath ... we ate no meat ... and we have done many wonderful works in Your Name. Right? BUT He shall profess to you: "Depart from Me, ye workers of iniquity ... I NEVER KNEW YOU"! (Mt.7:23)

     But what shall be your EXCUSES at the Judgement Seat of Christ??? Your sincerity? Your good intentions? Your plausible doctrines? But you were not even saved because of your sincerity, good intentions or plausible doctrines - you were saved because you REPENTED in tears and humbly received His Grace (IF you did that, otherwise you are not even saved!)


     Now, I say to all of you that judge unrighteously and arrogantly, those who are self-righteous and proud, knowing nothing, and who do this evil; I say to all of you in the Holy and Righteous Name of Christ Jesus the King: "Unless you all, leaders and followers, REPENT in tears of all your evil, NOT ONE of you shall see the Kingdom of heaven! But you shall be thrown to outer darkness, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. And publicans, and harlots, and beggars, and sinners that you despise shall go into the Kingdom in your place!" (Mt.21:31,32).


     Lord Jesus, so be it - for so it seems good and righteous in Your eyes and, thus, it seems good and righteous in my eyes. Blessed be Your Name. I do not condemn them or despise them, I feel compassion toward them and I love them, knowing whose victims they are. I love them because You died for them, and they were washed in the same precious Blood in which I was washed, and all true sons and daughters. But, they also MUST BE redeemed with Judgement, and their converts with Righteousness! (Is.1:27).


     And then, Lord, there are other people who POSE as Your servants, leaders and ministers on television or radio, and I feel I should be very, very brief. It is not my delight to present to You things which are not only unpleasant, unrighteous, foolish, foul smelling ... but which are outright evil, hellish, bringing agony to my spirit; at times even causing my spirit to "vomit".

     How much more agony must these things bring to Your pure, gentle and holy heart, mind, Soul and Spirit? O Patient and Graceful Lord!


     Nevertheless, not only the world, but Your Church primarily is under a pre-judgement shaking. The centuries and years of our unrestrained darkness, stupidity, self-righteousness and of all our evil are over!

     The whole truth about Your Church and every individual member thereof shall be revealed very soon. This pre-judgement is, indeed, Your true call to all of us for OUR SELF-JUDGMENT AND REPENTANCE! For this cause alone, I write these lines, and especially this chapter!


     For this cause alone, I am mentioning one other "famous TV evangelist" and his "evangelistic wife", who have turned Christianity not only upside down, not only into a religious enterprise, but into a "Mickey Mouse gospel". They have taken Your Cross and made it into a roller-coaster, they have turned the Garden of Gethsemane into a Disney World, they have turned Your tears into diamond rings, and have taken of Your Blood and turned it into nail-polish and eye shadow.

     They have turned Your crown of thorns into funny hairdos and mascaras. And his wife has been tempting You with these devilish things for many years. She has turned herself into a "christian witch", trying Your patience with her sweet songs and a bitter foolishness.

     Behold, her broad way leads into darkness and destruction ... and beside her walk those untold thousands, whom she has bewitched. And who is truly responsible for that? Her husband! He calls himself an "evangelist", and if this should be true, he should have rebuked his wife in Your Name a long time ago.


     Their gospel is like unto this: "Blessed are the clowns in spirit, for their's is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they that have fun, for they shall have more fun. Blessed are the arrogant, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst after self-satisfaction, for they shall be filled..." (see Mt.5:3-6). "And having food and raiment, let us go on to gain whatever else we can" (see 1Tim.6:8), and "let us pass the time of our sojourning here in fun and laughter!" (see 1Pet.1:17).


     How long will these people tempt You, O Lord? How long will they, especially that woman, attach Your Holy Name to abominable things and to heaps of dung? Their mouths are full of Your Name and of the Name of the Holy Spirit - and this is, perhaps, the only part of their being which is "full of the Holy Spirit".

     How long will these "leaders" lead many, many others to bring You, Your principles, precepts and commandments into an open shame? They have made Your Church a laughing-stock, even to pagans who are more intelligent and decent than these "ministers" and their followers. Had they done all their evil in private, they would not have had this great sin. But now, beloved Lord, I do not even pray for them!

     On the contrary, in Your Mighty and Righteous Name of Christ the Lord, I, even I, BIND these "leaders" and that woman from spreading their dung to Your simple ones, and I proclaim that they shall NOT enter into the Kingdom of heaven, but shall be thrust under a fierce ruler, and he shall teach them Your Truth!


     Yet to those from among their followers that would come to love Your Truth, and would turn from their wicked way and REPENT and overcome, they shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven. So be it!


     And then, there are others who bring pain to my heart, and most certainly to Your heart.

     One of them used a tiny speaker in his ear, thereby receiving information about his "TV congregation". Thus, he could pretend that God revealed to him the knowledge about people. He freely broke their canes and crutches, and threw them away, yet, none of them was healed. So, after the "service", they went back to pick up their canes and crutches.

     Then, he was offering to his TV audience small vials of water from the Jordan. I assume, Lord, that the water was blessed by the Pope. And, of course, he begged, he importuned for money, so that he could continue and expand his grand ministry. Poor charlatan! I only hope, Lord, that no one took him seriously.


     Another one claims he has the power from You and the ministry to cast out devils and demons, and that he can also heal diseases. He often preaches on these topics to his congregation and TV audience.

     While he is behind his pulpit, he seems to speak of the right things, and seems to minister in these aforementioned areas. But once he is down from his pulpit, he is a totally different man! I wonder, Lord, how can he cast out devils from others when he is full of them himself??

     His sneaky and outright devilish appeals for money would put even the gay San Francisco fund raisers to shame! Dear Lord, is he one of those that fit Your Word in 2Cor.11:13-15? We should not be surprised to find such types anywhere, especially in these last days.

     Nevertheless, I warn his audiences to test him, lest they should be horribly deceived and damaged.


     Yet another one claims he knows the "new" truths of how to avoid various pitfalls and come directly to You; how to obtain, understand and utilize these new teachings, new mysteries in our lives.

     He stresses that we cannot afford to miss this opportunity and neglect such a chance if we truly want to walk with You. All we have to do is order his cassette where all is neatly recorded and listen to it ... over and over.

     It is a noble intention. Oh, by the way, the cassette is only $30 plus postage and handling. Well, dear Lord, is that not a real bargain? Imagine, for a mere thirty pieces of silver, we can get straight to You and learn to walk with You and avoid all pitfalls! If I had such a cassette I would not sell it for less than $3000 - each!

     But I do wonder, Lord, from where did this TV teacher receive all these mysteries, teachings and truths? Perhaps, we should now also understand why Your Church was so miserable during those last eighteen centuries - there were no cassettes available.


     The few remaining mysteries that have not been received by this teacher, and many like him, despite their honest and noble goals, are found, for example, in 1Cor.2:12-14, 2Cor.11:7, Rev. 21:6 and Mt.19:7-10. Will these ministers ever realize in their spirit that rather than being Your ministers, they are worldly, shrewd or even ruthless businessmen(?) ... even should they only try to recover their own cost, with no extra profit? Would I sell one ... yes, one cassette to my brother for ANY price in order to bring him to You or teach him something valuable about You?? Would I not be worse than Judas Iscariot??

     Will they ever learn and see and understand that Your economy TRANSCENDS the brains of all our economic advisors and well meaning brethren? Now, I have to admit to You and to them that my logic finds nothing wrong with this approach ... just as their logic does not, I am sure - BUT my spirit screams within me! Lord, are we supposed to be at least a little bit different from the corrupt world in financial tactics? In economy? In everything? Yes or no?

     This is what I must say to this well-meaning teacher and all those that are like unto him: "In the Mighty Name of Christ the Lord, keep your teachings for yourselves, stop pretending to be God's servants ... and go to Wall Street ... you will be much more successful there, even in the Lord's eyes. And this shall be the sign that you truly heed my words - the Lord Himself shall grant you the mystery of Matthew 17:27, and this shall be your first true cassette that you shall offer to your brothers and sisters free and postpaid ... and with joy!"

     Let it be so, Lord of all earth and the gold and silver thereof. Amen.



     Again, Lord, I feel I must insert at this place the following. The natural mind of many of Your true servants and ministers would say: "But radio broadcasts, telecasts, publishing ... all costs a lot of money! Is it not legitimate to sell and turn the profit back into the ministry? Is it not acceptable to the Lord, provided we do not use the profits or donations for our own luxury and conveniences? Is it not wise to sell to the brethren ... to ask for funds ... even to use any legal means to support or to "save" our radio program, our TV program, our publishing ... that has been doing so much good for the past five, ten, twenty, thirty or forty years? Is God not using our radio, television, publishing? We truly do not understand."


