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Foreword                                                                     iv



Truth about Salvation                                       1


A) Redemption                                                            2


B) Salvation                                                               4


Consequences and experiences                      16


Conclusion                                                                 20




Addendum A – Important remarks                            

                           about this pamphlet                               A1


Addendum B – Man in “cross-section”                      B1


Addendum C – Explanations for some Scriptural

                           expressions used herein                         C1


Addendum D – Notes on “overcoming”                    D1


            The following testimony of the Word of God and of my faith is written for all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ; for those born-again by His Spirit according to the Gospel of John 3:3-7 thus belonging to the Lord as well as for all those who “think” they are Christians belonging to the Lord but are not. They are “paper Christians” who may sit in congregations and pray, sing, worship, give offerings and feel good but they have not the Spirit of Christ, therefore, they are none of His! (Rom. 8:9) And if they are none of His then they still belong to Satan. They remain condemned without knowing it, with­out realizing it and without being told or warned by anybody!


            The matter of Salvation is thus the most important issue for any one in this world who believed, intellectually or by faith, in Jesus Christ the Son of God. It is equally important to every true born-again believer who, in the matter of Salvation, may be deceived just as much as the “paper Christians” who understand nothing.


Since our Eternal Life or eternal death depends on the Truth as revealed by God in His Word, then, I believe, it is of the utmost importance for every man who has any interest in his future to seek the Truth, believe the Truth and do the Truth. Only then he may have confidence and assurance of his Eternal Life and not before.


But people, including true born-again Christians, do not seek the Truth and do not love the Truth. That is to say, they do not seek the Lord and do not love the Lord Who is the Truth. (Jn. 14:6) They love themselves, they love their own life and they love to walk on their own ways, which ways bring them their self-satisfaction. They prefer death to Life, darkness to Light and lies to the Truth.

But we all should know that our enemy, the devil, is like a roaring lion walk­ing about seeking whom he may devour by any means, chiefly by lying and deceiving. (1Pet. 5:8) We should also know that we may only survive by seek­­ing the Truth of God, believing that Truth and then holding onto that Truth at all costs!


It is the chief purpose of this written testimony that on its pages you may seek the Truth in the Word of God concerning your Eternal Life or eternal death. That you may believe the Truth and then hold onto that Truth and do that Truth through the Spirit of God in you.


May the Lord Jesus Christ bring this testimony by His Spirit to such hearts and souls, which are predestinated by the Father (Rom. 8:29). May the Lord enable them to seek and find, to believe and then to do the Truth. Amen.





Very few believers possess any acceptable understanding or depth of the truth of what Redemption and Salvation really are and what is their respective scope, process, purpose and final result or fruit. I praise the Lord Jesus Christ and thank Him for this opportunity to share my faith, understanding and living experiences which He has been granting me and enlarging within me since the beginning of my own redemption.


I am asking the Spirit of the Lord to guide me in expressing my faith and understanding in the way, which would be profitable to any believer seeking the truth, seeking explanations to the number­less problems and divisions in Christianity as well as to his own possible problems and frustrations. God’s guidance will also enable me to be brief and clear on this most important issue of His Church. Yes, I believe that this is the most important issue of the Church and decides the direction, quality and future life of every true believer.


I also believe that because of its importance, our enemies – the powers of darkness – do everything possible to hide the truth about man’s Full Salvation. These powers have succeeded to an unbelievable degree in hiding the truth and deceiving believers of all kinds and denominations around the world. Their chief tactics have always been not to focus on the millions of “church-goers, the sheep” but on the small number of shepherds, who are “feeding the sheep” and whom the sheep follow and trust. Very clever and economic way to affect the whole Church and to make sure that the chief purpose and desire of Our God is effectively frustrated and prevented. Let us, therefore, seek the Truth and Light about this most important issue together with the Spirit of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


There are two basic stages of man’s Full Salvation, which may be clearly distinguished in the Word of God and also discerned in many believers by those who have spiritual discernment. The two stages of the Full Salvation differ from one another as to their scope, purpose and final result and they are the following:


A)        Redemption (salvation of man’s spirit)

B)        Salvation  (salvation of man’s soul)

We will now take each stage separately and attempt to define it, its scope, purpose and final result by the Scripture accord­ing to the Mind and Heart of God Our Heavenly Father. We are able to do this by His Spirit Who dwells in us for that specific purpose – to accomplish in us fully and completely this Full Salvation of Our God. The Spirit Alone searches the deep things of God and reveals them unto us; otherwise, we would know nothing because by our created (Adamic) nature we cannot receive the things of God. (1Cor. 2:10-12) Let us, therefore, depend solely on the Spirit of God and receive from Him what He desires to reveal to us so that we would see, understand and do our part of what God desires and what our Full Salvation really requires.






 In the old Roman Empire when a slave was sold and bought at the slave market, he legally and practic­ally changed his owner. Yet, after being bought, he remained exactly the same in his inner features, character, nature, as well as his outer features, appearance. Unless the new owner had him washed, clothed with a new clothing and perhaps even educated, the slave would have remained total­ly unchanged and exactly the same as he was before he was bought.


When Adam and Eve separated themselves from God through their sin of disobedience, they lost His Presence and Spirit (Gen. 3:22-24) and acquired the presence and spirit of Satan to whom they yielded to obey and thus to serve him. (Rom. 6:16) They changed their ownership from God to Satan and acquired the nature of Satan! All the future earthly kingdoms of the children of Adam and Eve would from thereon belong to Satan. (Mt. 4:8-9)


The chief purpose of Redemption is to change man’s owner­ship from Satan back to God. This was accomplished by Christ Jesus Who redeemed us back to God by offering His Life, which is to say, His Blood as the payment. (Rev. 5:9, 1Pet. 1:18-19, Lev. 17:14, Deut. 12:23) The world had been a vast “slave market” and the Lord Jesus was, as it were, a Merchant seeking “goodly slaves” and willing to pay even all that He had. (Mt. 13:44-46)

From God’s view­point, the Lord legally redeemed the whole mankind, which is also attested to by the word “whosoever” in Jn. 3:16. In reality though, the only truly redeemed from the world are the “called-out ones”, the Church, “the pearl of great price”.


The first step in our Redemption starts with using our initial measure of faith given to every man. (Rom. 12:3) This faith enables us to overcome our pride, become sober, see ourselves as (helpless) sinners and repent from our sins. This first step of repentance was also the very first message the Lord began to preach. (Mt. 4:17).


The second step of our Redemption is by faith confessing the Lord Jesus Christ and believing in our heart that God had raised Him up from the dead. (Rom. 10:9, Eph. 2:8) This step of ours causes the Spirit of God to come back to His seat in our spirit (nucleus, see page B2) where He was in Adam and Eve before their fall. Thus, we are “born again” by the Spirit of God (Jn. 3:3-7) and our ownership is changed from Satan back to God.


The third step in our Redemption is water baptism. This baptism represents our willingness to die to this world and to our old selves, old creation, old satanic nature and to be separated from it by being buried (sub­merged into water – Rom. 6:4, Col. 2:12). Then to rise up as a new creature in newness, holiness and Christ’s nature (rising up from water – 2Cor. 5:17, Gal. 6:15). The baptism thus incorporates both the Cross and Resur­rection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Himself was baptized (Mt. 3:16) to give us a prophetic picture of His future way of Redemption and Salvation and also an example for us to follow. Apostle Peter expresses the same matter of repentance and baptism when he counselled those Jews who believed that God had made Him Whom they crucified both Lord and Christ. To them Peter gives the same steps: “repent and be baptized... and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” (Acts 2:36-38)


The above three steps constitute the scope of Redemption. This stage may also be called the “transfer of man’s ownership”, also the “salvation of man’s spirit”, or “reviving of man’s spirit” or “rebirth of man’s spirit”. The purpose of this stage is to facili­tate the transfer of sinful and corrupt man, slave of Satan, from Satan back to God. Then to prepare such a believer for the next stage, which is the “salvation of man’s soul”, or “recreation of man’s soul”, or “reviving -rebirth of man’s soul”, or “transformation of man’s soul.”


