ELECTRONIC MINISTRY – part 10 – Mailing #50

ELECTRONIC MINISTRY – Part 10 (Open Letter pages 179-184).

Greatly admired, worshipped and beloved Lord Christ Jesus, there are yet many things in my heart concerning leaders, their ministry and work. In the above, I only touched a few of Your servants, true or false ones, and they all seem to be in the Protestant stream.

There are many, many others that could be touched in both Protestant and Catholic streams. Yet I do not feel I should continue touching anyone else. I shall speak to one more leader, without touching him, and that shall conclude this chapter of my letter to You, Lord.

Who is this last “mysterious” leader? He is from a different realm and is not to be compared with anybody. Your prophets described him as “the son of the morning”, and as “the anointed cherub that covereth”. (Is.14:12; Ez.28:14). He was a true leader … “full of wisdom and perfect in beauty”, perfect in his ways from the day that he was created, till iniquity was found in him (Ez.28:12,15).

Yes, I speak about the former Lucifer turned into Satan. A perfect leader of the powers of light turned into the leader of the powers of darkness … a “perfect enemy” of God and all those that belong to God.

And WHAT TURNED LUCIFER, the son of the morning, the anointed cherub full of wisdom and perfect in beauty, INTO SATAN, the devil, murderer and liar, the son of perdition to be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit and then to the lake of fire and brimstone to be tormented day and night for ever and ever? (Is.14:15; Rev.20:10). What was it??? PRIDE! (Is.14:13).

Yes, it was exactly the same “stuff” that since the beginning has been turning Your own people into paralysed “zombies”! And Your own people seem to cherish their pride and cuddle this venomous snake in the midst of their heart!

The devil knows what brought him down and thus he is using the very same thing to bring down Your Creation, that You, Lord, created for Your own pleasure (Rev.4:11). And it seems, greatly beloved Lord, that he succeeded in corrupting and destroying not only the things that You created for Your own pleasure, but that he succeeded in corrupting and destroying even Your own chosen people of Israel, and of the Church!

And if I should only look and judge from the pictures You have been showing me of Your Church, then I should be like unto Jeremiah … and I should fall on my knees and cry rivers of tears … and begin my lamentations. Would not his Lamentations fit even the present days? (Lam.2:5-19 and others).

But I do not judge only by the pictures that my eyes see and my ears hear. I judge by Your revelations IN SPIRIT, which cannot be simply translated into pictures. Even Jeremiah, Your prophet, found joy and hope in the midst of his lamentations (Lam.3:22-26). No matter how dark and hopeless the picture may seem to be, I know, Lord, that not one from either Israel or the Church that the Father has given You shall perish. Not one!

 And when I wrote that it seemed that he (the devil) succeeded, I have to underline the word “seems”. Indeed, this is the most important word that I am using in that sentence because the truth is different from what we see and hear and imagine in our minds.

What is the truth? In Your Mighty and Glorious Name, I now turn to this leader of the powers of darkness and speak even to him this word:

When I was young, I was taught to fear you because the Lord Himself forewarned us to fear you, who after killing the body had the power to cast one into hell (Mt.10:28). I did fear you. Then I was taught to mind my tongue when referring to you, lest I should “despise dominion and speak evil of dignities”. Because even Michael the archangel, when he contended with you, durst not bring a railing accusation, but said: “The Lord rebuke thee” (Jude 8,9). So I minded my tongue.

This was years back. Also, these were the teachings of men who never knew the Lord Christ Jesus Himself nor were they known by Him nor yet did they know you. Had they known the living Lord and been known by Him, they would have known His chief enemy also, which you are. They would have told you the same things that I am about to tell you now.

First, I want to ask you this: whenever you are pointing your dirty finger at my brothers and sisters in Christ and are accusing them of sinning, tell me – who brought them into sin? When you are pointing at their weaknesses, tell me – who made them weak? When they suffer in the fetters of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, lasciviousness, and other lusts, tell me – who put them into these fetters?

When you are accusing them of rebellion, I wonder who it was that rebelled first? Do you know? When you are accusing them of murdering or lying, tell me – who is the father of lies and the murderer from the beginning? Do you have any idea?

And when you are showing us (on TV or in print), the poor dying children in Asia, Africa or South America, tell me – who is responsible for their misery and death? When we see untold thousands of people dying from diseases, hunger, famine, or in countless wars, terrorist attacks, in prisons, in hospitals, tell me – who is responsible for that??

When we see the whole world reeling toward its grave, everything corrupted, everything polluted, everything soaked in sin, everything dying, tell me – WHO is responsible for that???

YOU ARE, you filthy rat, you venomous snake, you deadly scorpion, you blood-sucking bat … you fool of the Ages!!!

Therefore, I am pointing my finger straight into your evil face and I am not only bringing a railing accusation against you, I am bringing a ROARING ACCUSATION AGAINST you – for destroying the beautiful Creation of God; and I am bringing a THUNDERING CONDEMN­ATION of you – for murdering multitudes of human beings and living creatures of God; yea, I am outright CURSING you and all your powers of darkness in the MIGHTY AND GLORIOUS NAME OF THE VICTOR – CHRIST JESUS!!!

How does that sound to “your majesty”?

Yes, I am mocking you, and I will soon laugh at you face to face … together with Christ Jesus and all those that are in Him, as I am!

David had nothing but a sling and a smooth stone when he finished your “ambassador” Goliath. The New Testament Davids shall have nothing but the Blood of Christ and the word of their testimony – to sling it into your ugly face … and you will be finished! And you know it,because you know the Scriptures, don’t you? If you don’t, be so kind as to look at the Book of Revelation 12:11! And keep the Scriptures handy, for there is more to come.

(To be continued next week in part 11)

brother Hanola 


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