     It is true - our mind, our logic may never understand. But may I say to my beloved brethren and to all Your true servants a simple truth? Or just a simple thought that has been churning within my heart? It is this: God MAY use radio, television, publishing ... He MAY use our church buildings, our houses, cars, airplanes, trains, ships ... He MAY use everything and anything! But do NOT LIMIT the Almighty that He MUST use it!


     Don't tell me that in these days the "poor" Holy Spirit depends on our transistors, computer chips, tapes, TV tubes, satellites, air waves, word processors, laser printers and other stuff! Don't tell me that He Who created the Heavens and the Earth, Who hanged the Earth upon nothing now depends on our bank accounts, on our scientific achievements, on our technology! Don't tell me that He for Whom NOTHING is impossible shall not finish His brief work on earth – unless He uses and blesses what WE develop, what WE consider good and right, what WE believe to be indispensable!

     Don't tell me that when He opens a door, He later cannot possibly shut it! Don't tell me that He ever had or ever shall employ or bless our worldly tactics and manners to accomplish His Holy and Perfect Will in us and in the world! Don't tell me you never read nor comprehended Job chapters 38, 39, 40 etc.


     When the Lord God Jehovah truly called you and established a ministry for you, then who can destroy it??? Who can limit it? Who can annul it? (but our own stupidity and disobedience to Him!) Can you tell me who?

     Is His Spirit a fund raiser? Is He a beggar? (I am asking foolish questions for your own sake). Is He Who created the Earth and all the stars - is He now able to SUPPLY and PRESERVE the ministry given to you ... or shall He depend on YOUR cleverness, YOUR abilities, YOUR power, YOUR wisdom??? Can you answer me in truth?


     Unless you are prepared to perform His calling and given ministry in HIS SPIRIT ALONE (Zech.4:6; Jn.5:19 and 8:28 etc.), and in accordance with HIS WORD ALONE - you are wasting your time and energy!

     And when the Lord God Jehovah has not called you nor established your ministry - you are surely wasting your time and energy!


     This is the thought, the word that comes out of my heart at this point. Its main purpose is to stir up those true ministers and servants of Yours whose spirit has not yet stood up and seen You – The Almighty God! Those who have not yet seen nor grasped in their spirit WHOM they are really serving, WHAT You accept and WHAT You reject. Those who have not yet realized nor believed in their spirit that NO calling and NO ministry from the Lord of Creation can be fulfilled and bring forth a true fruit through our worries, anxieties, fears, worldly tactics, clever ideas, or through our own wisdom or power!

     Will Your Mighty and Holy Spirit convey this simple Truth to the SPIRITS of Your servants and ministers which err in these areas? So be it, Lord of all Might and Power and Wisdom! Thank You in Your Beautiful Name.



     Now, I want to turn to the "new breed" in Christianity - pastoresses, lady-bishops, lady-evangelists, lady-preachers ... perhaps, very soon we may have the first lady-apostle! What a day that will be, Lord. Apostle Paul would be delighted to see that day. Perhaps, he would be even persuaded to re-write some of his "male-chauvinistic" epistles. But then, we would also have to call on Moses to re-write a "few things" in his books, chiefly the book of Genesis and Exodus, and other writers to modify their books, too. Is this not a true comedy?


     Well, I am not surprised, Lord. The world has gone crazy – why not the Church also? The Church has always been "married" to the world in one way or another.

     The world is possessed by all kinds of devils and evil spirits, except Your Spirit - why not the Church also? Indeed, why not, when Satan is, in fact, not dwelling in the world but IN THE CHURCH, among Christians that HOLD FAST YOUR NAME! (Rev.2:13).

     The world is hopelessly divided, nations from nations, provinces from provinces, counties from counties, cities from cities, villages from villages, even neighbours from neighbours - why not the Church also? The so-called cooperation between nations, provinces, counties, cities and villages has become a farce - why not ecumenism?

     The world is eating and drinking and laughing as if there were no judgement coming whatsoever - the Church does the same! The world is growing more miserable each day - so is the Church! In fact, the Church might be outdoing the world; we not only have lady-ministers, but also lesbian ministers! And gay ministers! Don't we?


     Greatly beloved Lord Jesus, will these things not cause every decent Christian to vomit?

     Now, I have a word to speak on Your behalf to all these shameless women who never had a true regard for Your Word, who never had a true humbleness, fear or piety before You, who never knew the truth and who may never repent or turn from their wickedness and accept Your ways! This is the word:


     Tell me now, you honest, sincere and much devoted ones: do you want to serve the Lord God Jehovah, the Lord of Heaven and Earth by DEFYING His own Word and commandments??? By setting up your OWN principles and judgements of what is right and what is wrong? Are you not offering a strange fire unto the Lord God Jehovah that He had not commanded you nor ever desired?

     You ask what is the "strange fire"? Whenever anyone depends on his or her OWN wisdom, OWN method, OWN doctrine, and stands on his or her OWN opinions concerning the Lord's governmental affairs, that person is offering a strange fire unto the Lord God Jehovah!


     Take heed, lady-ministers, for you may not only be offering a very, very strange fire unto the Lord God Jehovah, but you may be playing with that fire - until it shall devour you, as it did also Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron (Lev.10:1,2), and many thousands of others!

      Is it not written clearly enough: "Let your WOMEN KEEP SILENCE in the churches, for IT IS NOT PERMITTED UNTO THEM TO SPEAK: but THEY ARE COMMANDED to be under obedience, as also saith the law"? (1Cor.14:34). What law? Mosaic law from Mt.Sinai? Jewish law of tradition? Law of order in synagogues? None of that.

     I know what you all think; I was taught the same trash, namely, that this particular word applied to the poor Jewish women, who in Paul's time, had shouting matches with their husbands, being separated from them in their synagogues. And verse 35 has been used to confirm it. But have you ever read the rest of the Bible??? Even the rest of chapter 14 of First Corinthians? What does the word "to speak" in verses 34 and 35 truly mean?


     Has the Lord (through Paul) ever forbidden a woman to speak in the churches in tongues? Never! (1Cor.14:39). Has the Lord ever forbidden a woman to speak in the churches a word of prophecy? Never! (1Cor.14:31). Has the Lord ever forbidden a woman to speak in the churches a word of testimony? Never! (Rev.12:17). Has the Lord ever forbidden a woman to speak in the churches a word of prayer? Never! (1Cor.11:5).

      So why is it a SHAME FOR WOMEN "TO SPEAK" IN THE CHURCHES? (1Cor.14:35). Because the word "to speak" does NOT mean to "yell, shout, ask husbands, make noise ... pray, prophesy, testify or speak in tongues", but it means TO PREACH, TO TEACH, TO COUNSEL, TO ADDRESS the (men in the) church with authority! And THAT is the shame for women to

do in the churches!

     The Lord clearly says through the same Paul: "But I (the Spirit of the Lord) suffer not a woman to teach (to preach, counsel, expound Scripture), nor to usurp authority over the man, but to BE IN SILENCE" (1Tim.2:12) in these matters.

     Speaking, which is preaching, teaching, counselling, or expounding and explaining the Scriptures, addressing men with authority is, therefore, NOT PERMITTED UNTO WOMEN, but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also says the law. But what law?


     The Law of Creation, of its Fall, and of its Redemption!


     (1) Of Creation - because ADAM WAS FIRST FORMED, THEN EVE (1Tim.2:13). Furthermore, Adam was not created for Eve, but Eve for Adam, neither was Adam taken out of Eve, but Eve was taken out of Adam (1Cor.11:8,9).


     (2) Of its Fall - because ADAM WAS NOT DECEIVED, BUT THE WOMAN BEING DECEIVED WAS IN THE TRANSGRESSION (1Tim.2:14). Furthermore, Adam had not sinned, and thus betrayed the Earth and the whole of mankind into the hands of Satan because of being blind or weak; he sinned because he loved Eve and hearkened unto her voice (Gen.3:17). Whereas, it was the woman, who, through her blindness, weakness and rebellion, sinned ... and thus fell and betrayed the whole world and future mankind into the hands of Satan!

     That is also why the woman has always been a weaker vessel (1Pet.3:7). That is why she was commanded from the very beginning (long before Moses and the law) to put her desire toward her husband. That is why she was commanded from the very beginning (long before Moses and the law) to be under the rule of her husband and thus - under obedience as also says the law! (1Cor.14:34; Gen.3:16; Eph.5:22; 1Cor.11:3).