The final result of this stage of Redemption provides God with “slaves” who are fully bought, taken out of the “market place” and who are willing to be cleansed, changed and transformed into His sons and daughters. They are thus willing to be prepared to enter the House of God, their new Master and Owner and Father!


This is Redemption, its scope, purpose and final result and it is the beginning of Salvation and not its end. The Words of God referred to above (among many others), my faith and own long experience all testify to this fact.






This stage follows our Redemption and leads us through a “straight gate” onto a “narrow road”, which leads to Life Eternal, which is God’s Life, to reign also in our soul. (Mt. 7:13-14) This is the only way for any soul to be transformed into the Image of Jesus Christ, to acquire His Nature. (Rom. 8:29) Also, this is the Will of God for man from the very beginning when God created man in His Image! (Gen. 1:26) Therefore, when man has no Image of God also in his soul cannot satisfy the Heart of God and has no place in Heaven.


Though we may call this stage the “salvation-recreation-reviving-rebirth-transformation of man’s soul”, we are always dealing with the soul of man who already belongs to God but is yet dead, sinful and totally unacceptable to Him in its evil nature. Why is it unacceptable?


Firstly, such a soul is yet soaked in, governed and guided by the nature of Satan. It is proud, corrupt, arrogant, selfish, filthy, rebellious, stubborn, fearful, doubtful, lustful, greedy, envious, unre­liable, unholy, self-willed, self-guided and evil - all these are in the Scripture also called flesh – the nature of Satan and of man! This flesh has become a “permanent tenant” in man’s natural soul since Adam and Eve acquired this nature of Satan in the Garden of Eden.

Secondly, the Spirit of the Lord only came to our spirit (at our re­demption) and not to our soul. He dwells and reigns only in our spirit (page B2) while in our soul reigns the flesh, that is, death. We were born again, recreated, revived in our spirit only and not in our soul! Being an enemy of God, our “flesh lusts (fights) against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary the one to the other, so that you cannot do the things that you (otherwise) would.” (Gal. 5:17) This is that “war” between the Spirit and fleshly soul in the personality of every true born-again believer.


That is why “freshly” redeemed believers and all those older ones who refuse to “go on unto perfection” are all fleshly, carnal, and not spiritual! (Rom. 7:14 and 8:7, 1Cor. 3:1-3) The source of their life and deeds is the flesh of their soul (emotions, intellect, volition) where the Spirit of the Lord neither dwells nor reigns. The natural ability of a fleshly soul to acquire intel­lectual know­ledge of the Scripture, doctrines, facts and purposes or to tell good from evil, to pray, to give offerings, to worship or do good does not make any believer spiritual. You may read, know and understand the whole Bible (and give all your goods to the poor) and still be lost!


Such a believer still feeds from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil” available in the flesh of his soul, and not from the “Tree of Life” available in his spirit. The desire of such a fleshly soul to serve God based on his knowledge is, therefore, not acceptable to God since such a soul himself is not acceptable to Him.


This most important fact also means that even receiving the Holy Spirit into our spirit and thus becoming His temple (1Cor. 6:19) is not sufficient! God may yet destroy such believer if he keeps defiling God’s holy temple through his filthy-fleshly soul being deceived in himself. (1Cor. 3:16-20) God desires that we would become His sons and daughters through partaking of His HolinessHis NatureHis Image – into our soul. (Heb. 12:10) Then we will become blameless, holy and fully accept­­able to God in our own human trinity – spirit, soul and body. (1Thess. 5:23)

At our redemption, the Holy Spirit brings this potential into our spirit. But if we rebel and keep refusing God’s chastening and scourging then we are bastards and not sons! This is established in the Word of God quite clearly. (Heb. 12:5-11, 15-17)

Therefore, in this second stage of our Salvation, the Spirit of God desires to dwell and reign also in our soul making it holy. He thus moves to purify and renew our soul: our heart (Jer. 17:9-10), our mind (Eph. 4:22-24) and our will (Phil. 2:13)! There are innumer­able passages in the New Testa­ment showing ever clearly this fact, the way it is accomplished and its final and desired fruit.


Please note, this process, this “war” is not without suffer­ing, anguish, grief and tears! If, therefore, any one tells you that “your war” is over, that you should just sit back and enjoy your salvation – he is a liar – even if he were your pastor or elder! If you think that as long as you attend some “church services”, listen to a preacher, pray, “worship”, sing, even laugh or have a good time – and you have never shed tears over yourself, never denied your old devilish nature – you are already deceived! if hell had no chance to get us back by deceiving us, they would not waste their efforts with us. (Mt. 24:24, 2Tim. 2:26, Rev. 12:9, etc.)


Let us explore the Word of God, His Mind and Heart on this vital matter by considering some important examples.



1)         Let us start with one typical and important example described by Apostle Paul in chapters 6 and 7 of his second letter to the church in Corinth. We will only highlight the words, which pertain to the “salvation of man’s soul” as the necessary continuation of the “salvation of man’s spirit – redemption”.


a) Apostle Paul writes to born-again, redeemed believers in Corinth who were revived in their spirit and are now supposed to continue in the revival-recreation-renewal-salvation of their soul.

b) Paul calls them “my children” (2Cor. 6:13) which also signifies their state of immaturity, a state of unrenewed, rebellious, stubborn, foolish, dark and dead soul – dead in terms of lacking God’s Life, which is presently only in their spirit.

c) Paul tells them that they are unequally yoked together with unbelievers and that light has no communion with darkness. (2Cor. 6:14)

d) Then he tells them that they were the temple of the living God, which testifies to their being born-again by His Spirit (2Cor. 6:16) and His Spirit was dwelling in their spirit.

e) And then Paul tells them that IF they come out from among the unbelievers and become separate and touch not the unclean thing… the Lord will receive them and will be a Father unto them and they shall be His sons and daughters – says the Lord Almighty! (2Cor. 6:17-18)


Well, what does this point e) truly mean? The Lord Almighty tells them that though they are born-again and are His temple, He has not received them as yet, He is not their Father as yet and they are not His sons and daughters as yet! Do consider this Light and Truth in your heart.


f) Then Paul counsels them plainly “Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved (to be received by the Lord and to become sons and daughters to God Who then becomes our Father), let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfect­ing holiness in the fear of God.” (2Cor. 7:1) “Flesh” is briefly described in the third paragraph of this section B (page 4).


There is a deeper truth concerning also point c) above and it is the following. When Paul mentions unbelievers and darkness, he does not necessarily point to their pagan friends in Corinth. He also means their own brethren within the church who are redeemed but otherwise do not believe what God (through Paul) tells them and continue sinning. There is, therefore, unbelief and darkness in their souls, they love it that way and have no intention to change their ways.


It is worth repeating that any born-again, redeemed believer who despises the Truth of God and His chastisement is not His son, but a bastard. (Heb. 12:5-8) Our God Almighty will never be a Father to bastards – rebellious children – seeing that in His sight, rebellion is as a sin of witchcraft! (1Sam. 15:23) What communion has Thrice Holy God with witchcraft? The darkness and unbelief in point c) are thus also to be viewed as those dwelling and ruling in the unrenew­ed, dark and dead souls of the born-again Corinthian believers.


