The CHURCH – part 3 – Mailing #27

The CHURCH – Part 3 (Continuation from Part 2) (Open Letter pages 54-58).

The second fact to be elaborated on is the following:

(B) There is ONE Body and one Spirit, one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, one God and Father of all! (Eph.4:4-6).

There is only ONE CHURCH! Yea,there is only ONE FOLD! For even the one Church and the one Israel are made ONE! (Eph.2:11-15). Is this not true, Lord? Let me now emphatically and loudly proclaim the following: You, Lord, are not any Baptist nor Presbyterian nor Catholic nor Seventh-Day Adventist nor Anglican nor Pentecostal nor Apostolic nor Lutheran nor Orthodox nor anybody else! You are the SON OF GOD! Period. EQUALLY, Your Church is neither Baptist nor Presbyterian nor Catholic nor Seventh-Day Adventist nor Anglican nor Pentecostal nor Apostolic nor Lutheran nor Orthodox nor any other on the face of this earth! Your Church – Your Body – the fulness of the Son of God, is but ONE and Its name is – CHURCH! Period. Nothing more and nothing less! You had not given Your Body any other name. We have cut up Your Body into hundreds of religious “clubs”. Why? Because of our pride and arrogance!

Was there not one mankind with one purpose, one culture and one language? Had they not started to build the tower of Babel in their pride and arrogance? When the “tower” of our pride and arrogance began to rise up, You allowed the same confusion and division to set in in Your Church. Is it not a pride when we believe, publicly or secretly, that our particular “club”, our small or large church or sect or denomination, is the best, the most correct, the most true, the most holy? That there is nobody better or more correct or more true? Are we not blatantly stomping all over Your Word in Jn.13:34; Rom.12:5,10,15,16; Rom.14:13; Rom.15:7,14 and 16:16; 1Cor.11:33 and 12:25; Gal.6:2 and 5:13; Eph.4:32 and 5:21; Col.3:13; 1Thess.4:18 and 5:11; Heb.3:13 and 10:24; Jas.4:11 and 5:9,16; 1Pet.4:9,10 and 5:5; 1Jn.1:7, and many, many others??? Behold, these and many, many others are YOUR TRUE COMMANDMENTS for the members of YOUR BODY – Your complete Body!

We not only stomp all over them when dealing with “different clubs”, we bluntly disregard them even within our own “club”. And then, we sing and say and believe – how we love Jesus!! But how can we truly love You AND BREAK Your commandments left and right? (Jn.14:21,23). Thus I say, Lord, many, many sincere Christians are self-deceived even in this area. Some of our “clubs” keep one day as a “rest day” – but neglect all the commandments referred to above! That does not bother them. Not only do such Christians not love You, they do not even know You! “And hereby we do know that we know Him IF WE KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS”! (1Jn.2:3,4 and 3:24, etc.). ALL of them – not just one or two! Do we now see, Lord, how much evil comes from only the division of Your Body, Your Church?

Your Word to us only recognizes the Church in different geographical locations, in Smyrna, Pergamos, Corinth, Rome, Jerusalem, etc. Your Word does not recognize the Church by any other names or features.

Well, but do we not all know that the Church is, indeed, only one and that our divisions are based mostly on the differences in some doctrines, beliefs and practises? Or on putting more emphasis on one doctrine and less on others? Hence, the various names we use today only express those differences or that emphasis, right? But if the main tenets of faith are the same, then the problem of different names is rather trivial, is it not? That is what many Christians and their leaders may believe. But what is the reality, Lord?

In reality, I have not yet met one Christian who would have judged any other church or denomination or house church or sect righteously! Why? Because I have not yet met one Christian who would have judged his own church or denomination or house church or sect righteously! Why? Because the fruit of any pride or arrogance is darkness. To make a righteous judgement in darkness is a sheer impossibility! I did not judge these things righteously myself until I began to see. And I had not begun to see until my own pride and arrogance had been destroyed! I do not say, Lord, that there are no Christians anywhere who can see and judge Your Church righteously, I only say, I have not met one yet. This only suggests the scarcity of such individuals.

And if this matter of different names is truly trivial, would any leader consider dropping the name of his “club” and continue only as “Church”? Let them try it, Lord, and they shall see what is the reality of EVIL within their churches and denominations and sects, even the reality of their righteousness and unrighteousness.

Now, if the above is a true reality, then Your people, and especially their leadership, judge unrighteously. And he who judges unrighteously shall not enter into the Kingdom of heaven! (1Cor.6:9). Well, if this is still a trivial thing, then I say, let those blind leaders continue leading the blind, for they both shall surely fall into the ditch (Mt.15:14).

Even the ordinary, good and sincere people of Israel were blinded and ultimately had to pay a horrible price because of the pride, arrogance, hypocrisy, self-righteousness and blindness of their leaders – Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, false prophets. The New Testament Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, false prophets and theologians are no better! It is the ordinary, good and sincere believer who is again being blinded even today and ultimately will have to pay a horrible price – because of the pride, arrogance, hypocrisy, self-righteousness and blindness of his leaders!

What is the chief sign of the proud, arrogant, hypocritical, self-righteous and blind? It is this: THEY ALWAYS REFUSE TO REPENT!!!

They always have reasons, good reasons, even excellent reasons of their own making. And these reasons are usually reinforced with the reasons supplied by their spouses, close friends, colleagues. Thus, they NEVER repent!

Every confusion, every division, every separation starts from EVIL, therefore, it cannot but carry within itself the seed of evil. And the seed of evil has never produced a good fruit! So it is with the nations and their relationships – and so it is with churches and denominations and sects and house groups and their relationships.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us for who can really assess the misery we are in? How many Christians and how many Christian leaders can truly see and realize the depth of the misery that we had brought and are still bringing upon Your Holy Body? How long shall we be so easily deceived by our Enemy? And then, to top it off, the same Enemy comes and persuades some of these hopelessly divided bits and pieces to “try and unite through an ecumenical movement” where they are conned to further compromise on their already ridiculous doctrines and beliefs. Thus, he gets a fake church which outwardly is not very much different from Your true Church. But in the meantime, how many simple Christians are deceived and facing a horrible price to pay?

Well, what is that horrible price? Rejection at the gate to the Kingdom of heaven! To Your Millenial Kingdom on earth. And not only the rejection to enter in, but a relegation into outer darkness where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth! Is this not horrible? Is this not truth, Lord?

I pray that Your Spirit would open the eyes and ears and hearts and understanding of the ordinary, simple, sincere members of Your Body, Your one Church – and show them these truths and tear them out of their deception … and cause them to overcome and rule with You in the Kingdom which is at hand. I ask it in Your Mighty and Holy Name, O King of Glory! Amen.

(To be continued next week in part 4)

brother Hanola 


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