CONCLUSION – part 3 – Mailing #54

And now, I speak to the “ordinary” brothers and sisters who say: “I am fed up with this religion … I am fed up with this church … I am seeking truth, life, reality … I am seeking Jesus Himself”.

Will these brothers and sisters consider in their hearts and minds my words? These are my words to them:

I am not offering you color dreams, I am not telling you smooth things, I am not lying to you, but speaking truth for your own sakes and your own benefit. Many, many of you are NOT seeking truth, nor life, nor reality, nor yet Jesus Christ Himself – you are seeking SELF-SATISFACTION, the way out of your own frustrations, the way to solve your own problems, the way to materialize your own imaginations and dreams. And your deeds, your behaviour, your fruits, whether before or after you leave your congregation, prove it. The Lord knows it; He is not surprised and His Grace keeps resting on you.

Yet I say in truth that those of you who are like unto Jacob have a true chance to reach your Peniel (Gen.32:30), to find Him and know the Truth, the Reality and the true Life. I shall address you again a little later.

But those of you that are like unto Esau have no such chance, for you have already sold your birthright, which is ruling in the Kingdom of heaven. Furthermore, anyone of you who has offered a strange fire unto the Lord, is dead and has no such chance. This is the truth and the most serious truth concerning you and the Kingdom of heaven; concerning you and the reality, life, and the King – Christ Jesus Himself. Behold the goodness and severity of our God!

(C) Touching the Elect Bride.

There are twelve tribes of Israel, one is judged and rejected, namely Dan, and it is substituted by the people of Manasseh, Joseph’s son (Rev.7:4-8). One is chosen and loved by You, namely Judah (Gen.49:8; Ps.78:68).

There are twelve apostles of the Church, one is judged and rejected, namely Judas Iscariot, and he is substituted by Matthias (Acts 1:25,26). One is chosen and loved by You, namely John (Jn.13:23 and 19:26).

Behold Your mystery – in the fulness of times out of Judah comes forth the Bridegroom … and in the fulness of times out of John comes forth the Bride! He who has a heart to understand, let him understand.

Again I say this: “There are threescore queens and fourscore concubines, and virgins without number. Your dove, Your undefiled is but one; she is the only one of her mother, she is the choice one of her that bare her. The daughters saw her and blessed her; yea, the queens and the concubines, and they praised her.” He who has a heart to understand, let him understand.

Yet again I say this: “And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying: We will eat our own bread and wear our own apparel, only let us be called by thy name to take away our reproach. In that day shall the branch of the Lord be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and comely for them that are escaped … for the filth shall be washed away and the blood purged by the spirit of judgement, and by the spirit of burning.” He who has a heart to understand, let him understand.

Finally, I say this: “There is yet one more sign that must be fulfilled before You, the Lord of Glory, come for Your firstfruits and before the Harvest. Behold, that sign is plainly written in the Book of Revelation. Who shall see it but Your Bride? Who shall execute it but Your Bride?”

Therefore I say, he who has eyes to see, let him see.

My Gracious Saviour, Mighty Lord, Righteous King, my greatly Beloved Christ Jesus, I now turn to You with two requests. The first one has already been expressed in my prayer in the Foreword. It was to shroud the truth, its simplicity, beauty, reality, depth, width, breadth and height, and to hide it … save from those to whom You would choose to reveal it at this hour.

But now I pray, that Your marvellous Truth, in Its beauty and simplicity, would truly be revealed unto them that love It, and that shall be addressed in this concluding part of my letter to You.

The second request is that Your marvellous resurrection power would take hold of me … of every cell of my spirit, soul and body; of every word that shall carry Your Truth toward Your elect Bride at this hour; that it would take hold of every person that shall be addressed, and thus hasten and draw to a conclusion this present age; that it would thus complete the firstfruits of the earth and speed up the preparation for the Harvest.

This is my earnest prayer, Beloved, and I know You shall grant it, for it is the desire of Your own heart, yea, even more so.

It is written: “For Moses truly said unto the fathers: A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in ALL things whatsoever he shall say unto you. And it shall come to pass, that EVERY SOUL WHICH WILL NOT HEAR THAT PROPHET, SHALL BE DESTROYED FROM AMONG THE PEOPLE” (Acts 3:22,23).

You are that Prophet, O Beloved! Furthermore, it is written: “Verily, verily I say unto you: He that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth Me: and he that receiveth Me receiveth Him that sent Me” (Jn.13:20).

Thus I say to my brothers and sisters, to ALL that call on Your Name out of a pure heart:

The Lord Christ Jesus, the King of kings, has caused me to send this word unto you. I am of Him, he that knows Him hears me, he that is not of Him hears me not. Hereby I know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

I judge you not, yea, by the help of God I shall never judge you. The words of this letter that the Lord caused me to send unto you, they shall judge you, they shall judge those that rejected them and believed not.They shall not judge today, but in the last day; today they only separate those that believe and receive from those that believe not and reject.

And now, in the Mighty and Holy Name of the King Christ Jesus, I beseech you ALL that call on His Name out of a pure heart and that trust Him – come to your knees – join me, for I am on my knees before the King of Glory even as I am writing. Come to your knees at this very moment as you read these words – for from now on I shall not speak but to those and on behalf of those that are kneeling with me or those that are physically impaired to kneel, but they are kneeling “in their hearts”. Seclude yourselves, find a private place with God – and kneel down.

To those that can kneel and are not found on their knees, I say this last word: It is better for you to stop reading this book at this very page and close it! You have thus far been reading to satisfy the curiosity of your flesh. But the Kingdom of heaven is not in flesh, nor in word; it is not in speaking, discussing, preaching, writing, reading – it is in POWER (1Cor.4:20).

If your spirit has no power to bring your soul and body less than two feet DOWN toward the ground, it shall not bring you more than two feet UP into the air. The spirit of Rapture is not obtained without price nor is the Crown of righteousness.

Furthermore I say this: If you would truly love the Lord Christ Jesus, you would have heard His voice … and you would have been on your knees … and all things would together work for your good (Rom.8:28). But now, this is not so.

Therefore, even the conclusion of this book, should you persist in reading, shall not work for you but against you. Your hearts are closed, your spirits are paralysed.

And now, in the power and wisdom of my office in Christ Jesus the King, I conclude this word to you, thusly: Take down the wall-plaques in your homes and places of worship whereon is inscribed: “He is coming soon”, or “It may be today”, or “Jesus is coming”, or “For God so loved the world…”, or any other such plaques. Rather, put up one with this inscription: “If I truly love not my brother whom I see, I truly love not the Lord Jesus whom I cannot see. If I truly love not the Lord Jesus – let me be accursed at His Coming!” (1Jn.4:20 and 1Cor.16:22).

The latter is also the Word of God written for us! Hang this plaque in the midst of your homes and places of worship that the Lord of Glory might yet bring you to your knees, grant you a True Repentance and bring you to Himself while there is a chance.

For I tell you again in His Name that there is no time left, and His Spirit shall not strive with His rebellious ones any longer! This latter word I have received from Him and delivered to some of His people.

Nevertheless, I know that the power of His Grace shall yet bring some of you to your knees – and I shall embrace you in spirit, and we together shall both weep in tears and rejoice in tears before His Throne.

* * *

So be it, O King of kings! And now, I shall address Your Majesty again with all those that are on their knees before You. But the rest – let them close this book lest it should be counted against them in the last day, that is to say, at Your Coming. AMEN.



brother Hanola 


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