Every born-again believer, who keeps fellowship with the world and walks the ways of this world, has a soul, which is un­believing and full of darkness (“birds of a feather flock together”). The Light and Life of Our Father is only being granted to those born-again believers who are willing to hear and obey that Light and live that Life, or are at least willing to learn to live that Life. (Mk. 4:24) The rest of the born-again believers only “know about that Life” and think they have it, but they do not.



2)         This second example concerns the same church in Corinth, yet, it deserves to be a separate point and to be seriously pondered in its gravity and tragedy by all believers. Paul compares Corinthian believers to Israel in the wilder­ness and warns them about the same consequences that happened to Israel. (1Cor. 10:1-12)


Israel – the chosen people of God, the Old Testa­­ment Church – was destroyed and perished in the wilder­ness by the decision of their God! They were saved by the blood of the Lamb, baptized in the waters of the Red Sea and walking through the wilder­ness toward their Promised Land. Their journey was to take 9 days, but they never arrived – except for two from the original congre­gation, Joshua and Caleb! Why? Because these two were the only ones who had a different spirit and who walked by faith. The rest of them murmured, pro­voked God and did not believe Him. So they perished. (Num. 13:25-33 + 14:1-38) Shall we take it lightly? Has God changed His mind or ways since that time? NO! (Heb. 13:8)


The Church of today is in a similar condition spiritually. Believers are saved by the blood of the Lamb, baptized in water and walking through the wilderness of this world to their Kingdom of Heaven. Most of them murmur, provoke God and do not believe Him or follow His Word. Though they are the children of the King­dom, they will never arrive – except for those who have a different spirit and who walk by faith. (Mt. 8:10-12)



3)         Another important example is the Word of God found in Paul’s letter to Philippians where the Apostle, again, very clearly tells them to “…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”! (Phil. 2:12) Now, the same Paul writes to Ephesus that “by grace are you saved… not of works (our efforts), lest any man should boast.” (Eph. 2:8-9) Is this then a contradiction? Well, not at all. The Word in Ephesians attests to our redemption, being born again by the Spirit of God, which no man can secure for himself through any work or effort of his own. We may only be redeemed by faith through God’s Grace and the redemption is the gift of God. It is after the last step of Redemption – water baptism – when the Spirit is given to us as a gift of God – for the purpose of being saved also in our soul (see also Acts 2:38).


It is thus quite clear that the Word in Phil. 2:12 pertains to the salvation of our soul and we ought to do it with fear and trembling because we must do it in cooperation with God Almighty. God works in us by His Spirit chiefly in our (free) will so that we would be willing to do HIS good pleasure. (Phil. 2:13) His good pleasure is the salvation-recreation-reviving-renewal and transformation of our soul to the Image of Jesus Christ, His first­born Son. (Rom. 8:29) God has no greater pleasure and no greater aim with us than this!


4)         This fourth example is closely tied with the above one and also clearly proves it. In the Book of Revelation, chapters 2 and 3, Jesus Christ, the Son of God speaks to His Church in a judgmental way. He clearly divides all the born-again and redeemed believers in His Church into two groups: (1) those that overcome and (2) all the others. His judgment always touches one principal aspect in the life and state of His believers. It always points to the salvation of their soul, to the presence or absence of His Life in their soul, which also determines the deeds of their soul. (Rev. chapters 2 and 3)


The Lord brings forth the characteristics of every church and their deeds, then judges their deeds and then gives His final verdict and promise. We will not analyze the two chapters, rather, we will, again, high­light what is important therein to enlighten the truth about the “salvation of man’s soul”.


We should see two types of a very serious judgment, which the Lord pronounces to most of the seven churches:


     a)  Repent, or else...”, which is to say “turn away from your own ways, do not continue on them but follow Me, otherwise, I would have to take drastic steps, serious measures”. An example of such a drastic step or serious measure is being removed from His Presence, which takes place when the candlestick is removed out of his place. (Rev. 2:5)

     b)  He that overcomes… I will not blot out his name out of the book of life…”! (Rev. 3:5)


Well, what does this point b) truly mean? This is the most serious warning and judgment of the Lord Himself where he signifies that those born-again believers in his church who will keep refusing to overcome (be changed) will lose their salvation! To be blotted out of the Book of Life means to be cast into the lake of fire, which is the second death and eternal condem­­nation! (Rev. 20:14-15) Do we take this lightly?


This is the truth that hell tries to cover up with all their might and will fight against it with any arguments. this is where multitudes of believers are plainly and deeply deceived. Rather than believe the direct word and judgment of their savior, many believers would put their life and future in eternity at stake “debating” this point and using human reasons and arguments against it! What a stupidity and tragedy within the Church of Jesus Christ!



5)         The fifth example, which absolutely proves the truth in the above example 4), is in the Book of Hebrews. Paul is beseech­ing believers, almost pleading with them saying, “…let us go on unto perfection;”. (Heb. 6:1) Since our spirit is perfected by the Spirit of God Who dwells therein and since our body will be perfected at our resurrection (or rapture, whichever comes first for us – 1Cor. 15: 52), it is clearly our soul that needs perfecting. Paul is thus pleading that we should not dwell in our doctrines constantly repeating things or enlarg­ing our knowledge (preaching, teach­ing, remembering, research­ing, debating, discussing, arguing), but that we must go beyond that stage and cleanse our soul from all filthiness of flesh. Again, “flesh” is briefly described in the third paragraph of this section B (page 4).


Paul’s plea is followed by his sorrowful declarations in verses 4 through 6, which underline his grave concerns about those believers who refuse to “go on unto perfection”, to lose their old evil nature. Such believers also refuse the explicit command of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ stated in Mt. 5:48! What is the gravity of this matter? Well, it is quite clear that any born-again believer who keeps refusing to “go on unto perfection”, which is to say, to be cleansed, renewed, recreated, revived and perfected in his soul will remain in an ever increasing danger of falling away. (Heb. 6:6) Falling away also means crossing the line of no return!


Falling away from what? Falling away from the enlighten­ment, heavenly gifts, partaking of the Holy Spirit, Word of God and the powers of the world to come, all of which things every true born-again believer had already tasted. (Heb. 6:4-5) If you have never tasted these above things, you are not born-again!


Such a believer cannot be renewed unto repentance, cannot be saved again, cannot be re­deemed again! His falling away equals being blotted out of the Book of Life! He refused to work out his own salvation, to save and transform his soul in cooperation with God. This is the gravity of the matter. We are now talking about the eternal Life or eternal damnation of a born-again believer!


Every believer who has never decided in his heart to “go on unto perfection” is always in this danger no matter how religious he may appear, what he knows, how much good he is doing or trying to do. He  may attend a “church”, give tithe and offer­­ings, pray, sing, “worship” and do many good deeds. All that he is doing may be done with good intentions and sinceretybut it is done in the since­rety of his old nature and thus in a wrong and unacceptable spirit. The Lord judges the spirits. (Pr. 16:2) Deeds of a filthy soul cannot be clean and acceptable to a Holy God! The Lord provides more light on this fact in His example with Cain (see point 7. below).



6)         The whole New Testament deals with the matter of man’s Full Salvation – spirit, soul and body. (1Thess. 5:23) Therefore, there must be innumerable other examples to show. Let us diligently consider one more important example from the New Testament in our hearts and minds, which is contained in very few words pro­nounced by the Lord Himself. The Lord said: “If any one (believer) will (decide to) follow me, let him deny himself (his old evil self-life), and take up his (own) cross and follow me. For whoso­ever will save his life (keep his old self-life) shall lose it; and whosoever will lose his life (old self-life) for my sake shall find it (new Life of God in his soul).” (Mt. 16:24-25)

Firstly, the above Lord’s Word clearly shows that no man can live two lives at the same time, which means, the old life of his soul (self-life) and the new Life of God, Life Eternal, which is in believer’s spirit. We may start gaining the Life of God from our spirit into our soul only when we, in cooperation with God, decide and start losing the old self-life in our soul by denying it! You must first move old furniture out before moving new furniture in!