     (3) Of its Redemption - because SHE SHALL BE SAVED IN CHILDBEARING, IF THEY CONTINUE IN FAITH AND CHARITY AND HOLINESS WITH SOBRIETY (1Tim.2:15). Here, the word "saved" does not refer to her eternal salvation, but to the perfecting of her soul. Furthermore, her childbearing shall be sorrowful (Gen.3:16) and it is conditioned on her faith, charity and holiness with sobriety. And without the childbearing, even the Redemption of Creation would not have been possible! The seed of the woman promised in Gen.3:15 could not have come to bruise the head of the Serpent.


     Therefore, because of the Law of Creation, of its Fall and of its Redemption, and because of other quoted scriptures:


     (a) no woman was ever placed by God in ANY governmental position to rule over or render decisions toward any man! (Eph.5:22,23; 1Cor.11:3). On the contrary; she was placed under the man to be ruled by her husband, or, if unmarried, by her father or spiritual leader.


     (b) no woman was ever called by God to minister the Word to men in ANY form EXCEPT the word of testimony, the word of tongues (or interpretation), the word of prayer and the word of prophecy! All four are also acknowledged by the Lord, and should be welcomed in all churches - IF the woman wears a head covering (on her hair) as the testimony of her subjection and obedience to her husband - before the angels of the Lord AND before the angels of Satan! (1Cor.11:10).

     This testimony also shows her obedience to the Word of God and, thus, gives her the power to minister effectively these exceptional types of the word, types of SPEAKING in the True Church of the Lord God Jehovah, which is Christ Jesus.


     These rules also apply to deaconesses, whose ministry, however, is scriptural, and established by the Lord, provided that they minister within this calling, and no further.


     Pastoresses, lady-bishops, lady-evangelists, lady-preachers ... where do you stand in this Light before God? Indeed, can you stand before Him, the Almighty Creator, and not fall on your faces? Notice one thing: when the woman sinned and plunged her husband and the whole world into this horrible mess, the Lord God had not cursed her – but the serpent! (Gen.3:14,16).

     When she offered (in love?) this misery of sin to her husband and he ate also, the Lord God had not cursed him - but the ground! (Gen.3:17). And for your protection and well-being, He placed you under the man apportioning to you a much lesser responsibility and thus accountability before Him. Is God, therefore, a "male-chauvinist" in your eyes? God forbid! (I speak foolishly for your sake).


     Tell me now, lady-ministers, which one of you has been truly ignorant of these above things and is truly willing to heed my words? I tell you two more things to diligently consider.

     Firstly, you all are free to minister the Word, even to teach and preach it (if you have this ability from the Lord), to other women, to younger sisters and to your children. If you would, therefore, direct your God-given abilities toward these, you will do well! And I pray, you would follow this counsel and bring forth true fruit acceptable to the Lord.

     Secondly, take your Bibles and notice these "strange things":


     - when Nadab and Abihu offered strange fire before the Lord, fire from the Lord consumed them, and they died before the Lord (Lev.10:1,2).

     Were they not sincere in their intention? Were they not honest? Were they not out to do a noble thing? Were they not the sons of the High Priest? YET, they died WITHOUT being given a chance to repent! They did in God's own temple what He had not commanded them - they broke the governmental rules of God!


     - when Korah and his company gathered together against Moses and Aaron and accused them ... the earth opened her mouth and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah ... and fire came down from the Lord and consumed the two-hundred and fifty men that offered incense (Num.16:1-3 and 16:32-35).

     Were they not the children of Israel? Were they not the chosen nation taken out of Egypt? YET, they all died including their wives and children or were burned WITHOUT being given a chance to repent! They stood up against and interfered with the governmental appointments of God!


     - when Esau sold his birthright to Jacob, his brother, for a piece of bread and pottage of lentils, God began to hate Esau. As it is written: "Jacob have I loved but Esau have I hated" (Gen.25:31-34; Rom.9:13).

     Was Esau not the firstborn from Isaac? Was he not to be blessed according to the promises of God to Abraham? YET, he was rejected, hated and abandoned by God WITHOUT being given a chance to repent! He found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears! (Heb.12:16,17). Esau despised the governmental principle of God concerning the firstborn!


     - when Uzzah put forth his hand to the Ark of God (to steady it), and took hold of it, for the oxen shook it, God smote him there for his error, and there he died by the Ark of God (2Sam.6:6,7).

     Was Uzzah not sincere? Was he not honest? Was his aim not noble? YET, he died WITHOUT being given a chance to repent! He touched with the hand of flesh that which represented the thrice Holy God Personally!


     What do you, lady-ministers, draw from these "strange" examples? All ministers, true or false, male or female, should draw the following.

     God is a God of mercy and grace, love and compassion, goodness and patience. He is also the thrice Holy God, the God of justice and of principles, and the God of judgement! (Is.30:18). As also the examples clearly show, there are two things He will NOT permit under ANY circumstance, and they are the following:


     (a) He will not allow ANY hand of flesh to touch His Holiness! Just as He will not allow any flesh to glory in His presence (1Cor.1:29).


     (b) He will not allow ANY one to disregard, interfere with, neglect or despise His government!


     You say that such things as shown in the examples do not happen in the New Testament, since we live under Grace and not under the Law, as in the Old Testament? You are doubly wrong! Jesus Christ is the God of both the Old and New Testaments and He does not change! He is the same in the Old, in the New, and forever (Heb.13:8).

     There are NO TWO GODS, one terrible, impatient and merciless of the Old Testament, and another one gracious, meek and patient in the New Testament, willing to overlook all our stupidity, arrogance, disobedience and evil. Not at all!!!


     When Ananias and his wife Sapphira lied to Peter about the price of their sold possessions (Acts 5:1-11), they were stricken dead WITHOUT being given a chance to repent! Who struck them dead? Jesus Christ - the meek and lowly in heart. Why? They lied to God's governmental appointee and to the Holy Spirit in him. And they dropped dead right at the beginning of the life of the Church, to SERVE AS EXAMPLES, and to remind us that the PRINCIPLES and the attributes of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit HAD NOT CHANGED with the change of the Testaments!!!

     Yea, God Himself had not changed nor had His methods of dealing with us!


     You say that you have been happily ministering some years already and nothing happened; you did not die, you did not even fall sick. Is that your argument? You are wrong again! Very wrong!

     What was happening to the chosen people of God in the Old Testament in the physical realm, is happening to the chosen people of God in the New Testament in the spiritual realm! Israel is a physical forepicture of the Church - and the Church is a spiritual Israel. While God in the Old Testament communicated with His servants mouth-to-mouth (Num.12:8), in the New Testament He communicates Spirit-to-spirit.

     Ananias and Sapphira died also in body because their case is an extreme one, their intention was NOT noble, they were NOT honest NOR did they act in ignorance; rather, they lied in full conscience and with malice.


     When you, with noble intentions, sincerely and honestly offered your first strange fire unto the living God, which He commanded not, nor desired - you were STRICKEN DEAD! Not in body, but in spirit! And since that day, you are to God as good as a walking corpse. You live, and yet are dead ... just as "she that liveth in pleasures is dead while she liveth"! (1Tim.5:6). Had you (or any manservant) offered a strange fire unto the living God consciously, with malice or purpose, you would have died bodily also and would be in the grave today! And there are such servants even today who die or are killed under "unusual" circumstances.


     Tell me now, how many of you are even today living in the pleasures of ruling your own husbands? Or being in the church leadership teaching, preaching, counselling or directing men in your congregation? In Christian clubs or movements?

     How many are preaching the Gospel on radio or television? Satan is laughing at you!! How many of you are cleverly directing your husbands, "lay husbands" or ministers, to satisfy YOUR desires and YOUR will rather than the desires and Will of Christ Jesus??


     How many of you have already offered your strange fires unto the Lord God Jehovah? How many have already disregarded, interfered with, or neglected the governmental principles of God? And how many of you have just despised or hated the governmental ordinances of God?

     I cannot judge that; you, your spirit, and your conscience must tell you that - if your spirit and your conscience still work.


     I conclude this word with the following exhortation. All of you, sisters, that are still living in spirit AND are led by your consciences to repentance, follow that lead and REPENT while there is time and opportunity! And I pray and intercede before the God of all Creation that He would strengthen you to repent ... and enable you to walk wisely within His ordinances and commandments and principles.

     That you may stop ruling your husbands, even your brethren in Christ, that you may stop ministering to men the Scripture which commands you to be in silence, that you may stop despising the government of God and stop tempting the Lord with your rebellion - for it is truly a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God! For our God, even Christ Jesus, is a consuming fire! (Heb.10:31 and 12:29).


     For those lady-ministers who are already dead in spirit, there shall be NO place of repentance for you and NO second chance! You have been rejected and abandoned by God for all ministerial purposes and you ARE STRICKEN DEAD! Let this be a WARNING to ALL the Church!

