The CHURCH – part 5 – Mailing #29

The CHURCH – Part 5 (Continuation from Part 4) (Open Letter pages 63-66).

This Will of the Father also demands that, whereas, in the first part of His Magnificent Salvation, it was Christ Jesus alone who was to provide our entry into Life eternal through HIS OWN obedience, righteousness and sacrifice; in this second part of His Magnificent Salvation, the entry into the New Jerusalem, must be secured through OUR OWN obedience, righteousness and sacrifice!!! (1Pet.1:2; Rev.19:8; Rom.12:1,2). Whereas in the first part, we could do nothing, in this second part we can do all things through Christ who is truly strengthening us (Phil.4:13).

This is the twofold Will of our Father which is in Heaven!

Furthermore, this Will of the Father stipulates that, whereas none of those who rejected His Magnificent Salvation will bypass the Great White Throne Judgement and the Second Death in the lake of fire and brimstone (Rev.20:15), none of us who accepted His Magnificent Salvation shall bypass the Judgement Seat of Christ (Rom.14:10; 2Cor.5:10).

Lastly, this Will of the Father warns that NOTHING of the darkness, the filth, the sin and of the evil of this world will ever enter into His New Creation – New Heaven, New Earth, and New Jerusalem! NOTHING! Not one “smithereen”. That is why the Great White Throne Judgement (Rev.20:11) is the LAST station for any darkness, filth, sin, pride, jealousy, self-righteousness, selfishness, arrogance, fear, doubt, or any evil of any kind! That is also why ANYONE who had not been delivered from ALL of the above evil through the obedience to Christ, shall be destroyed together with it! There shall be no respect of persons!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord God Jehovah our beloved Father, I greatly praise You, thank You and delight in You, in Your Ways and in Your Judgements, O Holy and Beloved Father! As Your Excellent Will was done and perfected in Your firstborn Son Jesus, who is Christ the Lord, so let Your Excellent Will be also done in US, Your sons and daughters through Christ our Saviour, our Lord and our coming King to whom I now write!!! AMEN.

Before this third fact (marked C) is brought to a conclusion, two important and widely misunderstood aspects of the above Will of our Father need immediate attention, namely, (a) The Judgement Seat of Christ, and (b) The final destruction of all evil and everyone not delivered from it.

(a) All future judgement has been committed by the Father to the Son (Jn.5:22). Therefore, it seems desirable, if not vital, to present its truth while there is time.

Again and again, I must praise You, my Lord and my King, and greatly admire Your Grace and Your Ways, Your Wisdom and Your Mercy. And I must loudly declare that Your Judgement Seat is yet another blessing on our way and there is nothing negative in it! All of it is positive and vital for us. In fact, should Your Judgement Seat for us not exist, or should it take place at Your Great White Throne Judgement, many of us would be in deadly peril! Why?

Many Christians who care to read the Old Testament know that the chosen people of Israel sprang from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and his twelve sons. Many Christians who care to read the New Testament know that the chosen people of the Church sprang from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and His twelve Apostles. But very few Christians realize that the Church is but the New Testament Israel” and that the Old Testament Israel is but a forepicture of the Church. What was happening to Israel physically, outwardly, has been happening to the Church spiritually, inwardly. But the main features of both Israel and the Church are so very similar.

Yes, the Church is NO LESS rebellious, NO LESS stiffnecked, NO LESS unfaithful, NO LESS idolatrous … and NO LESS foolish than the Israel of Old!

They did not want to hear Your voice and obey Your voice – so they had plenty of teachers and other religious leaders teaching and preaching “suitable things”. We are no different! We do not want to hear Your voice nor obey Your voice just the same – so we have plenty of false prophets prophesying smooth things … and we have plenty of teachers and other religious leaders teaching and preaching “suitable things”.

They were chastised and punished oft-times, put under the yoke of their enemies within the Promised Land … and when they began to cry unto You, they were repeatedly delivered. So it has been with the Church in the spiritual sense.

(To be continued next week in part 6)

brother Hanola 


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