Secondly, the above Lord’s Word clearly declares that we cannot have the new Life – resurrection Life – without taking up our own cross! Believers dream in color if they think or believe that they may live the Life of God in their soul without any cross. The Lord would have never been resurrected had He not died on His Cross first! Why do we think that we can?



7)         The Old Testament does not deal directly with the questions and aspects of the “salvation of man’s spirit and man’s soul”, their scopes, purposes and final fruits. Yet, it can shed consider­able light on the matter of the old soul and its performance through many of the well-known Old Testament personalities. This light can also enable us to see and explain many problems and mysteries, which we encounter in our times among believers and also within ourselves.


The Lord desires to bring to our attention the case of Cain and Abel and show us that even today, there are many “Cains” among believers especially in the leadership. Let us consider in our hearts and minds the following facts:


a)   Cain was a believer, not a pagan; he worshipped God and had respect for Him (as do many believers today).


b)   Cain brought to God the offering of the fruit of his own labors and, I believe, he offered what he thought was the best he produced. (Gen. 4:3)


c)   God had no respect for Cain’s offering but He respected Abel’s offering. (Gen. 4:4-5) Because of that, Cain was very wroth and jealous of his brother Abel and when they were both in the field, he killed his brother Abel!


d)   God told Cain that he did not do well (with his offering) and asked him plainly “If you are doing well, will you not be accepted? And if you are not doing well, sin is lying at the door.” (Gen. 4:7)


We may believe that these events were happening a long time ago and the Book of Genesis is too far in the past to be applic­able for our days. Not so! Even today, too many believers are offer­ing to the Lord the best what they produce or what they are able to do and then believe that God is accepting their offerings or worship or service. But no, God is not accepting any of that because it is all of the same nature as the one offered by Cain. (Pr. 14:12, Pr. 16:2,5)


What we are in ourselves or what we can produce from our­­­selves or what seems good and right to us, has never been accept­able to God! But if we offer our­selves, our old evil selves on the altar to be burnt, to die (as Abel offered a lamb as his substitute), this is acceptable to God. For it was our “old man”, our old soul, our evil Adamic nature, which was “judged and burnt in Christ” on His Altar – His Cross. He was also a Lamb offered for us as our Substitute.


Cain was thus deceived believing that he was worshipping God and doing Him a great service by offering Him his best produce. A clear parallel with this Truth and spiritual reality from the Book of Genesis is found in the Gospel of John where the Lord is saying to His disciples the very same thing. He is warning them saying “They (Cains) shall put you out of the synagogues (churches, congre­gations, fellowships); yea, the time is coming that whosoever kills you will think that he is doing God service”. (Jn. 16:2) Believers of these last times will be so deceived by “Satan’s gospel” of human­ism, selfish service... the “ministry of the religious old man”... that they will believe and then act on this greatest lie of Satan.


Cain represents our old, unrenewed, dead soul, old life of the first Adam, “old man” who tries to please God through himself and through his own works and efforts. But he is cursed and not blessed! (Gen. 4:11) So the need to renew, regenerate, revive and transform our old dead soul to be acceptable to the Lord is evident right from the beginning of mankind! Is it really so difficult to see this simple light and truth of God? Stop and ponder these things.

8)         This example is also from the Old Testament and takes place in the household of our fore­father Abraham.


Abraham typifies God the Father and Abraham had two sons. The first one named Ishmael was after the flesh (by the will of Sarah and Abraham who wanted to “help” God). He typifies infidels and his mother was Hagar, Sarah’s Egyptian handmaid and bond­woman. The second son named Isaac was after the spirit (by promise and the Will of God – Gal. 4:22-23). He typifies the Lord Jesus and his mother was Sarah, Abraham’s wife. Both sons were living in the same household of Abraham, which at that time typified the Household of God.


The son after the flesh persecuted and mocked him who was after the spirit. Therefore, Sarah said to Abraham “cast out this bond­woman and her son; for the son of this bondwoman shall not be heir with my son, even with Isaac.” And though it was grievous to Abraham, God “hearkened unto Sarah” comforting Abraham and confirming to him that “in Isaac shall thy seed be called.” (Gen. 21:10-12, Gal. 4:29-30)


See now how closely even this episode parallels with the spirit­ual reality among believers since the day of Abraham until this present day. The Household of God is the Church. Within this House­hold, there are two kinds of children born into His Family; those that remain “fleshly believers” are typified by Ishmael, and “spirit­ual believers” who walk on the narrow road are typified by Isaac. The fleshly ones are those with unre­new­ed, unregenerated dead souls and these always persecute and mock the spiritual ones who’s souls are being renewed with the Life of Christ ruling therein. Hence, one day, they have to be separated from the fleshly ones who will be sent away and will wander in the wilder­ness (Gen. 21:14, Mt. 8:12). It was also foretold about Ishmael that he would be a “wild man and his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him”. (Gen. 16:12) So it is with those fleshly believers who are typified by him. Also, it is no less true with Ishmael’s physical descend­ants in this world.


9)         The last example touches another explicit and very serious warning from the mouth of Our Lord Himself when He says:

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me (every true believer) that bears not fruit, he (my Fa­ther) takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, he (my Fa­ther) purges it, that it may bring forth more fruit.” (Jn. 15:1-2)


Furthermore, the Lord declares: “If a man (true believer) abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them and cast them into the fire, and they are burnt.” (Jn. 15:6)


Do we truly understand what these sayings mean? What happens to us if we do not bear fruit or do not stay in Christ? If we have no fruit (of His Spirit, which is the character of Christ - Gal. 5: 22-23), we are taken away – removed from His Presence (as a candle­stick is – Rev. 2:5). If we do not stay in Christ, we are fallen away and burnt in fire as a dry branch, which follows the fruitless state! (Heb. 6:6,8)


The Lord could not speak more clearly and straightforward to us. This is a very sharp and bitter truth and, as we may see, it fits together perfectly with the other examples from the Word of God. (More explanation about “abiding” may be found in Addendum C.)


*        *       *


I believe that the above nine examples must be sufficiently clear for any true believer to consider and under­­­stand in his heart and mind. I also believe that these facts should send “shivers” down the spine of every true believer and cause him to start fearing God and also fearing the Devil. (Mt. 10:28) Shall we take the above facts and examples lightly? Shall we neglect the Scriptures authored by the same Spirit Who dwells in us? Where is our conscience and what is our faith?


It seems desirable at this point to add to the above basic picture of man’s Full Salvation a section, which I might call “Consequences and Experiences”. A brief picture of con­sequences and experiences of not following the above Word of God concerning the truth of man’s Full Salvation. Also, to bring to light other pertinent Words of God pointing to the process of the “salvation of man’s soul” in the practical life of the Church.



The last several years of my ministry to the Lord and to His Church have brought me through a hard time. I was discovering a very grieving and sad reality that a vast majority of believers do not care one bit about the Word of God and they do not fear God one bit! (Rom. 3:18) They have their own ways, which, of course, are “better, pre­ferable and wiser" than God’s ways and they see no reasons why they should stop their ways and change their direction. They show the workings of this old-Adamic-devilish nature by constantly rebelling against the Word of God and against the Spirit of the Lord! The first century AD was probably not over yet when many believers in the Church were already in this tragic situation.