     Yet, I have a word of consolation for you - you were not rejected nor abandoned for ever; you have not lost your eternal life, just as Nadab and Abihu, Esau, Uzzah, and others, have NOT lost their eternal life! You have "only" lost the privilege to enter in and enjoy with Christ the Kingdom of heaven - because you sinned by rejecting His very principles of governing during the Dispensation of Grace, which is now.

     You will reappear at the Last Judgement, the Great White Throne Judgement, and provided that your names are in the Book of Life, you shall obtain eternal life (Rev.20:15). But nobody shall mock God and His government! (Gal.6:7).


     This is my word to you, sisters and lady-ministers, which I speak unto you on behalf of Christ the King!



     Greatly admired, worshipped and beloved Lord Christ Jesus, there are yet many things in my heart concerning leaders, their ministry and work. In the above, I only touched a few of Your servants, true or false ones, and they all seem to be in the Protestant stream.

     There are many, many others that could be touched in both Protestant and Catholic streams. Yet I do not feel I should continue touching anyone else. I shall speak to one more leader, without touching him, and that shall conclude this chapter of my letter to You, Lord.



     Who is this last "mysterious" leader? He is from a different realm and is not to be compared with anybody. Your prophets described him as "the son of the morning", and as "the anointed cherub that covereth". (Is.14:12; Ez.28:14). He was a true leader ... "full of wisdom and perfect in beauty", perfect in his ways from the day that he was created, till iniquity was found in him (Ez.28:12,15).


     Yes, I speak about the former Lucifer turned into Satan. A perfect leader of the powers of light turned into the leader of the powers of darkness ... a "perfect enemy" of God and all those that belong to God.

     And WHAT TURNED LUCIFER, the son of the morning, the anointed cherub full of wisdom and perfect in beauty, INTO SATAN, the devil, murderer and liar, the son of perdition to be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit and then to the lake of fire and brimstone to be tormented day and night for ever and ever? (Is.14:15; Rev.20:10). What was it??? PRIDE! (Is.14:13).


     Yes, it was exactly the same "stuff" that since the beginning has been turning Your own people into paralysed "zombies"! And Your own people seem to cherish their pride and cuddle this venomous snake in the midst of their heart!

     The devil knows what brought him down and thus he is using the very same thing to bring down Your Creation, that You, Lord, created for Your own pleasure (Rev.4:11). And it seems, greatly beloved Lord, that he succeeded in corrupting and destroying not only the things that You

created for Your own pleasure, but that he succeeded in corrupting and destroying even Your own chosen people of Israel, and of the Church!


     And if I should only look and judge from the pictures You have been showing me of Your Church, then I should be like unto Jeremiah ... and I should fall on my knees and cry rivers of tears ... and begin my lamentations. Would not his Lamentations fit even the present days? (Lam.2:5-19 and others).

     But I do not judge only by the pictures that my eyes see and my ears hear. I judge by Your revelations IN SPIRIT, which cannot be simply translated into pictures. Even Jeremiah, Your prophet, found joy and hope in the midst of his lamentations (Lam.3:22-26). No matter how dark and hopeless the picture may seem to be, I know, Lord, that not one from either Israel or the Church that the Father has given You shall perish. Not one!

     And when I wrote that it seemed that he (the devil) succeeded, I have to underline the word "seems". Indeed, this is the most important word that I am using in that sentence because the truth is different from what we see and hear and imagine in our minds.


     What is the truth? In Your Mighty and Glorious Name, I now turn to this leader of the powers of darkness and speak even to him this word:


     When I was young, I was taught to fear you because the Lord Himself forewarned us to fear you, who after killing the body had the power to cast one into hell (Mt.10:28). I did fear you. Then I was taught to mind my tongue when referring to you, lest I should "despise dominion and speak evil of dignities". Because even Michael the archangel, when he contended with you, durst not bring a railing accusation, but said: "The Lord rebuke thee" (Jude 8,9). So I minded my tongue.

     This was years back. Also, these were the teachings of men who never knew the Lord Christ Jesus Himself nor were they known by Him nor yet did they know you. Had they known the living Lord and been known by Him, they would have known His chief enemy also, which you are. They would have told you the same things that I am about to tell you now.


     First, I want to ask you this: whenever you are pointing your dirty finger at my brothers and sisters in Christ and are accusing them of sinning, tell me - who brought them into sin? When you are pointing at their weaknesses, tell me - who made them weak? When they suffer in the fetters of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, lasciviousness, and other lusts, tell me - who put them into these fetters?

     When you are accusing them of rebellion, I wonder who it was that rebelled first? Do you know? When you are accusing them of murdering or lying, tell me - who is the father of lies and the murderer from the beginning? Do you have any idea?

      And when you are showing us (on TV or in print), the poor dying children in Asia, Africa or South America, tell me - who is responsible for their misery and death? When we see untold thousands of people dying from diseases, hunger, famine, or in countless wars, terrorist attacks, in prisons, in hospitals, tell me - who is responsible for that??


     When we see the whole world reeling toward its grave, everything corrupted, everything polluted, everything soaked in sin, everything dying, tell me - WHO is responsible for that???

     YOU ARE, you filthy rat, you venomous snake, you deadly scorpion, you blood-sucking bat ... you fool of the Ages!!!


     Therefore, I am pointing my finger straight into your evil face and I am not only bringing a railing accusation against you, I am bringing a ROARING ACCUSATION AGAINST you - for destroying the beautiful Creation of God; and I am bringing a THUNDERING CONDEMN­ATION of you - for murdering multitudes of human beings and living creatures of God; yea, I am outright CURSING you and all your powers of darkness in the MIGHTY AND GLORIOUS NAME OF THE VICTOR - CHRIST JESUS!!!

     How does that sound to "your majesty"?


     Yes, I am mocking you, and I will soon laugh at you face to face ... together with Christ Jesus and all those that are in Him, as I am!

     David had nothing but a sling and a smooth stone when he finished your "ambassador" Goliath. The New Testament Davids shall have nothing but the Blood of Christ and the word of their testimony - to sling it into your ugly face ... and you will be finished! And you know it,because you know the Scriptures, don't you? If you don't, be so kind as to look at the Book of Revelation 12:11! And keep the Scriptures handy, for there is more to come.


     Yea, you have been finished from the very beginning ... you and your followers just did not know it, nor did anyone else in the Creation of God but God Himself knew. And now that this same God lives in me, He freely shows me the truth.

     Therefore, I do remind my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, and I do remind you, "prince of the power of the air" - you have NO power whatsoever ... but what God allows you yet to do! You should turn to Rev.13:5-7; and if you are truly wondering who has ALL power, try reading Mt.28:18. It may help you to remember.

     Furthermore, I must tell you that you NEVER had any power ... but what God granted you! Because there is NO POWER BUT OF GOD; the powers that be are ordained of God! (Rom.13:1). Are you listening? Can you bear the truth? I know you cannot, but I am going to tell you anyway.


     When you were created by God as a glorious being full of beauty and wisdom, you had NO power and NO authority ... until your Creator granted you both. And so you ruled ... not realizing that neither your beauty, nor your wisdom, nor your power, nor anything else that you possessed

was acquired through your own efforts!

     Then, when you embraced evil and rejected the good, your beauty was turned into ugliness and shame, just as the attractive serpent of the Garden of Eden was turned into a common venomous snake (Gen.3:1,14).

     Also, your glory was turned into sinfulness and filthiness ... and your wisdom into a grand foolishness. Is it not written: "The fool hath said in his heart: There is no God"? (Ps.14:1). If, therefore, someone who even knows God face to face, who serves Him and rules His Creation, yet he stands up against Him, is he not a "grand idiot"??? What do you think, Satan?


     Therefore, I say that all those which you have deceived into believing that there is no God, are together lesser fools than you are! And all those within the chosen people of Israel and the Church which you have deceived and kept from the Truth, are together lesser fools than you are!


     True, archangel Michael did not bring against you any railing accusations, because at that time God, the Creator, had NOT revealed to His heavenly host your true face, true misery nor your true "future". Jesus = Yeshua = Salvation was not yet born, and so you were allowed to be the "possessor and ruler of the kingdoms of the world". Even Jesus did not dispute this fact when you tempted Him (Mt.4:8-10). You were even allowed access to the Throne, do you remember?

     Therefore, if God granted you the dominion of the world's kingdoms, how could His own archangel despise the dominion which God granted? And how could he rail against you when God granted you the dignity of a world ruler?


     But then, Jesus was born ... do you remember? And what the whole of mankind could not do in 6000 years, (I love to repeat this over and over) this Magnificent Son of God had done in six hours! Singlehandedly, alone, deserted by everybody including His Apostles.

