The CHURCH – part 4 – Mailing #28

The CHURCH – Part 4 (Continuation from Part 3) (Open Letter pages 59-63).

The above leads me now to the third fact to be elaborated on, which is as follows:

(C) It is written: “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” (Mt.7:21). We were NEVER taught the truth in this verse and the following verses. And if anybody asked, the answer was that this warning belonged to non-Christians or, perhaps, to the “poor Catholics” and the like. Our dark mind is truly able to produce any ridiculous doctrine as long as it suits our feelings, as long as it comforts our poor soul. And so, Lord, the simple truth about us is that we were NEVER seeking Your Truth – but always OUR self-satisfaction!!!

We are ever ready to seek, teach, preach, write, broadcast, even prophesy that which condemns others – but we never seek, teach, preach, write, broadcast or prophesy that which condemns us! If we would sincerely come to You and ask, You would show us the truth. You would show us that “no man can call You Lord except by the Holy Spirit” (1Cor.12:3). No pagan, whether in a Catholic congregation or in a Protestant congregation, ever had the Holy Spirit. Therefore, whoever says to You: Lord, Lord, cannot do so but by Your Spirit and, therefore, must be a born-again believer. Therefore, it cannot even be anyone from the children of Israel, unless that person believed in Christ Jesus = Yeshua = Salvation, which You are.

You would show us that no pagan could ever cast out devils, because even devils know who we are (Acts 19:15), and because their house would be divided and would fall (Mt.12:26). You would show us that if we would dare to further read Your Gospel according to Matthew, we would discover that not only Your prophets and excorcists and miracle workers, but the very “children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth”! (Mt.8:12). Well?

Here, even our dark mind cannot but acknowledge that no pagan ever was a child of the Kingdom. Nevertheless, our dark mind would quickly add that these children of the kingdom are the children of Israel and not the Church! And that those “many that shall come from the east and west” in verse 11, are the former Gentiles turned into Christians. Well, I do not know, beloved Lord, whether to laugh or weep, for on one hand our Christian walk seems to be a tragedy and on the other hand it seems to be a comedy. So we, Christians are not really the children of the Kingdom from the beginning because we are not Abraham’s seed, right? And if we are not Abraham’s seed, then we can skip Matthew 8:12 and relax, right? Now, I really wonder if Your Word in Galatians 3:29 should surprise us pleasantly or unpleasantly???

Beloved Lord, when I see Christians walk on crutches and I cannot heal them, I do not want to snatch their crutches away lest they should fall and walk not at all. But when I see Christians feasting on poison, I want to scream, to yell and to snatch the cup from their hands lest they should poison themselves and become paralysed, wretched and miserable, doped with the heroin of deception.

But how can I be sure, O Lord, that my voice would reach the right ears when there are so many voices, so many false voices thundering and resonating left and right? And Your simple ones do not know what to hear first, what to read first, what to do first. Nevertheless, Lord, this is what I will do – I will not scream … I will whisper in a still small voice and will commit this whisper to Your Spirit to carry it where it belongs. It shall not be by human might, nor by human power, BUT by Your Spirit! Amen.

Not every saved person, not every born-again Christian shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven to rule with Christ Jesus a thousand years (Rev.20:4) but he who is doing the Will of the Father. What is the Will of the Father concerning us?

Behold, the Will of the Father is twofold:

(1) To send His Son, His only begotten Son, to perform and obtain that which no man could possibly perform and obtain! To defeat the powers of darkness, to break the power of Sin and Death, and through His own obedience, righteousness and sacrifice, to open the way from eternal damnation and Death to eternal Life for every human being.

This is precisely what His only begotten Son Jesus Christ has done, thus becoming the Saviour of mankind. This is the first part of the Magnificent Salvation that was birthed in the Heart and Mind of God the Father BEFORE mankind was created (Eph.1:4; 1Pet.1:19,20). Therefore, no man had any say in this first part; one could only accept it or reject it.

Even though this first part of the Salvation had been offered and legally valid for every human being, yet God the Father had sovereignly chosen a People under the Old Covenant and a People under the New Covenant, Israel and Church, to make them in due time ONE corporate MAN (Eph.2:11-15). To make them One Family with Christ Jesus as the Head, and God the Father as Christ’s Head (Eph.1:22; 1Cor.11:3).

(2) To obtain this One Family, the second part of His Will – the second part of His Magnificent Salvation, comes into view and it is this:

To transform all those saved ones in the first part into the image of Christ Jesus His Son! (Rom.8:29; Gal.4:19).

What is the image of His Son? “Though He were a Son, yet learned He obedience by the things which He suffered”! (Heb.5:8). If we are not learning obedience by the things which we must suffer, then we are NOT being transformed into His image! If we are not chastised, we are bastards and not sons (Heb.12:8).

“The Son can do nothing of Himself…” (Jn.5:19). If we are yet doing all things of ourselves, according to our opinion, our wisdom, our feelings, we are NOT being transformed into His image!

“…I am meek and lowly in heart…my yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Mt.11:29,30). If we do not know what meekness is, if our hearts are yet filled with pride and arrogance, hypocrisy, self-righteousness, self-esteem and other haughty things, we are NOT being transformed into His image! If we do not grant grace and freedom of will to others, or if we place on them heavy duties, we are NOT being transformed into His image!

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (Jn.14:6). If we yet cannot tell anybody to follow us in our own footsteps to reach the Kingdom, if we are not BECOMING the truth which we speak, teach, preach or publish, if we are yet bone-dry and dead without any living water (Jn.7:38), we are NOT being transformed into His image!

If we are NOT being transformed into His image, we are NOT doing the Will of the Father!!! Never mind our church attendance, never mind our Sunday school or Sabbath school attendance, never mind our preaching, teaching, counselling; never mind our social work, our visitation programs, our seminars, our never-ending Christian conferences; never mind any of our religious or social activities! If we are NOT being transformed into His image with the above signs and fruits following – we are NOT doing the Will of our Father which is in Heaven! And if this is so, we shall spend the Millenium OUTSIDE of the Kingdom of Heaven!!! Is that simple enough?

(To be continued next week in part 5)

brother Hanola 


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