The Lord Jesus speaks clearly to His born-again believers in Laodicea saying “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten; be zealous, therefore, and repent.” (Rev. 3:19) But today, multitudes of Christians genuinely hate rebukes and passion­ately hate any chasten­ing or repentance! (1Cor. 11:32) They are rebellious, selfish, wicked children. That is why they are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked as the Lord declared unto them! (Rev. 3:17)


That is why the Lord tells them rather plainly: “Behold, I stand at the door (of your wretched and miserable heart and soul) and knock: if any man (any believer, not only of the Laodiceans) hear my voice and open the door (of his heart and soul) I will come in to him, and will sup (fellowship) with him, and he with me.” (Rev. 3:20) Whether we have a fellowship with the Lord or not deter­mines either Life or death in our soul. It also determines our blessing or a curse! Do you believe this? Do you see this?


Well, if you do not open the door to the person knocking at your door, you will never know the person. If you do not open the door (of your heart) to the Lord, you will never know Him – even though you may believe in Him. If you do not know Him, you can never love Him because you cannot love any one whom you do not know. And if you do not love the Lord, you will be cursed at His Coming! (1Cor. 16:22) Do you see this now? Do you truly believe this now?


The Lord speaks about the “door” from the believer’s spirit to his soul, which is at the division of his spirit and soul. That is where the Word of God pierces, penetrates and discerns the thoughts and intentions of the heart. The Word of God can do it because the Word of God is living and sharper than any two-edged sword! the word of god is not diplomatic or polite. (Heb. 4:12 – Adden­dum B)

It is, therefore, abundantly clear that the Lord is “knocking” from the spirit of a born-again believer where He is present, at the “door” to his soul (heart, mind, will) where He is not present! He desires to bring salvation-renewal-revival-holiness-transform­ation also to his soul, which is wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. That “door” is opened by conscience and it is the decision and action of that believer and not of the Lord. Keeping that door closed may cost that believer his very Life Eternal!


But such believers think and believe and say that they are “fine” and do not need anything, any counsel, any rebuke, any chastise­­ment from anybody, or any repentance. (Rev. 3:18) They are ready to stone any brother who dares to counsel or rebuke or admonish them in the Spirit of the Lord. (2Tim. 4:2) Fleshly Christians are far more dangerous and “efficient” in mocking and persecuting the spiritual Christians than are pagans,  who are often more friendly and pleasant to deal with than Christians!


It is also written: “There is ONE body, and ONE Spirit... ONE hope... ONE Lord, ONE faith, ONE baptism, ONE God...” (Eph. 4:4-6) Really??? Not in the real life of Christians! In real life, every Christian has a different “faith”, he belongs to a different “body”, he lives in a different “spirit”, commun­icates with a differ­ent “lord” (lord of a different character and nature than that of Christ) and seems to serve a totally different “god”! Do you not experience it whenever you deal with other Christians? They also seem to have a different “bible”, which is much smaller and only contains words and doctrines acceptable to their poor fleshly souls. Anything that “pricks” their flesh is not found there.


What is the true consequence of all this reality? DIVISION, CHAOS, MISERY AND DEATH! That is exactly where the Church has arrived with all its flesh and rebellion. And no man will help!

Isn’t the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ more divided than the pagans of this world? Are not Christians more miserable, even more foolish then pagans? The Lord said Himself “For the children of this world (pagans) are in their generation wiser than the children of light (believers).” (Lk. 16:8, also Mt. 25:2)


Then to top this foolishness, some “smart” leaders deve­loped an idea that Christians should unite. Really??? But why do we need any ecu­menical movements if the Word in Eph. 4:4-6 is true? Every ecumenist is, in fact, blatantly disregarding this Word of God by trying the impossible! He is trying to unite what cannot be united – flesh! In the meantime, our greatest enemy, Satan, is laughing.


So, why is there this division, chaos, misery and death in the Church of Jesus Christ?


Firstly, a vast majority of christians does not care one bit about the Word of God! And even should they hear or read the truth of the Word of God, their heart refuses to obey and follow the truth in their life and deeds! (Jer. 18:11-13 and 18)


Secondly, they therefore do not live by faiththe one faith which is authored by the one Lord... as it is written: “Looking unto (One Lord) Jesus the author and finisher of our (one) faith;” (Heb. 12:2)

 Four times the Lord commanded us saying: The just shall live by faith! (Hab. 2:4, Rom. 1:17, Gal. 3:11 and Heb. 10:38).

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence (and under­standing) of things not seen”. (Heb. 11:1) Faith dwells in our conscience, which is the organ of our spirit, and not in our head. Clear conscience can often “speak” against our reasons or feelings and we should follow this “inner voice”, which is faith - the evidence of truth – rather than our thoughts, feelings and desires.


But if Christians do not live by the faith of the Lord, what do they live by? Though they are ONE in Spirit, they live by the feel­­ings, reasonings and selfish will of their flesh­ly, unregenerated, unrevived, dark and filthy souls! But the unity of the church is not in unified thoughts or unified reasons or even unified judgments of soul’s intellect. The Unity of the Church is solely in the unity of the Spirit of the Lord and His Faith.


If the Spirit of the Lord would be allowed to regenerate-revive-transform the souls of these believers – then there would be a true unity in the Church. All divisions, chaos, misery and death would disappear. And yes, the Spirit must be allowed to do the regene­ration in our soul, we must choose it by our will (Fil. 2:13) because God gave us a free will. By our free will, we may stand even against God, against His Word, against His Salvation... all pagans are the proof of it! God will never act against our will and He will never choose or decide for us – this is our responsibility before Him.


At this point, I desire to present and underline to every true believer the Mind and Heart of Our God and Father concerning His chosen and redeemed people – Israel and Church – and their calling to make choices and decisions, which determine their destiny. God in his love and grace had provided salvation and life – we have to choose it, go for it and receive it. (Mt. 7:7-8, Lk. 11:9-10) Otherwise, we will never have it.


“See, I have set before you this day life and good, and death and evil... therefore CHOOSE life”. (Deut. 30:15,19) Moses speaks to the NEW generation of Israel AFTER their 40-years journey and just before they were to enter the Promised Land.


He also tells them this truth: “For I know your rebellion, and your stiff neck; behold, while I am yet alive with you this day, you have been rebellious against the Lord; and how much more after my death?... For I know that after my death you will utterly corrupt yourselves and turn aside from the way, which I have commanded you; and evil will befall you in the latter days; because you will do evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke Him to anger through the works of your hands.” (Deut. 31:27,29)


Do we see the evil human nature – flesh – at its “best”? How do we – the NEW Israel – choose? Who is making or affecting our decisions? Who or what is influencing us? Are we able to discern, see, understand and answer such important questions? Do we have sufficient spiritual intelligence for that?






A thick book could be written about these things but I am restrained to be brief. Therefore, I will add only one more fact. Though there are many Christians who undoubtedly see this misery of the Church, yet, no man is able to help. I cannot help either. I can only declare, expose and explain the Word and hope that the Spirit of God would grant blind believers eyesight, deaf believers hearing and foolish believers understanding. I may only hope that the Spirit of God would enable such believers to see, hear, receive the truth by faith and then follow or live that truth by the same faith! That is exactly what the Spirit of God had done also in me and for me! Otherwise I could not have written this pamphlet.


So I am not asking you whether you are able to do what the above Words of God and His Salvation demand – no man is able. I am only asking you whether you are willing to consider the above examples and Words of God? Are you? If you are, read on, the most important part follows now.

It is the question of your Life or death - your Eternal Life or your eternal death! You should be sure what is the truth concerning your own Salvation, which is to say, your own future. I hope you do desire to know your future in which case you should have assurance about it from God’s Spirit Himself and not from men.