     And as you were watching Him on that Cross of Calvary, your hopes were diminishing with every minute. His last hour on the Cross was for you a sheer agony; your worst fears began to materialize, and you knew you were going to lose EVERYTHING. AND you DID! PRAISE GOD FOR EVER!


     Today you have NOTHING, you know NOTHING, you understand NOTHING ... and you are NOTHING!


     And now, I tell you what the Lord of Glory, Christ Jesus, really did. He not only saved that which was lost, redeemed that which was betrayed, He also REVERSED that which you did!

     You turned your beauty into ugliness and shame - He put on ugliness and shame (Ps.22:6,7) that through death He may deliver it to your "new underground kingdom" and through resurrection turn it into a breathtaking beauty and present it to the Father.

     You turned your glory into sinfulness and filthiness - He put on (our) sinfulness and filthiness (1Pet.2:24), that through death He may deliver it to your "new underground kingdom" and through resurrection turn it into a pure holiness and righteousness and present it to the Father.

     You turned your wisdom into foolishness - He became like unto a fool (in human eyes) for God's sake that through death, even through the "foolishness" of the Cross (1Cor.1:18), He may deliver it to your "new underground kingdom" and through resurrection turn it into an unfathomable wisdom and present it to the Father.


     And the same Spirit is causing us, who love Christ and hate you, to do likewise (1Cor. 4:9,10). And I must add that if you and your devils had had a quarter of an ounce of this wisdom, you and all your devils with you would have never crucified the Lord of Glory! (1Cor.2:7,8).



     I know you are speechless ... and I have not even begun. Today I could write a thick book to you which you would genuinely hate to read. I will not waste my time on you, but before I let you go, I must tell you a few more words.

     I hereby declare to your ugly and evil face that JESUS CHRIST, whom you crucified, IS THE TRUE LORD OF GLORY, THE TRUE KING OF KINGS, THE TRUE MAJESTY, AND THE TRUE GOD THE SON!!!

     Furthermore, when He presented Himself to God the Father, He made up for the loss of Lucifer infinitely many times! And when He presents all of us, whom He saved, to the Father, He will have made up for the loss of your angels another infinitely many times! And this Truth about Christ Jesus and us shall be regularly brought to your remembrance to make your torment in the lake of fire "perfect"!


     And now, Satan, go! Go quickly, for you have but a short time. The Lord God Jehovah, the Lord Christ Jesus, the Lord of Glory, shall yet grant you a brief time of unprecedented power so that He might fully expose you and your ugly powers of darkness; that the fruits of evil might fully ripen and be gathered into the winepress of His wrath.

     Then, you shall be chained as a wild beast and thrown to the bottomless pit (Is.14:15; Rev.20:1-3). And then, His Majestic Kingdom of heaven shall finally arrive ... and we shall rule with Him, the King of kings, for a thousand years.

     Then, you shall be briefly released before you are finally cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, which is the second death. And your good friends the Beast and the False Prophet shall heartily welcome you in your "hot eternal kingdom" ... but without the red carpet; it would burn, you see.

     Your beloved Death and Hell shall also be cast into the lake of fire. And you all shall be tormented there day and night for ever and ever! Chapter twenty of the Book of Revelation will refresh your memory.


     I conclude this word by saying: AMEN! SO BE IT - for you well deserve it! Let the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords, Christ Jesus, not delay it even by one hour!


*  *  *


     Greatly praised and beloved Lord Christ Jesus, thus have I spoken to some of the leaders in Your Church, whether true or false, and thus have I spoken to the leader of the powers of darkness.

     To them I have spoken in Your stead, being like unto Elihu, who spoke unto Your servant Job. And to Satan I have spoken as his enemy who hates him and who mocks him by speaking the Truth to his evil face.


     Thus have I declared Your Truth to some of the leaders in Your Church, whether true or false. Furthermore, I have declared to them my judgements, and my judgements are true for I am not seeking my will but the Will of Him Who called me - which is You, O King of Glory and Justice!

     Thus have I declared Your Truth and Your Majesty to Your archenemy. Furthermore, I have declared to him the judgements with which he shall be judged, lest he should forget.



     And now, Beloved, let Your Holy and Righteous Spirit weigh and judge these same things whether they be so and let Him perform that for which I prayed in the Foreword. Also, let Him truly come forth in the Conclusion to this letter - so that Your joy and satisfaction may be full! In Your Holy and Beautiful Name! AMEN.




Your Majesty, Your Excellency, my Saviour, my Lord and my greatly beloved King!

I am on my knees before You, as I am about to conclude what I declared in this letter in Your own Name. You are not only the Lord of lords and the King of kings, but also the Supreme Judge of the living and of the dead. In Your Holy and Mighty Name I have started and in Your Holy and Mighty Name I shall conclude this letter.

I greatly thank You for even allowing me to write this letter. Yea, I thank You for having confirmed this letter to be of Your desire and in Your Will!

Your confirmation came to me in the most unexpected and amazing way - as is usual with many things that come from You. And it came just shortly before this Conclusion was started so that I can hereby declare to all those who have come thus far in reading that this letter has indeed been in Your Will and desire!

My greatly Beloved, this confirmation has, without doubt, been a great blessing to me, and it makes me even bolder to bring to a conclusion all that must be concluded herein.

Three things must be concluded, namely, things concerning the devil, the world and the Church.



At Calvary, he and all his powers of darkness lost EVERYTHING! Since the anointing of the Christ of God, which You are, he has NO power, NO authority and NO rights in relation to the Church and especially to the Overcomers (Lk.10:17-20).

He is no prince, no ruler, no authority, because "the prince of this world was judged" at Calvary (Jn.16:11). He killed an innocent man - Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of God. And when Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of God, which You are, ascended to heaven, the Spirit descended to reprove the world and to pronounce this judgement (Jn.16:8-11).

Satan and all his wicked host can only do that which God our Father through His Christ, which You are, allows them to do ... or that which He commands them to do. And God our Father, in His Wisdom, pre-ordained that Satan and his wicked host will retain the power to tempt and deceive, to instill pride, jealousy, fears, rebellion and strife ... even to deceive in that he is still on the throne and that Christ and His Church are almost defeated. God our Father pre-ordained this, for so it seemed good in His eyes. His firstborn Son, which You are, was perfected

in this way - so shall also all His other sons be. The Bridegroom, which You are, had come this way - so shall also the Bride come.

And thus, even the powers of evil have been used and are being used in the Wisdom of God as tools to perfect His saints. Without them God would not have achieved what He did just as Christ Jesus, which You are, without death could never have manifested the Might and Glory of His resurrection.

Hence, Satan is yet allowed to use his weapons and devices of evil, and we are not to be ignorant of this fact! (2Cor.2:11). But he is allowed to use them not as the supreme ruler of the world, but rather, as a totally defeated foe, a powerless slave condemned to eternal perdition and torment. And we should not be ignorant of this fact either!

In Christ, we are his rulers; outside of Christ, he is yet allowed to be our (apparent) ruler.

The Great Tribulation and the war of Gog and Magog (Mt.24:21 and Rev.20:7-9) shall be the last two "shows" he shall be permitted to perform before his eternal banishment from our presence.

His first "show" shall not begin before he is revealed, and he shall not be revealed before "he who hinders" is taken out of the way. Then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the Spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy him with the brightness of His coming (2Thess.2:6-8). "He that hinders" is none other than everyone who still has the voice of Truth and the testimony of the King of kings. It is everyone who can say: "...the (former) prince of this world cometh, and hath NOTHING in me" (Jn.14:30).

His first "show" shall ripen the fruit of evil and bring forth all the dross of evil accumulated in the hearts and minds and souls of men, including the saints, during the six millenia of man's governing himself.

Yes, including the saints, including those saved ones, which, in their pride, arrogance, self-righteousness and fears kept refusing to repent, to turn from their old wicked ways and obey the voice of the Lord. Satan shall make war against them and shall overcome them! (Rev.13:7). He shall not destroy their eternal salvation but he shall overcome them through their old man. Thus are they given to the hand of God's archenemy to be DELIVERED from that which they refused to be delivered through the hands of their brethren and the Spirit! (1Tim.1:20; 1Cor.5:5).

But for those saints that salute one another with a holy kiss, which even today mark those that cause divisions and offences in the Church and whose steadfastness and obedience to God's voice is known, for all of them the God of peace shall bruise Satan under their feet shortly! (Rom.16:20).

The second "show" shall ripen the gleanings and shall bring forth the last dross of evil accumulated and left over in the hearts, minds and souls of men in the Millenium of the Kingdom of heaven governed by Christ Jesus, which You are.

