The CHURCH – part 6 – Mailing #30

The CHURCH – Part 6 (Continuation from Part 5) (Open Letter pages 66-71).

But then comes a milestone event in the life of Israel: The Messiah comes! But alas, “He came unto His own and His own received Him not! But as many as received Him to them gave He power to become the sons of God”! (Jn.1:11,12). We know today that only a tiny minority from Israel received You. The great majority had not received You because they had not even recognized You – and their fate for the next two thousand years was sealed! How?

They were blinded (Rom.11:7; 2Cor.3:14) and THROWN OUT of their Promised Land and scattered into the world, into the darkness of the heathen nations where they were hated and persecuted, where they were weeping and in constant fear and terror gnashing their teeth. Their magnificent Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed and burned with fire from the foundations up! There was not one stone left upon another (Mt.24:2).

So shall it happen to the Church in the spiritual world! You, our Messiah, are coming back. This time as the King of kings, first to take us and then to come back with us to establish Your and our Kingdom. And, again, what was happening in the Old Testament in the physical world shall be happening in the New Testament in the spiritual world! Only a small minority in the Church will be able to recognize You, welcome You and receive You – and be received by You! The majority will not be able to even welcome You nor recognize You, let alone be received by You. You will come to Your own (Church) and Your own (Church) shall not receive You! But as many as have received You (Overcomers), to them You will give power to rule with You a thousand years, which is the crown of Life and rulership and righteousness (Rev.2:10 and 20:4; 2Tim.4:8). And the rest of the Church shall be THROWN OUT of their Promised Kingdom and scattered among their enemies where they will weep and in fear and terror gnash their teeth. And our “magnificent temple” which is the man-made, glittering, admired and cherished structure of organized religion, of denominationalism, sectarianism, ritualism and other “isms” shall be destroyed and burned with fire from the foundations up! There shall be no denomination, no sect, no ritual, no man-made stone left upon another!

Let me conclude this point by saying that there are three judgement seats of Christ.

The first Seat was the Cross of Calvary which divided the world into the saved ones and the condemned ones. It also divided Israel into Overcomers, which became the SEED of the Church, and the overcomed ones which were scattered into the darkness of the heathen world.

The second Seat shall be the Judgement Seat of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth which comes about two millennia after the first Judgement Seat – the Cross. This Judgement Seat divides the Church into Overcomers which are the SEED of the Bride and Wife of Christ, and the overcomed ones which shall be scattered into the outer darkness. Furthermore, this Seat shall divide the nations into the sheep nations, which will inherit the Kingdom and Life eternal, and the goat nations which will go into everlasting fire and punishment (Mt.25:32-46).

The third Seat shall be the Great White Throne to conclude the present polluted creation and start a new one. It shall come about one millennium after the second Judgement Seat. It shall finally separate all the condemned ones from the saved ones.

Righteous Lord, we all know the first Judgement Seat – the Cross. We should also know the important facts and comparisons leading to Your second Judgement Seat and the results thereof. Now, let me conclude the same about Your third Judgememt Seat – the Great White Throne – Your Final Judgement.

(b) YET, YET … just as Israel has not perished during those two thousand years in outer darkness weeping and gnashing their teeth, so also that part of the Church shall NOT perish during those one thousand years in outer darkness weeping and gnashing their teeth!

Just as Israel had been, again, given an entry back to their Promised Land where they even formed the new physical nation of Israel, so shall also that part of the Church be given an entry back to their Promised Kingdom of God and they shall complete the Body of Christ and form His Wife which is the New Jerusalem on the New Earth! (Rev.21:9,10). Praise God!

Is it not written, Lord, that “all Israel shall be saved”? (Rom.11:26). So it is similarly written that You lost none of them that the Father had given You “… but the son of perdition that the Scripture might be fulfilled”! (Jn.17:12). Praise God for ever!

 Now, who are the sons and daughters of perdition? All those that fit the description and that walk in the footsteps of Judas Iscariot! Right?

Oh, my greatly Beloved, may Your Spirit carry me through this part for only He sees and feels the true anguish, sadness and suffering of Your very heart concerning this truth.

Who was Judas Iscariot? Was he not an Israelite? He was. Was he not a member of the nation chosen by God Himself? He was. Was he an enemy to Jesus from the beginning? In the Father’s eyes yes, He foreknew. In our human eyes – no! He offered himself to Jesus and even admired Him. He put his hopes and trust in Jesus that He would, indeed, become the King of Israel and free the people from under the Roman yoke. When a man commands devils and they flee, when he commands a storm and it ceases immediately, when he commands leprosy and it disappears … wow … can he not just stretch forth his hand and speak and the Roman army would flee and disappear? Was this a sinful hope? No! Then why did Judas betray Jesus and then, being cursed, hang himself? (For every one who hangs on a tree is cursed – Gal.3:13).

Judas LOVED the OUTWARD ABILITIES of Jesus, His power, His magnetic personality, His talk, His cleverness, His ability to help us – but he NEVER LOVED HIM nor His Truth nor Ways!!! On the contrary, Judas loved himself and CLUNG to his lusts and obsessions with the kingdom of Israel. He did not want to GIVE UP any of his hopes and dreams which sprang from his selfishness and lusts, thereby preserving these lusts and all the other sinfulness within himself. His will and determination not to give up any of his own hopes, imaginations, lusts and dreams, became an ARMOUR around the root of his sinfulness which even Jesus could not penetrate!

Because he never loved Jesus, Judas could never love His Truth and thus His Ways – but kept on loving darkness and his OWN ways (Jn.3:19).

Judas did not understand Calvary, he despised the Cross which seemed also to him such a great foolishness (1Cor.1:18). No wonder that his frustrations finally opened the door for Satan to come in! (Jn.13:27; Lk.22:3). And that was his end – his eternal damnation.

Could Judas Iscariot have been saved? Yes! Had he repented and turned from his own ways! The fact is, though, that he came to a point where he was finally UNABLE TO REPENT!!! Yet, he was quite able to betray God Himself!

So it is with every like Christian – no respect of persons whatsoever – who keeps refusing to repent and turn away from his OWN ways, whose name shall be finally blotted out of the Book of Life by Your own hand! (Rev.3:5; Ex.32:33).

At Your third Judgement Seat, The Great White Throne, these people shall stand in the same group with Judas Iscariot to be officially proclaimed condemned since their names will not be found written in the Book of Life (Rev.20:15).

So who are these people in that group? Every one from Israel and every one from the Church who was given the Light and access to Life – but kept loving darkness unto the end – is like unto Judas Iscariot.

(To be continued next week in part 7)

brother Hanola 


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