Before I close, it appears necessary to state one simple truth as follows. The true Christian­ity and the process of the true Salvation is a matter of working out of our faith: declaring, confessing (Rom. 10: 10), asking, seeking, knocking (Mt. 7:7-8), binding, loosing, agreeing (Mt. 18:18-19), believing (Jn. 6:28-29), loving (Mt. 22:37) and trusting that the Lord will do what we ask, seek, bind, loose, declare, confess and believe in harmony with his word. this is the part which we have to do    then he may do his part which we cannot do! This is our true cooperation with God.

Therefore, no matter how good and truthful words I may write herein and no matter how sincerely and with an open mind and heart you may read or even agree with the writings, it is not sufficient! No one is saved by reading or even agreeing with the Biblical truths but by acting on his faith, “working out his faith” as stated above. Otherwise the reader will remain even more deceived and his faith will become, or remain dead. (Jam. 1:21-25, Jam. 2:17,26).


Similarly, any man may believe in the Lord Jesus as his Savior. But unless he confesses his faith with his mouth (Rom. 10:9) or calls on His Name (Acts 2:21, Rom. 10:13), which are the “works of faith, acts of faith”, that man shall NOT be saved! If you, therefore, believe the truths about your Salvation described above and con­firmed in the Word of God and do not act on them, you shall achieve nothing. These important truths will in such case only become “an additional interesting information stored in your brain”, but no spiritual work will have been done. By acts of faith you started your salvation-redemption (Eph. 2:8), by acts of faith - the same instrument of the spirit - you must continue until you receive “the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls.” (1Pet. 1:9)


I hope that you believed the Words of God guiding us on the way of our Full Salvation, the way of overcoming, the way of doing the Will of the Father (Mt. 7:21). If so, then we have to ask the Lord to do His Words and Truths in us… because without Him, we can do nothing. (Jn. 15:5) I thus desire to close with a prayer and an inter­cession before the Throne of Our Most High God.


“Dear Lord Jesus, we come to You with a simple faith believing all Your Word and knowing that without You we cannot do even Your Word. We also believe that our Salvation is not only by our faith but firstly by Your Grace and Love toward us. Therefore, we do not lean on our understanding, rather, in our conscience and heart we trust Your Grace and Love that through them You will enable us to do Your Will, follow Your way and achieve Your aim and pleasure in our Salvation.”


“You have given us Your Spirit also that He may guide us into all truth. (Jn.16:13) We desire that He would guide us also into this truth of man’s Full Salvation according to Your Word, enable us to receive it in our spirit, heart and mind and then to do it. May we thus continue in Your goodness rather than taste Your severity and be cut off. (Rom. 11:22)”


“May this prayer not be just words of our mouth, but a cry of our heart and spirit. We have no other hope, no other future and no other way. May it please You to hearken unto our prayer and help us to work out our own Salvation according to Your Word. Amen.”


When you have prayed like this with faith and a true desire in your heart, then wait and see what the Lord will do. I believe that you will see or sense His hand clearly and the fruit of the works of His Spirit in your soul will follow in due time after some grief and suffering. (Heb. 12:11) You will have “purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit” so that your joy might then be truly unspeak­able and full of glory. (1Pet. 1:22, 1Pet. 1:8)


*       *       *


This is the Word of God, my faith and my personal experience. Let this be a fruit acceptable unto our great saviour, lord and coming king christ jesus. Let it also be a true and powerful spiritual tool for all the believers who believe and desire to be transformed into the image of Christ Our Lord. Amen.




Important Remarks about this pamphlet


1)   This pamphlet was written for one chief purpose, to show and publicize that truth of man’s Salvation, which has not been preach­ed, explained or taught. Many believers and shepherds alike are thus deprived of the most important Truth concerning their lives and their future. Hence, they are unable to see the spiritual reality and make the necessary choices or decisions.


2)   I was sovereignly led by the Spirit of God in me to present that truth, which is like the “other side of the coin” of man’s Salvation. Every coin has two sides and so does the Truth. It has a bitter and a sweet side. If you do not accept the bitter Truth, you cannot have the sweet one either. If you do not accept the way prescribed by God for you, you will not obtain His sweet promises! (Heb. 12:1, Phil. 3:14, etc.)


3)   That truth presented herein is the bitter truth. It shows the Mind and Heart of Our Gracious and Merciful God together with His Justice and Judgments upon the rebellious believers.


Justice demands that we should get what we deserve – hell.

Mercy demands that we should get what we do not deserve – heaven. These two are thus con­tradictory, unreconsileable and mutual­ly exclusive like fire and water.


But Our Mighty God through His infinite Wisdom and Love for us satisfied these two in that He applied His Justice to His Son Jesus Christ Whom God punished with death. Through Him and in Him, God may now apply His Mercy toward us. All under the condition, that we obey His Word and walk in His way in order to get into Christ, where Mercy is available, and then abide in Him.


4)   This pamphlet does not show all the truth about man’s Sal­vation. There are other areas of man’s Salvation in the Scripture, which are not shown or discussed herein. We will briefly touch one such other area of Salvation to show some of the other aspects of Salvation.


There are two basic spiritual facts governing man’s Salvation:


a) Every redeemed, born-again believer has to be an over­comer and has to finish his race set before him by the Father. There will be no exceptions and no modifications of this condition, which the Father established before the foundations of this world. The Lord is giving promises only to the overcomers. Chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of Revelation and Heb.12:1 attest to this fact and Rev. 21:7 confirms it with finality.


b) The race or the overcoming, which is set before believers by the Father is not the same for every believer! God had set the race or the way of overcoming individually accord­ing to His fore­knowledge of our own souls, hearts, minds and wills as well as our future decisions. (Rom. 8:29)


I will briefly show three important examples pertaining to this spiritual fact of Salvation stated under point b), which is not shown or dis­cussed in this pamphlet. Let us, therefore, go to the Word of God again and see and understand what the Word says.


b1)       Read and ponder the parable of the sower stated by the  Lord in Mt. 13:3-9 and realize its spiritual meaning. I will focus only on verse 8 and say this: It is clear that even the good ground (good heart) believers are differ­ent in their good heart and they produce different harvests. The Lord expects every believer-overcomer to produce a harvest but not necessarily a hundredfold one.


b2)       The Lord states quite clearly in His Judgment to the church in Thyatira that there were believers who had not known the “depth of Satan” (Rev. 2:24-25). I believe that these were believers, which did not have Satan’s nature so deeply embed­­ded in their souls and were not expressing it outwar­d­ly. The Lord decided not to put “other burden” on them, which means, deeper overcoming, longer or more difficult race. They are only advised to keep that, which they already had, what they already overcame, how far they had run. But note, that every one of them had to overcome, had to run the race designed by God for them individually.


b3)       It should be clear from the above two examples, that there are different groups of believers within the one Church, who run different races, overcome different things, carry different burdens, produce different harvests. They also have different love for the Lord and thus different stand­­ings before the Father and the Lord. This is confirmed in the Song of Solomon where the Lord declares simply and clearly that “There are 60 queens, and 80 concubines, and virgins without number. My dove, my undefiled is but one...” (S.Sol. 6:8-9). Four different groups of believers are named within the one Church – Body of Christ – all with a different love for the Lord, with a different desire for their perfection.


If you desire to know more about this subject as well as the actual practical process of Salvation, read our book “The Mystery of Reality”, Part X, called “Be Ye Perfect” (from page 231) and also Part VIII, called “New Beginnings”.




Man in “cross – section”


God created man in His Own Image. (Gen. 1:26) Since God is a Trinity – three Persons in One God (1Jn. 5:7), so also is man – a trinity – spirit, soul and body. (1Thess. 5:23)


In order to visualize man in his trinity with all his organs and his Redemption and Salvation, four sketches are presented below. This graphic illustration might be help­ful for many believers in their understanding of spiritual realities, facts and processes and how they confirm the truths of the Scripture.