Then shall Satan be finished and cast into the lake of fire and brimstone and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever! Praise God!



"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life". God provided for the world EVERYTHING that the world needed! (Jn.3:16-21, 4:42, 6:51, 12:47).

But the world keeps loving darkness and evil things and keeps hating the Light and Truth of God. Therefore, the world cannot receive the Spirit of Truth (Jn.14:17). The world is condemned (1Cor.11:32; Jn.3:19) and, thus, even the Lord prays not for the world! (Jn.17:9). Hence, friendship with the world is enmity with God! (Jas.4:4).

Who is the "world"? Everyone who is condemned. Who is condemned? "He that believeth not (on Christ Jesus) is condemned ALREADY because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God" (Jn.3:18).

The world is NOT to be loved nor the things of the world to be cherished ... for the world is condemned and is passing away (1Jn.2:15-17), and we are or ought to be delivered from this evil world (Gal.1:4). We also ought to be reminded of Lot's wife! (Lk.17:32).

No man shall reverse the trend of evil or stop it! No man shall improve the world by either a prayer or by resisting evil! Resisting evil is even contrary to the Word that became flesh (Mt.5:39).

No man shall make the world more moral, more law abiding, more repentant, more God-conscious ... nor shall anyone make it a "better place to live"!

The Day of Judgement should rather be hastened and thus also the establishment of the Kingdom of heaven. To build a "better future" for our children in this present world is a color dream and a foolish hope, indeed. The hour for the world is SET and its fate is SEALED. So be it, Beloved!

Let the Father of all Glory not postpone this hour even by one minute! Let Him rather hasten the hour, let Him rise up and let His enemies be finally scattered! (Num.10:35). Amen.



(A) Touching the road to the Kingdom

God the Father had given to Jesus His Cross to become the Saviour of the world. This Cross of Calvary divided mankind into two camps: the saved ones and the lost ones.

Jesus Christ, the Saviour and Lord, which You are, had given to us our crosses to become

the rulers in the Kingdom of heaven. Our crosses divide the saved ones into two camps: the Overcomers and the Overcome.

Only the Overcomers from both the Old Testament and the New Testament shall be allowed entry into the Kingdom of heaven and shall obtain the promises of the Book of Revelation written in chapters 2 and 3.

The Overcome ones shall be denied entry into the Kingdom of heaven and thus shall remain in or be cast out into outer darkness, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. They shall have another 1000 years to overcome that which they refused to overcome during their Christian years of life on earth.

Also, there will be many, many Christians who never knew, who were never told what they had to overcome or why. Their leaders shall be accountable for it - but their followers shall suffer, as well.

For many of them, children (in understanding and wisdom) are their oppressors and women rule over them ... and thus their way to the Kingdom of heaven is destroyed (Is.3:12). Many leaders are blind and they lead the blind. Will they end up in the Kingdom of heaven or in the ditch? (Mt.15:14). Countless ordinary believers are deceived and are walking on the road that leads to destruction and darkness and suffering.

Their leaders are either quiet or ignorant, or they mislead their flocks by insinuating or presuming that they are "ready", because they exercise spiritual gifts (tongues, prophecy, healing, knowledge, etc.), because they prosper, because they follow plausible doctrines, because

they "keep" the law and commandments (as if there were ANYONE who ever succeeded apart from Jesus - Jn.7:19), because they exercise "positive attitudes" or make a lot of noise and jumping in the church. All such leaders shut the door to the Kingdom of heaven before their followers, because they themselves do not go in (Mt.23:13).

The leaders, being themselves deceived, "forgot" to tell their flocks that "we must through MUCH TRIBULATION enter into the Kingdom of God" (Acts 14:22; 2Tim.2:12 and 3:12), through much suffering, many tears and much crying to the Lord, even through much toiling in spirit and soul!

They "forgot" to preach and teach that the Father, in His Wisdom, established this way which is the way of self-denial and of bearing our own crosses. They themselves "forgot" that there is no other way. There is NO OTHER WAY! There is NO OTHER WAY!

I repeat, the Lord Christ Jesus, which You are, bore His Cross that we may be reconciled to God the Father and know Him by being reborn and renewed in our spirit.

Similarly, we must bear our crosses that we may be reconciled to God the Son, our Saviour and Lord, which You are, and to know Him by being reborn and renewed in our soul!

The rebirth = renewal = salvation in our SPIRIT was the beginning of our faith (Jn.3:3-8); the rebirth = renewal = salvation of our SOUL is the end of our faith (1Pet.1:9; Heb.12:2).

Thus, the road to the Kingdom is a very narrow road, and only few find it (Mt.7:14). It is the road of repentance, humility, meekness, suffering, tribulations. It is THE course of the race that God set before us, including its rules and its prize - the Crown of righteousness (Heb.12:1; 2Tim.4:7,8).

We cannot run this race along any path which we would choose, which would suit us nor are we allowed to run it according to our rules but "lawfully" (2Tim.2:5). If a man does not keep the course set before him or does not abide by the rules of the race, he shall not obtain any prize, but rather, he is disqualified even by earthly judges! How much more is this true concerning this race, seeing that we do not strive for a piece of metal or wood called a "trophy" which will perish; but for the Crown of righteousness, holiness, life and glory which shall never perish!

Oh Eternal King, O Lord of Glory, can any of us estimate the true value of this Crown? Is it possible for a human heart to ever imagine this? It is impossible (1Cor.2:9). Yet You, Lord of Glory, are offering us this Crown of unimaginable riches and glory, and in exchange You are

asking from us "peanuts"! Yes, peanuts. Do You not require our very life as the price? Yes, You do (Mt.10:39; Lk.14:26). Yet, what You get from us, if anything at all, is a "vapour that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away" (Jas.4:14).

But You know that we are unwilling, yea, unable to give You even this "vapour" at once; so You are asking us to give it to You slowly, step by step.

One such step is also called "repentance" and we are called to take this step whenever we sin against You or one another. Now, is not this step of repentance an infinitely small "peanut"? Yet, we are unwilling to pay even this! Are we not stupid fools? Is not our misery truly bottomless, O Lord of Glory? Only You know ... and in Your Grace, You will not even show us our true misery.

Thank You, Lord, for Your Grace ... AND for Your Justice and Judgement.

(B) Touching the present conditions.

Our misery is bottomless, O Lord of lords, and none of us can change it, but You!

First, let me say what we truly love. We, the leaders, love to produce fiery, witty, interesting sermons; we love to teach and counsel and show off our deep knowledge. We also love to be admired, praised, honoured, followed; we love to prosper in every way, we love to be perceived as humble but devoted servants of God doing "our best" for Him. We love it when our successes are interpreted as confirmations from God. We love to be considered true prophets, miracle workers, healers, preachers having a "strong and anointed" ministry, evangelists, apostles or, at least, anointed elders. We love our flesh and all that soothes our flesh.

We, the followers and miscellaneous church-goers, love to have such famous leaders, fiery or witty preachers, knowledgeable teachers and counsellors, great and prosperous servants of God. We love to be ministered to by healers, miracle workers, prophets, apostles, revivalists and anyone else ... provided they minister to our flesh and are able to soothe our flesh. And yes, we do love to stay as followers for ever and ever ... and wallow in the sweet deceptions that are frequently ministered to us.

Thus, because we love You and Your Spirit with our lips only, but with our hearts we love ourselves and our flesh, we are NOT answering to Jerusalem which is above but to Jerusalem which now is! (Gal.4:25,26). And this is what Your Spirit is saying to us:

"Run ye to and fro through the Church and see now and know; and seek in the broad places thereof, if ye can find a man, if there be ANY that executeth JUDGEMENT, that seeketh the TRUTH ... and I will pardon it! And though they say: The Lord liveth, surely they swear falsely ... but they have REFUSED to receive CORRECTION, they have made their faces harder than a rock, they have refused to return, that is, to repent! Therefore I said: Surely these are poor, they are foolish, for they know not the WAY OF THE LORD, nor the JUDGEMENT of their God" (see Jer.5:1-4).

Furthermore, Your Spirit says:

"Woe to the REBELLIOUS children, saith the Lord, that take counsel but not of Me, and that cover with a covering but not of My Spirit, that they may add sin to sin" (Is.30:1).

Should the above Word not be enough, Lord? And, lo, I have yet to speak more and say this:

Will the knowledgeable, zealous, wise and prudent leaders of Your Church consider in their hearts and minds why Saul was converted to Paul? Why have You done it, Lord? Was there a shortage of fishermen? Nay! (I speak foolishly for the sake of the "leaders from Tarsus"). You have done it to show us and to tell us, the knowledgeable, zealous, wise and prudent, that before we meet the living Lord and are stricken by His Light, WE ARE ABLE AND WE DO KILL OUR BRETHREN AND THINK WE ARE DOING GOD SERVICE!!! (Jn.16:2).

