ELECTRONIC MINISTRY – part 11 – Mailing #51

ELECTRONIC MINISTRY – Part 11 (Open Letter pages 184-189).

Yea, you have been finished from the very beginning … you and your followers just did not know it, nor did anyone else in the Creation of God but God Himself knew. And now that this same God lives in me, He freely shows me the truth.

Therefore, I do remind my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, and I do remind you, “prince of the power of the air” – you have NO power whatsoever … but what God allows you yet to do! You should turn to Rev.13:5-7; and if you are truly wondering who has ALL power, try reading Mt.28:18. It may help you to remember.

Furthermore, I must tell you that you NEVER had any power … but what God granted you! Because there is NO POWER BUT OF GOD; the powers that be are ordained of God! (Rom.13:1). Are you listening? Can you bear the truth? I know you cannot, but I am going to tell you anyway.

When you were created by God as a glorious being full of beauty and wisdom, you had NO power and NO authority … until your Creator granted you both. And so you ruled … not realizing that neither your beauty, nor your wisdom, nor your power, nor anything else that you possessed was acquired through your own efforts!

Then, when you embraced evil and rejected the good, your beauty was turned into ugliness and shame, just as the attractive serpent of the Garden of Eden was turned into a common venomous snake (Gen.3:1,14).

Also, your glory was turned into sinfulness and filthiness … and your wisdom into a grand foolishness. Is it not written: “The fool hath said in his heart: There is no God”? (Ps.14:1). If, therefore, someone who even knows God face to face, who serves Him and rules His Creation, yet he stands up against Him, is he not a “grand idiot”??? What do you think, Satan?

Therefore, I say that all those which you have deceived into believing that there is no God, are together lesser fools than you are! And all those within the chosen people of Israel and the Church which you have deceived and kept from the Truth, are together lesser fools than you are!

True, archangel Michael did not bring against you any railing accusations, because at that time God, the Creator, had NOT revealed to His heavenly host your true face, true misery nor your true “future”. Jesus = Yeshua = Salvation was not yet born, and so you were allowed to be the “possessor and ruler of the kingdoms of the world”. Even Jesus did not dispute this fact when you tempted Him (Mt.4:8-10). You were even allowed access to the Throne, do you remember?

Therefore, if God granted you the dominion of the world’s kingdoms, how could His own archangel despise the dominion which God granted? And how could he rail against you when God granted you the dignity of a world ruler? 

But then, Jesus was born … do you remember? And what the whole of mankind could not do in 6000 years, (I love to repeat this over and over) this Magnificent Son of God had done in six hours! Singlehandedly, alone, deserted by everybody including His Apostles.

And as you were watching Him on that Cross of Calvary, your hopes were diminishing with every minute. His last hour on the Cross was for you a sheer agony; your worst fears began to materialize, and you knew you were going to lose EVERYTHING. AND you DID! PRAISE GOD FOR EVER!

Today you have NOTHING, you know NOTHING, you understand NOTHING … and you are NOTHING!

And now, I tell you what the Lord of Glory, Christ Jesus, really did. He not only saved that which was lost, redeemed that which was betrayed, He also REVERSED that which you did!

You turned your beauty into ugliness and shame – He put on ugliness and shame (Ps.22:6,7) that through death He may deliver it to your “new underground kingdom” and through resurrection turn it into a breathtaking beauty and present it to the Father.

You turned your glory into sinfulness and filthiness – He put on (our) sinfulness and filthiness (1Pet.2:24), that through death He may deliver it to your “new underground kingdom” and through resurrection turn it into a pure holiness and righteousness and present it to the Father.

You turned your wisdom into foolishness – He became like unto a fool (in human eyes) for God’s sake that through death, even through the “foolishness” of the Cross (1Cor.1:18), He may deliver it to your “new underground kingdom” and through resurrection turn it into an unfathomable wisdom and present it to the Father.

And the same Spirit is causing us, who love Christ and hate you, to do likewise (1Cor. 4:9,10). And I must add that if you and your devils had had a quarter of an ounce of this wisdom, you and all your devils with you would have never crucified the Lord of Glory! (1Cor.2:7,8).

I know you are speechless … and I have not even begun. Today I could write a thick book to you which you would genuinely hate to read. I will not waste my time on you, but before I let you go, I must tell you a few more words.

I hereby declare to your ugly and evil face that JESUS CHRIST, whom you crucified, IS THE TRUE LORD OF GLORY, THE TRUE KING OF KINGS, THE TRUE MAJESTY, AND THE TRUE GOD THE SON!!!

Furthermore, when He presented Himself to God the Father, He made up for the loss of Lucifer infinitely many times! And when He presents all of us, whom He saved, to the Father, He will have made up for the loss of your angels another infinitely many times! And this Truth about Christ Jesus and us shall be regularly brought to your remembrance to make your torment in the lake of fire “perfect”!

And now, Satan, go! Go quickly, for you have but a short time. The Lord God Jehovah, the Lord Christ Jesus, the Lord of Glory, shall yet grant you a brief time of unprecedented power so that He might fully expose you and your ugly powers of darkness; that the fruits of evil might fully ripen and be gathered into the winepress of His wrath.

Then, you shall be chained as a wild beast and thrown to the bottomless pit (Is.14:15; Rev.20:1-3). And then, His Majestic Kingdom of heaven shall finally arrive … and we shall rule with Him, the King of kings, for a thousand years.

Then, you shall be briefly released before you are finally cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, which is the second death. And your good friends the Beast and the False Prophet shall heartily welcome you in your “hot eternal kingdom” … but without the red carpet; it would burn, you see.

Your beloved Death and Hell shall also be cast into the lake of fire. And you all shall be tormented there day and night for ever and ever! Chapter twenty of the Book of Revelation will refresh your memory.

I conclude this word by saying: AMEN! SO BE IT – for you well deserve it! Let the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords, Christ Jesus, not delay it even by one hour!

*  *  *

Greatly praised and beloved Lord Christ Jesus, thus have I spoken to some of the leaders in Your Church, whether true or false, and thus have I spoken to the leader of the powers of darkness.

To them I have spoken in Your stead, being like unto Elihu, who spoke unto Your servant Job. And to Satan I have spoken as his enemy who hates him and who mocks him by speaking the Truth to his evil face.

Thus have I declared Your Truth to some of the leaders in Your Church, whether true or false. Furthermore, I have declared to them my judgements, and my judgements are true for I am not seeking my will but the Will of Him Who called me – which is You, O King of Glory and Justice!

Thus have I declared Your Truth and Your Majesty to Your archenemy. Furthermore, I have declared to him the judgements with which he shall be judged, lest he should forget.

And now, Beloved, let Your Holy and Righteous Spirit weigh and judge these same things whether they be so and let Him perform that for which I prayed in the Foreword. Also, let Him truly come forth in the Conclusion to this letter – so that Your joy and satisfaction may be full! In Your Holy and Beautiful Name! AMEN.

brother Hanola 


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