1. Man’s trinity:





2. Man at redemption:



3. Man on narrow road:





4. Man in kingdom of heaven:



Notes to the sketches:


Page B1 – body was created from the dust of the earth and spirit and soul by the “breath” of the Spirit of God (Gen. 2:7); nucleus is man’s “foundation stone” occupied by God or by Satan.

Page B2 – at Redemption, some parts of conscience are already ruled by God’s Spirit where the initial measure of faith was given to every man (Rom. 12:3); without this, man could not believe and confess and be redeemed (Rom. 10:9); the soul is still in darkness and flesh.

Page B3 – when a believer opens the “door” to his heart, he is set on the narrow road of overcoming; the sketch shows the progress in the cleansing of his soul “at about half-way” and thus the “extension of the Kingdom of Heaven” (rule of Holy Spirit) in his soul.

Page B4 – this sketch shows a raptured or resurrected believer with an immortal body who entered the Kingdom of Heaven to rule there with Christ for 1000 years (Rev. 2:26-27 + 20:4). There are yet some “pockets” of darkness in his soul resisting the rule of the Spirit; these will be overcome and cleansed during the rule in the Kingdom so that this believer will enter the New Jerusalem perfect and holy without spot or wrinkle or any blemish (Eph. 5:27, Rev. 21:27). His sketch would not show any pockets and all his trinity would be completely and wholly under the rule of the Spirit of God! He is a member of the Perfect Bride and Wife of Christ.                                      Note that rebellious believers who did not open the “door” resisted the Will of the Father and His way of Salvation, refused to walk on the narrow road, hence, did not know Christ and He did not know them, still conform to the sketch on page B2. After being raptured or resurrected, they will be thrown out of the Kingdom into outer darkness, where they will be given another chance of repenting and shedding tears and being cleansed. But the destruction of their flesh will be done by Satan and not the Holy Spirit! (1Cor. 5:5, Lk. 12:46-48, etc.) Even Apostle Paul was “buffeted” by Satan’s servant but for other reasons. (2Cor. 12:7)                                                     Finally all those, who will not be willing to overcome will be blotted out of the Book of Life and the Holy Spirit will be taken away from them (Rev. 3:5, Ps. 51:10-11), the Devil will re-occupy their spirit and nucleus and they will be damned. (Rev. 20:15)



Explanations for some scriptural expressions used


·     flesh – addition to its description (on page 4 of text): it is spiritual contents of soul; flesh is “hell in us” since it represents Devil’s nature, character; if soul is imagined as a sponge, flesh is dirty and poisonous liquid within, which gets out whenever the sponge is squee­z­ed. Renewed soul means the same soul with its flesh contents re­placed by the Spirit, which may be imagined as crystal clear living water; in Eph. 4:23: the same mind remains but its dirty and poisonous spirit is replaced (its foolish thoughts, un­right­eous judg­­ments, dirty imaginations, evil plottings, fears, greed, etc. are re­placed with wisdom, righteousness, meekness, goodness and other fruits of the Spirit – Is. 11:2, Gal. 5:22-23).

·     “war” – war between flesh and Spirit (page 5): This war starts after we are born-again and baptized and receive the Spirit. It is both internal within every believer and external between believer and world, spiritual powers (Eph. 6:12) and other persons. It is spiritual war and can only be waged by spiritual weapons (Eph. 6:10-17). Every believer possesses these weapons (they come with his salvation) but must learn how to use them.                            The initial “battle line” is between our subconscience and con­­science (see sketch); at redemption, the Spirit brings life only to our sub­conscience while our con­scien­ce may still be defiled, which means, in enemy hands (1Cor. 8:7); with our “going on unto perfection” in the Spirit, the battle line passes through con­science and then is slowly shifted into “interior” of our soul - heart, mind and will – which at that stage is still mostly in the hands of the enemy – the flesh. Flesh will not disappear from us just by believing in the Lord!                                                        By believing in the Lord, we received into our spirit “The Captain” who is ready to lead us to conquer our entire soul by His force! It is similar with the Promised Land, which also had to be first conquered by force before it became the land of milk and honey. (Jos. 5:13-15) Our war is similar but it is spiritual and not physical. We also have “spiritual” Jericho, Ai and other nests with high walls and full of enemies in our soul.

·     to perish, be destroyed – in example 2) on page 8 and at other places: chosen people of God perish or are destroyed. This does not necessarily mean “eternal damnation” for every one of them! Even today, many believers walk on the broadway, which leads to destruction and not on the narrow way leading to life (Mt. 7:13-14); “destruction” means that of their old life with all that it contains and loves. But this destruction is not being done by the Spirit and His Grace, it will be done by the Devil and his cruelty and wrath in outer darkness. (1Cor. 5:5!)

·     thrown to outer darkness – fleshly Christians will be removed from the Presence of the Lord and “handed over” to Satan for the destruction of their flesh (Mt. 8:12 with Mt. 7:21-27, Mt. 22:2-14). The comment in the above point also applies here.

·     removed candlestick – this is equal with being removed from the Lord’s Presence (page 9) and both above points apply.

·     cursed believer – (on page 16 bottom) one who does not love the Lord (1Cor. 16:22). Here “cursed” means the opposite of “blessed”; instead of entering the Presence and Glory of the Kingdom of Heaven at His Coming, these believers will be cast out into outer darkness for the same purpose – to destroy the flesh in them, which always stood in the way and prevented them from loving the Lord. Other comments from above 3 points also apply here.

·     bearing no fruit – (page 15 - Jn. 15:1-2): flesh will never bear any fruit of the Spirit; bearing no fruit indicates that our soul is full of flesh, the believer refuses to “go to war”, which is equivalent with “going on unto perfection”; he is refusing the way establish­ed by the Father in the Word of God for his salvation. Note that “bearing no fruit” means no fruit of the Spirit; instead, such a soul bears thorns and briers, which is the fruit of flesh.  Comments for above 4 points apply for him, as well.

·     not abiding in Him – (page 15 - Jn. 15:6): ”not abiding in Christ” means to “fall away” (Heb. 6:6), which is equal to the “blotting out of the Book of Life” (Rev. 3:5), which is eternal damnation. The above stage of “bearing no fruit” is the start of the falling away stage and of being burnt. (Heb. 6:8) See also point below.

·     to be in Christ - when man believes, confesses his faith and is baptized, Christ by His Spirit comes to live into his spirit.               We may say: Christ is in the believer – but the believer is not in Christ yet!!! He will not be in Christ just by believing in Him and being born-again by his spirit. He must grow up into Christ to be in him! (Eph. 4:15) How?                          Again, by being perfected (“go on unto perfection”!) through apostles, prophets, evangelists and pastors and teachers given to the church by God Him­self for that purpose!!! (Eph. 4:11-13) You are growing up into Christ with your soul and not with your spirit. You are your soul and not your spirit!                                    Be not deceived in this vital area of spiritual reality. This deception, again, comes straight from hell to deceive you that, as a born-again and baptized believer, you are already in Christ and thus you are already a new creature. (2Cor. 5:17) Not so! Redemp­tion means you are IN Christ by God’s Will but not by your own will and not by your own experience!

·     to live by faith – at our redemption, the Lord’s Spirit brings true faith into our subconscience (see sketch). During our spiritual childhood, the Lord (in His mysterious ways) starts “cleaning” our conscience sufficiently so that it may hold at least the “most important faith” for our maturing process, for the transformation of our soul. When that time comes (Our Father knows when – Gal. 4:2), the Lord “stands at the door and knocks” (Rev. 3:20). When we open to Him the “door” to our soul – the war between our flesh and His Spirit starts. (Gal. 5:17, Eph. 6:10-18)                             During all this war, an effective communication between our conscience and soul is vital! The Spirit keeps cleansing our con­science for two basic reasons: 1) only a pure conscience is able to hold true faith, even the mystery of faith (1Tim. 3:9), and 2) this true faith from our conscience is the only way to conquer our soul and have the Lord rule therein by His Spirit!                                                                               Thoughts, reasoning, speculations, even logic of our mind, feel­ings, imagin­ations, desires, even lusts of our heart must be always “verified” and compared with the faith "speaking" from our conscience. Not listening to our conscience means sure death and misery and victory for Satan. Considering our conscience is a good start even though we may have no strength yet to decide for the faith. Obeying our conscience and its faith is our Life and victory for Christ and for us!