Therefore, I speak to these numerous Sauls of Tarsus, those knowledgeable, zealous, wise and prudent orators, preachers, teachers, pastors, evangelists, prophets, apostles:

As yet, you have not met the living Christ ... as yet, you have not been stricken by His Light ... as yet, you have not fallen from your horses!! Behold, you are yet on your ways to Damascus carrying shackles to shackle, imprison and then KILL your own brethren ... even those that have the power from the Lord to grant you true eyesight!" (Acts 9:10-18; Rev.3:18).

And now, I speak to the "ordinary" brothers and sisters who say: "I am fed up with this religion ... I am fed up with this church ... I am seeking truth, life, reality ... I am seeking Jesus Himself".

Will these brothers and sisters consider in their hearts and minds my words? These are my words to them:

I am not offering you color dreams, I am not telling you smooth things, I am not lying to you, but speaking truth for your own sakes and your own benefit. Many, many of you are NOT seeking truth, nor life, nor reality, nor yet Jesus Christ Himself - you are seeking SELF-SATISFACTION, the way out of your own frustrations, the way to solve your own problems, the way to materialize your own imaginations and dreams. And your deeds, your behaviour, your fruits, whether before or after you leave your congregation, prove it. The Lord knows it; He is not surprised and His Grace keeps resting on you.

Yet I say in truth that those of you who are like unto Jacob have a true chance to reach your Peniel (Gen.32:30), to find Him and know the Truth, the Reality and the true Life. I shall address you again a little later.

But those of you that are like unto Esau have no such chance, for you have already sold your birthright, which is ruling in the Kingdom of heaven. Furthermore, anyone of you who has offered a strange fire unto the Lord, is dead and has no such chance. This is the truth and the most serious truth concerning you and the Kingdom of heaven; concerning you and the reality, life, and the King - Christ Jesus Himself. Behold the goodness and severity of our God!

(C) Touching the Elect Bride.

There are twelve tribes of Israel, one is judged and rejected, namely Dan, and it is substituted by the people of Manasseh, Joseph's son (Rev.7:4-8). One is chosen and loved by You, namely Judah (Gen.49:8; Ps.78:68).

There are twelve apostles of the Church, one is judged and rejected, namely Judas Iscariot, and he is substituted by Matthias (Acts 1:25,26). One is chosen and loved by You, namely John (Jn.13:23 and 19:26).

Behold Your mystery - in the fulness of times out of Judah comes forth the Bridegroom ... and in the fulness of times out of John comes forth the Bride! He who has a heart to understand, let him understand.

Again I say this: "There are threescore queens and fourscore concubines, and virgins without number. Your dove, Your undefiled is but one; she is the only one of her mother, she is the choice one of her that bare her. The daughters saw her and blessed her; yea, the queens and the concubines, and they praised her." He who has a heart to understand, let him understand.

Yet again I say this: "And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying: We will eat our own bread and wear our own apparel, only let us be called by thy name to take away our reproach. In that day shall the branch of the Lord be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and comely for them that are escaped ... for the filth shall be washed away and the blood purged by the spirit of judgement, and by the spirit of burning." He who has a heart to understand, let him understand.

Finally, I say this: "There is yet one more sign that must be fulfilled before You, the Lord of Glory, come for Your firstfruits and before the Harvest. Behold, that sign is plainly written in the Book of Revelation. Who shall see it but Your Bride? Who shall execute it but Your Bride?"

Therefore I say, he who has eyes to see, let him see.


My Gracious Saviour, Mighty Lord, Righteous King, my greatly Beloved Christ Jesus, I now turn to You with two requests. The first one has already been expressed in my prayer in the Foreword. It was to shroud the truth, its simplicity, beauty, reality, depth, width, breadth and height, and to hide it ... save from those to whom You would choose to reveal it at this hour.

But now I pray, that Your marvellous Truth, in Its beauty and simplicity, would truly be revealed unto them that love It, and that shall be addressed in this concluding part of my letter to You.

The second request is that Your marvellous resurrection power would take hold of me ... of every cell of my spirit, soul and body; of every word that shall carry Your Truth toward Your elect Bride at this hour; that it would take hold of every person that shall be addressed, and thus hasten and draw to a conclusion this present age; that it would thus complete the firstfruits of the earth and speed up the preparation for the Harvest.

This is my earnest prayer, Beloved, and I know You shall grant it, for it is the desire of Your own heart, yea, even more so.


It is written: "For Moses truly said unto the fathers: A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in ALL things whatsoever he shall say unto you. And it shall come to pass, that EVERY SOUL WHICH WILL NOT HEAR THAT PROPHET, SHALL BE DESTROYED FROM AMONG THE PEOPLE" (Acts 3:22,23).

You are that Prophet, O Beloved! Furthermore, it is written: "Verily, verily I say unto you: He that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth Me: and he that receiveth Me receiveth Him that sent Me" (Jn.13:20).

Thus I say to my brothers and sisters, to ALL that call on Your Name out of a pure heart:

The Lord Christ Jesus, the King of kings, has caused me to send this word unto you. I am of Him, he that knows Him hears me, he that is not of Him hears me not. Hereby I know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

I judge you not, yea, by the help of God I shall never judge you. The words of this letter that the Lord caused me to send unto you, they shall judge you, they shall judge those that rejected them and believed not.They shall not judge today, but in the last day; today they only separate those that believe and receive from those that believe not and reject.

And now, in the Mighty and Holy Name of the King Christ Jesus, I beseech you ALL that call on His Name out of a pure heart and that trust Him - come to your knees - join me, for I am on my knees before the King of Glory even as I am writing. Come to your knees at this very moment as you read these words - for from now on I shall not speak but to those and on behalf of those that are kneeling with me or those that are physically impaired to kneel, but they are kneeling "in their hearts". Seclude yourselves, find a private place with God - and kneel down.

To those that can kneel and are not found on their knees, I say this last word: It is better for you to stop reading this book at this very page and close it! You have thus far been reading to satisfy the curiosity of your flesh. But the Kingdom of heaven is not in flesh, nor in word; it is not in speaking, discussing, preaching, writing, reading - it is in POWER (1Cor.4:20).

If your spirit has no power to bring your soul and body less than two feet DOWN toward the ground, it shall not bring you more than two feet UP into the air. The spirit of Rapture is not obtained without price nor is the Crown of righteousness.

Furthermore I say this: If you would truly love the Lord Christ Jesus, you would have heard His voice ... and you would have been on your knees ... and all things would together work for your good (Rom.8:28). But now, this is not so.

Therefore, even the conclusion of this book, should you persist in reading, shall not work for you but against you. Your hearts are closed, your spirits are paralysed.

And now, in the power and wisdom of my office in Christ Jesus the King, I conclude this word to you, thusly: Take down the wall-plaques in your homes and places of worship whereon is inscribed: "He is coming soon", or "It may be today", or "Jesus is coming", or "For God so loved the world...", or any other such plaques. Rather, put up one with this inscription: "If I truly love not my brother whom I see, I truly love not the Lord Jesus whom I cannot see. If I truly love not the Lord Jesus - let me be accursed at His Coming!" (1Jn.4:20 and 1Cor.16:22).

The latter is also the Word of God written for us! Hang this plaque in the midst of your homes and places of worship that the Lord of Glory might yet bring you to your knees, grant you a True Repentance and bring you to Himself while there is a chance.

For I tell you again in His Name that there is no time left, and His Spirit shall not strive with His rebellious ones any longer! This latter word I have received from Him and delivered to some of His people.

Nevertheless, I know that the power of His Grace shall yet bring some of you to your knees - and I shall embrace you in spirit, and we together shall both weep in tears and rejoice in tears before His Throne.

* * *

So be it, O King of kings! And now, I shall address Your Majesty again with all those that are on their knees before You. But the rest – let them close this book lest it should be counted against them in the last day, that is to say, at Your Coming. AMEN.






















(Purposely left blank)





















(Purposely left blank)


"Our most Gracious Saviour, most Holy and Righteous Lord, our greatly Beloved King!

We ARE KNEELING before You in utter dependance on Your Grace and Mercy. We are kneeling before You because You are our only hope, only life, only future. We are on our knees before You, O Glorious Lord, because, apart from You, we are nothing ... because, apart from You, we can do nothing ... and because we have nothing to offer You except our own selves, our souls and bodies ridden with weaknesses, infirmities, sicknesses and sins.

We thank You, O Glorious Lord, that we may even offer You these as a living sacrifice! We thank You, O Glorious Lord, that You consider this a holy and acceptable act and a reasonable service on our part! (Rom.12:1). Blessed be Your Holy Name!