Notes on overcoming


As with Salvation, the question of “overcoming” is equally mis­understood and neglected though it is the key to our Salvation and determines our future. Rev. 21:7 seems to give it the final “stamp” of importance being just before the New Jerusalem is shown to John and described at the end of the Bible. It is chiefly the practical side of this question, which needs to be brought to light.


 Therefore, I desire to present some brief personal notes and experien­ces rather than a lot of theology. Since the main overcoming touches our mind, which is a “workshop of the Devil”, as it is often called, we will focus on this organ of our soul and the way it works.


Flesh (see p.4) hates to be exposed! Why? Because the powers of dark­ness hate to be exposed. They work only in darkness, behind curtains and in secrecy! Once you expose them by light “pulling the curtain”, they are finished. This often happens when we read or hear truth about ourselves! The “curtain” on our soul is pulled. Whenever this happens, we feel bad... we feel pain in heart or shame or anger in mind because we may be pricked and offended. Our first thoughts steer us against the truth, give us “ammunition”- arguments for self-defense and then, perhaps, for a heavy counter-attack, if necessary.


Our flesh immediately “rolls out” heavy weapons and will not allow such “humiliation of our person­ality” to continue! Is it familiar to you? Have you ever observed your­selves in such situations? The question is: who in us is giving us this “ammunition”, such thoughts? Who is “pushing us” to defend ourselves or even to counter-attack? Is it the Spirit of the Lord? Is it the character of Christ to act like that? Absolutely NOT! (Lk. 9:23) It is the Devil and his character.


So, how do we prevent this in the future? By discerning our­selves and refusing to follow our first thoughts! This is the over­coming of our old ways, old habits, old thoughts, old desires – our old self. If you pay close attention to the following simple notes, you are on your way of overcoming and Salvation.

Overcoming means exercising our free will:


1) Pausing a moment before you respond in words or actions; this takes some conscious effort to stop your­self in your “usual and auto­matic” response; this is the first stage of overcoming yourself.


2) Pondering for just one minute your thoughts and the steps (or words), which you are about to take (say, write); this takes some­what greater effort than to pause; you try to give yourself a short moment to ponder your thoughts and your planned response; this is the second stage of overcoming yourself.


3) Putting yourself into the “shoes” of the other person(s) (in inter­personal situations) trying to see and understand the situation from the viewpoint and understanding of the other person!; this is not easy since this tendency or ability is initially not in us but is essential for overcoming; before we may under­stand others and their problems, we have to perceive and under­stand ourselves and our problems; we have to receive this spirit­ual ability (perception, spirit­ual understanding, grace toward others) from the Lord little by little (Is. 28:9-10); this is the third stage of overcoming.


4) Denying your own initial thoughts, planned responses or in­tentions when you now see that they would have been un­righteous or even foolish; this is impossible unless we have the necessary light and understanding “from the other side”, which we may only obtain by pausing, pondering, asking questions,  putting ourselves into their situation and diligently comparing facts; this is the most difficult stage of overcoming yourself,


5) Standing by faith on the Word of God in Rom. 8:28 when­ever experiencing danger, tragedy, loss, fears, doubts, humiliation, unrighteousness, injustice, etc. This applies to all believers walking on the narrow road who love the Lord in truth. This Word of God does not apply to those that do not love the Lord,


6) Admitting to yourself, to your own conscience, that:


a) not everything you do is perfect and acceptable in the eyes of God; many changes may be necessary; when the Lord sends them through any one – accept them,


b) not everything you hear from others is true or righteous or wise especially if it is against the written Word of God or Its Spirit; the Lord warns us saying “Take heed what you hear...” (Mk. 4:24); always judge and reject what is not true; every time you incline your ear to lies and accept them consciously or unconsciously, you will be­­come a liar yourself, come under the power of the Devil and you will not even know that you became deceived; so, do take heed what you hear and what your heart and mind accept; all vital issues of life are in your heart (Pr. 4:23)


c) not everything you believe is true and right; many correct­ions or changes in your beliefs may be necessary; when the Lord gives you the light for a change, do not reject it just because it may be coming the way you do not expect, or because it “hurts” your flesh,


d) not everything you desire in your heart or mind is right and profitable (1Cor. 6:12); many things prove hurtful, even suicidal at their end; this includes trying to serve the Lord your way by offering Him a strange fire (Lev. 10:1-3); ponder your desires before the Lord and before you decide to follow them because Our God is a consuming fire! (Deut. 4:24, 9:23, Heb. 12:29)


e) not every road you walk is right and will not lead you to where you desire to end up; instead of life, joy, peace, happiness and success, you may (later) meet death, grief, turmoil, mourning and failure (Pr. 14:12 + 16:25); when the Lord desires to change your way and direct your steps, do not resist Him with your flesh-stubbornness (Pr. 16:9),


f)  not every believer or friend you know is truthful, honest, trust­worthy, sincere, well meaning though they out­ward­ly may appear so!; there are many wolves in sheep’s cloth­ing and if you cannot recognize them, they will get you; test them on the basis of the faith and light that the Lord already granted you,


g) not everything you think is so (!), is true, correct or wise; thoughts of unrenewed mind are the true cause of all our misery, troubles, problems, divisions and death!; if you are unwilling to overcome these, you will never get out of this evil merry-go-round and you yourself will always remain what you think (Pr. 23:7) – incarnated evil thoughts, misery and a fountain of death.


Is this too much for you to consider? Of course it is, if you want to consider it and practice it immediately. But the Lord gave us the whole earthly life to consider it and practice it! Let us remember that we were not born to Heaven but into an evil world. We were not conceived in holiness but in evil (Ps. 51:5) – by our choice and not God’s choice. We thus have no greater purpose and task in our life from Our Creator and Savior than to be redeemed from that evil and then keep learning and practicing to overcome that evil also within our soul by our own will and thus save our own (already redeemed) souls! It is only when we ourselves are on this narrow road of over­coming-deliver­­ance – that we may help others also to overcome. But it is never too late to start for any believer!


You are effectively cleansing the Church, His Body, when you cleanse your own self (2Cor. 7:1); you are effectively building the Church, when you build your own self – in the most holy faith, pray­ing in the Holy Spirit (Jude 20); you are effectively preparing the Bride of Christ for His Coming as Our Bridegroom (Mt. 25:6) when you are preparing your own self to be ready to go with Him (Mt. 25: 10); finally, you are effectively preparing the Church to rule in the coming Kingdom together with Christ (Rev. 2:26-27, 19:11-16) when you learn to rule first your own self (Pr. 25:28).


Will you who just read “give your souls” to the Lord in a new way? Will you “put your souls on the altar” that He may accept you fully and execute in you His Full Salvation? Or will you refuse?


The above is not my wisdom and it is not my word – it is His Wisdom and it is His Word, which Word is Christ (Jn. 1:1). I only “framed” the man’s Salvation with the Word of God and His Will and Wisdom and expressed my testi­monies and experiences.

And now I pray that you may be enabled to do His command­ments (His Word) so that you “may have the right to the Tree of Life and may enter in through the gates into the City” of New Jerusalem. (Rev. 22:14)