We thus present ourselves as a living sacrifice unto You with hope and faith that Your Mighty Spirit shall purge these our earthen vessels of all which is contrary to Your heart, mind and Will. That He will cause us to be deeply rooted in You, that we may bring forth His fruits, sweet and acceptable to You. That we may fulfill the purpose for which You have created us, yea, that we may satisfy the desires of Your Holy Heart!

Furthermore, that we may be considered acceptable, even worthy, to be taken by You and enter the Kingdom of heaven. That we may even dream to rule in that Kingdom with YOU - THE ALMIGHTY GOD!

Because this is what YOU ARE - THE ONLY TRUE ALMIGHTY GOD IN FLESH!! And there is no other God beside You.

How glad we truly are to be on our knees - yea, we ought to be on our faces! Cause us to watch and pray, O Glorious King! Amen.

Behold, we are before the Throne which rules the entire Universe. One short moment before Your Throne ... and all the truth about YOU and US is clear.

One look of Your eyes ... and all our "greatness" vanishes. One look of Your eyes ... and all things we considered important, indispensable, valuable, are burned as chaff ... all our own efforts, strivings, anxieties, are laughable ... all our lack of faith, trust, and love for You and one another are lamentable ... O Glorious King!

One short moment before Your Throne ... and we are left with nothing but Your Word and Your Grace!


I plead in tears, O Mighty Lord, to cause us, when You come for us, that we should not be empty-handed; rather, that we may offer You the fruits of Your Spirit! And the labors done through those fruits!

That we may not appear before You naked and in shame, but clothed in white robes of righteousness knitted onto us by Your Spirit.

I plead in tears, O Glorious Lord, I plead for me also ... and for all those kneeling with me.

Moreover, Lord, I sow this seed, which is this letter to You. I sow it with tears, and hand it to You with faith that You have earthen vessels prepared for the year, the month, the day and the hour. They shall bear the seed and bring forth a good fruit for You, for Your pleasure and satisfaction.

Yea, I shall share Your joy in the harvest for it is written: "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy" (Ps.126:5). This is my unshakeable faith - and I pray in the POWER of Your Holy Spirit.

In chapter VI, I posed a question: What will You ask us when we stand before You? I promised to answer it to them that would dare to kneel with me before You.

Allow me now, Lord and King, to address my beloved brothers and sisters that are kneeling with me before You and say to them this:

It is written: "And straightway He constrained His disciples to get into the ship and to go to the other side ... while He sent away the people" (Mk.6:45). The people are the Church which was fed the bread from heaven (Mk.6:37-44), the disciples are those from the Church who hate (let him who reads, understand) their father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters, yea, and their own life also; who bear their cross and follow the Lord; who forsake ALL that they have (Lk.14:26,27,33), and who continue in His Word! (Jn.8:31).

These alone are constrained by the Lord to enter the ship (living Body of Christ) and cross the sea (sinful world) to the other side (Millenial Kingdom of heaven). The other people are SENT AWAY.

The disciples alone are toiling in rowing (Mk.6:48), they alone are met by the Lord (Mk.6:51). They alone are on the way to the other side - to the Kingdom of heaven.

But no matter how far they rowed, when the Lord comes and enters the ship bodily, they immediately enter the Kingdom! (Jn.6:21). And for them alone, the wind (pressures of spiritual wickedness in our earthly life) ceases at the very same moment! (Mk.6:51; Mt.14:32). This is the Rapture!

You that are kneeling before the Lord of all Glory, you all are called to be His disciples and to enter the ship and start rowing to the other side, if you are not doing it already! Only those in the

ships AND rowing shall be accounted WORTHY of the Kingdom! (2Thess.1:5).

The rest of the people are sent away, yet, they are not sent away hungry and destitute, but FED with the bread of heaven, which is the Word of God (Mk.6:42).

Now, when the Lord of Glory enters our little "ship" and we land on the other side, what will He ask us?

Will He ask us for the gifts given to us by His Spirit? Shall we offer Him a word of wisdom? A word of knowledge? A word of prophecy? A few words in tongues? Interpretation of some tongues ... or, perhaps, healing?

Beloved, you see yourselves how ridiculous this is. The gifts of His Spirit shall CEASE with the WIND (1Cor.13:8), for there shall be no need of them any more. And even should they not cease, no gift is ever offered back to the giver to satisfy him!

But what shall He ask us for? The Lord of Glory shall ask for our FRUITS!

Without the nine fruits of the Spirit grown and ripened in us (Gal.5:22,23), we are UNABLE to fulfill ANY of His commandments in the New Testament nor are we able to produce any OTHER FRUITS as LABORS of our spirit, soul and body!

For whatsoever is not of His Spirit is wood, hay and stubble and shall burn up (1Cor. 3:12,13).

Behold the Wisdom of our Lord and King, for none of the nine fruits of His Spirit can be grown and acquired BUT BY toiling in rowing, in distress, in tribulations and sufferings, in perseverance against the wind!

But once grown and acquired, then are we able to also produce the true fruit in LABORS of true love, of true faith, of true peace, of true joy, of true patience, of true goodness, of true longsuffering, of true gentleness, of true meekness and of true temperance!

Thus shall we bear the True Fruit, thus shall we (prove to) be His True Disciples, and thus shall our Father be truly glorified (Jn.15:2,8).

Even today the Lord says to all that have an ear to hear: "Ye shall know them (My True Overcomers, My True Disciples, the future Rulers in the Kingdom of heaven) by their fruits" (Mt.7:15-20).

"And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge, and to knowledge temperance, and to temperance patience, and to patience godliness, and to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness charity. For if THESE THINGS be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. For he that lacketh THESE THINGS is blind and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins.

Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to MAKE OUR CALLING AND ELECTION SURE, for if ye DO THESE THINGS, ye shall never fall.

For SO AN ENTRANCE shall be ministered unto you abundantly INTO THE EVERLASTING KINGDOM OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST!" (2Pet.1:5-11).

Finally, I say to you, my beloved brothers and sisters, the following:

Most of you are "strangers" scattered throughout the Church, obscure, unknown; perhaps some of you are even unsaved, as yet. Nevertheless, you ALL are elect according to the foreknowledge of God our Father through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience ..." (1Pet.1:1,2; Rom.8:29,30). Therefore, PURIFY YOUR SOULS IN OBEYING THE TRUTH THROUGH THE SPIRIT AND THUS BE HOLY, for the Lord is Holy (see 1Pet.1:16,22).

Not only are you strangers, obscure, unknown but you have "a little strength" (Rev.3:8), there are only a few of you - you are "a little flock". Hence, the Lord tells you and me this: "Fear not, LITTLE FLOCK, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom" (Lk.12:32; Mt.7:14).

These are the words that I speak unto you as your brother and companion in tribulation, in the patience of Jesus Christ and in His Kingdom which is at hand.

BE STRONG IN THE LORD AND IN THE MIGHT OF HIS SPIRIT. The Mighty Lord and King Christ Jesus grant you (and me) His Grace, Wisdom and Power to overcome - as He overcame and is seated on the right hand of the Majesty!

* * *

I bless Your Holy Name, O Lord of Glory, O Mighty King, O Beloved! Now, I stand before You and Your Holy Throne. I stand boldly because of the Blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. My testimony is true ... and You know it, O Righteous Lord.

The Blood and the testimony have overcome the evil one. Yea, the power of the Blood had overcome the evil one from the very beginning ... and the power of our testimonies ushers-in the Kingdom.

I turn to You, O Lord of Glory, the only True Majesty and Excellency, the most Righteous King, the only True God - and in the Holy Name of Christ Jesus - I plead and intercede for the WHOLE CHURCH! I intercede with a strong faith for every true son and every true daughter of the Father:

(1) to be preserved by Your Grace, whether in light or whether in darkness; whether in the Kingdom of heaven, or whether outside of it,

(2) to be granted a true repentance by Your penetrating Light, whether before the Kingdom of heaven is established on earth, or whether after it is established,

(3) to be empowered in their inner man by Your Holy and Mighty Spirit to overcome, whether before Your coming, or whether after it.

Thus shall Your Body be completed, thus shall Your Bride and Your Wife, which is the New Jerusalem, appear in all Her Beauty and Glory without spot or wrinkle or any such blemish, for the joy and satisfaction of the Father and the Son.

So shall we be ONE, as You and the Father are ONE - as had been pre-ordained from eternity to eternity!



I am now handing it to You ... in fear ... but praying that it may be accepted in Your Grace, that it may be sweet to Your taste, that it may satisfy Your Heart.

I praise You in Spirit and in Truth. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.